November 2020 Horoscopes

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Jupiter conjuncts (meets) Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn once again this month which is the planetary marker for our present pandemic. This happened in March and July and although Saturn moved into Aquarius in between, Jupiter and Pluto remained close throughout. We have the last stretch of this trio joining forces this month and half way into December. By 20th December Saturn and Jupiter will haved moved on into Aquarius. Jupiter and Pluto signal extremes and we will just have to ride out this last stretch.

Meanwhile, Mercury goes direct on 3rd, Mars on 14th and Neptune on 29th which helps to move us out of refective mode and into getting some aspects of life moving forward, different for each sign – and thank goodness for that!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Your mind may be weighed down at the start of the month as Mercury runs up against Saturn from 1st – 6th. Passions may be raised too when Venus opposes your ruling planet Mars on 8th – 9th. You will be aware of the attractiveness of others as Venus smooths your relationships and partnerships until 21st. But parents or authority figures may disapprove of your choices or you may be aware that partners and your ambitions may not be compatible… Communications in partnerships should improve though from 3rd, when Mercury goes direct.

Your ruling planet Mars goes direct too on 14th which will come as a relief after treading water for the past two months getting nowhere fast! Hopefully you will have used this time to reassess your approach and can now harness your dynamism in an impactful way!

Joint funds, intimacy and sharing are other active areas this month. ‘The money of others’ (or lack of it may effect your finances too though it is hard to say whether that will be for better or worse. A new cycle begins here with New Moon on 15th.

Travel or exploring different realms of knowledge is well-starred from 21st and can even help to heal internal wounds. Neptune goes direct too on 29th which helps your conscious to be a better friend. Charitable acts or creativity behind the scenes can start to move forwards too. Do your bit financially or compassionately or both!


Taurus:    Communications with colleagues and daily companions start to improve from 3rd when Mercury goes direct and Venus makes work, daily rituals and tending yourself on a physical level, a pleasure until 21st. Relations with colleagues and daily companions go well too (including pets). The only thing in the way of your daily pleasures are ethical, legal, study or travel demands or restrictions which have been an ongoing issue for most of the year…

Your unconscious starts being more helpful from 14th when Mars goes direct. You will also be able to move forward with revised ways of putting your compassion into action. Creativity behind the scenes can also start moving again. Spiritual practices are well-starred too.

Relationships and partnerships are a strong focus all month. New Moon on 15th also falls here, marking a fresh start in some way. From 21st Venus glides into your opposite sign, highlighting the attractions of others and bringing harmony and pleasure. And when your ruling planet Venus opposes Uranus in your sign on 26th – 27th, you could have a romantic or creative awakening. This could be one of the most exciting points of the year!

Neptune goes direct on 29th in your friends, groups and community zone. Any uncertainty around whether to ‘friendzone’ someone or not starts to become clearer and ideals around friends, groups, community or campaigns can move forward once again.


Gemini:    Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 3rd in your romance, children and creativity zone which helps communications along and any recent misunderstandings can be sorted out Venus is helping to smooth things along here too until 21st but runs up against the three heavy-weight planets in Capricorn from 14th – 19th. The weighty issues of joint funds (including taxes, debts and inheritances) intimacy and sharing can overshadow Venus’s rosy glow…

Mars goes direct on 14th in your friends, groups and community zone. You can now take action, having reviewed one or more of these issues over the past two months. New Moon on 15th marks a fresh start for you in work, health or service to others. This is a good point to start a new health regime, job or volunteer work. Making adjustments to your daily routine can have a big impact on your well-being too. Explore this.

There may be conflict between your individual needs and partnership needs around 29th, in the lead up to Full Moon in your sign on the morning of 30th. There is a partial lunar eclipse too which may make it more difficult to fathom your feelings and what to do about them.

The last planet to change direction this month is Neptune which goes direct on 29th. This completes a review of your ideals around your career or social status, fatherhood or dealings with authority-figures. With clearer ideals hopefully now in place, you can go ahead and apply them.


Cancer:    Communications at home or with mother-figures should start to improve fom 3rd when Mercury goes direct. There may be differences of opinion with partners though until 6th. Venus is trying to smooth things along at home, especially plans for your home (and perhaps your personal development which may run into resistance from partners around 14th – 19th.

