June 2011

Your horoscope for June 2011
We have two changes of direction and a big jump this month.  Saturn moves forwards, Neptune moves backwards but the big news is…  Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity changes sign and moves into Taurus, after a short, hot blast in Aries.

Normally staying in each sign for about a year, Jupiter raced through Aries in just four and a half months, following an earlier quick dash last summer.  Always poised to respond quickly, Aries have leapt ahead and as Jupiter now moves into Taurus, it’s time to consolidate what has been started.  This applies to us all but in different areas of life.

Growth and expansion can either take the form of self-satisfied complacency (and gaining a few kilos) or a real growth in perspective and understanding and readiness to trust life and what it brings our way.  This might even involve taking the odd risk here and there and remembering ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

Taurus as a rule tends to hold on tight to the status quo.  The challenge now is to hold on tight to uncertainty and embrace it.  Everything of course is always uncertain but we often forget this when life is running smoothly.  But we’re not necessarily looking for smooth, we’re looking for growth.  It could be there just over that new horizon.  Stay alert.  New adventures and opportunities abound.  Grasp them with both hands.

Physically, Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and its magnetic field is the largest and most powerful.  So BIG opportunities could come along (also known as luck).  Some would say good luck is the degree to which we are ready to grasp new opportunities.  Whether you agree with this or not, it’s a good stance to take.  Jupiter is going to be in Taurus until June 2012.

As well as being sensual, Taurus embodies a deep well of creativity which we can all apply to certain areas of our life over the coming year.  Enjoy Jupiter in Taurus, use it well and let it show you how your world can be bigger.

So where will Jupiter be taking you over the next 12 months?

Aries: Jupiter in your 2nd House could represent an increase in security but don’t suppose that to be just money and possessions.  It can be found in other ways too.  Developing a value system that gives a sense of security can meet the mark just as well, if not better.  So can creative pursuits.  Explore these possibilities.  You’ll also be pleased to hear that Saturn helps to move relationships forwards from 13th.

Taurus: Saturn’s change of direction indicates work matters will start to move forwards mid-month (having been in abeyance since January 26th).  Jupiter’s entry into your 1st House marks the completion of one 12 year cycle of expansion and the beginning of another.  Devote some time to think about what you would like this new cycle of expansion to be about.  Then stretch to reach it.  This might involve letting go of certainty and old ways of doing things.  Let optimism give you courage to make your world a bigger and better place.  Position yourself for growth.

Gemini: Love affairs, children and creativity start to move forwards mid-month onwards (having been in reverse since late-January).  Your charisma too is riding high from 9th.  Jupiter in your 12th House can bring about a spiritual flowering, informative dreams, a heightening of compassion and a better understanding of the collective unconscious.  What should airy Gemini do with all of this?  Make your compassion active, be creative and share your fears and dreams.  The latter may not come easily but practice makes perfect and the outcomes can be rewarding and healing, both for you and those around you.

Cancer: Home matters which have been under review since late-January, start to move forwards on 13th.  Jupiter in your 11th House offers expansion through friends, groups and community.  Those who are philosophical, possibly religious or from other countries or cultures could also come into your life.  They will enrich your world.  Play your part and enjoy this collective form of nourishment.

Leo: Communication impasses start to move forwards on 13th.  Physical movement might become easier too.  With Jupiter in your 10th House, a growth in worldly status could be yours, as could career expansion or freedom from all that.  People in authority can be helpful to you.  If you happen to be one yourself – extend your benevolent influence as far as you can.

Virgo: Saturn’s hold on financial matters starts to move forwards on 13th.  Jupiter in your 9th House of travel, deep study, publishing and ‘the truth’ (whatever that means for you) can widen your horizons, free you and fill you with optimism.  The world can be a friendly place.  Throw away those slippers and let it show you!

Libra: Self-doubt starts to fade away as Saturn moves forwards on 13th.  Yes you can!  Jupiter in your 8th House of birth, sex, death and joint funds may bring financial benefits from others.  This could be through partners, inheritances or tax rebates.  Learning to share is the big opportunity on offer – not just your resources but yourself – scary – but growth lies in this direction.

Scorpio: As Saturn goes direct on 13th, you realise how you may have been tripping yourself up.  Jupiter in your 7th House shows relationships and partnerships (personal and business) are your next realm for expansion.  This could either be a new partnership, growth in a current one or a breaking of existing bonds for the freedom of new choices.  Some of the characters involved, may be culturally different too.  Either way, your world will feel bigger and better.

Sagittarius: The burden or scarcity of friends, groups or community starts to feel more manageable mid-month onwards, when Saturn goes direct.  Jupiter in your 6th House can help to ease tensions, either through work, service to others or by lovingly tending to yourself on a physical level.  Colleagues take on more importance, as do creative work and daily routines.  What about including some sports or yoga?  Eat well (healthily) get enough sleep and exercise.  Don’t over-indulge and keep things simple!

Capricorn: Status and career matters start to move forwards on 13th (having been on hold since January 26th).  What a relief!  Jupiter in your 5th House indicates love affairs, children and creativity are your arenas for growth and expansion.  People from different cultures or those of a religious or philosophical outlook might feature too.  Feeling more athletic?  Don’t rein it in.  Experiment and explore!

Aquarius: Hindrances to travel plans, studies or philosophical problems start to lift mid-month when Saturn goes direct.  With Jupiter in your 4th House an expansion on the home front is in store.  Could that be a bigger home, or one in a different country or an expansion in emotional conditions which makes the home feel bigger?  Nurturing is your area of exploration.  Don’t forget to include yourself!

Pisces: Obstacles (inner or outer) which have prevented sharing, lift on 13th and make forward movement possible.  Jupiter in your 3rd House of thought and communication is here to liberate your mind and remind you that everything is neutral and that all pain and suffering come from how we interpret and think about things.  Think positive!  Communications improve accordingly, as could relationships with neighbours and siblings.  Try some new moves.

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