November 2017

Our shared planetary picture

Full Moon in Taurus heightens the senses around 4th and a Venus – Uranus opposition creates emotional or creative excitement around the same period. Saturn and Uranus are co-operating from 1st – 11th, helping young and old, the traditional and the modern and structure and freedom to work well together.

Mars is striving to bring balance, peace and fairness as it makes its way through Libra. Venus helps it to smooth the waters up to 7th but then Mars is on its own for the rest of the month. A power struggle between Mars and Pluto from 15th – 19th does not look too good. There could also be unpredictable events around 28th – 30th when Uranus challenges Mars, wanting it to reject compromise.

A gathering of planets in Scorpio this month create intensity and the urge to get to the bottom of things. And with the Sun illuminating things until 22nd, more secrets will be brought to light around passions, sexual behaviour and the use or misuse of joint funds (i.e. corruption).

Venus meets Jupiter in this arena from 11th – 13th which adds an upbeat note. This is a very sociable aspect, the only danger being over-indulgence or pleasing others to the extent that it is bad for you. On 18th New Moon in Scorpio calls for a fresh start in some way, in the areas listed above.

Neptune goes direct in Pisces on 22nd restoring a clearer sense of ideals, after five months in retrograde. And the Sun moves into Sag. on the same day, prompting us to be philosophical. Mercury has been voicing inconvenient truths all month since 5th. From 26th – 28th, it pauses to consider what next, as Saturn slows it down to review all that has been said so far.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Your ruling planet Mars is still forging ahead all month in relationships and partnerships. Venus excites you as it opposes Uranus in your sign until 7th then it is down to your willpower to push your agenda forward and express your passion (and there is no shortage of that!)

When Mars squares Pluto from 15th – 19th, people in authority may block your plans (or you may block theirs…). Power games rarely benefit anyone in the long run so lead by example and be ‘big’.

New Moon on 18th falls in the other active part of your solar chart – the 8th House of intimacy, joint funds and sharing. This is the house of transformation. Where do you seek transformation in the year ahead?

You will be looking at the need for inner change from 1st – 11th and what you want in partnerships may be a challenge even to yourself from 28th – 30th. You will have to stretch to meet your goal. But what is life without a challenge?


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus starts the month in a state of excitement as it opposes unpredictable Uranus from 2nd – 5th. Full Moon in your sign, early on 4th heightens emotions too around this time. Venus also moves into your partnerships zone from 7th, adding to the already feel-good presence of the Sun and Jupiter there. 11th – 13th is especially up-beat. Enjoy it with others.

This leaves Mars as sole occupant of your 6th House of work, health and service to others. Health matters that need taking in hand can be moved forward this month. Although travel, ethics or cultural issues may intervene from 15th – 19th when Mars runs into conflict with Pluto. Putting a good work-life balance in place is a good aim this month. Positive additions to your daily routine can be made too. How you tend yourself physically and to your daily well-being, needs your attention. Give it!

Joint funds, sharing and dealings with financial institutions are on your mind from 5th. Taxes, debts and inheritances come to mind and the events surrounding them. And is your own will (if you have made one) relevant and up to date?

As well as smoothing relationships and partnerships, Venus enters a romantic or creative flow from 14th – 16th. Healing opportunities are around too from 25th – 27th. This is followed by surprising events from 28th – 30th when you unconscious intervenes…


Gemini:   You will be pushing ahead with romantic or creative projects this month as Mars makes its way through your 5th House. You may be more assertive with children too, although no one may notice this until after 7th. Your progress may be challenged around 15th – 19th by demands from others for money or intimacy. Friends may challenge your plans too from 28th – 30th.

Your main focus this month though is work, health and service to others. The Sun is highlighting these until 22nd and Venus adds pleasure and ease from 7th. When Venus meets Jupiter around 11th – 13th your sense of well-being will be high (as long as you do not over-indulge). Relations with colleagues go well and pleasure can be found in mindfully carrying out your daily routine and looking after yourself physically.

New Moon falls in this area of your solar chart on 18th which is the perfect time to start a new work or health regime. What you include or exclude from your day can have a strong impact, so choose healthily. Neptune goes direct on 22nd which makes the way forward clearer in your father, career and social status zone. This will be welcome and marks the end of a long five-month period of confusion.

