March 2011

Your horoscope for March 2011

Once every 84 years, Uranus planet of change, disruption and revolution moves into Aries, the beginning of our zodiac, initiating a new cycle of change. Most of us will only experience this extraordinary shift, once in a lifetime. Jupiter (planet of growth, expansion and opportunity) also makes the same journey every twelve years and moved into Aries, paving the way for Uranus on January 21st this year. Uranus makes his dazzling entrance on March 12th.

This new cycle is not just a spring clean. It brings about a massive change of consciousness and values which herald a new age, as can be seen by the revolutionary wave taking place in many countries worldwide. The introduction to this new wave was late May to mid August last summer when both planets dipped a toe into Aries (Jupiter for a little longer). The events which took place during this period were just a taste of things to come and are once again in motion.

‘A new age’ sounds like a tall order. We are not however looking at another Ice Age but a new cultural age. The previous cultural movements these two planets heralded in 1759, 1844 and 1927 respectively, are:

The Enlightenment (when reason overcame superstition and the industrial revolution began),

Romanticism (when idealism, the arts and spirituality superseded impersonal logic and industrialisation).

Modernism (when ‘the new’ became favoured above tradition and life became fully industrialised, driven largely by capitalism).

Themes common to these movements of Uranus and Jupiter into Aries are as follows:

Revolutionary change, politically, conceptually and culturally
Huge and far-reaching financial change
Life-changing inventions
Humanitarian movements
Discovery of a new planet which characterises the age

Whether our present planetary event marks Post-Modernism (where everyone finds meaning in their own way) or a completely new age: we have yet to see. The other question is whether Eris, dwarf planet of strife and discord (and her Moon Dysnomia, meaning lawlessness) is our planetary reference point now or will there be another?

As well as being alive at this time to help this collective change of consciousness to take place, we will also have personal opportunities for growth and change which we should make the most of to help ourselves and the collective picture to evolve. Keep an interested eye on children born at this time too. They will help to show us the way.

So what opportunities are now possible for us all?

Aries:   Aries! Shake off all those constraints (societal and self-imposed) that have been holding you back forever. The compromised version of yourself that has sufficed until now, will no longer do. The world needs your full force, genius, leadership and action! Get out there, initiate change and show us the way. NOW! Bravery and boldness will bring the kind of growth and excitement that you have only ever dreamed of.

Taurus:   You can now free yourself from unhelpful, unconscious patterns which have always restricted you. Your unconscious is working overtime so program it with helpful material. Give positive thinking systems, CBT, meditation, hypnosis or prayer a go. The wider subject of healing is also raised and you could be on the giving or receiving end or both. Your imagination is rich and ready for creative projects. Compassion, spirituality and the internet are also rich and active areas. Your ability to read the collective unconscious better than anyone else right now gives you vision. Apply it to what is now needed.

Gemini:   Growth and unexpected change come through friendships, teams or groups. Humanitarian awakenings may lead you to get political whether on a community or larger scale. If you come across a campaign that resonates with you, get involved. You can be an agent of change and experience change for yourself at the same time. Dealings with friends or groups from other cultures are educational and help to inform your political understanding too. Long-held hopes and wishes could also come true, albeit in an unexpected way.

Cancer:   Usually veering towards cautious obedience, Uranus and Jupiter might just unearth a wild rebel under that quiet exterior! Your position on status and authority (other people’s and your own) is undergoing dramatic change. This could include a change of career, a change of position regarding authority figures and much thought about your relationship with your father which helped to form these. The end result is freedom from what others think and a wider choice in career and status options. You have the opportunity now to develop a new understanding of what success truly means which frees you up and impacts home life with a breath of fresh air too!

Leo:   Your belief system and core beliefs about yourself that have caused self-imposed restrictions and limitations are ready for massive change. Don’t resist. Go with it and you will find a wider world. Your fresh new outlook will find you ready to explore the world: physically (the great outdoors or beyond) or metaphysically. A new course of study could also be an exciting way of exploring. The second step is spreading your new knowledge and including others. You could also help to further inter-cultural understanding, in a unique way…

Virgo:   The need for change that was rumbling in the background last summer is here once again and for good. Your boundaries need to change and only you know whether this means a relaxing or a tightening. The new call for freedom could either involve sharing yourself whole-heartedly or freeing yourself from the unreasonable demands of others. Inheritances, tax rebates, windfalls or sharing funds could be life-changing, as could intimate relationships. Expect the unexpected.

Libra:   Partners or relationships are undergoing revolutionary change. The urge for growth has to be satisfied either through an improvement in existing partnerships, in freedom from them, or in new relationships. This electrical energy will attract new conditions. If people suddenly appear or disappear in your life or unusual people turn up, recognise it as a reflection of your need for variety, excitement and change. Be open-minded and let this exciting wave give you a fresh perspective.

Scorpio:   Work, health and daily routine are up for revolutionary change. This might elicit some anxiety but wellbeing can be enhanced if you go with these necessary changes rather than resist them. Growth and unexpected changes in relationships with colleagues could also be a welcome feature. Your daily routine needs to change and being experimental will help this along. Pets could also have a revolutionary effect on wellbeing. Be flexible, open and grateful for change. There are opportunities to be of service to others in some unique way. Work out what they are and get started.

Sagittarius:   Personal creativity is going to be getting a boost of optimistic, electrifying energy. This might come about through love affairs, children or your own creative processes. The outcomes are likely to be original, unusual and fun. New forms of exercise and recreational outlets might also be part of the exciting new picture. Stretch those legs, get out there and enjoy!

Capricorn:   Moving house or changing it for a larger one or another country could be on the cards or decorating and rearranging the furniture at the very least. Disruptions to the home or women in the family bring up many feelings. Focus on these, not what is causing the disruption. Any unhelpful emotional patterns which have been in place since childhood can be turned around. Counselling or therapy can help in this process. Be open to the possibility.

Aquarius:   With your mind both positive and electrified, you suddenly become aware of all your possibilities. They look exciting! With all this revving, sleep may be harder to come by so be sure to get plenty of exercise at least and apply that mental energy to a project. New forms of physical movement can open up new ways of thinking. Relationships with siblings and neighbours can be revolutionised too. Your communication skills are compelling. Inspire others by writing, teaching or public speaking. Get that original voice out there!

Pisces:   Changes and possibly an improvement to your income or views on security are taking place and it feels liberating! Money is valued for the freedom it provides and old value systems become obsolete. Changes to your self-esteem could also be involved. This is an opportunity to free yourself from money fears. The law of positive attraction is working in your favour. Trust this new wave to bring you all that you need.

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