June 2014

Horoscopes for June

Mars, Uranus and Pluto continue to challenge each other all month.  But meanwhile two planets, Mercury and Neptune go retrograde.  While not always easy, this is an opportunity to take a second look at areas we may have been mishandling – different for each sign.

Mercury usually goes retrograde (appears to move backwards) three times a year.  And this year it moves each time from a water sign to an air sign.  This is a collective message that we need to suspend emotional judgements and stances and be more objective in our responses to events and each other.  This is our second opportunity in 2014 to develop these skills and we should take it.

Misunderstandings can occur and things can go astray during Mercury’s retrograde movements.  Whatever is started during this period (from 7th) often has to be re-started later, so if possible put off starting and signing things until after Mercury goes direct on July 1st.

Neptune also goes retrograde on 9th for a longer review.  The question here is: to what extent do we measure up to our ideals?  We have until mid-November to look at this.   And as realisations may come through symbols and dreams, be sure to notice whatever you notice.

So what will this mean for us all?  Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Finances in connection to others are once again under strain from 11th – 13th but the main action this month is with your dynamic ruling planet Mars.  Big feathers will be ruffled during the first half of the month (when Mars squares up to Pluto).as you challenge hierarchies and structures that don’t seem right to you.  Others may accuse you of being confrontational but perhaps someone needs to be.  Then from 15th – 25th Mars opposes Uranus and you’ll be looking to do your own thing and in your own way.  Many lose their way along the road of compromise and this is not a month to go anywhere near it.  Strike out and show us all how it’s done!

Taurus:   Venus your ruling planet glides through Taurus till 23rd enhancing your natural charms.  This is enjoyable, apart from a brief period around Full Moon on 13th when emotions are heightened regarding joint funds or intimacy.  Venus opposes Saturn (from 11th – 13th) too and you may be taken to task.  Bear in mind that others may be envious, not realising that your seemingly smooth path is the result of a lot of hard work and not a life of ease.  Mercury goes retrograde on 7th taking you back to look once again at finances and security.  More objective thinking is needed here.  Give this some time and thought and wait until July 1st before taking new steps.

Gemini:   Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on 7th which means it’s time to reflect on finances and security.  On 17th Mercury even moves back into Gemini to take a second look at how you’ve been dealing with yourself.  Take time to look at that too and how these two matters may be linked.  Neptune also goes retrograde on 9th in your father, career and social status zone.  Time to review dreams and ideals and if it isn’t clear to you what exactly is happening, don’t worry, it’s not meant to be, until mid-November.  It may not be clear to others what exactly your status is either.  New Moon on 27th marks a new year in your finances but don’t sign anything until after July 1st.

Cancer:   Mars in your mother and home sector is in challenging mode – others beware!  For the first half of the month partnerships are your target.  Then from 15th – 25th father, career and social status become your focus.  None of this is relaxing but in terms of decisive action, you are hot!  Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on 7th providing an opportunity to look once again at how you’ve been dealing with yourself.  Keep looking until after July 1st when you can put your conclusions into action.  Sun enters your sign on 21st renewing your energy reserves and then New Moon also in Cancer on 27th marks the beginning of a new year emotionally.  Go with your gut feeling.

Leo:   Venus in your 10th House of father, career and social status smoothes the way forward and people with influence respond well to your wishes.  Be sure to make them clear before 7th when Mercury goes retrograde.  A Venus – Saturn opposition from 11th – 13th brings up once again the need to get the right balance between career and emotional needs.  Full Moon on 13th in your romance, children and creativity zone brings these issues into the mix too.  Keep calm, take some time alone and plan for a new and better approach to dealing with your inner world, starting on 27th with the New Moon.  You need your unconscious to work with you and support you.  Positive affirmations can help.

Virgo:   Mercury goes retrograde on 7th in your friends, groups and organisations zone which may require your patience and forbearance.  Look at your communications in these areas and from 17th when Mercury moves back into your father, career and social status zone, see how these might be connected.  Neptune’s retrograde movement on 9th in your relationships and partnerships sector, brings up the need to reflect on your ideals in these areas and how near or far they are from the reality.  You have until mid-November to ponder all of this.  Full Moon in your mother and home zone on 13th raises the emotional temperature at home.  Say it how it is.

Libra:   Mars in your sign for an unusually long stretch continues to buffet but empower you as you find yourself bumping into certain injustices around you.  As a co-operative Libran, it may be up to you to negotiate or mediate towards fairer solutions.  Communications with authority figures may be uneasy as Mercury goes retrograde from 7th but stay philosophical until July 1st when things get back to normal.  Finances (yours and others’) or intimacy, once again cause tension from 11th – 13th.  Then Mars opposes Uranus from 15th – 25th.  This raises the unexpected in partnerships and it’s time to do things your way.  And this time others will just have to get used to it…

Scorpio:   Venus brings a glow to relationships and partnerships till 23rd, apart from a hiccup from 11th – 13th when you get in your own way (and possibly everyone else’s…).  We all have bouts of insecurity from time to time.  Examine what this one is about and don’t sabotage the good things on offer.  Neptune goes into reverse on 9th leading you to re-examine ideals around romance, children or creativity.  It will take until mid-November for these areas to become clear.  Meanwhile, Mercury going retrograde on 7th leads you back to look once again at travel, study, philosophy and legal matters.  From 17th you’re taken even further back to look at joint funds, the money of others, intimacy and sharing.   .  More communication is needed here!

Sagittarius:   Two planets go retrograde early this month and both touch sensitive points in your chart.  First of all joint finances, sharing and intimacy are put on hold as Mercury moves backwards on 7th and on 17th it re-enters your partnership zone to review how communications have been here recently which is connected in some way.  Neptune also goes retrograde on 9th in your mother and home zone.  Dreams and ideals need reviewing here too.  A Venus-Saturn opposition from 11th – 13th raises once again the need to find a better balance between your inner needs and daily routine and Full Moon in your sign on 13th puts your well-being right at the top of your agenda.  Let others know how to help.

Capricorn:   Matters connected to father, career and social status continue to challenge you, especially during the first half of the month as Mars squares up to Pluto.  Try to look upon this as an opportunity (albeit tough) for inner growth and resilience.  From 15th – 25th mother and home become the focus for conflicting Mars and Uranus and compromises shouldn’t be made.  Do things in the way you think they should be done.  Others will eventually get used to your decisions.  Mercury retrograde from 7th in your partnerships zone could make for misunderstandings.  Go back and look at your daily routine for the answer to these and apply your newly-found understanding from July 1st.

Aquarius:   Venus glides through your mother and home zone until 23rd, providing comfort, beauty and pleasure.  And if on the road, remember that the wider world is your home too.  Saturn makes a stern entrance from 11th – 13th in the form of authority of some kind.  Acknowledge others’ anxieties but don’t make them your own.  On 7th Mercury goes retrograde in your 6th House of work, health and daily routine.  Have you been attending to communications and getting enough exercise recently?  Get your good intentions lined up for New Moon on 27th – a perfect day to start a new regime.  And don’t forget, it should include fun!

Pisces:   Mercury goes retrograde in your romance, children and creativity zone on 7th and plans may go askew.  On 17th it retreats further into your 4th House of mother and home as this is the area that may be behind current difficulties.  Reflect well until Mercury starts to move forward once again on July 1st.  Neptune your ruling planet, also goes retrograde on 9th and in your sign.  Who you are and your very identity may seem unclear.  How close is the real you to the ideal you these days?  You have until mid-November to fathom all of this out and the process may not be visible. Just trust that your inner furniture is moving in the mist…

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