April 2011

Your horoscope for April 2011

This month (on April 4th) Neptune moves into its own sign Pisces (after a 165 year voyage around the zodiac).  This is a spiritual homecoming.

Discovered in 1846, Neptune came into our consciousness when the collective soul, lamenting over the mechanisation of the Industrial Revolution and man’s callous dominance over Nature, began longing for gentler values.  This cultural reaction, known as the Romantic Movement sought out more sensitive and spiritual ideals as illustrated by the painters and poets of the Pre-Raphaelites and then the Impressionists.

States of consciousness are very much the domain of Neptune and around the time of its discovery, the Spiritualist movement took off, as did hypnosis, the use of anaesthesia in dentistry and a new wave of recreational drug use in the West: all of which carried the heady allure of altered states.

Glamour, illusion, deception and delusion are also Neptunian qualities as illustrated in the Opium Wars, the Gold Rush (in 1849) which established the State of California and also brought about the death of 100,000 Native Americans and a great deal of pollution.  The oil industry also began at this time with the first modern borehole production in 1848.

How ironic as Neptune returns to Pisces that we are once again looking oil, gold, pollution and the ‘human collateral’ of profiteering: squarely in the face once again.

On a more positive note, the abolition of slavery eventually came about during Neptune’s stay in Pisces.  Perhaps we can hope for other much needed advances during our new period and even better, perhaps we can help to bring them about.  As economies become unreliably volatile; consumerism and materialism might go out of vogue and spiritual values (not based on religious differences) become the new currency.  Poetry could come to the fore too, helping us to break down old linear ways of thinking to reach our psyches more deeply.

Neptune, the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon is popularly known as god of the sea.  In fact he was god of the Earth which just happens to be covered in oceans.  Accordingly both earthquakes and floods (and probably tsunamis) all come under his mantle as does the calming of the waves.

This is not a time for egos but for understanding how we are all in the pool together and whatever happens to one, happens to us all.  Contrary to modern, Western assumptions, it might become increasingly apparent that man is not in control of everything after all.

Neptune’s present entrance into Pisces is just a brief one.  He retreats once more back into Aquarius on Aug 5th to attend to some unfinished business, then moves into Pisces full time in Feb 2012.

So what will this mean for us all over the next four months?

Aries:   Your intuition, compassion and unconscious are about to become fruitful and multiply.  A new fine-tuning of your antennae will direct your dynamic energies to where they are most needed.  This could include the marginalised.  Alternatively, the sea of creativity could sweep you away to magical shores as could a spiritual awakening.  (Don’t get lost on the internet though!)

Taurus:   Your ideals regarding friends, groups and community are high.  Belonging, sharing and collective achievement become a priority.  A friend or group may provide or need a hand.  Join an orchestra (it doesn’t have to be the musical kind!).  Politically you will be inclusive too and your charisma in groups will enable you to sway any audience to share your vision.  Make sure you use this in the most high-minded and meaningful of ways.

Gemini:   Ideals about career and social status become a driving force.  With Neptune you may hold glamour for others but flexing the ego would be counter-productive so keep it humble and conscientious.  Creativity would be a wonderful goal (and your fairy god-father would agree).  Your real father of course may have had other ideas but regardless of whatever he had in mind, if you always wanted to be a train-driver: get that licence now!

Cancer:   The allure of far-off lands beckon.  Could you somehow arrange life so that they could be included?  Religion and philosophy also hold appeal and value as mere worldly matters lose their glamour.  The call to explore physically or metaphysically can no longer be ignored.  Could it be a pilgrimage of some kind?  (Make sure it’s an earnest exploration and not ego-driven).

Leo:  Leos are usually not too keen on merging but Neptune has other ideas.  The transformative processes of birth, sex, death and sharing, sweep away any rigid stances you might have been building up and there you are swimming with everyone else!  And just look!  You love it!

Virgo:   Relationships and partnerships are the shimmering, desired ideal and someone may appear who seems to fit the bill.  Heady as these things are, make sure you’re not just interacting with your own projection and examine your new specimen closely before signing any contracts.  If already in a relationship the same thing could inconveniently happen or a partner may need more support than usual.  Whatever your present status, try to avoid relationships where one of you is being rescued by the other.

Libra:   Idealism about your work and service to others is strong, enabling you to happily devote yourself to the tasks at hand and to tune in more sensitively to your colleagues.  Sensitivity is also extended to your daily routine so what you include or exclude can have a subtle but important effect on your wellbeing.  This includes anything you put into your system.  (Remember that your body is a temple).

Scorpio:   The man or woman of your dreams may appear, disappear or re-appear.  Be aware that the dream-quality comes from your projection and not them.  The human being you have idealised may be quite different and very real (which is not to say that they aren’t lovely).  But who wants to spoil your lovely creative flow!  Be an artist in everything you do.  Love affairs and children are all included in your selfless flow.

Sagittarius:   Mother and home are the ideals calling for selflessness on your part.  Whether this is being an ideal mother yourself, looking after your own mother or a substitute figure or re-designing your home at great cost or inconvenience: idealism will lead the way.  Devotional service in other home settings is another possibility.  Our planet is also a home, so becoming an eco-warrior could be part of the picture too.  (And don’t forget that you have a fairy-godmother who won’t be far away!).

Capricorn:   Communications are not as black and white as usual and you may hear what people are thinking more loudly than what they are saying.  Double check what has been actually said, to avoid misunderstandings.  Neighbours or siblings might need a hand or provide one.  Your mind is flowing creatively but not in a linear fashion.  This too opens up new possibilities and gives an added perspective to your usual nuts and bolts.  If in doubt: sing!

Aquarius:   Your previous position on money, possessions, security and values will no longer do.  Idealism is here until August and in February next year it will be here to stay.  The material will lose its allure as a subtler understanding of security and what is truly important in life comes to the fore.  Of course for some Aquarians, making loads of money might be the ideal (and a possibility) but if you just do that, it would be missing the point.  The broader your view on this: the better.

Pisces:   Dear Pisces, The person you’ve always dreamt of being could be just around the corner.  If you get involved in ego however, this chance will be lost (though you could get another next February).  Your sense of self might not feel quite as concrete as usual because it’s undergoing a melting and reforming process.  Don’t panic in the middle, a little disorientation is natural, even necessary.  Keep in mind the ‘you’ you would most like to become.  Your wish could just make it happen!

P.S. Everyone,  Mercury’s retrograde for most of April, so don’t sign anything important until the last week of the month!

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