March 2017

Our shared planetary picture

We have a dreamy start to March as the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces from 1st – 2nd. But this is soon followed on 4th by Venus going retrograde. Things set in motion or approaches taken late January need to be reviewed and we will all be taken back to review them, in different areas of life for each sign. Venus remains retrograde until mid-April and then catches up with itself by mid-May when you can then start to take your new adjustments forward.

Venus moves backwards through Aries back into Pisces, from fire to water. It appears to be more than a coincidence that Mercury in its retrograde movements this year goes from fire back to water before returning and carrying on. This is a further echo of our need to examine and work on our intentions which are reflected in all of our actions and how we carry them out.
More compassion is needed on a collective level. Help it all that you can.

Mars moves into Taurus on 10th offering us deep determination, again in different areas of life for each sign. This is also a good energy for building solid foundations and for pushing creative projects ahead. Mars is only going to stay here until late April so make hay while the Sun shines!

The Sun moves into Aries ushering in spring on 20th. We have survived another winter here in the northern hemisphere and both in north and south; day and night are equal at each equinox. New Moon in Aries follows on 28th which is a perfect point to direct our energies on starting new projects, again in different areas of life for each sign.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries: The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. Arians may not have felt this so keenly as other signs this year, as your ruling planet Mars has been firing your engines since late January. And when it joined Uranus at the end of last month and still at the beginning of this, you have been pretty much an unstoppable force.

The Sun brings fresh energy and a sense of renewal from 20th on the Spring Equinox which is always when the Sun moves into Aries and you, more than any other sign, know how to get things started. The Sun returning to your sign is also an excellent time to explore your planets for your year ahead, with a good astrologer!

Venus has also been in Aries since early Feb but on 4th it goes retrograde, taking you back to re-examine whatever was started late January. More on this next month, but for now delve into what you started. If youre not sure what this refers to, it could be to do with relationships, creativity or values.

Mars leaps out of Aries on 10th and gets going in your 2nd House of money, possessions and security. Your entrepreneurial spirit will be strong and you may find yourself in pursuit of a new strand of income. On 13th Mercury enters your sign giving you a silver tongue and you could probably talk anyone into anything

In addition to the Sun revitalizing you from 20th, New Moon early morning on 28th (03.58 BST) is in Aries and this marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make some resolutions for the year ahead that will benefit your emotional life. Many Happy Solar Returns!

Taurus: Many things are happening to your friends or the groups and communities that you are a part of. Your ideals are high about these and humanitarian movements as the month begins and your words can have a healing effect around 10th -11th.

The main emphasis of the month though is in your 12th House of spirituality, compassion, healing and creativity behind the scenes. Your ruling planet Venus is here but it goes retrograde on 4th, taking you back to review your intentions late January. You have until mid-April to revisit whatever it is that needs your further attention. And all being well you can start to make progress once again from mid-May.

From 13th Mercury helps behind the scenes with ideas and communications, then from 20th, the Sun brings new creative or spiritual realisations. New Moon early on 28th also falls in this area of your solar chart. Take it as a fresh start for new creative or spiritual projects, active compassion and self-healing. If you’ve been considering a new spiritual practice, this is a perfect time to start.

On 10th Mars moves into Taurus, giving you access to new wells of energy and determination. If you feel you’ve been complacent with yourself over the winter, now is the time to take yourself in hand and push forward for a more active and dynamic you!

Gemini: Your social status starts the month on a misty high as Sun and Neptune conspire to give you top mystique in the eyes of the world. Any professional negotiations should go well too if you aim for the first ten days of the month. Your ruling planet Mercury gets weighed down by restrictions for a few days after that but surfaces triumphant from 13th in your friends, groups and community zone where it has much to say and possibly not all that quietly!

This is the busiest area of your solar chart this month. Venus goes retrograde here from 4th for you to review how you were dealing with these areas late January. Adjustments need to be made and you have until mid-May to get things back to how they should have been.

The Sun adds warmth and light to your groups and friendships from 20th and you’ll enjoy expressing yourself here. Mercury makes good aspects to Uranus on 26th and Saturn on 29th here too which will be fun and productive respectively. New Moon early on 28th marks a fresh start in some way in these areas of your life. Set the compass for happy communal times ahead!

