February 2016

Your Horoscope for February 2016

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The first week of February is the most challenging, when Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn, raising the issue of power in relationships.  Take this opportunity to observe your own relationship patterns (in relationships of all kinds).  The aim as always, is transformation through equal relating, not the power of one over the other.  Look at levels of compromise too as Uranus is also on the planetary menu and personal freedom is often part of relationship power balance or imbalance.

On 7th Sun squares up to Mars (so who’s in charge?)  But then New Moon in Aquarius on 8th brings in a fresh start for us all (in different areas of life for each sign).  Mars is still doing collective detective work in Scorpio all month, along with Pluto in Capricorn – more unsavoury revelations expected in power-wielding structures and hierarchies…

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Your ruling planet Mars continues all month in your 8th House of birth, sex and death, joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing (which in addition to money includes yourself emotionally and physically).  Mars here isn’t a peaceful presence but it gives you the grit and determination needed to make headway in these weighty areas.

Meanwhile Venus continues through your father, career and social status zone until 17th, helping you to get the co-operation you need to move forward with your ambitions.  People with authority or influence are likely to help you if you ask and public relations should go well from 9th – 17th.

New Moon on 8th opens new possibilities in your friendships, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  There are pleasures to be found here too in the second half of the month.  Make time to enjoy them.  Full Moon on 21st/22nd brings intensity and an analytical eye to your work, health and service to others zone.  Take action accordingly but avoid going over the top!

Taurus:   The Sun is illuminating your father, career and social status zone until 19th and New Moon in the same areas offers a fresh start on 8th.  Your ruling planet Venus brings pleasure to travel, cultural pursuits and the higher mind until 17th, then it too assists in your father, career and social status zone.  If you need help from people in authority or with influence, don’t hesitate to ask from 17th onwards.

Mars continues to heat up and drive things forward in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  This is dynamic energy and gives you strong determination to push things forward or pursue (or perhaps resist) current or possible future partners…

Full Moon on 21st/22nd brings emotional intensity to your romance, children and creativity zone.  And from 25th dedication to friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals lead the way till the end of the month – lucky them!

Gemini:   Your joint funds, intimacy and shared area is once again active, especially during the first half of the month when you may benefit from the money of others in some way.  The first week may be rather too intense for comfort though but New Moon on 8th appears to rescue you for the moment.

The Sun, this New Moon and from 13th Mercury, all nudge you to travel and explore (physically or via studiesand the higher mind, including laws and ethics).  Venus joins in from 17th onwards and brings harmony and agreement.  Romance could even show up when you’re not expecting it.

Mars is still strongly firing your go-getting spirit on the work, health and service to others front.  Your determination is high.  Direct all your efforts on bringing more well-being into your daily routine.  This could help you to get closer to your career or status ideals from 25th too.  Pursue that dream!

Cancer:  Partnerships and your ‘public face’ have a tricky start from 4th – 7th but this is resolved by New Moon on 8th in your birth, sex, death, taxes, debts, inheritances and joint funds zone.  A fresh start is on offer in some way.  Venus helps to develop this further from 17th.  ‘The money of others’ looks helpful too…

Mars continues to forge ahead all month in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  Your determination and energy will move things forward and your desired goals look within reach.

Full Moon on 21st/22nd brings emotional intensity to communications.  This could also involve relations with neighbours or siblings in some way.  Despite the high emotional temperature, choose your words with care.

Dreams and ideals about travel, studies, different cultures and ethics steer the last five days of the month.  Follow your higher mind!

Leo:   Your active determination on the mother and home front continues this month with Mars adding revs to your engine.  This could take the form of you as DIY hero or interior designer of the months.  It could also bring progress as you push ahead with personal development (or worst case scenario – conflict at home).

Relationships and partnerships are looking lively too with Sun presiding until 19th and New Moon also here on 8th offering new possibilities.  Venus helps to smooth things along too from 17th onwards.

Finances, security self-esteem and values may feel like an emotional subject around Full Moon on 21st/22nd.  Get the point but keep your cool…

Virgo:   Jupiter has put you on pause to review recent expansion before going further.  But Mars is making you more assertive in your communications, especially with siblings and neighbours and in trading.

The Sun and then New Moon on 8th are in your 6th House of work, health and service to others.  This gives renewed energy and a fresh start in some way (good for starting new regimes).  Mercury joins in too from 13th with fresh ideas and Venus smooths things along from 17th!

