April Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

Three planets go retrograde this month: Jupiter on 10th, Pluto on 24th and Saturn on 30th.  This indicates we all need to go back and look a second time at a number of areas that we have skimmed over.  This includes opportunities and growth (not to be confused with mindless expansion), responsibilities and our use of power.

Full Moon on 19th (at 12.03 BST) is in Libra for the second month running.  This is one of the definitions of a Blue Moon and offers a second chance in relating to others that we might not have used in the best way last month.  This is in different areas of life for each sign.

With Mars in Gemini all month, communications may take on extra heat.  And we all need to remember that insisting on ‘being right’ is often counter-productive.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:      The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression.  This is good for creative pursuits along with a sense of positive well-being.  You may notice the impact of authority figures around 8th – 13th but take this as a testing of the validity of your path.  Mercury lends you mental energy too from 17th when it skips into your sign.

Your ruling planet Mars is also freshly in your communications zone, adding even more impact to your mental punch.  Others may regret entering into discussions (and especially disagreements) with you, as your determination to win will be strong…  Bear in mind though that allowing others to hold different opinions does not diminish you in any way.

New Moon in your sign on 19th marks the beginning of your personal New Year.  Make resolutions that will support and meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead.

Full Moon on 19th falls for the second month running in your relationships and partnerships zone, creating an emotional night tide and possibly a second chance to grasp an opportunity missed in March.  Now what could that be?


Taurus:    Spending time with friends and in groups and the communities you belong to are all pleasurable this month, as your ruling planet Venus glides through our communal zone until 20th.  Around 9th – 10th Venus also joins Neptune, heightening your ideals of friendship or humanitarian causes.

You are active on the money-making front too this month as Mars ploughs through your finance zone.  Whatever needs sorting out, can be sorted out with the forthright energy of Mars on board.  You may even be able to create a new income stream.  Jupiter in your joint funds zone goes retrograde from 10th so you may also be reviewing joint accounts, taxes, debts and inheritances.  Your attitude towards sharing and intimacy may undergo a review too.

Energy levels in general, may have been low recently but that is about to change.  The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st.  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.  Many Happy Solar Returns!

The Blue Moon on 19th is in your work, health and service to others zone.  This is a second chance to take one or more of these areas in hand.  Then the Sun joins unpredictable, exciting Uranus in your sign from 20th – 22nd which is a reminder of the Taurean awakening which has only just begun…


Gemini:     On 31st March Mars leapt into your sign adding extra dynamism, energy and determination to your creative self-expression and this will last until mid-May.  Your ambitions are looking good too as Venus glides through your professional zone.  If you need favours from people with influence, be sure to ask before 20th.

New Moon on 5th falls in your friends, group and community zone.  This is a good time to form or join a group or to campaign for a cause close to your heart.  You might also make new friends at the same time!

Jupiter goes retrograde in the relationships and partnerships area of your solar chart on 10th.  This calls for you to revisit opportunities missed or positions taken that may not have been helpful.

Joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances, sharing and intimacy continue to be heavy jelly, as Pluto and then Saturn go retrograde from 24th and 30th respectively.  Some difficult ground here needs looking at for a second time.


Cancer:     The Sun is keeping your professional zone warm and creative until 20th.  And New Moon on 5th falls here too, marking the start of a fresh new phase to do with father, career or social status.  Mercury arrives with new ideas from 17th, followed by Venus on 20th which further enhances your ambitions.

Relationships and partnerships continue to rumble with growing intensity as the heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto move closer together from 4th onwards.  They may intervene and disrupt worldly plans between 8th and 13th.  And Mercury runs up against Saturn which may restrict ideas or communications around 30th.

Our Blue Moon on 19th – the second in the same sign (Libra) falls once again in your 4th House of mother and home.  This is a central area of importance for Cancerous.  And a second chance is on offer here.  What opportunity did you not grasp last month?  Include self-nurture and personal development, as well as mother and home in your ponderings.

Travel and exploration are well-starred too until 20th with pleasure on offer, on trips and interactions with people from different countries and cultures.  When Venus joins Neptune around 9th – 10th, your dreams will come to the fore.  Is there a dream destination you could make a reality?  Or perhaps an exotic romance?


