May 2014

May 2014

Sun and Saturn oppose each other from 8th -10th which could lead to deadlocks, further fuelled by Full Moon on 14th.  The more you can be flexible these days: the better.

Mars in Libra goes direct on 20th after two and a half months of back-peddling.  This has been a frustrating period that has caused us to review how we’ve been using our energy and asserting ourselves recently.  Armed with better self-knowledge, we can now hopefully move forward in a more helpful and fairer way.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Venus is in your sign making you the zodiac’s favourite for most of the month.  The clouds thicken a little mid-month though when Sun and Saturn oppose each other around 8th – 10th.  This represents a stand-off between your position on your money and the money of others or sharing.  (Sharing yourself in an intimate sense may also be a consideration).

Full Moon on 14th escalates things further but there may be a sudden breakthrough on 16th when Venus meets Uranus in your sign,  bringing personal awakenings and surprises.  You may be expressing yourself in ways that others don’t expect too…

Your ruling planet Mars changes direction in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships on 20th.  This ends two and a half months of fruitless battling.  Hopefully, some newly-found wisdom will help you to proceed with just the right amount of assertiveness this time…

Taurus:   The Sun continues to bring warmth and energy to you for the first three weeks of May and you reclaim your sense of sturdiness and health.

When your ruling planet Venus meets Uranus behind the scenes, around 16th, it could bring a creative flash of inspiration or the unexpected in your virtual world.  While change isn’t always your strong point, be open to this one.

Good intentions on the work, health and ‘service to others’ front, may have been thwarted for the past couple of months but from 20th Mars is moving forward and it’s time to put some of that newly-replenished energy to good use.  Consider an exercise routine too.

Saturn urges moderation from 8th – 10th to keep your sensual nature in check but with Full Moon in Scorpio, your opposite sign on 14th, all the brakes are off…

New Moon in Gemini on 28th marks a new cycle in your finances.  Communicate!

Gemini:   Ideas are buzzing this month as Mercury your ruling planet zips through your sign from 7th, followed by the Sun bringing a new wave of energy on 21st.

This will be very welcome as Saturn has been doggedly demanding your time and attention on the work and health front for over 18 months.

A Sun – Saturn opposition around 8th – 10th will remind you that there’s still further to go on the well-being front and that you may need the help of your unconscious to make real changes.  Not easy to access alone, the help of a counsellor, therapist or healer could be really helpful.

On 14th Full Moon in the same areas raises even more emotion in connection to all of this but you are getting closer to the end of this tunnel (late December).

Mars moves forward on 20th in your romance, children and creativity zone.  This  breaks recent stagnation and gives the green light to delayed projects.

What are you waiting for?  Get going!

Cancer:   Venus glides through your 10th House of father, career and social status for most of this month, smoothing your path and providing a sense of professional well-being.  If you need favours from people in high places, they will be forthcoming, (as will the unexpected around 16th).

Sun and Saturn oppose each other from 8th – 10th which may not be much fun on the romance, children and creativity front and Full Moon on 14th highlights emotions regarding these.

Things start to move forwards in your mother and home front though from 20th (after a two and a half month lull).    Decisions you’ve been mulling over get put into action.  And yes, others will notice…

Leo:   Sun and Saturn oppose each other in your father versus mother and career versus home zones around 8th – 10th.  Take this opportunity to look into how to create the best balance for yourself in terms of ambition and emotional needs.  Full Moon on 14th brings up feelings about security needs too that need acknowledging.

Mars has been dragging communications (and perhaps positive thinking) backwards for the past two and a half months.  But from 20th it’s full speed ahead.  Attend to neglected correspondence and get more exercise.

Venus glides through your travel and culture zone this month, so get out there and enjoy the world.  Legal matters may fall in your favour too.  Uranus zaps things up around 16th and you may find yourself bewitched or creatively excited.  Go with it!

Virgo:   New approaches to your father and career zone help you to negotiate recent and not so recent setbacks in these areas. New Moon on 28th provides fresh impetus here too!

If you’ve been cautiously pondering certain financial moves for a couple of months,  once Mars goes direct on 20th – pounce!