Your ruling planet Mercury is busy thinking about relationships and partnerships from 5th. The Sun adds creative energy to your plans from 22nd. But your thoughts and communications will be serious from 26th – 28th. Say what you mean. And mean what you say.


Cancer:   Your sights are still set on pushing projects through regarding mother and home this month. Mars is plugging away and Venus helps too until 7th, albeit with some surprises from your father, career and social status zone.

Partnerships may stall your progress from 15th – 19th when Mars squares Pluto. This looks like a possible power battle. Handle it as creatively as you can.

Romance, children and creativity are glowing as the Sun, Venus and Jupiter give an upbeat, feel-good vibe. 11th – 13th is especially enjoyable, gather loved ones around to enjoy it with them. New Moon on 18th also falls in this area of your solar chart, making this a good time to make resolutions for your creative year ahead.

From 5th Mercury comes up with lots of ideas about how to improve your health, working conditions and daily routine. Communications go easily with colleagues and daily companions and your physical agility could improve too. You may have to slow down though around 26th – 28th when your thoughts or communications get more serious.

The month ends with a clash between mother and father or home and career and compromise on either side may not seem possible. Look for creative solutions.


Leo:   You continue to be assertive in your communications this month which may not be apparent to others until Venus moves its attention to other matters after 7th. Even so you will try to be fair but power-wielding situations around 15th – 19th will stand out starkly. Be fair then too, even in others are not being (though there is nothing wrong in pointing that out). Travel, cultural or ethical matters challenge your current train of thought from 28th – 30th. However unsettling, allow this insight in.

The main emphasis this month is mother and home. Your creative energies are running high here and you will want to beautify your home or extend its pleasures to others, especially around 11th – 13th when Venus meets Jupiter – the ultimate feel-good aspect. New Moon falls in your mother and home zone too on 18th. This marks the beginning of your domestic new year. Make resolutions that will help to create a happy home in the month and year ahead. Self nurture and personal development come into this too. Include them in your plans.

From 5th your thoughts turn to romance, children and creativity. The Sun adds energy to carry out your plans from 22nd. Although serious thought or a re-think may seem necessary around 26th – 28th.

Joint funds, sharing and intimacy get clearer from 22nd. It has been a confusing time over the past five months but the way ahead is now more visible.


Virgo:   You will be pushing forward on financial fronts all month as Mars continues resolutely on its quest for some security. The results could be good early in the month as Venus helps things along until 7th. There will be a challenge to your plans though around 15th – 19th when compulsive desires connected to romance, children or creativity burst in. You may also be thrown by financial demands from others from 28th – 30th.

Your main focus this month however is communication of all kinds. The Sun is focusing on these until 22nd, providing warmth and energy. And Venus helps to smooth everything along, especially from 11th – 13th when it joins Jupiter. This can provide mental delights that come from a positive mind, happiness through exercise and physical movement and lovely exchanges with others, particularly neighbours and siblings. The only danger here is going too far in pleasing others. Keep boundaries while having fun.

New Moon also falls in this arena on 18th which is a perfect time to start a new exercise regime, learn a new language or begin a writing project.

Your ruling planet Mercury is busy thinking about mother and home from 5th. The Sun highlights these matters too from 22nd, followed by serious thoughts or communications from 28th – 30th.

Neptune also goes direct on 22nd in your partnerships zone, after five months of confusion. Your ideals are still in place but the reality of things should become clearer now.


Libra:   Mars stays in your sign all month filling you with determination. Your ruling planet Venus is also with you until 7th, providing you with a velvet glove for that fist of iron. Partners or your need for change in partnerships could be adding to your resolve and driving you forward too. Power issues around mother and home may stop you in your tracks though from 15th – 19th.

You will be active on the money-making front this month as four planets busy themselves in your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. Venus is usually good for your finances , especially when it joins Jupiter from 11th – 13th. And a new strand of income could come into view with the New Moon on 18th. This is also the perfect time to draw up a budget or financial plan for the year ahead.

From 5th Mercury moves into your communications zone. This helps your mental, verbal and physical agility. The Sun warms things up here too from 22nd and dealings with siblings, neighbours and trades people goes easily, apart from 26th – 28th when serious discussions may be needed.

From 28th – 30th Mars in your sign opposes Uranus in your partnerships zone. Librans usually bend so easily to compromise but this time others will have to accommodate you… Stick to your guns!


