December 2014

December 2014

Our shared planetary picture

Jupiter and Uranus change direction this month, Mars moves into Aquarius and one of the major league players – Saturn, changes signs.

Jupiter – planet of growth and expansion goes retrograde on 8th till early April 2015 to take a closer look at under or over-expansion that took place in September.

Uranus – planet of change, disruption and revolution goes direct on 21st, having been retrograde since late July.  This was to review events in early April that may have been too compromised.

The big shift though is on Dec 24th when Saturn moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.  One two-year set of lessons ends and a new three-year block begins.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Mars your ruling planet moves forward on 5th into your friends, groups, community and organisations zone.  You’re going to find more energy for and from these arenas and you might even find yourself getting political!

Jupiter goes retrograde on 8th to sort out a romance, children or creativity matter.  On 10th Venus starts smoothing the paths of ambition until early January and those in authority will try to assist you.  Ask and it will probably be given.  Uranus goes direct in your sign on 21st so you can happily get back to doing things in your own sweet way (which is pretty direct).

Saturn finally gets out of your intimacy, joint funds and sharing zone on 24th (you’ll be glad to know).  You’ve been immobilised here for two years but now you can start to take action.

So where does Saturn go next?  Into your 9th House of travel, study, law, publishing, culture and ethics.  A new learning process is about to begin in one or more of these areas.  That doesn’t mean they will necessarily be easy but there will be deep opportunities to review how you’ve dealt with these matters in the past and how you want to deal with them in the future.  This is an opportunity to come to terms with your principles.  Take it!

Taurus:   Your ambitions may sharpen this month as Mars moves into your 10th House of father, career and social status on 5th providing you with the drive to push your projects or yourself forward.  Uranus goes direct on 21st too giving the green light to do things your way.  This may surprise others and so be it.

Your ruling planet Venus favours travel, studies, publishing, ethics and legal matters from 10th.  There may be intense exchanges on 20th and 25th but the Sun illuminates these areas too until 20th January.

Jupiter goes retrograde on 8th in your mother and home zone.  Expansion or space-making you were considering in September may need to be re-thought or acted on.  (You have until early-April 2015 to get things straight).

The big news though is Saturn which has been glowering over your relationships and partnerships for 26 months is moving out on 24th.  This has been a learning period of looking at how you operate and at any avoidance patterns you may have had in partnerships.  Only when we accept the truth about ourselves can we move on and if you’ve earnestly done your inner homework, now is the time to apply your conclusions.

Saturn’s new block of learning is going to be in your 8th House of birth, sex, death and transformation, joint funds and sharing.  This is going to be a three year course requiring total honesty.  Be there!


Gemini:   The burden of Saturn over-shadowing your work, health and service to others zone for the last two years lifts on 24th and your daily routine lightens with it.  This has been a two-year wrestle with the grim reaper in one form or another and you’ve finally earned your reprieve!  Your daily life should feel welcomely lighter and more in line with your Mercurial spirit too.

Mars in Aquarius provides energy for travel, culture, legal matters and philosophy from 5th.  You might be feeling more emotional too at Full Moon on 6th which falls in your sign.  And Jupiter goes retrograde on 8th to check whether you made any promises in September that you might not be able to keep…

Uranus moves direct on 21st helping friendships, groups, community and organisations along and partnerships are busy all month.  Venus continues to provide a warm glow up to 10th then Sun and Mercury pick up the baton until Saturn takes charge on 24th.

The big shift and your next area for review is your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  A three-year period of learning begins on 24th.  This will be an opportunity to examine how you’ve dealt with these things in the past, how you want to deal with them in the future but they may not be easy in the present.  Be open to what this process has to show you.

Cancer:   Your ruling planet the Moon becomes ‘full’ in your 12th House of inspiration, compassion and work behind the scenes on 6th so be alert to any dreams you have around then (sleeping or waking) as they could hold important meaning.

Mars enters your shared area the day before and will be active all month, generating energy in your intimacy, joint funds and transformation zone.  This could of course take the form of friction but if it does, channel the surge of energy into forward movement.  Uranus helps here too when it goes direct on 21st, encouraging you to do things your way.

On the subject of finances, Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunities heads back on 8th to review any big moves you did or didn’t take in September.  There could be a second chance here to take opportunities you missed or to make adjustments if you over-extended yourself.  You have until early April next year to figure this out.