Saturn and Full Moon around 8th – 10th and 14th respectively, cause you to solemnly dwell on communications with siblings or neighbours.  This isn’t easy and there may not be much you can presently do.  Just stay on a correct path yourself.

Venus smoothes things along in your sharing and intimacy zone.  Time to allow yourself some comfort here!

Libra:   Venus is moving through your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships for most of the month.  This helps you to smooth things and make tactful headway in tricky areas.  And one particularly tricky area may be personal money and income versus ‘the money of others’ …

A Sun – Saturn opposition around 8th – 10th polarises these issues which could also include intimacy and the sharing of yourself in a very personal sense too.  Full Moon on 14th offers little respite and when Venus meets Uranus in your opposite sign on 16th, surprises may jolt you out of your comfort zone and any unhelpful complacency.

This awakening helps to inform a change of strategy on 20th when Mars goes direct in your sign.  The two and a half months it’s been back-peddling may have given you a short reprieve but action is now needed and this time it really is up to you!

Don’t avoid decisions.  Move forwards!

Scorpio:   You’ll be looking closely at relationships and partnerships this month, especially around 8th – 10th which may prove uncomfortable.  The role you play in them is linked to how you’ve been handling yourself and there are still many things to be resolved and further to go where you’ve already made a start.

Full Moon in your sign on 14th will push certain items right under your nose.  Examine your immediate responses and make use of these observations in your ongoing quest for personal growth.

Mars which has been dragging you back to re-examine the past for over two months, moves forward on 20th.  This too provides an opportunity to focus and to be more conscious rather than reactive.

And remember: oblivion isn’t the answer.

Sagittarius:   Communications in relationships and partnerships are fast (and possibly furious) but at least something is happening.

This may come as a welcome distraction from ongoing, unsettling under-currents that get polarised around 8th – 10th and with Full Moon on 14th between your unconscious workings and their impact on your health and work life.  The more you can unravel from your past, the more helpful this will be (and yes the arrow may be pointing to counselling or therapy of some kind).

Around 20th, you’ll know from realisations within all of this, what to do about friends or groups which have been hovering on hold for over two months.

New Moon on 28th in your opposite sign marks a new phase with partners.  Keep talking.

Capricorn:   Venus enhances your mother and home sector this month which could involve beautifying your palace, entertaining or just feeling good.  And unexpected changes around 16th could turn out for the better too, so keep an open mind.

The Sun – Saturn opposition from 8th – 10th brings up conflicting interests between romance, children and individual creativity versus friends and group interests.  Then Full Moon on 14th rubs the point home even more…

Mars (which has been a spanner in your father, career and social status zone for the past two and a half months) thankfully moves forward on 20th and so can you.  The time has come to apply those clever strategies you’ve been mulling over.

New Moon on 28th augurs a new trend in joint finances and sharing.  Be open to discussion.

Aquarius:   Communications are flowing this month as Venus charms your tongue and pen.  Your mind is tuned to feel-good and it’s infectious.

Home is flourishing too, although demands from the world might prevent you from luxuriating there (or even being there much at all) especially around 8th – 10th.  Full Moon on 14th highlights the conflicting demands of this axis.  Look for future ways to incorporate well-being into your professional life or working more from home.

Mars moves things forwards in your travel, legal and culture zone on 20th and your ruling planet Uranus brings new ideas or exciting communications around 16th.

New Moon on 28th marks a new cycle in your romance, children and creativity zone.  Be aware of your many options…

Pisces:   Your travel, legal and cultural zones may feel like heavy weather at times but Venus in your finance zone offers some material comfort.  Your good ideas and communication skills help to save the day too.

After two and a half months of frustrations with joint funds and sharing (including intimacy), Mars starts to move forwards once again on 20th which can only be good news.  If you’ve done your inner homework, you should now know how to get and offer co-operation better and move towards a fairer solution.

New Moon on 28th brings a fresh new era to your mother and home sector.  Could it be time for a spring clean, decorating, nurturing yourself in new ways or entertaining others?   And even a new reputation as host or hostess with the mostest perhaps?

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