October 2019 Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

There are two planetary changes of direction this month when Pluto goes direct on 3rd and Mercury goes retrograde on 31st. Pluto has been retrograde since late-April, scrutinising on a collective level, ‘our’ use of power and the authority figures we give power to.

Having now completed this possibly troubling review, it is our joint responsibility to make sure that our representatives are fit to be in the positions they hold. We may also run up against authority structures on 7th and 14th when the Sun squares Saturn and then Pluto.

At the same time, on a personal level, different signs will be experiencing a parallel processing in different areas of life. And if you have your own birth chart and know where to look, it will show your individual learning process.

Mars leaps into Libra from 4th, determined to find co-operation and make things harmonious and fair (again in different areas of life for each sign). Saturn throws up some frustrations from 23rd – 27th but there is no harm in checking for a few days, that your approach is right. We may run up against authority structures too on 7th and 14th when the Sun squares Saturn and then Pluto.

Full Moon in Aries is usually a boisterous affair and this year on 13th (at 22.09 BST) it is pumped up even further by Jupiter and squared by Pluto.  Avoid conflicts then if you can, as they can quickly get out of hand. New Moon in Scorpio on 28th (at 4.40 BST) also has another planet involved… It is directly opposite unpredictable Uranus.

New Moon always offers a fresh start or new cycle in some way and this month with Uranus, there is an electrical, awakening aspect to it. Mercury goes retrograde (also in Scorpio) just three days later, so this will not be a smooth start. More thinking has to take place before you can freely proceed. Be patient and do not get discouraged by this wait.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Relationships and partnerships are your main focus this month, with Venus smoothing the waters until 8th. Your ruling planet Mars takes over from 4th though and you will be hotly pursuing your goals. ‘Partnerships’ includes professional as well as personal ties. And Mars generates heat which could take the form of conflict or passion, so be ready for both.

Full Moon on 13th is in your sign and a Venus-Uranus opposition on the same day could bring about the unexpected (romantically or financially) and Jupiter lends you extra bravado. New Moon on 28th is a call to sort out joint finances which includes taxes, debts and inheritances. Intimacy could be an area to look at afresh too.

Mars squares Saturn from 23rd – 27th which may not be too comfortable. This is often a period of frustration as you cannot push ahead as usual. Rather than hit your head against a brick wall, take this transit for what it is: a review period to stop and look at how your have been using your Mars recently.

And that means reviewing one or more of the following: goal setting, applying your will, assertiveness, use of sexual expression, use of physical energy in general and dealings with men. Whichever it is, your approach to one or more of these needs adjusting.


Taurus:    Pluto completes its five-month review in your travel, ethics and culture zone on 3rd. Your principles may have been tested during this period as your belief system or world view was reassessed. You may also have had cause to observe how power is used nationally and internationally. Journalism, legal matters and ‘the truth’ may have been under scrutiny and dealings with people from different countries, cultures or belief systems can have a strong impact on you. Your responsibility now is to carry your deeper understanding in any of these areas, into the world. And yes, that is a big job!

Work and health matters may keep you busy too this month, with Venus and the Sun enhancing your well-being until 8th and 23rd respectively. Things get shaken up though by the arrival of Mars on 4th which demands action… This could be the perfect time to start a new regime and Mars adds the energy and determination to actually stick to it. Work is another domain that can benefit from this fresh, new thrust. Is it time to make changes there too? Your daily routine can also be revved up. Are there elements that need adding? (And yes, exercise could be one of them… ).

Your ruling planet Venus enters your opposite sign on 8th, smoothing the way for harmonious relationships and partnerships this month. New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start here too in some way. Uranus in your sign also happens to be opposite this particular New Moon which could bring unexpected and exciting changes for you personally.

Mercury goes retrograde on 31st, also in your relationships and partnerships zone, so things may not go as hoped to start with. But Mercury goes direct again on November 20th, so do not despair if things are bumpy at first.


Gemini:   Romance, children and creativity are well-starred with Venus providing pleasure until 8th and the Sun adding warmth and energy until 23rd. But Mars leaps in from 4th making you more assertive and insistent and you may find yourself in hot pursuit of a certain someone… If this seems unlikely, it could be someone in hot pursuit of you! Or you may turn your energies to achieving hoped for outcomes for children or a creative project.

Pluto changes direction on 3rd and goes direct after five months in retrograde. This has been a long review in your joint funds zone which includes taxes, debts and inheritances. Matters connected to birth, sex and death, intimacy and sharing may have featured too. With this review now complete, you will hopefully now know understand to best proceed.

From 8th Venus glides through your 6th House, bringing pleasure through work, colleagues and daily companions and service to others. Attending to your physicality can be a source of comfort too and you will hopefully appreciate your health, daily rituals and routines. Make sure though that you do not abuse your system with over-indulgence.

