October 2015

Your horoscope for October 2015

Our shared planetary picture

Mercury in Libra goes direct this month on 9th but the big news is…

There is a gathering of planets in Virgo which will get your health, compassion and creative molecules wide excited.  Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity (which has been in Virgo since mid-August) has dynamic Mars for company all month and from 8th Venus adds pleasure and ease.

Being perhaps the most selfless sign of the zodiac, planets in Virgo make for active compassion and helpfulness which is one of our main themes of the month.  If you have been thinking about volunteering or helping someone out, go ahead, the planets are right behind you.

Attending to your health and that of others is also a good focus for these energies, as are eco-actions that will help the planet (and everyone else too).

As these planets in Virgo one by one, all make good aspects to Pluto in Capricorn throughout most of the month, we might also see a turnaround in attitude towards the kind of leaders we want and a reappraisal of the qualities of those in positions of power.

The boastful and arrogant will be seen for what they are, whereas those wanting to be of service, will be recognised and attract the respect and allegiance of others.  And what is more, they will do it quietly and efficiently.

This is a month for busy hands.  Lend them to others in help or healing, use them to grow or make things and be generous in giving your time to whatever requires care and attention to detail.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun Sign  and  for your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:  You may feel you’re getting nowhere fast at the start of the month but this is just Neptune’s effect which is opposite your ruling planet Mars.  Your usual forthright manner is unlikely to have the desired effect but subtler strategies might just work – try them!  Thankfully the coast is clear from 8th and you can revert back to your normal dynamic ways.

On 9th Mercury goes direct in your opposite sign after more than three weeks retrograde. Any confusion, misunderstandings or mix-ups can now be resolved.  The second piece of good news is that New Moon is also in your opposite sign on the night of 12th/13th. This offers a fresh start in relationships and partnerships.  Take it!

With Mars forging through your 6th House of work health and service to others all month, you’ll be intensely occupied.  As Mars catches up with Jupiter from 12th -17th, you’ll be feeling optimistic, positive and persuasive.  Growth and action on a big scale is now possible.

Heavy-duty Pluto is also hovering at a helpful angle which could very well mean that ‘the powers that be’ will support and help you.  Your own authority could increase too.  With this planetary line-up, what couldn’t you achieve?   Seize the week!

Full Moon on 27th falls in your finance and security zone.  Feelings will be high.  (Let’s hope income will be too!)

Taurus:  Your ruling planet Venus is in for a busy month.  The first seven days, it continues gliding through your 4th House of mother and home before going on 8th into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.

This isn’t initially easy as Saturn squares up to it until 11th, bringing up the need to review certain issues, such as intimacy, sharing or joint funds.  Mercury goes direct during this review process which helps you to think and communicate better.

New Moon on 13th falls in your work, health and service to others zone.  Yes, this is the best day to start a new regime!  Just do it!

Dealings with children or even romance with others from a different country, culture or philosophy could be one planetary possibility this month or creative inspiration could come from similar sources too.  Either way, the energy is up-beat!

The Venus – Jupiter conjunction from 22nd – 25th brings pleasure (so long as you don’t go to excesses). And Full Moon in your sign on 27th just after mid-day (so the big build-up is the night of 26th) is a culmination of all the emotions that have been building up all month.  And you may even be swept off your feet…  yes…  you !

Gemini:  A Mars – Neptune opposition from 3rd – 7th falls in your public – private axis and changes you want to make at home will have to wait until later in the month (and action is definitely on the agenda… ).

Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 9th after three weeks going retrograde.  Misunderstandings that may have arisen melt away and apart from some reflection needed around mother, home and partnerships (from 8th – 11th), it’s full steam ahead!

New Moon on 13th falls in your romance, children and creativity sector marking the beginning of a new cycle.  Make some resolutions.

The big emphasis this month though is in your 4th House of mother and home, nurturing and personal development.  Jupiter, Mars and Venus all agree – it’s time to think bigger.  In terms of home, this could mean bigger, overseas, a home run on philosophical principles, de-cluttering or re-designing to make more space or it could be an improvement in emotional conditions at home.  Growth, self-nurture and personal development are also on the agenda.  And your eco-awareness could be awakened too!

Pluto is helpfully lending its weight to all of the above from your 8th House of joint funds, taxes, debts and inheritances, intimacy and sharing.  So ‘the money of others’ could have some bearing here or developments in your intimate life.

While all of this is major, it’s also up-beat so make time for entertaining in your enjoyable, domestic hub and share the good times with others.  22nd – 25th is especially fun.  Enjoy!

