November 2016

Our shared planetary picture

Ethics and principles are high on the agenda this month as Venus, Mercury and the Sun bring long-standing situations back to our attention.  This includes looking again and with a more open mind, at cultural differences, what we are told by the media, different religions and the many truths which coexist.  Communications will be key too from individual to international levels.

New Moon on 29th in Sagittarius offers a fresh start in these areas and the opportunity to be more principled, true to our word and to operate more from the higher mind

The use of power by authority structures is also up for scrutiny, yet again…  And power plays around 24th-25th will be noticeable in the patterns of our own relationships and internationally.

Mars moves into Aquarius on 9th which energises community and humanitarian ideals.  Neptune goes direct too on 20th and clears the mist which has been surrounding our ideals and compassion (or lack of it) since mid-June.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   You’ll be pushing ahead with your own ambitions until 9th but then your ruling planet Mars leaps into your collective zone, making you more interested in group achievement.  You’ll have lots to offer friends, groups and community and these are areas where you’ll find energy too.  Any collective movements, politics and humanitarian ideals will fire you up and if they’re looking for a leader, you may be in demand!

This could be a good month for trips too or exploring in some way, including the higher mind through study, philosophy, different cultures or ethics.  Venus brings you pleasure through these areas until 12th, especially on 4th-5th when Venus teams up with Uranus in your sign, bringing surprises or the unexpected.

Mercury gives you mental energy from 12th and the urge to communicate your understanding.  The Sun joins Mercury from 21st urging you to express yourself too.  Have you thought about learning a new language of some kind?

When Venus enters your professional zone from 12th, others will be willing to assist you in your plans.  The meeting of Venus with Pluto from 24th-25th could also bring about a successful coup, getting someone important on your side.  If you manage to do this, the wind will be behind you!


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus starts the month with a zing as it woos Uranus, planet of change disruption and revolution from 4th-5th.  This could bring about a sudden attraction, a sudden change of routine or a burst of creativity.  Whichever it is, it won’t be boring!

The Sun is warming up relationships and partnerships until 21st, then it moves into your transformation and sharing zone which highlights matters to do with birth, sex and death and joint funds (including taxes, debts and inheritances).

Saturn has been weighing down one or more of these areas for almost two years, so the presence of lighter, warmer planets will be welcome.  Venus is smoothing things along there too until 12th which could also bring ‘the money of others’ your way.

Emotions will be closer to the surface with Full Moon in Taurus early afternoon (GMT) on 14th (which means the build-up is on 13th).  And from 12th your ruling planet Venus brings pleasure through travel, exploring in its widest sense (including different cultures), philosophy and the higher mind.

On 24th-25th Venus meets up with Pluto which could involve intense encounters and perhaps a heightened awareness of power dynamics and ethics.  This could be in your own relationships, national matters or international issues.

Neptune goes direct on 20th bringing some clarity to friendships, groups and humanitarian ideals.  And Mars is ready to take action to further your ambitions from 9th.  You know what needs doing…  Just do it!


Gemini:   Work, health, service to others and daily routine take your attention at the start of the month but the focus soon moves to relationships and partnerships.  Venus is smoothing things along here until 12th, followed by your ruling planet Mercury which helps communications all round, apart perhaps from 23rd when it encounters Saturn.  Saturn has been applying the brakes here for almost two years, so the energy of the faster-moving planets will be welcome.

From 12th Venus enters your joint funds and intimacy zone which can attract ‘the money of others’.  When it joins Pluto on 24th-25th there may be powerful intimate experiences or power plays regarding joint funds.  It looks interesting either way.

On 20th Neptune goes direct in your father, career and social status zone after a number of months in reverse.  This can help to make things clearer about what’s been happening and to see your position more clearly.

New Moon just after midday on 29th (GMT) falls in your relationships and partnerships zone.  Make some resolutions to help create what you’d like to find in this area pf life during the year ahead!


Cancer:   Your work, health and service to others zone is active all month as Venus, Mercury and then the Sun lighten up longer-term resident… serious Saturn.  Exercise and physical activity keep your sense of well-being up-beat and relationships with colleagues and daily companions (including pets) should go well (apart from a possible misunderstanding or serious discussions on 23rd).

Relationships and partnerships will be high on the agenda too.  You’ll be pushing ahead with your plans until 9th then on 12th Venus brings pleasure and harmony to the equation.  On 24th-25th Venus meets Pluto which promises intensity.  Pluto is offering long-term transformation in your partnerships and with Venus on hand at present, you may be able to sway partners round to your way of thinking.