Leo:     The bigger picture and distant horizons are high on the agenda as the month begins with your ruling planet the Sun warming your 9th House of exploration.  The allure of travel, deep study and different cultures are strong and your principles will guide you through ethical matters.

New Moon on 5th falls in this area of your solar chart too which is a good point to make or plan a trip or enquiry (physical or meta-physical) that will broaden your understanding of the world and perhaps your spiritual purpose too.  This should also be creative as the Sun illuminates your path until 20th, followed by Venus from 20th onwards.  Relations with people from different countries or cultures, exploring new ground or learning a new language could be a source of pleasure too.

Heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto may create obstacles to explorations from 8th – 13th via the demands of work, health and service to others.  Both planets go retrograde too towards the end of the month which means previous issues connected to one or more of these areas of life, need a second look.

From 20th the Sun highlights your father, career, social status and ambitions.  This happens every year around now.  But this year is different as the Sun immediately meets Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution from 20th – 22nd.  Uranus moved into this area of your chart last month for a seven-year stay.  And this is the first time it has been activated by the Sun which may give a taste of the awakening adventure to come!


Virgo:     Your ruling planet Mercury spends the first half of the month helping communications in relationships and partnerships.  Venus is helping here too until 20th and you could be swept away on a wave of rapture when Venus joins Neptune around 9th – 10th!

New Moon on 5th falls in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone.  This could be a good chance to look afresh at joint accounts, taxes, debts and inheritances.  The Sun helps to shed light on these matters until 20th.  Mercury adds good ideas from 17th and Venus’s arrival from 20th could indicate that you could be the beneficiary of ‘the money of others’ or intimacy and sharing.

Jupiter goes retrograde in the mother and home area of your solar chart on 10th.  This is calling for a review of your base, either in terms of the physical building or the emotional dynamics within it.  And plans for a bigger or overseas home may have to wait.  Self-nurture comes into this too and if you have been over-nurturing yourself, this too can be brought back into balance.  Dealings with mothers and mother-figures may need reviewing too.

Meanwhile, Mars spends the whole month (and half of next) in your father, career and social status zone.  This boosts your energy and ambitions and makes you more forthright than usual in your dealings with people in authority.  This is no bad thing as Virgoans often put their own agenda on a back-boiler.  This is not a time to do so!  And if you happen to be a person of authority yourself, others will notice your determination to make things happen as they should!


Libra:     The Sun keeps relationships and partnerships warm and creative until 20th and communications should be good too from 17th when Mercury enters this field.  The demands of mother and home may run contrary to your desires but this is only from 8th – 13th.  New Moon on 5th also falls in this area of your solar chart, offering a fresh start or new phase in your relationships and partnerships.  And Venus’s arrival in your opposite sign from 20th, points towards this being a harmonious time.

Your ruling planet Venus spends most of the month in your work, health and service to others zone.  This is good for relations with colleagues and daily companions (including pets).  Your daily routine and tending yourself physically can be pleasurable too and general well-being should be high.

Mars is freshly in your 9th House of travel, exploring and ethical matters.  You may be feeling more adventurous and find yourself being more forthright about your beliefs and cultural views.  Your roots and foundations are also undergoing a deep change and you may start to hear the rumblings of this , more loudly this month.

Full Moon on 19th is in Libra, for the second month running.  This offers you a second chance in some way.  Be alert to what this may be and be ready to seize your opportunities this time!


Scorpio:     Romance, children and creativity start the month off sweetly with Venus providing harmony until 20th and Neptune adding ideals around 9th – 10th.  Communications should be good too as Mercury lightly steps through until 17th.

Meanwhile, your mind is operating at depth as Saturn and Pluto move closer together in your 3rd House of communications.  These are heavy-weights which also move retrograde this month, indicating old ground needs to be recovered.  This could be suppressed memories or re-examining fundamental thought patterns.  And getting he support of a counsellor or therapist is helpful here.

Work, health and service to others looks good as the Sun keeps creativity going until 20th and Mercury and Venus keep communications and relations open, once it leaves.  New Moon on 5th falls here too which h is the perfect time to start a new regime!  Changes to your daily routine can be helpful too.