From 19th Sun lights up your 7th House of relationships and partnerships and from 25th onwards meets up with Neptune, stimulating dreams and ideals.  Most human beings don’t compare well to ‘the dream’ but who knows?  But just before this, Full Moon in Virgo on 21st/22nd finds an emotional you.  Now why might that be?

Libra:  You may find tricky situations at home in the days leading up to New Moon on 8th.  Every New Moon offers a new opportunity though and this one falls in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  You can enjoy exploring these possibilities further from 17th when Venus takes residence here too.

Earlier in the month Venus continues to bring pleasure to your mother and home zone from 8th – 17th.  This is a perfect time to beautify your home, enjoy the pleasures it offers and perhaps share it with others entertaining.

Meanwhile all four cylinders are still firing on the money-making and security front as Mars continues its push ahead.  People will get the message that you really are serious about your values.  Ideals around work, health and service to others guide you from 25th onwards.  We all need inspiration – share your vision!

Scorpio:   Another dynamic month for Scorpios as Mars continues to forge ahead in your sign.  Known for your grit and resilience at the best of times (and even more so in the worst of times), this extra boost from Mars gives you super-sonic-bionic drive and will-power.  Set your sights on current goals as gale force winds are helpfully behind you!

Communications are intense from 1st – 7th.  Your insight will be forensic but for the sake of the rest of us mere mortals, keep your wording fair.  Pleasure through movement, communications and perhaps dealings with neighbours and siblings can be found from 8th – 17th.  This is a good period for trading too.

The Sun illuminates your mother and home zone until 19th, then Venus takes over and helps to soften things.  Beautify your home and perhaps extend these pleasures to others by entertaining.  Personal development can bring well-being too.  Enjoy!

Sagittarius:   Your finances continue to be lively, to the point of obsession from 4th – 7th, your everyday communication style may have unintended results too during this period.  Measure your words and watch your temper…  New Moon on 8th gives you pause to turn your mindset to a fresher setting and Venus helps to smooth communications from 17th.

Mars has a second month in your 12th House of inner workings, online life, compassion and healing (yourself or others).  This is dynamic and things about yourself that you have been unaware of may ‘crop up’.

Full Moon in your public zone raises emotions around 21st – 22nd.  And Sun and Neptune go hand in hand from 25th onwards in search of ideals in your mother and home zone.  You’re also the zodiac’s smoothest talker from 17th!  Now who might you be wanting to charm?

Capricorn:   Your heightened charms continue until 17th but this isn’t a reason to pull rank unfairly when Venus and Pluto meet in your sign around 4th – 6th.  The wind is already behind you, so play fair.  If you find yourself feeling obsessional then too, note it but be aware that this a fleeting transit.

It also forms part of the intense lead up to New Moon on 8th which offers new opportunities in your finance and security zone or perhaps a new approach to values.  Sometimes less is more.  Venus helps to develop this fresh start further and gives finances or well-being a rosy glow from 17th.   (It’s also good for self-esteem).

Mars continues to forge ahead in your 11th House of friends, groups, organisations, community and humanitarian ideals.  Help us all by moving things forward.

Aquarius:  The Sun illuminates your path and energies until 19th and then turns its attention to your finance zone which could do with some fresh energy, although clarity may still be too much to ask…  Neptune has been clouding the view for some time and Chiron (which brings wounding or healing) has also been part of the hazy cocktail for some time too and they won’t be moving out of the picture for quite a while.

New Moon on 8th in Aquarius marks the start of your personal New Year which gives a welcome fresh start to your emotional life.  Mercury is with you too from 13th, bringing bright ideas and then Venus joins you from 17th making you – irresistible!

Added to all of this is Mars in your father, career and social status zone for a second month.  Set your goals, apply your will and push ahead with ambitions.  Doors could open!

Pisces:  You’re raring to go on the travel, studies, cultural, legal and ethics front as Mars drives you forward in search of adventures and deeper truths.  Your friends, groups and community zone isn’t far behind either, especially during the first week of Feb when things could get complicated.  Venus smooths things along here in the following ten days, so make time to enjoy friends and group activities from 9th – 17th.

Jupiter continues its review of recent expansion in partnerships which impedes movement at present.  Continue to give this review your attention.  Full Moon in your opposite sign on 21st/22nd also raises the emotional temperature in partnerships.

Sun enters your sign on 19th after being away from you for the longest time.  This brings a welcome renewal of energy levels and optimism.  The Sun also meets Neptune in your sign on 28th re-connecting you to your ideals.  Let them imprint your mind and carry them with you during the year ahead.

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