New Moon falls in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships on 22nd which is the beginning of a new cycle.  This applies to professional as well as personal partnerships.  Venus is easing this area from 10th but then gets intense with Pluto around 20th and Mercury too helps with communications from 18th although you may have to bite your tongue on 25th…

Saturn has been weighing heavily in your romance, children and creativity zone for the past two years.  But on 24th it moves into a new area of life’s lessons: work, health and service to others.

This is three year review for you to examine how you’ve been dealing with these areas and how you might better do things in the future.  Your daily routine and how you tend yourself on a physical level comes into this too.  Notice what you notice!


Leo:   Mars moves into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships on 5th bringing energy or friction that moves you to take action.  Jupiter gliding through Leo changes direction too on 8th giving you until next April to work out how to best build on past successes.  Opportunities you have been too busy or pre-occupied to take could come round again and hopefully you will be ready.  Equally if you’ve been over-extending yourself, this will be a time for working out what is sustainable so that ongoing growth can continue.

There’s emotional intensity in your work and health zone around 20th and 25th and Uranus goes direct helping travel, legal, study and ethical matters to run more freely from 21st.  The big shift this month though is Saturn which moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.

After two years of lessons in your mother, home and nurture zone, Saturn is moving into your 5th House of romance, love affairs, children, sports, speculation and creativity on 24th.  Saturn brings a certain weight to proceedings and there will be much to look at and learn in these new arenas.

Having hopefully learnt in the past two years how to better meet your self-nurture needs, your support structures should now be in place.  This being so, you can now concentrate on how you can best express yourself: emotionally and creatively and Saturn offers the possibility of concrete products or results from your efforts.  This isn’t a free gift, it’s earned.  Go for it!          


Virgo:   You will be glad to hear that the restrictions in your 3rd House of communications, trading, movement, siblings and neighbours lift on 24th.  It’s been a difficult time but having had two years to make a full analysis, you now know what you need to do and from 24th your path is clear to take action.

Mars in Aquarius from 5th provides energy to tackle work, health and service to others.  Full Moon on 6th brings emotion into your public life and on 8th Jupiter goes back to sort out something which has been bothering you in the back of your mind.  Venus moves into your romance, children and creativity zone on 10th too and gets intense around 20th…

On 21st Uranus brings helpful change to your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone.  But the big shift comes though on 24th when Saturn moves into your 4th House of mother and home.  This marks the beginning of a three-year review, looking at how nurturing took place (or didn’t) in your early years, how well you’ve been caring for yourself and how you’d ideally like to handle this in the future.  The mother and home are brought up for review, in the broadest sense too.  It’s a chance to put things right for yourself.  Take it!


Libra:   Your ruling planet Venus enters your 4th House of mother and home on 10th sweetening domestic life and encouraging you to entertain or beautify your home.  It’s around until early January so relax and enjoy.  Meanwhile, Mars moves into your romance, children and creativity zone on 5th giving you energy for one, two or all three departments. If you have projects or desires that need acting on, the planetary wind is behind you.

New Moon and the Sun both illuminate your mother and home zone on the night of the 21st -22nd.  This marks the beginning of a new cycle in your home life and in nurturing.  Personal development comes into this too.  What do you now need to grow?  And what does your soul need?  Put things in place for deep self-nurture.

On 24th Saturn releases its grip on the two-year impasse that’s been taking place in your financial and security area.  It’s time to move on and apply your hard-won conclusions.

Saturn’s new testing area for the next three years is: communications.  The review needed is looking at how you’ve been dealing with communications in the past and how you want to deal with them in the future.  Physical movement could come into this, as could trading and relationships with siblings and neighbours.  Be ready to take an honest look.

Scorpio:   This is the very final stretch of a two-year endurance test which has taken the form of close self-scrutiny.  Uncomfortable as this has been, opportunities for deep self-knowledge are very valuable and hopefully you will now have a good handle on your inner and outer workings.  Survival is one of Scorpio’s greatest strengths and we all look to you to learn some of this for ourselves.  Saturn packs its bags on 24th and at last you’re free of its heavy weight and free to apply the conclusions you’ve come to as a result of this deep introspection.

Saturn’s next port of call is your 2nd House of money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem.  How you’ve dealt with these matters in the past and how you want to deal with them in the future is your main agenda.  They may not be easy during the three-year learning process ahead but why would we bother looking at all if it were just easy?

Most people aim for money and possessions when looking for security but the whole subject of ‘enough’ and where does the feeling of ‘enough’ come from presents itself.  Often a deeper sense of security can be found in the non-materialistic realms of creativity or a value system which provides a sense of security.  Be sure to include these areas in your deep exploration.

Well done for having endured and survived the last two years.  Your certificate is one of resilient and authentic self-knowledge!