From 9th Mars points out the need for action, regarding joint funds or sharing in some way.  This could include the sharing of yourself intimately too.  Neptune goes direct on 20th, helping to clear the fog which has been surrounding romance, children, speculation or creativity since mid-June which is helpful too.

New Moon on 29th falls in your work and health zone.  Ready to start a new job or regime?


Leo:   Expressing yourself at home looks good until 21st as your ruling planet the Sun illuminates your nurture zone and personal development.  You may lose sight of this to some extent though as other areas of life claim your attention.

From 9th Mars thrusts a bolt of energy and determination to take action in relationships and partnerships.  Or perhaps a partner is presenting challenging behaviour…  Neptune goes direct on 20th after five months in reverse which helps to make the whole area of joint finances clearer and your shared area which includes taxes, debts, inheritances and the sharing of yourself intimately.  It can be hard to force things into view when dealing with Neptune but at least it starts to move forwards again.

Your romance, children and creativity zone is very active this month.  Venus smoothes everything along until 12th, then Mercury steps in to help communications.  Saturn has been weighing you down with responsibilities in one or more of these areas for almost two years but your ruling planet the Sun moves in to lift the pressure a little from 21st.

Work, health and service to others is the other big focus.  Venus glides in on 12th strengthening your sense of well-being and smoothing relations with colleagues or daily companions.  On 24th-25th though Venus runs into Pluto and powerful experiences or power dynamics could raise their head…  Either way, you will learn something about yourself or others.


Virgo:   Communications and dealings with neighbours and siblings go well during the first three weeks of November and physical movement is more joyful and expressive too.

The main focus though is in your mother and home zone which will feel lighter than it has since Saturn took up residence almost two years ago.  This has left you to ponder many things about home life, mother figures, how you nurture yourself, your roots and foundations and personal development.

On 12th Venus glides into your romance, children and creativity zone, bringing ease and pleasure.  When it joins Pluto on 24th-25th intensity arrives which could take the form of a deep creative act or an obsessive attraction towards someone, possibly even both!  The power dynamics you tend towards in romance could become more apparent too.  Pay attention to this, it’s helpful information.

Health, work, service to others or daily routine experience a change of gear as Mars fills you with energy and determination for these things from 9th.  There’s also another change of gear on 20th when Neptune moves out of reverse and starts to move forwards, helping your relationships and partnerships to be clearer.  This includes business partnerships too.

New Moon on 29th marks the beginning of your domestic New Year, make resolutions that will enhance your home-life and nurture you in the year ahead!


Libra:   Your ruling planet Venus goes from one extreme to the other during the first week of November, starting the month with serious Saturn, then moving quickly to align with surprising Uranus though on 4th -5th which is much more fun.

Venus glides into your mother and home zone on 12th and you may find yourself entertaining or wanting to beautify the home in some way.  A big transformation could take place from 24th-25th when Venus meets Pluto.  This could be a massive makeover at home or a significant shift in emotional dynamics within the home or with mother figures!

Mars jumps into your romance children and creativity zone from 9th and you’ll have energy to spare for all of these.  When Mars aspects Jupiter in your sign on 30th there’s fun to be had too.  Another plus is that Neptune goes direct on 20th which should help to clarify work or health mysteries that have been puzzling you for some months.

New Moon on 29th falls in your communications zone.  This is a good day to start new projects, including courses of study or a new form of physical movement.  Get going!


Scorpio:   The Sun in Scorpio lends you full force until 21st and your intuition will be especially strong on 1st.  And Full Moon – early afternoon on 14th GMT (which means the build-up is 13th) falls in your opposite sign raising the emotional climate in relationships and partnerships.

Your finances are looking busy this month with Venus helping things along until 12th.  Mercury then brings a new approach or some movement and the Sun brings hope from 21st.  Saturn has been sitting heavily in your finance and security zone for almost two years now so some lighter relief will no doubt be welcome.

From 9th Mars is in your mother and home zone.  Whereas most people take their shoes off when they get home, this month you’ll be putting yours on – for action!

From 12th Venus improves communications and relations with neighbours or siblings.  Then on 24th-25th it meets your ruling planet Pluto.  This could raise your awareness of language and power dynamics in your communications.  Be open to everything you can learn about yourself and others.

