January 2017

Our shared planetary picture

Happy New Year everyone! And welcome to an interesting January! Structural changes are still taking place as Pluto purges its way through Capricorn. Uranus and Jupiter are pressing for change too. The Sun joins Pluto on 7th which could result in power-plays or bring to light unhelpful abuses of power.

Mercury is retrograde until 8th causing confusion or mix-ups, in different areas of life for each sign. After that we have a stretch of 28 days with ALL the planets moving forwards! It is years since this has been the case so let us do all we can to make positive headway during this period.

On 12th Mercury moves into focused Capricorn and communications become more practical and strategic. There is a Venus-Neptune conjunction also on 12th, a Sun-Uranus square and Full Moon is that morning too (at 11.35 GMT). Venus and Neptune are the grand superstars of romance, Sun and Uranus bring surprises and Full Moon in Cancer brings an emotional high tide, so this could be a day to remember…

Mars starts the month with Neptune too which can have two ranges of outcome. At best it gives the ability to put dreams and ideals into action. At worst it can just be a dissipation of energy through fantasy, stimulants, self-delusion or lethargy. Mars discovers healing opportunities later in the month though around 17th-18th but then runs into difficulties on 18th-19th when ‘the dream’ and ethics may not agree.

New Moon in Aquarius on 28th (at 0.08 GMT) coincides with Mars leaping into Aries – its own sign. This is a big gear change and a big burst of exuberant energy for us all! Make your New Year’s Resolutions on this day (if you missed the previous New Moon on December 29th). Or reinforce or amend them if you made yours on January 1st.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   There are many comings and goings in your father, career and social status sector this month with the Sun warming things up until 19th. When Sun catches up with power-wielding Pluto on 7th you may find yourself (or others) operating at full force. Ambitions are all well and good but be sure to remain ethical. Words also carry more weight than usual on 29th, be ethical here too, even if others are not.

Mercury helps communications along after 12th, also in your public sphere. Full Moon happens to fall on the same day (although the build up is the night before) so emotions about mother, home, nurturing and personal development will be high then too.

The Sun-Uranus square springs surprises and a meeting of Venus and Neptune, also on 12th adds romance, idealism or spirituality to the mix. This is great for creative and compassionate work but possibly not as good for self-awareness and clarity. Resist the urge to ‘rescue’ others or martyrdom. And think before making sweeping promises that you may not be able to see through.

The last week of the month is possibly the most exciting for you as your ruling planet Mars leaps into Aries on 28th ready to take the world by storm. It’s two years since this particular elixir ran through your veins and Mars is your favourite fuel.

New Moon also falls on 28th in your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone. This is the day to make New Year’s Resolutions about your collective life and there is no danger of empty promises with Mars revving away in your sign. Anything you set your mind on then is going to happen! Full speed ahead!


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus glides into your collective sphere on 3rd, joining Mars, Neptune and Chiron. Relationships with friends, groups and community go well and creative projects are propelled forward. Inspiration is especially strong on 12th when Venus meets with Neptune. Full Moon falls on the same day in your communications zone and Mercury enters your travel, culture and ethics zone on 12th too. This could be a pivotal day so have your balls ready or already in play by then.

Mid-month there’s lots of activity around communications, perhaps involving neighbours and siblings. Then the Sun enters your father, career and social status zone from 19th shedding light and giving energy to your ambitions.

New Moon on 28th falls in your professional sphere too. Make plans for your public year ahead. Mercury and Pluto join forces the next day in your publishing zone. Could that be your name being mentioned?

Mars makes a move too on 28th and enters your ‘behind the scenes’ sector. Direct this burst of energy into creative acts: be that poetic, compassionate, online or spiritual. The path may not be clear but following your instincts, takes you surely forward.


Gemini:   The month begins with Mars and Neptune working together in your father, career and social status zone which could find you pursuing your dream ambitions or lost and wondering where to go next. Neptune has been in this area of your solar chart for five years so you’re probably used to the lack of clarity by now.   It isn’t possible to make everything visible right now so don’t waste good energy trying to do so. As before, just feel your way forward.

It may be hard to make headway before 8th or 12th as Mercury is darting backwards and forwards both in direction and between signs. This creates an ever-changing picture regarding partnerships and joint funds, including taxes, debts and inheritances. Sharing and intimacy may seem bewildering too. Part of the problem of course could be you constantly changing your mind… Best keep uncertainty to yourself until everything you are decided.

Full Moon on 12th heightens emotions regarding your finances. But your ruling planet Mercury comes through and helps you to now talk about joint and shared funds, clearly and to the point. Venus and Neptune join forces on 12th too adding to your professional glamour. This is great but don’t fall for flattery and avoid ‘rescue scenarios’… Partners may block your ambitions around 18th-19th but this too will pass.

On 28th Mars leaps into your friends, groups and community zone. You may also find yourself being more political with the energy to push forward causes you believe in. New Moon is on the same day in your travel, culture, deep study and ethics zone. Make some resolutions to make your world wider in the year ahead.