Cancer: Although the month begins with more comings and goings in your travel, studies and ethics zone, the main focus gradually moves to your 10th House of father, career and social status. You’ll be feeling more assertive about pushing for what you want with Mars urging you onwards until 10th. Saturn is on board too and adds the discipline needed for a concrete outcome.

On 13th Mercury joins the party, adding to your communication skills and bringing fresh ideas. The Sun sheds light on everything here from 20th and New Moon early on 28th marks the beginning of your professional New Year too and possibly puts you in the public eye in some way on that day. If you have ambitions in mind, make your plans on this New Moon.

Venus goes retrograde on 4th also in your busy public zone. This takes you back to review issues that were around late January which could be to do with relationships, creativity or values. You have until mid-April to reflect on this and then you can start applying your conclusions and finally move forward mid-May.

Mars leaps into your collective zone from 10th. You’ll have energy to give to friends, groups and community and you’ll feel stimulated by these areas of life too. If battles of will loom on the horizon, look for common interests to channel this strong energy forward positively. Or embark on a challenge together side by side.

Leo: Your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone starts the month with high ideals as your ruling planet the Sun briefly joins Neptune. Making allowances for others is important but your needs should be voiced too if others seem to have forgotten them. Discussions or negotiations on these topics go best from 4th – 10th.

From 10th Mars is forging through your 10th House of father, career and social status. This is a fresh burst of energy to push forward and build whatever projects and ambitions have been on your mind. Your determination and stamina will be high which helps to achieve success.

Meanwhile your 9th House of exploration: both physically in terms of travel and metaphysically as in studies, philosophies, different cultures, in-laws, ethics and legal matters is very active all month. On 4th Venus goes retrograde here, taking you back to review your intentions late January that set things in motion. You have until mid-April to work out what changes need to be made.

The Sun moves into this exploration zone too on 20th and New Moon early on 28th is the best day for making new resolutions for these areas of your life and getting them started. Set your sights far and wide!

Virgo: Relationships and partnerships continue to loom large for the first three weeks of February with ideals riding high from 1st – 2nd. And your ruling planet Mercury has a good chance of negotiating up to 10th. Negotiations are for both sides to express and reconcile their needs and the end result should not be an act of martyrdom on your part.

Full Moon on 12th is in your sign which raises emotions about yourself in relation to others. And Mars moves into your travel, studies and ethics zone on 10th, urging you to press forward with your explorations (geographical, academic or cultural) and with your principles or legal matters.

On 13th your ruling planet Mercury moves into the most active part not your solar chart this month – your 8th House of joint funds, sharing and intimacy. This includes taxes, debts and inheritances. And also the transformational processes of life: birth, sex and death.

Venus goes retrograde in these areas from 4th taking you back to review the approach you took late January. Further adjustments need to be made by mid-April but they may not start to show until mid-May.

On 20th the Sun moves into this shared area bringing more things to light. New Moon on 28th is also here, marking the beginning of a new cycle. Start as you mean to go on!

Libra: Relationships and partnerships are the hot-bed of activity this month as Mars continues its revolutionary role with Uranus that began late last month. You have until 10th to continue your push forward. After that Mars moves into your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing and starts shaking things up there.

Mercury planet of thought and communication also moves into your partnerships zone on 13th helping discussions along and offering new ways of looking at things.

On 4th your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde to take you back to review compromises made late January. Should you have made them? Take some time to ponder this. Even so, things will not be resolved until mid-May.

Work, health and service to others takes up your attention too until 20th. Then the Sun moves into your relationships and partnerships zone too, bringing fresh light to ongoing situations and the energy to tackle them afresh. New Moon early on 28th falls here too which marks the beginning of a fresh cycle in relationships and partnerships. This is an opportunity to make a fresh start in partnerships. Take it with both hands.


Scorpio: Ideals and dreams around romance, children and creativity start the month and Mercury helps you to communicate them until 10th and the Sun helps to open and warm your expression until 20th.

The growing focus however is in your 6th House of work, health and service to others. Mars continues to heat things up and push things forward up to 10th but Venus goes retrograde on 4th to review whatever you set in motion late January. Your approach needs to be adjusted and you have until May to work out what changes are needed on your part.

The Sun moves into your work and health zone too on 20th and New Moon early on 28th is the perfect day to make new resolutions about these areas for the year ahead. As well as work and health in general, this includes your daily routine, colleagues, daily companions and pets.

