July Horoscopes

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We have a dramatic start to the month with a total solar eclipse on 2nd when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Each eclipse belongs to an eclipse family that repeats approximately every 18 to 19 years. And this particular eclipse family was the fore-runner to the Wall Street crash in 1929, the Indian Partition in 1947 and the twin towers incident in 2001… It carries the themes of worrying news, obsessively going over the top and taking big-scale action. This applies to different areas of life for each sign.

Mercury is moving retrograde for most of the month, first of all in Leo from 7th – 19th and then in Cancer from 19th – 2nd August. Try to avoid starting new initiatives during these periods if you can.

Mars spends all month freshly in Leo, calling us all to be creative. And yes, that means you too!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Home, nurturing and mother-figures are a strong focus for you this month with New Moon on 2nd marking the start of your domestic New Year. Venus glides into this area of your solar chart too on 3rd with the promise of pleasure through beautifying your home, enjoying time there and perhaps entertaining others. Dealings with mother figures should go well too (and dealings with those you care for, if you are a mother-figure yourself). The Sun adds creative self-expression here too until 23rd.

The only flies in the ointment are when the Sun and then Venus run into opposition from Saturn and Pluto in your career, social status and ambitions sector. Saturn and Pluto are both heavy-weights and may take the form of authority figures ‘over-functioning’… This can get particularly frustrating around 9th and 17th when Saturn stops play. And 14th and 21st when Pluto might be prone to power trips.

While all of this is playing out, your ruling planet Mars is having fun in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. The Sun shows up too with more cheery energy from 23rd and Venus also glides in too from 28th. When Mars and Jupiter team up from 24th – 27th, lots of buoyant optimism shows up. Make time for recreation and maybe even sports?

New Moon on 2nd is also a solar eclipse belonging to a series that carries the theme of big scale action. This applies to your roots and foundations, including self-nurture. Without becoming obsessive, how can you apply it?


Taurus:    The New Moon on 2nd falls in your communications zone. We create our own realty by how we think and this New Moon is an opportunity to look at your mindset (and change the settings if necessary…). Physical movement is another form of communication, so trying new moves can be very helpful too.

One theory is that crawling when young opens up new neural pathways in the brain and as adults we can continue to open more pathways through new forms of physical movement. (Early in the month may be best for this, as Mercury goes retrograde here from 19th to 2nd August).

This particular New Moon is also a solar eclipse, belonging to an eclipse family that carries the themes of big scale action. Work out creative ways of incorporating these qualities into your mental, verbal or physical self-expression (without going over the top).

Your ruling planet Venus helps to make these areas of life pleasurable for most of the month, apart from opposition from Saturn and Pluto on 17th and 21st. Ethics, principles or cultural expectations may run counter to what you are trying to achieve. In-laws, people in or from different countries and belief systems could feature, as could ‘the law’. (The Sun has similar struggles around 9th and 14th).

Mars is freshly in your mother and home zone all month. If there are projects that need attending to, spring into action up until 7th and after 19th, as Mercury is retrograde in between. The Sun brings added energy to your efforts from 23rd and Venus helps to smooth things along from 28th. Dealings with mother-figures and nurturing are included in this too. And do not forget self-nurturing!


Gemini:    Finances may be an unpredictable mystery this month which kicks off with a solar eclipse and New Moon in your fiscal zone on 2nd. This eclise also brings an urge for big-scale action to the table which will call on you to address your income, value system, self-esteem or creativity. Venus brings a passing rosy glow from 3rd – 28th but matters raised by the eclipse usually play out for some months.

The financial demands of others continues to spoil the view somewhat (taxes, debts and inheritances included). Demands for more intimacy may rile too. Whatever form these demands take, your tranquility may be disrupted. Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde here too from 19th – 2nd August, so put off important financial decisions during that period if you can.

Mental energy is high this month as Mars charges through your communications zone. Exchanges may be more heated than usual which may be due to you being more ‘assertive’. Misunderstandings could occur though from 7th – 19th when Mercury is retrograde here too. Double check during this period that everyone is clear about what has been agreed (including youself).

The Sun adds energy to your communications and self-expression from 23rd and Venus brings mental pleasures from 28th. Physical movement, short journeys and dealings with neighbours and siblings come into this too. So does teaching others your skills.


Cancer:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 23rd radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. But this may fade into the background due to the total solar eclipse in your sign along with New Moon on 2nd. New Moon in your sign marks the start of your emotional New Year and so you may feel this eclipse more keenly than most.

The eclipse family this eclipse belongs to is to do with undertaking big-scale action. So this may be a pertinent theme in your emotional life in the months ahead. It is important too not to become obsessive about what you choose to do.