New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start here too and is the perfect time to start a new regime. Your unconscious is playing a part here too. On 31st your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde and puts things on hold to some extent. You have to get your mind and thoughts on board. And after November 20th it will be full speed ahead.


Cancer:    Things are looking lively at home this month as Venus and the Sun complete their happy transits here on 8th and 23rd. But the main action arrives on 4th when Mars spurs you into action on the home front or in your dealings with mother-figures (and possibly your own dealings if you are a mother yourself). Personal development features here too and this is no time to be complacent. Is there a course that would broaden your knowledge, skills or self-knowledge? Or have you considered exploring your inner-world through counselling or therapy?

Partners may not be fully behind you whatever you choose but Pluto goes direct on 3rd, completing a five-month review of power issues between you or the need for transformation, so you can now make headway here too.

Full Moon on 13th highlights the conflicting demands of career and home, father and mother or career demands versus personal development. Or is your home situation getting in the way of your ambitions? Issues with partners may feature here too…

Romance, children or creativity are a source of pleasure from 8th onwards as Venus smoothes things along, although Uranus may stir things up around 11th – 12th. And New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start here with Uranus adding the unexpected. Mercury goes retrograde on 31st though, so watch out for misunderstandings and double-check that both you and everyone involved is on the same page.


Leo:    Communications are looking creative this month with Venus and your ruling planet the Sun keeping things running smoothly until 23rd. But there is a great change from 4th when Mars leaps into your thought zone and you will have mental energy and the determination to put new ideas (or old ones) into action!

A deep review in your work and health zone reaches a turning point on 3rd when Pluto goes direct after five months moving retrograde. This unleashes a lot of creative energy too and the ability to bring transformation to your work, health or daily routine. Pets and being of service to others may come into this too.

Meanwhile home is harmonious as Venus glides through your solar 4th House of mother and home. You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home and perhaps inviting others to share its pleasures with you. Dealings with mother-figures go well. Personal development projects can be pleasurable too. And when the Sun joins Venus from 23rd there is even more creative energy for you to play with.

New Moon on 28th also falls in this area of your solar chart and marks a fresh start in some way. Uranus is opposite this New Moon, indicating unexpected events happening in your father, career and social status zone which also play a part in this new cycle. Uranus is also about awakenings and revolution, so it will be interesting to see what this brings.

Mercury goes retrograde in this same area of your chart from 31st. So whatever began on 28th will not have a smooth start and how you have communicated in these new situations needs a quick review. Do your personal homework and did not throw the baby out with the bath water during this bumpy start.


Virgo:    Finances are looking rosy as the month begins, with Venus and the Sun providing a creative, optimistic approach. Then from 4th Mars gets to grips with plans to develop income streams, possibly even new ones and also throws in the energy and determination to really get things on the road.

On 3rd Pluto goes direct in your romance, children and creativity zone, completing a five-month review of how you have been, should be or could be using your power here. It is also a reminder of the transformative impact of creativity, sports and fun. And yes, that means on you too!

Communications start the month well. Short journeys, trading and dealings with neighbours and siblings are pleasurable too. New Moon here on 28th marks a fresh phase of some kind. This can be to do with taking a course, teaching one or new forms of communication (including physical movement).

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde here on 31st though, so do not despair or abandon ship if your first attempts do not have the hoped for outcomes. Your efforts should start to make headway after November 20th.


Libra:    Your ruling planet Venus graces your sign and adds to your charms until 8th. The Sun ball also remains in your court until 23rd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. This is all looking good and to add resolve to the mix, Mars leaps into Libra on 4th and adds fire to your belly, helping you to be more focused, determined and assertive. If you have projects in mind, push them forwards now!

From 8th Venus sheds a rosy light on your finances but around 11th – 12th, the ‘money of others’ (taxes, debts and inheritances) or your partners finances may have an unexpected impact on your sense of security, as unpredictable Uranus strikes a bolt of lightning. Keep in mind that we should welcome light of any kind, even when it illuminates things we might prefer not to look at.

Pluto which is in long-term residence in your 4th House, goes direct once again on 3rd (completing a five-month review). So forward-movng transformation is once again within your grasp, regarding your dealings with mother-figures, home and personal development.

Full Moon on 13th in Aries, your opposite sign, may cause ructions at home. And the challenge of this Full Moon may be just what you need to act on the changes that need to happen. And New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start in your finances but Mercury goes retrograde in this same area on 31st. Try to avoid signing anything important until after November 20th if you can.


Scorpio:    Your ruling planet Pluto which has been retrograde since late April, goes direct on 3rd. And this comletes a long review in your thoughts and communications zone. How we think ceates our personal reality and there are many choices to be made on a daily basis on how helpful your mindset is. Hopefully having had this opportunity to look at this over the past five months, you can now proceed with the changes that need to be made.

