Venus in Taurus Apr 14th – May 9th

Venus in Taurus April 14th – May 9th

Venus rules two signs of the zodiac: Libra and Taurus. And from 14th April Venus will be comfortably at home in Taurus for four weeks. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony while Taurus is a fixed earth sign that rules the body and the senses.

Any planet in Taurus heightens the senses of colour and form (sight), touch, taste, hearing and smell. And as Venus is the planet of pleasure, these are all avenues that we can enjoy passively and actively. Art, music and food are just a few of the pleasures we can arrange for ourselves and are also areas we can be creative in. Mother Nature is also close to the Taurean heart. Luxuriate in all she has to offer and perhaps growing things yourself could be a satisfying adventure too.

Taurus is also the most tactile sign. The need to touch and be touched is stronger in this sign than any other and Venus will be looking to meet this need too. Venus in Taurus reminds us we are human and that we live on a stunningly beautiful planet and have been gifted with wonderful senses. Enjoy them all!

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