Sagittarius:   The two-year rumbling of Saturn behind the scenes ends on 24th which will come as a relief.  Being the subject of major internal events taking place beyond your reach in your unconscious isn’t comfortable and soon things will be out in the clear light of day.

Of course integrity is earned not given and Saturn’s new residence in your 1st House of self, ego and identity will require you to do some honest assessment about how you’ve been dealing with these areas and how you’d like to better deal with them in the future.  It’s a long and serious three-year internal review but at the end of it your sense of true self can take its rightful place.

Meanwhile, Sun in your sign is jollying you along until 21st, Mercury’s there too until 17th helping you to communicate, trade and have fun and Mars in Aquarius helps here too from 5th providing you with tons of mental energy.  You’ll probably want to strike hard bargains but make sure others will benefit too.

Full Moon in your opposite sign on 6th raises emotions in partnerships.  And your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde on 8th which could snare up travel or legal situations and takes you back to reassess whatever started on or around September.  Did you over-do it?  On a personal level, Venus gives you up until 10th to make the most of your irresistible charms…  (Others watch out!)

Capricorn:   Venus planet of love, beauty and harmony is in your sign from 10th making you darling of the zodiac until January 3rd.  It meets up with Pluto bringing fascination on 20th and if emotional intensity is your forte, 19th and 20th are open to obsession!

Mercury enters Capricorn on 18th and joins Pluto on 25th.  If you’re looking for a harmonious day, it may be best to keep your thought to yourself and focus on the ‘power of the mind’ rather than the ‘power of words’.  If you find you just have to vent, make your point fairly, without wounding others forever after…

Sun enters your sign on the night of 21st and New Moon, also in Capricorn is just a few hours later.  This is your personal New Year, so make your resolutions ten days earlier than everyone else.

Your ruling planet Saturn finally completes its transit through Scorpio on 24th.  For two years it has been presenting you with uncomfortable lessons about friends, groups, community, organisations, collectives and humanitarian ideals.  Lessons learnt, it’s time to apply your conclusions as action is now possible after all of that mulling and dwelling and being unsure.

Saturn’s new sojourn is in your 12th House of institutions, the pain and suffering of others, time spent alone, the collective unconscious and creative or spiritual work behind the scenes.  The internet may come into this too.  This new line up lasts for three years and you will be required to carry out a deep review on how you’ve been dealing with these matters and how they might be better dealt with.  This is a fantastically fruitful time for therapy.  Consider it.  It’s an investment in that very precious resource – yourself!

Aquarius:   Mars is at your disposal from 5th when it enters your sign giving you energy, drive and daring.  This only comes around every couple of years so if you’ve had projects or ideas on hold, get them moving now!  Your ruling planet Uranus goes direct on 21st too which adds flight to your wings after a six-month drag backwards.  This is particularly good for friendship, groups, community and humanitarian projects – i.e. right up your street!

Jupiter planet of growth and expansion goes retrograde on 8th in your relationships and partnerships zone.  This takes you back to look once again at opportunities you either did or didn’t take in September.  You have until early April next year to work out which path offers the most growth.

Saturn’s two-year review of your father, career and social status completes on 24th.  It’s been a time of reaping what you’ve sown in the past.  And although the way has been somewhat blocked, forcing you to look at all of this, you can now take action.

The new area of Saturnian learning is your 11th House of friends, groups, community, collectives, organisations and humanitarian ideals.  This is a three year transit (longer than usual) that may bring older people, restrictions or responsibilities, political realities and authority structures for you to deal with.  It’s all for you of course – to deepen your understanding and making you all the fitter to take a future leading role.


Pisces:   Saturn has been sitting heavily on your travel, study, law and ethics zone for over two years.  This has been a difficult period of introspection and review with little or no option of taking action or moving forward.  But on 24th this all changes.  Whereas you’ve had to just look on, now at last you can do something about it.

There’s lots of planetary movement at the beginning of the month.  From 5th Mars highlights spiritual values and humanitarian work behind the scenes.  Full Moon on 6th makes for an emotional home.  On 8th Jupiter goes back to sort out a work or health related matter.  And Venus is smoothing your public life until 10th.  Sun and Mercury keep things lively here until Saturn takes over on 24th.

This is the beginning of a three-year learning process in your father, career and social status zone.  A time when you reap whatever you have sown in your public life.  It could bring extra responsibilities, bring you authority or bring you the unwelcome authority of others.  There is a time for action once your learning process is complete but until then, an important internal review needs to take place.  Giving it your full attention, will deepen your understanding.

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