June 2015

Your Horoscope for June 2015

Our shared planetary picture

There is lots of surface action as planets whizz through Gemini this month which gets more helpful after 11th when Mercury goes direct once again. Underneath though, two heavier weight planets: Saturn and Neptune are taking us back to revisit certain areas that needs a second look. Lessons for us all – some old, some new and some on frequent repeat!

Towards the end of the month (from 26th) Venus and Jupiter team up to bring us happy times and opportunities (just so long as we don’t go to excess). Uranus takes a role in this too, bringing an element of surprise – even better!

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscopes for your Sun Sign and for your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:   Your ruling planet Mars is steaming ahead in your 3rd House of ideas, communications, movement, siblings and neighbours until 24th. Your style, even more than usual is decisive and hot (which others might mistake for curt and abrupt… ). Mercury doesn’t help initially until it goes direct on 11th, so if you have important presentations or tricky subjects to broach, hold your horses until then to avoid misunderstandings. This needn’t inhibit your amazingly active thought processes, just wait until your audience is ready. New Moon on 16th (15.07 BST) is the perfect time to show the world what you’ve been cooking up and it looks dynamic!

On 15th Saturn moves back into your 8th House of joint funds, sharing, birth, sex and death. This is a finishing process of the past three years where you’ve had to look some of these issues square in the face. Any areas you skimmed over then have to be dealt with now. Just do it. You have until mid-September to comp!ete your ‘homework’. Self-honesty and honesty with others is the only option.

On a lighter front, Mars moves into your mother and home zone from 24th, so apply energy there. And Venus, Jupiter and Uranus conspire to bring good times in your romance, children and creativity zone from 26th. Be open to the unexpected and have fun!

Taurus:   Saturn returns on 15th to start the final term of the relationships and partnerships (personal or business) course that you’ve been on for the last three years. Although you’ve had a good look at this, the learning process isn’t quite complete or perhaps you haven’t yet fully applied your conclusions. You have until mid-September to do this and to gain your partnerships ‘diploma’. Be an attentive student!

Mars is zooming through your 2nd House of finances for most of the month and Sun moves in too from 21st. This brings you energy and an enterprising spirit so get going! Mercury retrograde clouds the picture at first so do your planning early on and wait until after 11th to initiate things when the wind will be behind you. And if you have a new project, New Moon on 16th (15.07 BST) is a great wave to start off on!

Your ruling planet Venus graces your 4th House of mother and home from 5th. Home and relationships with mother figures will be a pleasure. You may find yourself rearranging, decorating or beautifying your home in some way, sharing it with others and entertaining. Creative projects will go well too. If planning a get together, go for 26th onwards when Venus, Uranus and Jupiter promise lovely times. Nurturing and personal-development also come into the 4th House so make time for these too.

Gemini:   Sun and Mars are with you for the first three weeks of June bringing energy, drive and dynamism. You may not be too sure about it at first but once Mercury goes direct from 11th, the wind really is behind you. As you love to zip around (mentally and physically), you might even break your own record this month!

Full Moon on 2nd brings up emotions about relationships and partnerships which are helpful to look at. New Moon on 16th is in Gemini. This marks the beginning of your personal new year. With emotional life in mind, make some New Year’s Resolutions.

Neptune goes retrograde in your 10th House of father, career and social status from 12th. This clouds matters somewhat. Your ideals need to be looked again as last time something was missed. This could be to do with reputation and the lens through which others see you. Much more important however, is how you see yourself and how you want to be seen in the world.

Venus is looking helpful re finances from 5th and towards the end of the month, things look even better! From 26th Uranus brings the unexpected and Jupiter brings growth, expansion and opportunities to your money, values and security zone. It’s looking good!

Cancer:   Full Moon on 2nd falls into your work and health zone which includes colleagues and the people in your daily life, so the month will probably begin emotionally. You’re likely to sail through more smoothly than others though as Venus is in your sign until 5th. Your charms will be abundant and then when it moves into Leo (from 5th)your finances run more smoothly and start to flourish. The only danger here is the allure of beautiful things on the shopping front… And towards the end of the month from 26th unexpected and big things are lined up. It could be a windfall or a whopping credit card bill. (Remember you have some control over one, if not the other!).