When your ruling planet Mercury meets Pluto on 29th, others may feel the sting of your tongue. But that is the risk they take for seeming disrespectful. Say your piece!


Cancer:   Relationships and partnerships continue to dominate the field with the Sun helping self-expression until 19th. When Sun meets Pluto here on 7th the stage could be set for the clash of the Titans or deep passion. Remember you have a voice in which you’d prefer. Communications could get intense too around 29th when Mercury and Pluto want to say it, how it is…

Full Moon in Cancer on the morning of 12th finds an emotional you. Mercury moves into your relationships and partnerships sphere also on 12th, helping to resolve earlier mix-ups. The Sun and Uranus square each other too, reminding you of the need for a new approach to long-standing conflicts between partnerships and your career or social status.

Towards the end of the month things liven up again. On 28th Mars leaps into your father, career and social status zone. Any ambitions you have had on hold need to be unleashed, as now you have the energy and vision to drive them forward. New Moon is on 28th too in your joint funds and sharing zone (including intimacy). Make resolutions here for the year ahead too.

Travel, culture, philosophy and ethics remain a rich and creative area all month with Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron spinning a varied web. Explore, explore, explore.


Leo:   Work, health and service to others continue to be the ‘hot potato’ this month as your ruling planet the Sun illuminates these areas of your life. Daily routine and how you tend to yourself physically come into this too and possibly ‘pets’. The Sun joins forces with powerful Pluto on 7th and if you had a new regime in mind, this would be a good day to start it. Mercury also joins Pluto on 29th when communications regarding work and health could get out of hand. Keep an eye out for obsessive thinking and channel it into physical exercise if it shows up!

Many things are happening in your joint funds and intimacy area which includes ‘the money of others’, taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing (including yourself on an intimate level). Venus and Mars are creatively bringing things up that need looking at while Neptune and Chiron cloud the issue. If you can be totally honest with yourself, healing could take place too. Meanwhile avoid ‘rescue’ scenarios and speak your truth.

A higher calling challenges you around 12th when the Sun squares Uranus. Your previous position on travel, philosophy, culture and ethics is being challenged by Jupiter too. And when Mars leaps into the picture from 28th, action will become inevitable. You must be true to yourself!

The Sun moves into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships (both business and personal) from 19th, illuminating anything hidden. New Moon on 28th falls into the same area and marks the beginning of your Relating New Year. Make honest-to-yourself resolutions for the year ahead. You have to make room for your truth.


Virgo:   Relationships and partnerships may seem bewildering this month but not necessarily unpleasant. Ideals are high and healing opportunities are around from 17th-18th, the only obstacle coming from your mother and home zone.

Your ruling planet Mercury is going backwards and forwards causing indecision up until 8th. And only after 12th do you find clear expression, perhaps to do with romance, children and creativity. Full Moon is on the same day with a Sun-Uranus square bringing the unexpected and Venus joins Neptune which could make for a heady romantic mix. Even so, don’t let others take advantage of your good nature. Any decisions you make should be yours alone.

On 19th the Sun moves into your work, health and service to others zone and New Moon on 28th falls in this domain too. If you’re considering a new regime, 28th would be a perfect day to start. Mars moves into your joint funds zone on the same day, making you assertive and more determined than ever to ‘sort out’ taxes, debts, inheritances and the whole realm of sharing.

Mercury meets Pluto on 29th and your words will be clear and remembered by others. Good! It’s about time people started listening!


Libra:   Many things are happening in your mother and home zone this month with the Sun providing light and warmth until 19th and Mercury joining in from 12th to help sort out earlier misunderstandings. On 7th the Sun meets Pluto which produces power urges. Whether yours or someone else’s, keep things fair!

Your creative urges find an outlet in your work, health and service to others arena. Venus and Mars are both operating here for most of the month. Neptune and Chiron are involved too which adds idealism and the possibility of wounding and/or healing to the mix. Your daily routine is up for improvement too. Is there a helpful addition you could make to your day? Soothing exercise or a pet perhaps?

The 12th may be a bewildering day as Venus and Neptune create romance at work and health or ideals in these areas or service to others, Full Moon pumps extra emotion into your father, career and social status zone. Plus a dash of lightening from the Sun-Uranus square which electrifies your mother and home versus partnerships dynamics. How all of this gets packed into one day should be interesting!

Jupiter in your sign is at odds with Uranus and Pluto all month which causes some discomfort as your growth and expansion causes friction with partners and home life. They’ll get used to it. Stick with your growth.

New Moon on 28th is in your romance, children and creativity zone. Make resolutions for the year ahead in these areas. Mars jumps into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships on the same day, heating things up. Passion or disputes? You decide…


Scorpio:   Financial dealings are looking unfathomable for the first half of the month as Mercury tos and fros in both directions. Communications and dealings with trade, neighbours and siblings is very active though and power plays loom up around 7th and 29th. Make sure your self-awareness is up to recognising the factors involved. Knee-jerk reactions are unhelpful and could even be harmful. The enlightened battle is with ourselves, not others and in examining how we think, not blaming others. If in doubt, take lots of exercise!