From 25th – 30th Jupiter squares your ruling planet Pluto which suggests your inner-workings or self-talk are not supporting your need for security or self-esteem. Try to get to the bottom of this self-sabotage.

Mars leaps into your relationships and partnerships zone on 10th bringing energy, drive and passion to the forefront. Mars can also stir up conflict, so if you feel its heat heading in that direction, take time out to think of joint goals that you could use this energy to work on together, side by side not head to head.

Sagittarius: The home front starts on a high at the start of the month as the Sun and Neptune join forces from 1st – 2nd to make dreams come true. Uranus is also opposite your ruling planet Jupiter on 2nd, checking whether you’ve been compromising too much in group ventures or with friends.

On 4th Venus goes retrograde in your romance, children and creativity zone. The approach you took late January needs reviewing and you have until mid-May to get it back on course.

Full Moon on 12th raises emotions about professional or status matters or issues to do with father and authority figures (which could be you). Clearer thinking helps the next day as Mercury planet of thought and communication gets more focused and more feisty and remains so for the rest of the month.

Mars moves into your 6th House of work, health and service to others on 10th which means time to take action regarding your daily routine, how you tend to yourself physically, your focus at work and how you serve others. Determination is yours. It just needs applying.

The Sun warms up your creative expression and sense of fun from 20th and New Moon early on 28th offers a fresh start with children, romance and creativity. Put your best foot forward!

Capricorn: Communications, short journeys or dealings with neighbours or siblings continue to be busy for much of this month. And if you have outstanding correspondence, see to it by 10th as Mercury squares up to your ruling planet Saturn, soon afterwards which may not give the best results.

As the month progresses more emphasis moves to your 4th House of mother and home, roots, foundations and personal development. Mars starts the month in this sector of your solar chart and is in a helpful aspect to Saturn which helps to move things forward from 3rd – 5th.

In the middle of this, Venus goes retrograde though, taking you back to review a path taken late January, also connected to mother and home. You have until May to work out a better solution.

Mercury moves into your mother and home zone on 13th bringing fresh ideas or movement of some kind. Then the Sun glides in on 20th bringing warmth, light and pleasure. New Moon early on 28th is also in this area of your chart and marks the beginning of your domestic New Year. Make some resolutions that include self-nurture.

Mars leaps into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity from 10th and you’ll have energy to spare. Push ahead with projects in any of these areas!

Aquarius: Your ideals about finances and security are high at the start of the month and the Sun helps to shed light on Neptune’s ongoing mists here, while Mercury offers ideas and energy for positive negotiations until 10th.

Mars enters your 4th House of mother and home, roots, foundations, self-nurture and personal development on 10th. New reserves of energy and determination are yours for the taking. Take them! If you have DIY or home improvement projects in mind, now is the time to roll up your sleeves. The same applies to areas of your development that you would like to move forwards.

Communications have the strongest dynamic this month though as five planets pass through or stay in this area of your solar chart. This covers speech, writing, languages, physical movement, short journeys and dealings with neighbours and siblings. Venus goes retrograde in this area of your chart on 4th, taking you back to review whatever began in late January. You have until May to work out what should have been done differently.

Mercury planet of communication enters your 3rd House of communications on 13th, helping to make you lighter of tongue and foot. The Sun adds its radiance from 20th and your power of persuasion will be strong! New Moon on 28th is also in this area. Make some resolutions for the year ahead to exercise your body and mind. A new form of movement or learning a new language would be perfect!

Pisces: The month begins with the Sun joining forces with your ruling planetNeptune from 1st – 2nd which is your idea of heaven. And the Sun ball remains in your court until 20th offering warmth, optimism and self-expression.

The even busier area of focus this month though is your 2nd House of finance, security, values and self-esteem. Venus goes retrograde here on 4th pressing you to review decisions taken late January. You have until mid-April to make the necessary adjustments and from mid-May you can start to make progress.

Mars jumps into your communications zone on 10th making you more verbally forthright and perhaps more physically energetic. And Full Moon on 12th falls in your relationships and partnerships zone, creating an emotional high tide. But on 13th Mercury’s move into Aries helps you to re-focus – on the finance and security main agenda of the month.

The Sun adds light to these matters from 20th and New Moon on 28th is also in this area of your solar chart. Thinking of making a new budget or taking a different approach to values? This is your day!

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