From 20th the Sun warms up your relationships and partnerships zone. This gets enlivened even more when it joins Uranus from 20th – 22nd.  This is just the start of your seven-year awakening.  Enjoy!


Sagittarius:     New Moon on 5th marks a fresh start in romance, children or creativity.  The Sun keeps things warm too until 20th and then Venus takes over on the same day, bringing harmony and pleasure too.

Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde on 10th in your sign.  This is an opportunity to look again at your personal growth, expansion and opportunities and choices that you have made (or avoided) since late January.  If over stretching yourself or making promises you cannot deliver has been a problem, this could be a helpful period of catching up with yourself.  This review continues up to mid-August and then you have until early-November to get yourself fully back on track.

Your finances are under review too as heavy-weights Pluto and Saturn go retrograde towards the end of the month (24th and 30th respectively).  Pluto can indicate compulsive attitudes or actions around money and security or deep changes to your value system that now needs to be recognised and reflected in your use of money.  And Saturn sometimes brings a sense of austerity or responsibility.  Do your finances now reflect your changing values?  You have until next February to make any necessary adjustments.

Mars spends the entire month in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  This adds energy and heats things up.  Whether this comes out as passion or conflict, is largely in your hands…


Capricorn:     You may find yourself with the gift of the gab as the month starts, with Mercury and Neptune lending you a poetic turn of phrase.  Venus nearby helps you to charm others with winning words too.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto are moving closer together in your sign which is a gathering of seriousness and intensity.  Despite your pleasing words, your internal transformation is continuing at depth.  These two layers also go retrograde this month which means some ground already covered, will have to be re-assessed in some way.  You have until February to get back on track.

Mother and home are a focus this month too with the Sun and then Venus keeping things warm and creative.  New Moon on 5th falls here too which is a good point for spring-cleaning, redecorating or taking a fresh look at your domestic environment in some way.  Once Venus moves in from 20th you may want to share the pleasures of your home with others and will enjoy entertaining or having visitors.

At the end of last month, Mars jumped into your 6th House of work, health and service to others, for a six-week stay.  This is the perfect time to start a new health regime and make changes to your daily routine and perhaps look for a new job if you are unhappy with your present daily reality.  Mars brings energy, enthusiasm and determination, so make the most of its stay!


Aquarius:     Your finances look interesting this month as Venus gives a rosier glow until 20th but Neptune, also in your finance zone, can give an unclear picture.  So bear in mind your situation is fluid rather than solid.

New Moon on 5th falls in your communications zone.  This is a good time for trading, putting new ideas into action, making short journeys or starting a new class.  New forms of physical movement, photography, music, languages, painting and writing could be good outlets too.

Mars spends all month in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  This provides energy, enthusiasm and determination to any project you undertake connected to these.

From 20th the Sun moves into your mother and home zone and meets your ruling planet Uranus from 20th – 22nd.  This will be the first trigger to activate Uranus’s potential for.change, disruption and revolution and may give you a taste of the awakening to come over the coming seven years.


Pisces:     Finances are high on your agenda as the month kicks off.  And a new strand of income could come into view with the New Moon in your finance zone on 5th.  Failing that, this is the perfect time to draw up a new budget.  And possibly one that is more closely in line with your values.  Venus is in your finance zone too from 20th which usually adds a rosy glow.

Prior to that, Venus is in your own sign, making you darling of the zodiac for the rest of the month.  Others will be attracted to you.  And your glamour will be at its highest around 9th – 10th when it joins your ruling planet Neptune.

Mars in your 4th House makes you active on the home front all month.  You will have energy to push DIY and home-improvement projects forwards, apart from 7th – 9th  Dealings with mother-figures could be ‘lively’ too.

Jupiter goes retrograde on 10th in your father, career and social status zone.  This indicates the need to review recent expansion and where true growth lies.  You have until mid-August to fathom this out and until early-November to get things back on track.

Friends, groups and community need to undergo an even longer review too, starting on 24th.  Who do you truly want to commune with?  This may be more important than you realise.


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