Scorpio:   The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 22nd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too until 5th when it turns its focus to your finances. And your silver tongue could generate some extra income. The Sun adds energy and creativity to your plans too from 22nd.

Venus is in your sign from 7th, adding to your charisma and making you compellingly attractive to others. This is heightened even further from 11th – 13th when Venus joins Jupiter in your sign. Your positive, feel-good benevolence attracts the same from others and rewards of its own. Romance and creative flow could be on the agenda too from 14th – 16th.

Your unconscious bursts into your communication around 15th – 19th. Be conscious of your words as they could leave lasting wounds on others. The end of the month is eventful too as buried memories come to light.

New Moon in your sign on 18th marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will help to meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead!


Sagittarius:   Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time. The good news is that the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Friends, groups and community events continue to go well until 7th, leaving Mars forging ahead here for the rest of the month. Collective ambitions can move forward as your determination wills them onward. There may be a hiccough though around 15th – 19th when money becomes an issue. The unpredictability of children or romantic interests causes a disruption to your plans too from 28th – 30th.

On 22nd Neptune goes direct in your mother and home zone, making things clearer after a five month period of confusion. Your ruling planet Jupiter is also in good aspect to this from 21st – 30th. This is good for pursuing dreams as your unconscious is for once on board too. Include self nurture and personal development in your plans!


Capricorn:   Your ambitions are still riding high and so is your determination to push them forward. Authority smiles on you too until 7th, although unexpected events concerning mother or home cause some distraction. A square between Mars and Pluto (which is presently in your sign) from 15th – 19th is striking. This is a time when your ambitions will even challenge you!

Full Moon on 4th falls in your romance, children and creativity zone. Venus and Uranus add a frisson too which means this could be a time to be experimental!

Friends, groups, community, organisations and humanitarian ideals are your big active areas this month. From 7th Venus joins Jupiter and the Sun, making this a pleasure zone, especially from 11th – 13th. You will benefit from communing with others. Make time for social events.

Your thinking gets more serious towards the end of the month from 26th – 28th when Mercury meets your ruling planet Saturn. This could also be a good time to review your communications to see what changes would be helpful. Mars opposes Uranus straight afterwards (28th – 30th) which puts the cat amongst the pigeons. No time to think, take action!


Aquarius:   Venus opposes your ruling planet Uranus from 2nd – 5th when your thoughts turn to travel, studies, culture and ethics. Mars is active in these areas all month and any ambitions you harbour can be moved forward. This may prove challenging though around 15th – 19th when unconscious dynamics could stop you in your tracks. Different ideas surprise you too around 28th – 30th.

The main emphasis this month though is in your father, career and social status zone. While a year of expansion in these areas has just started with Jupiter’s recent arrival, The Sun’s creative energy is here too until 22nd. And from 7th Venus smooths everything along too. If you need favours from people in authority, just ask. They will be looking on you favourably at present. 11th – 13th is particularly positive and expansive for ambitions of all kinds!

Saturn is in good aspect to Uranus from 1st – 11th when a sense of responsibility around friendship or humanitarian ideals, grounds your thoughts and guides communications. Your thinking is serious about these matters too from 26th – 28th.

New Moon on 18th falls in your father, career and social status zone too. This marks a new cycle in your public life. Make plans and resolutions that will help your worldly standing in the month and year ahead!


Pisces:   You will continue to push forward with joint funds such as taxes, debts or inheritances this month. How money is shared and resources used is also a focus or sharing (including yourself intimately) stays determinedly on your agenda. You may also see some results early in the month until 7th.

The main focus this month though is your 9th House of travel, deep studies, philosophy, ethics and legal affairs. The Sun is illuminating these areas until 22nd and from 7th Venus offers ease and pleasure too. Around 11th – 13th Venus joins Jupiter in a lovely aspect which can widen your understanding of different cultures and spiritual matters. It then forms a flowing aspect to your ruling planet Neptune from 14th – 16th which helps you to feel understood.

New Moon on 18th also falls in your busy 9th House and marks a good time to start a journey of some kind. This could be physically covering terrain (on foot or otherwise), a course of studies, cultural or inter-cultural explorations, a publishing project or a new spiritual practice.

On 22nd Neptune goes direct in your sign after five months in retrograde. This may have been a bewildering period but your ideals and sense of self start to become clear to you once again. What a relief!


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