Romance or creativity could very likely take your mind off this. There could be question marks too around whether you have ‘friend-zoned’ someone too hastily. A new or unusual friend or group could get your creative juices flowing. Children could be stimulating and good fun too. And New Moon on 15th marks a fresh start in one or more of these matters.

Mars is the second planet to go direct this month. From 14th you can start to move forwards with your ambitions (or social status) once again. Mars has been retrograde since early-September which has been an opportunity to reflect on how you have been pursuing your goals. Now that movement is possible again, you will hopefully have a better approach to try.

Neptune goes direct on 29th in your 9th House of travel, deep studies, beliefs, ethics and principles. This completes a review of your ideals. And now you can set them in motion!


Leo:    Your thought processes have been under review since mid-October but on 3rd that review is complete and you can move forward with more self-awareness and hopefully a better mindset that will help communications too. Venus helps you to relate with charm until 21st, although the demands of work, health or service to others competes for your attention.

Mars goes direct in your travel, ethics and legal zone on 14th. This completes a nine-week review of how you have been pursuing your studies, legal matters or long-distance plans. And now you can move forward with a hopefully more effective strategy.

Mother and home are a strong focus this month. New Moon on 15th marks a new beginning around home, dealings with mother-figures, self-nurture or personal development. Venus glides into this same area of your solar chart from 21st which helps to smooth all of the above. You may also find yourself wanting to beautify your home or share its pleasures with others. There could also be a surprise here or a new creative idea around 26th – 27th.

Neptune goes direct on 29th in your joint funds, intimacy and shared zone, completing a five-month review. You may benefit from ‘the money of others’ or find dreamy intimacy or a spiritual union or make a donation to a cause you believe in. Applying your ideals is once again possible and is also important.


Virgo:    Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 3rd, helping you to think more clearly and communicate better about finances, values and security. Venus in the same area of your solar chart until 21st, usually makes finances look rosier but the demands of romance, children or creativity could challenge that. Jupiter and Pluto could present extremes or intensity of some kind here too.

Mars goes direct on 14th in your 8th House of joint funds, taxes, debts and inheritances, intimacy and sharing. This completes a two-month review of how you have been dealing with these areas. Hopefully now clearer, you can apply your conclusions.

New Moon on 15th falls in your 3rd House of communications. Is there a course you would like to study or teach or a new form of exercise that you would like to try?

Relationships and partnerships have been under review since late-June but on 29th Neptune goes direct and you can start to make your partnership ideals, a reality.


Libra:    Your ruling planet Venus is gracing your sign until 21st, making you darling of the zodiac for most of the month! Others will be well-aware of your charms, although the demands of mother and home may feel burdensome and get in the way of enjoying your popularity mid-month. Mercury goes direct in Libra too on 3rd which helps to dissolve any recent misunderstandings.

Mars goes direct in your opposite sign on 14th which helps you to make progress in relationships and partnerships. Partners may feel less blocked too.

Finances are also a focus this month. You will be thinking about them from 10th onwards and things may look rosier from 21st. The Sun lights up your 3rd House from 21st. This helps you to think more clearly and communicate better which can help to heal partnerships.

Neptune goes direct on 29th which enables you to take steps in moving towards your ideals, regarding work, health and service to others. Decide what you would like to achieve here, as the path is open once again.


Scorpio:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 21st, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Having hopefully got to the root of recent unhelpful thought processes, Mercury goes direct on 3rd and moves back into your sign on 10th. This is a bit like finding your voice once again. Use it well. Meanwhile Venus is trying to fix any irregularities between your conscious and unconscious mind. Help it along.

Mars goes direct too on 14th in your work, health and service to others zone. This should release some of the energy that has been caught up in reviewing work and health matters and your overall well-being. With this 9-week review now complete, you can start to put your conclusions into action. This applies to your daily routine and rituals, work, health and service to others. It will be a relief to be able to move forward once again!

New Moon in your sign on 15th marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will help to meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead! First of all you will need to work out just what your emotional needs are and then what you can do to fulfil them. Venus moves into your sign on 21st which heightens your charms and makes you more likely to attract the kind of attention you are looking for. Partners or relationships may surprise you in an enlivening way around 26th – 27th.