Saturn moves back into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity on 15th to complete its three-year course of lessons. You have until mid-September to review what’s still been left undone and to resolve it. This final process is the opposite of ignoring things and hoping they’ll go away. Now is the time to be totally honest with yourself and others.

The month before our birthdays, we’re often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time ever in the year. That’s all about to change though as Sun enters your sign on 21st and even more dynamic, Mars also leaps in on 24th. Others had better look out!

Leo:   Venus enters your sign on 5th making you darling of the zodiac. Being a Leo, this is a role you take to easily, enjoy and help everyone else to enjoy too. And if this wasn’t good enough, later in the month your charms increase even more as Venus meets Jupiter in your sign, helped along by Uranus who throws in a touch of surprise. Socially and creatively from 26th you’re at your peak of irresistibility… Plan events and good times for then!

Mother and home matters keep your feet on the ground though from 15th as Saturn moves back into your 4th House and the weight of obstacles or responsibilities connected to these demand your attention once more. Although you’ve already spent three years working through this, your learning isn’t yet complete. Nurturing and personal development also come into this area, so these could be areas to explore too. You have until mid-September to complete your learning process.

A collection of planets in your friends, groups and community zone make this a lively area this month. Mars provides enterprising spirit and your ruling planet the Sun jumps in there from 21st giving a new burst of energy. Mercury’s goes direct on 11th so wait until after that to start new ventures, or aim for New Moon on 16th!

Virgo:   There’s lots of activity in your father, career and social status zone as Sun and Mars push things forward this month. You may notice you have more energy for these things and keener ambitions than usual and when Mercury goes direct from 11th, the world is yours! New Moon on 16th (15.07 BST) could mark the beginning of a new era professionally or status wise, so keep that possibility in mind too!

Saturn gives your mother and home zone a break from 15th for three months but revisits your 3rd House of communications, siblings, neighbours, ideas and movement. Despite your best efforts, there’s still more to ponder or revisit here. You have until mid-September to work out just what that is and put it right. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do more than you’ve already done (Virgos often go far beyond the extra mile). It could be about your approach or your way of thinking about these areas of life or drawing boundaries or allowing yourself some peace.

Home could be an emotional place around 2nd when Full Moon comes to call. Neptune retrograde from 12th calls for a rethink about partnership ideals too. They may need reconsidering. Now what could that mean?

Venus is busy behind the scenes in your creativity, compassion and spiritual zone. From 26th Uranus and Jupiter get involved too which looks like an expansive and surprising experience. Be open to being moved.

Libra:   Your ruling planet Venus glides through your friends, groups and collectives zone from 5th. This should be pleasurable unless you’re called upon to administer your mediation and peacekeeping but even that shouldn’t be too arduous As Venus heads towards Jupiter from 27th, your social whirl is at its peak. Plan parties, gatherings, holidays and anything fun you can think of for then. (Beware of excesses though…)

If planning trips or legal moves wait until after 11th when Mercury goes direct or you may find yourself having to go over the same ground again and again. 16th is a good starting point if you’re planning anything along the travel, legal, cultural or study lines.

Saturn moves back into your finance and security zone on 15th which weighs matters down somewhat until mid-September. Having thought you’d got through all of this over the past three years, something further has to be resolved. It could include self esteem, what salary you think you’re worth and your value system. Another question may still be waiting to be answered. What is truly precious and what is more trouble than it’s worth? This time you actually have to decide…

Scorpio:   Full Moon on 2nd raises emotions about personal finances and security whereas for most of the month planets are whizzing through your 8th House of joint funds, sharing, intimacy and transformation. Mars and then later Sun give you energy to take the initiative and to be active in these areas. Mercury may skew communications until 11th but from then onwards it’s full steam ahead!

You may have thought you’d finished getting to grips with yourself over these last three years. But Saturn moves back into Scorpio for the final pressing from 15th for you to attend to areas you glossed over earlier. Yes, time to take a further unflinching look at yourself, including identity, self expression and creativity. Take the lessons on offer over the next three months. They’re meant to be helpful. Scrupulous honesty, especially with yourself will point you in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Venus is softening your public profile from 5th. Father, career and social status are all well-starred. Authority figures will look on you kindly too, so if you have favours to ask, go ahead. A combination of Venus, Uranus and Jupiter team up from 26th and the possibilities are surprising and wide. Be ready!