Venus is in your sign too until 28th, making you darling of the zodiac. Others will not be immune to your charms. This may not be apparent though when Saturn and Pluto oppose you from your relationships and partnerships zone around 17th and 21st. (The Sun also gets blocked by these two on 9th and 14th).

Mars is pressing ahead in your security and finance zone all month but finances are unclear as Mercury goes retrograde here from 7th – 19th. Something needs rethinking connected to your income, finances or linked to security, values or creativity. Self-esteen could come into this too. You have until mid-August to put things straight so that you can move forward once again.

Full Moon on 16th falls in your opposite sign Capricorn. Emotions may run high in relationships and partnerships around then too. When Venus opposes Saturn on 17th, you may feel blocked. But Venus and Neptune co-operate and are more forgiving around 18th. Navigate relationships as best you can this month!


Leo:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as your ruling planet the Sun has been away from you for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 23rd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal New Year. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead, than January 1st and the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

On 1st Mars leaps into your sign too adding extra dynamism and determination to your creative self-expression. Mercury goes retrograde though from 7th – 19th, so use this time to review how you have been expressing yourself creatively rather than pushing ahead then.

Your unconscious is busy this month too but so is your creative imagination which is great for creativity behind the scenes. Your work or health or daily routine could get in the way of this though, especially around 9th, 14th, 17th and 21st. Try to accommodate the real world as well as attend to your inspirational life.

New Moon and the solar eclipse on 2nd fall in your 12th House too. The better you know yourself and your inner-workings, the greater your well-being will be. This particular eclipse challenges you to take massive action in your psychological, creative or spiritual life, at the same time as avoiding obsession…


Virgo:    Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde for most of this month. From 7th – 19th it will be reviewing your thinking or communications coming from your unconscious. And from 19th July – 2nd August it will be reviewing your communications, thoughts and dealings with friends, groups and community. New Moon and the solar eclipse on 2nd are also concerned with these matters and call for big action (without getting obsessed about it). Have you thought of joining (or starting) a group?

Neptune remains retrograde in your relationships and partnerships zone all month, keeping things on hold. There is a nice aspect though between Venus and Neptune around 17th – 18th which represents the kind of devotion that Virgos specialise in.

Your unconscious is a busy place this month with Mars revving away behind the scenes. This could motivate you to put compassion into action, get creative or take up a spiritual practice. From 19th, once Mercury is out of the way, all should go well as the Sun illuminates your efforts from 23rd, Mars engages expansive Jupiter from 24th – 27th and Venus brings pleasure and ease from 28th. So what are you waiting for?


Libra:    Your ambitions run smoothly for most of the month as your ruling planet Venus smoothes your path. People in authority can be helpful too. . (Ask them for favours if you need any but before 19th when Mercury goes retrograde). New Moon on 2nd falls here too, marking a new phase relating to career, social status or dealings with father-figures. The Sun is around until 23rd too, shedding light on different matters and urging you to be creative.

The only hitches are when Saturn and Pluto loom up in your 4th House of mother and home, roots and foundations. Saturn may bring frustrations around 9th and 17th (do not bother to press forwards then) and power plays may raise their head around 14th and 21st when Pluto intervenes. Libran are usually able to charm their way through but give yourself a rest on these days if you can.

Mars is freshly in your friends, groups and community zone all month. You have energy to give and find in interactions here. The Sun adds extra inspiration from 23rd and Venus brings harmony from 28th. Arrangements and agreements may need double-checking though from 7th – 19th when Mercury is retrograde here.

New Moon on 2nd is also an eclipse and part of a family of eclipses that ushers in big action. How can you apply this to your father, career, ambitions or social status?


Scorpio:    Travel, studying and your world view begin a new phase on 2nd as New Moon falls in this area of your solar chart. If you have been thinking about broadening your explorations (physical or meta-physical: this could be a good time to start). A solar eclipse occurs at the same time as New Moon which adds the theme of big-scale action to your explorations. Incorporate this but in a non-obsessive way.
Mars is heating up your 10th House of father, career and social status this month and you will feel keen to push your ambitions towards. Step back from this though between 7th – 19th when Mercury is retrograde. The Sun arrives to assist you however from 23rd and Venus encourages people in positions of power to look kindly on you from 28th. (If you need any favours, ask them).

Your ruling planet Pluto is challenging the Sun around 14th and Venus around 21st. You are perceptive and can usually see to the heart of things. Be careful how you use this power, especially around those dates as not everyone is as resilient as you are. Try not to dampen other people’s optimism too around 9th and 17th. There is always a place for realism but we must allow others their dreams too.

Jupiter continues to move backwards through your finance zone, continuing your review on what place expansion should or should not take. Be patient and accept this for now as you are almost at the end of your review period (more next month).


Sagittarius:     The month begins with a fresh start in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone in the form of a New Moon and solar eclipse on 2nd. This eclipse calls for big-scale action that will change the situation in the months ahead and you may have felt this coming.