Your romance, children and creativity zone is busy all month with Venus and Mars in accord and Neptune and Chiron adding depth and hope. Movements around 18th – 19th may provoke fears about security but they will pass. Again observe them and your reactions rather than leaping into action.

On 19th the Sun moves into your mother and home zone bringing warmth and clarity to your domestic life. New Moon falls here too on 28th. This marks the beginning of your Domestic New Year. Make plans for the coming year to achieve a happy home. Self-nurture comes into this too and personal development, so include these in your ‘to do’ list of resolutions for the year ahead.

Keep the exercise up and watch your tongue on 29th. Exploring the power of positive thought is better than a negative outburst… This is the path of true strength.


Sagittarius:   Your finances set you a fluster at the start of the month as indecision unsettles everything. A power play when the Sun and Pluto join forces on 7th may not help either, whether that’s on your part or someone else’s. Nothing can really proceed until Mercury goes direct on 8th and finally arrives in forward motion in your finance zone on 12th.

The 12th also happens to be Full Moon in your joint funds zone which may feel like a sensitive area too. The Sun and Uranus square up to each also on 12th, bringing the unexpected and a Venus-Neptune meeting also on 12th adds the desire for an ideal home and nurturing to the mix. Be open to whatever this interesting day has to show you…

Your ruling planet Jupiter is also at odds with Uranus and Pluto this month which presents you with conflicting demands between your need for friends, groups and community and individual creativity, romance and children. A dominating need for security is part of the picture too.

Healing opportunities occur on the mother and home front around 17th – 19th. The only obstacle to this taking place, may be you! Try to find within yourself whatever flexibility is being called for.

Things look more fun from 28th with New Moon in your communications and trading zone. Make resolutions for the year ahead. Mars jumps into your travel, culture, deep study and ethics zone on the same day and you’ll be feeling adventurous. That’s more like it!


Capricorn:   Your energy reserves continue to top-up this month as the Sun continues to revive your sign until 19th. Mercury keeps coming and going too but isn’t any real help until after 12th when it re-enters your sign in direct motion and recent misunderstandings can finally be sorted out.

From 19th your energies extend to creative forms of generating more income and a greater sense of security. Now what could they be? Consider creativity and philosophy as part of the answer or even the answer.

Communications and dealings with trade, neighbours or siblings look rich and creative this month. It may not be the best time for sorting out the wheat from the chaff though so go with your instincts as rational analysis hasn’t yet set in. Every project starts from a vision and this may be your time to dream up just what that could be. Short trips bode well too.

Full Moon on 12th raises emotions in your relationships and partnerships zone. Be ethical however emotional you may be feeling. Be scrupulously fair too on 7th when the Sun and Pluto powerfully meet in your sign.

New Moon on 28th marks the beginning of your new financial year. Make a budget and plans for the year ahead. Mars jumps into your career and social status zone on the same day too, giving drive to your ambitions. When Mercury meets Pluto in your sign on 29th watch your words. They carry more weight than usual, so all the more important that you use them evenly and for ethical ends…


Aquarius:   Many things are being sifted and sorted in your unconscious at present and some of them will make themselves known on the conscious front too. Make these revelations welcome and see how they can inform your life at present. Look out especially for the content of your dreams and examine self-talk to make sure it’s positive and helpful. Creativity is taking place behind the scenes too on an artistic, online, humanitarian or spiritual front. This could be life-changing so give it the time it needs!

The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. This year the Sun returns to your sign on 19th bringing energy and a sense of renewal. Your birthday is your true New Year, not January 1st. (It’s also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with agreat astrologer!).

The other very active area right now is your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. Venus and Mars are searching for creative means to increase your income possibilities either in addition to current strands or to replace them all together.

Neptune and Chiron are in the picture too which doesn’t make for clarity.  Neptune creates a mist of idealism and although Chiron can bring about wounding or healing, it may be hard to see which steps would bring which…

Mars jumps into your communications zone from 28th giving you tons of mental energy. New Moon on 28th (at 0.08 GMT) falls in your sign too and marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Resolutions made then have a better chance than any made on January 1st. Take this second chance!


Pisces:   Your world is awash with dreams this month as Venus and Mars spend most of the month in your sign, joining Neptune and Chiron your current long-term residents. Your glamour stakes are sky-high with this heady mix and you may just have to accept that from 3rd you’re everyone’s darling.

Although you may encounter passing obstacles in the form of authority figures around 18th-19th, little else will cloud your sky this month. On January 1st Mars joins your ruling planet Neptune, ready to push forward your dreams and make them real.

On 12th Venus does the same which happens to coincide with Full Moon in your romance, children and creativity zone. So this could be a whirlwind, emotional day!

On 28th the planets conspire again as Mars leaps into your finance zone providing energy and the determination to improve or increase your sources of income. New Moon is on the same day in your ‘behind the scenes’ life. Make resolutions for the year ahead regarding creativity, your online life, healing and spirituality. Get your self-talk on board too and any meditative practices that appeal, to help guide you through these open seas!


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