July 2011

Your horoscope for July 2011

Three eclipses in one month does not happen that often but the eclipse on July 1st marks the third in 31 days!

Our first solar eclipse on 1st June was followed by a total lunar eclipse on 15th and now we have yet another solar eclipse at the very start of yet another month!

Eclipses are never one off events, even when they occur alone (not in threes). Each eclipse belongs to a cycle which re-occurs approximately every 19 years, spread over thousands of years. Some begin from the North Pole and reoccur at different points on Earth rotating and heading south while others begin at the South Pole, also rotating but heading north. (Imagine chocolate sauce swirled from the top around a ball of ice-cream with the same thing simultaneously happening from the bottom upwards).

These cycles are known as Saros Cycles and each has a flavour of its own: and we are not talking chocolate or raspberry here…

Just as we come into the world with a character and an agenda (as demonstrated and illuminated by our birth chart), each Saros Cycle is identified and associated with the planetary line-up at the time of its origin (which may have been thousands of years ago). So you could say each Saros Cycle, like us, has a character, an agenda and a flavour of its own.

Our current eclipse group all belong to the ‘13 South’ Saros Cycle. This is associated with an urge for expansion with some kind of under-current and involves uphill struggle, frustration and difficulty.  And in line with ancient belief, a lot of this does look very political.

As I write, Greece and possibly the Euro may be on the brink of disaster (which would also bring hardship to other parts of the world). The Arab Spring has reached summer: many still paying with their lives. And a general strike has been threatened in UK.

The political outcomes are still unclear. But what will these eclipses mean for us all on a more personal level?

Aries: Mother and home will demand more time and attention than you anticipated. You could be called upon to step up to the next level in some way, as more is now required and expected of you. Personal development could be a welcome by-product, so notice what you notice. Nurturing can be understood on a deeper level too, including how and how well (or otherwise) you nurture yourself. Be fearless, face the truth and just do it!

Taurus: Communications are serious and so are your thoughts. Is your mind working for you or against you? It’s a strange creature that needs feeding well, like the rest of you. Arrange some wholesome input. Relationships with siblings or neighbours may initially look challenging but this could show you something about yourself. Mars in your 2nd House makes you more energetic in generating income. Make your mind your friend.

Gemini: Financial matters crystallise in an unstoppable way. This could raise important questions about your true values. What are they now? And how much priority have you been giving them (or otherwise)? Venus in your 2nd House for most of the month helps the creative pursuit of new values. This is a chance to put more meaning into your life. Your job is to work out just what that should be.

Cancer: With the eclipse in your sign, this might be a time for deep introspection. Your usual version of self-expression can’t find the outlet it’s used to having. This might take you aback at first but new avenues may be discovered in the process. Your charisma is heightened (4th – 28th). But dig deep into that lovely well of yours. Valuable discoveries await.


Leo: It may be hard to see the way forward. And whereas the internet might not help, deeper sources of inspiration could. Any existing patterns of self-sabotage may come to the surface at this time and should be booted out. An internal spring-clean is a good use of this cycle and dreams could be a helpful guide. While delving, make sure your compassion extends to include yourself. Your charisma takes off from July 28th so get that internal homework out of the way first.

Virgo: Friends or groups require more thought than expected and your sense of responsibility may feel overwhelming. Expressing yourself in group settings could also demand much attention. Others will feel your sincerity in both arenas so try not to worry. Mars in your 10th House gives you energy to push ahead in career and status matters. If you’ve positioned yourself correctly, you’ll proceed without opposition.

Libra: Changes in career and status or even matters connected to the father, feel fated: and so they are. Everything happens for a reason, even if that isn’t apparent at the time. This all brings changes to the home too. People in authority should help you and Mars gives energy for travel and exploration, so caste yourself to the winds.

Scorpio: Travel, religion or legal matters demand your attention. Whichever comes to prominence, take it as an opportunity to question your philosophy of life. The truth feels so important but is not immediately clear or easy to find. Striding through Mother Nature could help to bring some helpful nuggets to the surface. Be sure to apply any new discoveries that you make.

Sagittarius: Other people’s resources may not be accessible in the way you had hoped. You believe in sharing, but isn’t it supposed to be a two-way thing? The fundamental processes of birth, sex and death present themselves for you to dwell upon. You can’t control life but you can help others (and perhaps yourself) to find the hidden opportunity in a crisis. Be that guiding light.

Capricorn: Relationships and partnerships experience an eclipse. Everything has its own cycle and this may be time to acknowledge and honour a cyclic change of era in your life. Whatever form this takes, REMEMBER, REMEMBER every ending is also a beginning. It may not yet be visible but rest assured, it’s as real as what is now coming to a close.

Aquarius: Work and health should be attended to and monitored. Yes you do have a body. And yes it does deserve some of your attention, including how your mind-set might be impacting on it. I’m not going to give you a lecture. Just do some positive self-talk and get any physically worrying bits and pieces checked out. Work and its related issues may look gloomy. Rearranging your daily routine might be just the thing that’s needed though. Explore this possibility.

Pisces: Love affairs, children and creativity may seem to go dormant.  let them.  And take time to gather your thoughts.  How to proceed may not be clear for some time.  With everything taken into consideration, enlightened inspiration may serve you better than strong-arm tactics.  mars in your 4th house all month gives you energy for activities in the home which could include your own personal development.  Give it voice.

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