Sagittarius:   Full Moon in your sign on 2nd raises emotions. Give them your full attention. In a way you get a break mid-month as moves out of Sag on 15th for three months. This isn’t meant to be a holiday though as you have ‘behind the scenes’ work to attend to instead. You’ve had three years to ponder your inner workings but there’s still some work to be done, so take this opportunity to face your inner self and work on any areas you’ve been avoiding – you know the ones I mean…

Neptune reverses on 12th to take you back to look at mother and home ideals once more. Again there’s something in this area too which needs to be looked at in more depth. Your needs for nurturing and personal development could be part of the picture too.

New Moon on 16th falls in your relationships and partnerships zone. This could indicate a new start in some way. In fact your partnerships zone is busy all month. This can include business as well as your personal life. If formalising a partnership or new piece of joint work, wait until after Mercury goes direct on 11th or even better still, wait for New Moon on 16th (15.07 BST).

Venus is helping to smooth your travel, legal, study and ethical zone from 5th. This looks even better towards the end of the month when Uranus and your ruling planet Jupiter lend a hand. Plan trips or happy shared times from 26th onwards. Opportunities could arise too but whatever you do, make the most of these three upbeat planets and have some fun!

Capricorn:   A cluster of planets in your 6th House of work, health, service to others and daily routine are urging you to take action in one or more of these areas. Wellbeing Is a subtle combination of factors in life and right now you’re required to get the daily balance right.   Mars is offering the energy to get things moving so start planning now and put structures in place after 11th when Mercury is being more helpful. If a new regime is on the cards, go with New Moon on 16th (15.07 BST).

From 5th Venus is smoothing your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone. This could indicate money coming your way from others or taking a more genial approach towards sharing. From 26th onwards, there could be big and surprising or sudden changes on this front. Could this be a windfall or a whopping credit card bill???

Your ruling planet Saturn hasn’t quite finished teaching you about friends, groups and collectives. On 15th it returns for three months to put the final icing on the cake. This isn’t about sweetness, it’s about lessons learnt and you’ll realise just how far you’ve come in the last three years. But it isn’t about self congratulations until you’ve completed the final task. Only you know what that is and only you can do it.

Aquarius:   The Saturnian lessons that have been taking you to task in your father, career and social status zone aren’t quite complete. Despite an arduous three years of facing long term issues, there’s more to look at (or areas already looked at that need a further review). This begins on 15th and you have until mid-September to do your homework.

Meanwhile from 5th Venus is bringing love and harmony to your 7th House of relationships and partnerships. This is pleasurable, especially from 26th when your ruling planet Uranus gets involved and Jupiter which brings growth, expansion and fun! Suddenly you might find you can just be yourself with partners without feeling trapped. This could be a breakthrough as Aquarians sometimes view relationships as an unwelcome compromise to personal freedom.  Allow things to happen and enjoy it!

Romance, children and creativity are also busy areas this month. After 11th the wind is fully behind you and New Moon on 16th offers a fresh start. Take it!

Pisces:   Neptune goes retrograde from 12th in your sign, mystifying whatever’s going on with you. Others probably won’t be able to fathom it out and neither may you! All will be revealed in the end of course but not any time soon, so go along with the process, feeling your way along. Answers can’t be forced, just enjoy the wonders of ‘not knowing’ as best you can.

Emotions are high in your father, career and social status zone around 2nd as Full Moon drops in. And misunderstandings at home get resolved from 11th when Mercury goes direct. In fact there’s a lot going on at home and you might find you have energy for DIY or a makeover (better to direct energies in this way than the other option – of being argumentative… ).

Saturn moves out of your father, career and social status zone from 15th for three months. This removes some of the weight you’ve been under but it’s in fact an opportunity to finish off your three-year learning process around ethics, different cultures and beliefs.

Venus and Jupiter are conspiring to bring pleasure to your work and health zone especially from 26th, just as long as you don’t go to excess…

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