Cancer:  Your communications area is full of energy and optimism this month and your mind is working at its most positive.  Only when this happens, do we become fully  aware of all our possibilities in life.  You’re going to be busy but be sure to make time to make a note of ideas that spring up.  They could have real potential in the future!

Trading, teaching and relations with siblings or neighbours look lively too (apart from a reflective period from 8th – 11th).  These also seem to be helped along by partners or partnerships in some way.

A fresh regime starts at home with New Moon on 13th.  Mars and Jupiter align helpfully with Pluto on the same day, making for lively but good-natured exchanges with partners.  If domestic changes are needed (whether practical or emotional) put them in place today.

A meeting of Venus and Jupiter from 22nd – 25th brings pleasure and fun.  Spend it with others.  Full Moon follows on 26th/27th in your friends, groups and community zone.  Express yourself!

Leo:  There could be challenges to authority (yours or others) from 4th – 6th but Venus in Leo keeps your charms fully charged until 8th then it’s back to being a mere mortal like the rest of us.  There’s a pause for reflection from 8th – 11th to examine how finances or the pursuit of them has been impacting romance, children or creativity.  But then soon afterwards, so much is happening, there’s little time to reflect!

Your most active area this month is your 2nd House of money, possessions, income, security, values and self-esteem.  Jupiter and Mars are in residence all month bringing energy, opportunities and drive.  Venus joins them from 8th which makes for one of the most favorable combinations.  The only danger could be going over the top with luxury purchases, so keep an eye on that!

Pluto is looking helpful all month in your work, health and service to others zone.  It’s also helping to make your daily routine compatible with possible improvements in income.  Your diet could change for the better too and general well-being is looking good!

Sun moves into your 4th House of mother and home on 23rd, warming and cheering your domestic life and Full Moon on 26th/27th raises emotions in your father, career and social status zone where you might make your feelings known…

Virgo:  A glowing cluster of planets in Virgo smooth the month along and the likelihood is – you’ll be feeling good!  Mars and Jupiter are in your sign all month, making you buoyant, confident and forthright and from 8th, Venus is with you too, making you darling of the zodiac and adding even further to your charms!

Apart from a pause from 8th – 11th when Venus squares Saturn,  Positive expansion is the theme and this applies to you!  So often you edit certain possibilities out of your agenda.  This month, leave them in!  Broaden your horizons, grow and have fun!

Relationships and partners may seem unenthusiastic or needy, especially from 3rd – 7th but don’t allow that to dampen your spirits.  Partnerships aren’t meant to be clear right now and partners may need to sort themselves out in some way before they can be!

Mars conjuncts Jupiter from 16th -18th generating lots of energy and giving you a sense of conviction about what you’re doing or intend to do.  If it’s the latter, make some preliminary steps now to set things in motion.

Venus and Jupiter meet up from 22nd – 25th.  This is a lovely aspect that indicates happy times shared with others.  Over-ride any solitary tendencies and enjoy being part of the human race!  And if you’re still unsure…  Just go, they’ll love you!

Libra:  Your ruling planet Venus moves into your 12th House of inner workings on 8th and immediately has to deal with a challenge from Saturn.  This is coming from your 3rd House of thought and communications.  Take this pause from 8th – 11th to get your conscious and unconscious minds working together co-operatively.  Mercury thankfully goes direct in your sign on 9th after three weeks of being retrograde which should help with this.

New Moon is in your sign on 13th which marks the beginning of your personal New Year.  If you’ve noticed areas that would benefit from improvements, this is the time to make your New Year’s Resolutions.  Think about what these should be, the night before and start on 13th.  The Moon is behind you!

From 21st Venus is well-starred.  First of all it forms a positive aspect with Pluto in your mother and home zone until 23rd and from 22nd it meets up with Jupiter in a lovely aspect.  Your compassion for others will be strong, as will your ability to get down to detailed work behind the scenes.  Avoid the temptation of excesses and explore creative and spiritual ground.  Whether you share it with others or savour it alone, this opportunity for growth will be pleasurable!

Scorpio:  It may feel like a charmed existence this month as Jupiter, then Mars and then Venus form flowing aspects to your ruling planet Pluto.

Jupiter starts the month off bringing growth and optimism from 1st – 12th (be sure not to use it for going to extremes though).  Then Mars takes over from 12th – 16th making progress effortless and easy.  And finally Venus offers opportunities for emotional bonding and maybe even passion from 21st – 23rd.

All of these co-operative planets are coming from your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals, so explore and invest in these areas as much as you can for happy outcomes.