Venus glides through this same area of your chart from 3rd – 28th which can indicate benefitting from ‘the money of others’ or opportunities for intimacy in some way. There seems to be some difficulty though coming from your side, particularly around 9th, 14th, 17th and 21st.

Could it be your reactions or values are blocking this? Are you being overly-independent, controlling or going against your own principles? Or are others demanding money from you? This can include taxes, debts or requests for a loan or legacy. Or are you contemplating a terrifyingly large loan or expense? Whatever it is, your security needs are reacting.

Mercury goes retrograde in this area of your chart from 19th – 2nd August and it might be an idea to avoid signing anything important during that period if you can.

Mars may be stirring up feelings of restlessness this month. And the urge to explore, travel or study may be strong. Mercury goes retrograde here from 7th – 19th which is not ideal for journeys, so be prepared for hold-ups or changes of plan if you are travelling during that period.  The Sun joins Mars from 23rd and Venus does likewise from 28th. Mars is on board with your ruling planet Jupiter from 24th – 27th. So we have energy, expansion, self-expression and harmony all on your side. Now what or where are you going to explore?


Capricorn:    New Moon and a solar eclipse in your opposite sign on 2nd starts the month off in a memorable way. The New Moon in Cancer usually marks a fresh phase in relationships and partnerships but this year it carries the added theme of big-scale action which this eclipse family belongs to. Be as creative as you can in dealing with or incorporating these issues in your relationships in the month and year ahead.

Venus helps to smooth things along from 3rd and you will be especially aware of partner’s charms. The difficulties that arise though seem to be coming from your side… With Saturn and Pluto insisting on your transformation, you are being challenged, pressed and stretched to come up with the new version of you.

Being in a chrysalis is very tight and uncomfortable but this is an essential stage of transformation! Do your best not to get in your own way during this period of intense growth, especially around 9th, 14th, 17th and 21st. (And give partners a break from time to time…).

Joint finances may be a hot topic this month as Mars generates energy to tackle this. Mercury goes retrograde here though from 7th – 19th so watch what you say and be patient as things are unlikely to be sorted during this period. Sharing in general is another topic, including yourself on an intimate level. Discussions around this are probably best saved for after 19th when Mercury has moved on. If this does not seem to apply to you, taxes, debts or inheritances may be the hot potato you are trying to deal with.


Aquarius:    New Moon on 2nd falls in the work, health and services to others sector of your solar chart. And if there was ever a time to start a new regime: this is it! There is a solar eclise at the same time which adds the theme of taking massive action to this fresh start. Make headway straight away as Mercury is retrograde from 19th onwards which may require a few adjustments (and is not a good time to start).

Venus might even find someone to keep you company at the same time. Relations with colleagues and daily companions go well for most of the month, apart from a few hiccoughs (or altercations) around 9th, 14th, 17th and 21st when Saturn and Pluto may trigger unconscious reactions on your part. Self-awareness is your best friend this month, more than ever. Be ready to apologise for any unreasonable reactions too, if necessary.

It could also be that fears get in the way of what you are trying to achieve at work or in your well-being. Engage professional help to explore this material and any self-sabotage patterns created when young; if you are ready for the deep and fascinating adventure of self-discovery! Creative work behind the scenes can be rich and fruitful, as can tending or showing compassion to those unable to tend themselves.

Mars leaps into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships at the start of the month which heats things up. Whether this results in passion or conflict is partly in your hands. Pressing ahead with things may not be a good idea while Mercury is retrograde in this area of your chart from 7th – 19th. But from 23rd the Sun is on your side and Venus joins in too from 28th. The Sun is challenging your social status too around 28th – 29th. Could be interesting!


Pisces:    Romance, children and creativity are high-lighted this month, starting with a New Moon on 2nd. This marks the start of a new phase here. There is also a solar eclipse at the same time, belonging to an eclipse family that carries the theme of big-scale action that will change your current situation. So what is it going to be Pisceans?

Venus glides into your 5th House too from 3rd, bringing pleasure until 28th. Although Venus runs up against opposition from Saturn and Pluto around 7th, 9th, 14th and 21st. Mercury goes retrograde here too from 19th – 2nd August which may not be the best time to initiate things, so start right away on July 2nd!

Mars is revving through your 6th House of work, health and service to others all month. Taking action here is needed too. Time for a new regime, volunteer programme or job? Or is there a helpful daily practice that could be added to your regime? Mercury goes retrograde here though from 3rd – 19th, so start either before or after then if you can.

Neptune remains retrograde in your sign but there is a lovely aspect from Venus around 17th – 18th when it is good to appreciate your blessings. Could registering gratitude towards life become one of your daily practices?


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