The other area under review has been how you use your words and the tone and attitude you take towards others in your own communications. We are looking for better self-awareness here too.

Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 23rd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

New Moon in your sign on 28th marks the beginning of your emotional New Year. Make resolutions that will help you to meet your needs in the year ahead. Uranus is opposite the Moon this time too which can bring revolution through partnerships. Mercury retrograde from 31st creates doubt at first. But keep an open mind and be open to everything that you can learn.


Sagittarius:    Your financial outlook or position on security and values takes a turn for the better on 3rd when Pluto goes direct, completing a five-month review. This has been an opportunity (possibly not a comfortable one) to look at your relationships to money, security, values and self-esteem.

So often in the modern world we equate our income or earning-power with our self-worth which is neither helpful not true. You can now apply your hard-earned deeper understanding of this (or whatever you have been looking at) to your present situation.

Friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals are calling you strongly right now. Good relations are on offer here and from 4th Mars will spur you on to be active in offering the your energies to collective movements or organisations. It may be a week or so before you find your flow, so do not give up in the initial teething stage.

Your unconscious is busy this month too and your compassion for others will seek an outlet or creative expression, initially behind the scenes. New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start here too but Mercury retrograde from 31st makes it difficult to gather momentum at first. Once again, hold in there. You have a lot to say and your words will not be lost, even if you have to wait until after Nov 20th to be fully heard.


Capricorn:    A five-month review comes to an end on 3rd when Pluto goes direct once again, in your sign. This may have been an opportunity to look at how you generally use (or abuse) your personal power. And although this may have stopped you in your tracks, it is for good reason. With Pluto’s forward change of direction, you can now proceed, hopefully with better self-awareness.

Career, social status and dealings with authority are also high on the agenda this month. Influential people can smoothes your path up until 8th and the Sun illuminates your standing in the world until 23rd.

The big news though is that assertive Mars leaps into this area of your solar chart on 4th, sharpening your ambitions and providing you with the energy and determination to push your professional agenda ahead. Mars represents heat which can mean you forging ahead on all four cylinders or possibly running up against opposition, competition or conflict. Having just completed your Pluto review, you should now be able to handle this in an ethical manner.

Full Moon on 13th carries some personal impact for you as it squares the heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto in your sign. And New Moon on 28th in your friends, groups and community zone, marks a fresh start here in some way and there may be an unexpected zing as Uranus adds an element of excitement to the mix. This is coming from your romance, children and creativity zone, so who knows how that could manifest.

Mercury goes retrograde in this same area of your chart on 31st so things may not proceed as hoped (not right away at least) but hold on in there as Mercury goes direct once again on November 20th!


Aquarius:    Your travel, ethics and philosophy zone is busy this month with Venus and the Sun adding pleasure and Mars revving up your energy levels and determination from 4th. Your world view is important now too and you may find yourself feeling angry about world events. You also have the energy to add your voice and resolve to movements that share your view. Convincing others of your viewpoint may feel important too.

On 3rd Pluto goes direct behind the scenes in your inner-workings. Any ways in which you may have been undermining yourself can now start to be overcome. Pluto has been retrograde since late-April, demanding a lot of self-searching. But now it is time to move forwards. Check that the settings on your self-talk are turned to ‘Positive’ and if any creative ideas have been brewing, get those moving too!

From 8th Venus glides into your professional spherewhich is good for career and ambitions. Dealings with father-figures and people in authority go well too. Do not be afraid to ask for their help as they will be looking on you kindly during this period. And if you happen to be a father or authority figure yourself, use your influence in the best way you can.

New Moon on 28th is opposite your ruling planet Uranus. This marks a new phase in your worldly standing which may be connected to unexpected events at home or to do with women in the family. However things look at this point, hold on before putting all of your eggs in one basket as Mercury goes retrograde in this same area of your chart from 31st. All will become clear in November.


Pisces:    Pluto goes direct on 3rd in your friends, groups and community zone, after five months of moving retrograde. This helps to bring growth through friends and membership of groups. You can also be very effective in joining campaigns that you feel strongly about as your voice is now ready to be heard.

There is a gathering of planets in your 8th House this month which draws your attention to the transformational processes of birth, sex and death. ‘The money of others’ is also highlighted, including taxes, debts and inheritances. Intimacy and sharing are major themes too. When Mars takes residence in this area of your solar chart, you will be proactive in pushing forward processes that need to now happen.

Mercury is in good aspect to your ruling planet Neptune on 15th which gives a flow with words and movement. Venus follows likewise around 21st which creates a sense of harmony and one-ness with whatever (or whoever) is around you.

Travel, philosophy and ethics become more important as the month progresses and you may want to respond to how you now see the world. Deep study, in-laws or legal matters may feature too, especially around New Moon on 28th. Is there an article or campaign material forming in your mind that is waiting to be written? Results may not show themselves for some time but do not let that discourage you.


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