The month before your birthday is often a time of low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  It re-enters your sign though on 23rd, bringing renewed energy for your year ahead.  And during these last days of the month, Sun is forming a good aspect to Neptune, adding to your idealism, empathy and flow.

Last but not least, Full Moon is (just after noon on 27th, BST so the big build-up is 26th) in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships.   Looks interesting!

Sagittarius:  Activity in your father, career and social status zone may not be entirely comfortable at the start of the month but it’s compelling.  Possible questions may include…  Is this kind of thing really me?  Can I face the restrictions it brings?  And am I up to it?

Saturn is freshly in your sign and this is one of the first encounters it makes with the  other planets and with you.   There’s going to be plenty of time to get used to such dialogues as Saturn’s going to be your close companion for the next two years!

Despite Saturn’s uncomfortable questions, your ruling planet Jupiter is having a spectacular month!  With Mars and Venus alongside it at the top of your solar chart, the opportunities are many.  Once you’ve got over the self-doubt at the start of the month and once Mercury goes direct on 9th – the sky’s the limit!

Pluto’s looking on benignly and is offering support to Jupiter and the other planets in your status zone from 1st -23rd.  This is from your money, possessions, security and values zone which could bring a dramatic change in finances, security or your self-esteem.  Whichever it is, it creates a strong wind behind you and may open very unexpected doors.

Mars adds its dynamic energy to your cause from16th – 18th, days when the Moon too is in Sag giving you even extra support.  The month ends with a pleasurable Venus-Jupiter conjunction from 22nd -25th.  People with influence should be looking on you favourably and could even grant BIG favours.  Don’t be afraid to ask!

Capricorn:  Pluto in your 1st House of self-hood and identity gets glowing aspects from Jupiter, Mars and Venus for most of the month and you’ll feel the benefits!  These planets are offering their gifts from your 9th House of travel, studies, publishing, law, different cultures, belief systems and ethics.

Jupiter is the first planet to get involved from 1st – 12th which can broaden your horizons and bring growth and opportunites.  If you can’t squeeze a trip in or get your book published, join a course for some mental stimulation, do a re-write and explore different cultures nearby.

Mars takes over next from 12th – 16th bringing you energy, drive and assertiveness.  You’ll enjoy a sense of conviction too that you’re in the right and that your actions are ethical.  (Make sure of course, that they are).

Venus shows up next from 21st – 23rd, adding to your charisma and attractiveness.  Relations with in-laws go well, as do relations in all of the areas mentioned.

Venus and Jupiter join forces for everyone from 22nd – 25th which is a time to enjoy the company of others – be they classmates, thinkers, philosophical types or people from different cultures.  Let them all expand your mind!  Legal judgements might go your way too… .

Aquarius:  Venus continues to sweeten partnerships until 8th but then it changes signs and gets immediately way-laid by Saturn for three days (until 11th).  This might be uncomfortable but it can also help to raise awareness about whether certain relationships should be friendships or more?

The Sun opposite your ruling planet Uranus from 10th – 12th could also feel restrictive If you allow it to.  Don’t be squashed by people who want you to conform.  They’re just projecting their own self-consciousness onto you!

The transformational life processes of birth, sex, death, intimacy, joint funds and sharing are your super-active areas this month.  All heavy-duty areas, but the planets involved are positive and they form good aspects to Pluto in your 12th House of self-talk, inner-workings and behind the scenes.  Psychological blocks could be shifted, spiritual practices could be transformational and healing of all kinds (yourself and others) could take place!

You could be of great help to anyone in crisis this month, especially outcasts and those marginalised by society.  A windfall could also come your way (be that money, blessings from those you’ve helped or an abundance of passion!).  These fruits are most likely to fall around 16th – 18th or 22nd – 25th.

Full Moon on 26th/27th falls in your 4th House of mother and home.  Notice the emotions that come up and use this information to arrange things to better meet your needs.  Yes, we’re talking about self-nurture.

Pisces:  A great burst of energy’s taking place in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships all month.  Although this is a boisterous, up-beat vibe, it may feel abrasive at times (especially from 3rd – 7th when partners could be over-assertive… ).

Feelings of self-doubt could surface too in the face of such positivity.  And you may also become aware of quite a distance between your ‘ideal self’ and ‘real self’.  Welcome to the human race!  Personal development and self-acceptance are the two keys to this dilemma.

Saturn which is currently weighing down your public and social status zone, squares Venus from 8th – 11th.  This too could raise questions about whether certain partners support you professionally or not?  Do they understand the pressures of your work

By 22nd Venus and Jupiter have come together, creating pleasure, growth and opportunities in your relationships and partnerships zone.  Enjoy mingling and merging!

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