May 2011

Your horoscope for May 2011

May begins with six planets in Aries, an action-packed time full of raw energy – good for new initiatives.  By mid-month we are more settled with four planets in Taurus, bringing pleasures for us all.  Even Mother Nature puts on a massive spurt and displays her wondrous wares for us to luxuriate in.

Each sign of the zodiac rules a different part of the body and Taurus rules ears, nose throat and neck.  So in a sweep – hearing, smell and taste all fall within Taurus’s domain.  Taurus’s opposite sign Scorpio rules the genitals and reproductive organs so by reflex Taurus understands these too.  No wonder then that Taurean senses are so heightened.  (Don’t worry if you’re not a Sun-sign Taurus, you might have other planets in Taurus).

Taurus is also a fixed sign, so by mid-month those initiatives set in motion by all those planets in Aries earlier in the month (and since the spring equinox) can be built on, consolidated and made real.

We have covered Taurus and Scorpio but which signs rule other parts of the body?

Aries rules the head and its opposite sign Libra – the kidneys.

Gemini rules shoulders, arms and lungs and Sagittarius hips, thighs and sciatic nerve.

Cancer rules stomach and breasts and Capricorn the knees, teeth, bones and skin.

Leo rules heart and back and Aquarius lower legs, ankles and circulation.

Virgo rules the hands, intestines and digestive system and Pisces the feet.

Medieval doctors were well aware of all of this and for centuries one was required to have a working knowledge of astrology to become a physician.

The parts of the body ruled by your sign (and those of your opposite sign) are often prominent in some way, whether by strength or sensitivity.  For example Aries usually have well-formed faces, sometimes a scar on the head and any headaches are often connected to the kidneys, Virgos have sensitive digestive systems and noticeable hands and Pisces noticeable feet.

The other thing to remember is that it isn’t only the Sun sign that is in play here.  The signs of other planets or your Ascendant can play a part too.

So what do these planets in Taurus have in store for us all?

Aries: Money matters are looking splendid.  You might not even have to make an effort but if you do, energy and motivation are immediately on hand, just waiting to back you.  Purchases could be pricey but good quality and enhance your sense of pleasure.  Tend the body and indulge it a little.  Massage, yoga, gastronomic delights and pampering all go down very well as do regular doses of nature.  Could you even sponsor the arts in some way?

Taurus: With Venus and Mercury gliding into Taurus mid-month onwards, charm and charisma are all yours.  Your senses too are humming.  Who could refuse any request you choose to make?  Get your creative shoes on too.  The planetary wind is now behind you, so get going!  A New Moon in Taurus on 3rd clears the decks for new projects.  Mars arrives on 11th so your magnificent stamina will be at your beck and call too.  Now is the time to manifest.  So what is it going to be?

Gemini: Your unconscious is working overtime resulting in creative expression.  The arts are one obvious outlet and there can be an actual product. Compassion is another.  Perhaps you have ideas about how you could make other people’s lives better?  Dreams can be inspiring.  The internet can be financially fruitful. Don’t seek oblivion in mood-altering substances though.

Cancer: Career demands your full attention at the start of the month.  Make necessary changes in a brisk and purposeful manner.  Relationships with friends, teams, groups and your communities run smoothly and productively mid-month onwards.  A sense of comfort and security are unexpectedly found here, not in your status concerns.  Eat with friends.  Share music and commune with others in Mother Nature’s generous lap.

Leo: Career and social status improve mid-month onwards.  People in authority are on your side and do their best to assist you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their support.  Your relationship to your father, father figures and your own paternal instincts bode well.  New structures can be built, to the benefit of all.  Building a career structure or glowing status is also now on the cards and will be intensified next month.

Virgo: Travel, deep study or metaphysical exploration provide a sense of pleasure and add to quality of life mid-month onwards.  Money spent on any of these is a good investment too.  Faith in life is easier to find and this will intensify next month.  The values of other cultures can also add to your sense of wellbeing and help you to be less judgemental of yourself.  Circulating money abroad helps the flow too.

Libra: Heightened senses seek expression mid-month onwards.  Embracing others will help.  Financial dealings involving shared funds look fruitful.  The more effort you put into sharing: the better the outcome.  Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts too.

Scorpio: The emphasis changes mid-month from relationships with colleagues to one-to-one partnerships.  There’s a lot happening here which needs expression.  Overcome your tendency to privacy (and secrecy) and share your feelings.  More will be gained than lost.

Sagittarius: Work, health and service to others are all aglow mid-month onwards.  You feel more grounded than usual in these arenas which makes a welcome change.  Your daily routine and what you choose to include and when can also enhance your sense of wellbeing.  Relationships with colleagues and everyday contacts run smoothly too.  Contact with the elements and pleasurable exercise are the cherries on the cake.  Make time for them.

Capricorn: Love affairs, children and creativity are all well-starred mid-month onwards.  These all come as a welcome relief after all the disruptions at home.  Your creative impulses are to the fore artistically and sensually.  Speculations could go well too.  You’re investing in the future so don’t be stingy.  It’s an act of faith.

Aquarius: Lots of pleasurable comings and goings at home.  Some may be related to beautifying the home too.  You spring into the world from home so make it a calming, pleasurable oasis.  Relationships with mothers, other mother figures and your own maternal instincts go well.  Show your love in a tangible way (which needn’t necessarily involve money).

Pisces: Communications are buzzing and so are you.  People seek out your skills and are prepared to pay for them.  Creative ideas emerge and have real content and energy.  How to implement them also looks smooth and clear.  Chat is even productive and your strategies with neighbours and siblings are constructive too.  Mobility is pleasurable.  Get singing and dancing too!

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