Neptune goes direct on 29th in your romance, children and creativity zone. This completes a five-month review of looking at past ideals which may no longer be helpful and allows you to move forward with a clearer ideal that can be achieved. Trust your instincts and feel your way forward.


Sagittarius:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Your ruling planet Jupiter catches up with Pluto this month which can result in extremes. We certainly have this collectively but on a Sun-sign level, Sagittarians will experience this in their finance zone. This can have an impact on your income, money, possessions, values or self-esteem. Non-material sources of security can be a helpful area to explore, including creativity and belief systems. New Moon on 15th also favours spiritual practices and active compassion.

Mercury goes direct on 3rd which helps to resolve any misunderstandings with friends, groups and your community. And Mars goes direct on 14th which marks the end of a review and allows you to move ahead with matters connected to romance, children and creativity.

Venus spends the first three weeks of the month smoothing relations with friends, groups and community (although money could be a bone of contention around 14th – 19th).

Neptune goes direct in your mother and home zone on 29th. Having reviewed your ideals over the past five months, can you now make them a reality?


Capricorn:    Communications improve with father or authority figures from 3rd but still remain serious until 6th. And you have their goodwill on your side too until 21st but all of this may require you to examine yourself. Are you ready for an improvement in social status? Perhaps the obstacle in your way is yourself… Make sure you do not get in your own way, especially around 14th – 19th.

Mars goes direct too on 14th which should help to get things moving on the home front. Any projects which have been on hold are once again viable and any decisions you have made around how to deal with mother-figures (or as a mother-figure) can now start to be put in place. The same applies to self-nurture and personal development.

Friends, groups and community are a blessing this month, especially from 21st. Enjoy the pleasures they bring. New Moon on 15th also falls in this area of your solar chart and marks a new cycle in some way. And if there is a campaign you are interested in, this could be both interesting and socially enjoyable.

Neptune goes direct on 29th also helping to sort out communications in so far as you will be clearer and less of a conundrum to the people around you. Your creative flow will also be strong. Writing, dance, art and music can be outlets for the imagery that has been building up in your mind. Share your creative vision!


Aquarius:    Travel, studies and legal matters become easier after Mercury goes direct on 3rd and easier still from 7th. Venus helps you to enjoy the company of people from different countries, cultures and belief systems. This might shake up some of your unconscious assumptions and internal settings though around 14th – 19th which may be no bad thing! Jupiter gets ever closer to Pluto and Saturn and meets Pluto mid-month. These two planets are pushing for transformation to take place here and this meeting might help.

Mars goes direct on 14th in your communications zone. This releases more mental energy as Mars has-been reviewing how you use your mental and physical energy. Time to move around more physically! You may be more assertive in your dealings with siblings or neighbours too.

From 21st Venus is smoothing your path in your interactions with father or authority figures, career and social status. If you need favours from people in influential positions, be sure to ask. New Moon on 15th also falls in this area of your solar chart, marking a fresh start careerwise or in your social status or with authority -figures.

Neptune goes direct on 29th in your finance zone, after being retrograde since late-June. This has been a period of review, looking at where your true values lie. Where you earn, invest, spend and donate your money should fall in line with these values. We are here for the benefit of others, not just ourselves and once Neptune is direct, you can do something about that.


Pisces:    Intensity in friendships, groups or community build up this month as Jupiter joins forces with Pluto, both looking for growth and transformation. Mercury goes direct too on 3rd which helps communications around joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Venus is helping things along here too but bumps into the three big planets in your friendship zone from 14th – 19th. An area of ‘friendzoning’ might need looking at.

Financial movement becomes possible again once Mars goes direct on 14th. You have had a two-month review looking at your values and ways of generating an income or a sense of security. Mars going direct now releases the energy and determination to push ahead with your conclusions.

New Moon on 15th marks a fresh start in your 9th House of travel, studies and ethics. If physical travel is not possible, exploring the higher mind is, whether through studies, interacting with people from different cultures or spiritual practices.

Your ruling planet Neptune has been going retrograde in your sign since late-June. This may have been a bit like looking for yourself… And the good news is Neptune goes direct on 29th, enabling you to move forward with the ideals that are still intact and perhaps with a better idea of how to make them a reality. You can now pursue your dream.


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