Neptune goes direct on 20th which starts to clear the ongoing fog which has been clouding your view of romance, children and creativity for some months.  New Moon on 29th falls in your money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem zone.  Time to make a budget or look for a new job?


Sagittarius:   The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time.  This month however the Sun returns to your sign on 21st re-energising you and bringing a sense of strength and renewal.

It’s also a good month for other reasons, as Venus is in your sign until 12th making you irresistibly charming and Mercury lends you a silver tongue from 12th onwards.  All of this activity will be very welcome as Saturn has been in your sign, weighing you down for almost two years.

Finances are looking better too as Venus brings a probable improvement from 12th, although it will be hard to predict what will happen when it runs into powerful Pluto on 24th-25th.  There could be power plays about money or life-changing amounts coming… or going…

Mars may make you more assertive from 9th and on 20th Neptune goes direct in your 4th House of mother and home, roots and foundations.  The lack of clarity that has been bothering you since mid-June should start to ease.  Neptune is the least clear of planets at the best of times but at least a move forwards is progress.

New Moon falls in your sign on 29th, marking the beginning of your personal New Year.  Make your resolutions for the year ahead now, not January 1st.


Capricorn:   Your internal workings continue to be busy this month and your outlook should be softened by Venus, Mercury and the Sun cheering up Saturn which has been weighing in for almost two years.  Although Saturn is your ruling planet and you understand it better than most, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that we’re going through a learning process which isn’t going to last forever.

These lighter planets could stimulate acts of compassion or creativity behind the scenes or even an online romance!  Self-talk should be more helpful too.

Mars leaves your sign on 9th and starts asserting itself in your money and income zone.  You’ll find you have more get-up-and-go on the financial front and may seek out an additional form of income.  Venus enters your sign three days later on 12th, adding to your charms and making you darling of the zodiac.  When Venus meets Pluto in your sign on 24th-25th, your magnetism will be at its highest and hard for others to resist…

Neptune goes direct from 20th in your communications zone.  This will help you to think more clearly and mysteries surrounding neighbours or siblings could now be solved!


Aquarius:   Mars leaps into your sign on 9th bringing a renewal of energy and determination to push forward the boundaries of your self-expression.  If anyone is foolish enough to try and cramp your style, they’ll soon realise you’re a force to be reckoned with right now!

Your professional life, issues to do with father-figures or your ambitions are high on the agenda too until 21st.  Then the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone which brightens things up.  Saturn has been sitting heavily here for almost two years so some movement and warmth will help to make things more enjoyable.

Venus starts the month off helping your ruling planet Uranus to relate to others and people will appreciate you in a way that they sometimes don’t.  From 12th Venus glides into your inner world, helping creativity behind the scenes and acts of compassion towards the vulnerable.  Online relations go well and your self-talk should be gentler too.  On 24th-25th Venus meets Pluto bringing deep realisations to light or intense and thought-provoking experiences…

Neptune starts to go direct on 20th in your finance zone, allowing the first glimpse of clarity for some months.  Even so, Neptune is nebulous, idealistic and sometimes unrealistic so a clear head about your finances and future security is still needed.  The other possibility with Neptune around in this zone (and it’s going to be there for another ten years) is developing a sense of security from creativity or work of an idealistic nature.  Being Aquarius, you could just pull this off!


Pisces:   The month starts well for travel, exploring cultures, ethics and studies but the emphasis moves on to your father, career and social status zone which has been weighed down with Saturn for almost two years.  Saturn may have taken the form of restrictions or the extra responsibilities of having more authority in some way.  It has been a time of reaping what you have sown in the past and the presence of faster moving planets in this area will be a welcome lightener this month.

Venus brings pleasure to friendships, groups, community and humanitarian ideals from 12th and as it meets Pluto around 24th-25th you will become more aware of power dynamics in your friendships, collectives or even local or world politics.

As your ruling planet Neptune goes direct on 20th after five months in reverse, you will start to see all the ground you have covered since mid-June when this invisible process began.  Where you are now will become clearer as the Neptunian mists subside.  You’ve been doing a lot of internal work, now it’s time to reap the rewards.

New Moon on 29th marks the beginning of your public status or professional New Year.  Make resolutions for the year ahead to achieve your ambitions.  With a greater sense of self from Neptune’s turnaround, you’ll have a better idea of what they could be!


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