December 2015

Your Horoscope for December 2015

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Saturn weighs in at the start of the month and holds its hovering, serious presence throughout, reminding us of reality, our duties and the jobs that must be done.  We may be distracted by more dramatic events though, during a T-square of Uranus and Mars to Pluto which stirs things up from 4th – 13th.

Communications are fraught from 18th – 21st but then cheer up from 23rd and on the approach to Full Moon which is on the morning of 25th (11.13 GMT).

Uranus goes direct on 26th after being retrograde since late July.  This will urge us all to be more authentic in a certain area of life (different for each sign).  And if we can do this, we will find a new way forward!

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun Sign  and  your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:  Your ruling planet Mars runs up against Pluto and Uranus from 4th – 13th and as Uranus is in Aries for the next few years, this will feel very personal and will call for change.

Mars is throwing challenges from your 7th House of relationships and partnerships and Pluto is in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  A conflict between these two areas will demand more from you.  And your range of responses can and must stretch.  Uncomfortable as this may be, there’s opportunity for growth here and looking at yourself afresh.

Discussions with authority figures may be intense around 18th – 19th.  Mercury also squares up to Uranus around 20th – 21st which may bring challenges to your present way of thinking.  Keep ego out of the picture and try to remember your survival doesn’t depend on winning arguments and being right!

Full Moon falls on the morning of 25th in your 4th House of mother and home and emotions will run high.  The following day (26th) there’s an outlet for tensions when Uranus goes direct in your sign after being retrograde for five months.  This means the evolving version of ‘the new you’ can once again start to move forward – your favourite direction.  Be your magnificent, dashing, daring, uncompromised self!

Taurus:  Sun clears Saturn on 3rd and you can put your conclusions into action regarding the sticky areas of joint funds, intimacy and sharing.  Having decided what to do, you can then relax into Venus moving through Scorpio your opposite sign from 5th, softening and sweetening relationships and partnerships (this can apply to business partnerships too).  You’ll be more susceptible to the charms of others (especially around 9th – 11th) so keep this in mind if someone unworthy is tempting you.

From 4th – 13th conflict between the reality of daily demands and your behind the scenes world, challenges you to examine your principles and urges you to voice them in a broader sphere around 18th – 21st.

On a different note, Full Moon on the morning of 25th falls in your 3rd House of communications, siblings and neighbours.  Offer whatever kind words you can find.

On 26th Uranus goes direct in your 12th House of behind the scenes life which includes creativity, compassion, spiritual development and your online world.  Exhilarating forward movement is possible once again.  Be open to change!

Gemini:  Sun is in your 7th House until 22nd, high-lighting relationships and partnerships.  And once it clears Saturn’s restrictive influences from 3rd, you can express yourself freely and apply the conclusions from your review of this area last month.   New Moon on 11th clears the way for a fresh start here too.

Venus moves into your 6th House of work, health and service to others from 5th.  This makes relations with colleagues pleasurable and is good for health, as long as you don’t over-indulge…

Your urge for individual creativity or romance clashes with collective or friendship ideals from 4th – 13th and triggers big reactions in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone.  Heated discussions could feature too around 18 – 21st.

High emotions with Full Moon on 25th around money, values or security.  Then on 26th Uranus goes direct in your friends, groups, organisations and community zone, bringing in a fresh breeze.  Breathe deep!

Cancer:  Your focus is still on the home front as Mars forges your determination to create harmony (whether visual or emotional) and you have the energy to push ahead with your projects.

Uranus and Pluto present challenges though from 3rd – 14th which could take the form of the changing demands of father or career and possible opposition from partners or partnerships.

Meanwhile, New Moon on 11th falls in your 6th House of work, health and service to others.  This is the best possible time to start a new work or health regime.  And Saturn’s even on hand to provide self-discipline and long-term stamina!

Communications with partners could be intense around 18th – 19th and may lead to new ways of thinking about your public and professional life and status around 21st – 22nd.  Full Moon in your sign on the morning of 25th puts you in your element.  Gather loved ones around you.

The long-term changes that have been unfolding in your father, career and social status zone move forward once again on 26th when Uranus goes direct after five months in retrograde.  That unique, off-beat idea that you’ve put on hold, might just be viable…

Leo:  Saturn continues to demand duty from you in the romance, children or creativity fields all month but Venus moves into your mother and home zone from 5th bringing harmony, pleasure and an urge to beautify your domestic sphere and entertain.

Meanwhile Mars is providing lots of energy in your 3rd House of ideas and communications, so you may find yourself ‘debating’ more than usual…  This or your current thinking may run counter to your principles and bring changes to your work, health, service to others, daily routine or well-being.  This applies especially to the periods 4th – 13th and 18th – 21st when you should avoid obsessive thoughts and take more gentle exercise.

Emotions may catch you unawares with Full Moon on the morning of 25th.  But then Uranus goes direct on 26th in your travel, studies, publishing and ethics zone, offering the possibility of progressive change!

Virgo:  Sun is in your 4th House lighting up mother and home for the first three weeks and New Moon there on 11th promises a fresh start in one of these areas.  Self-nurture and personal development are included in this too.

From 5th, Venus moves through your 3rd House of neighbours, siblings and communications, heightening your verbal charms and easing dealings with these people.  It’s good for teaching and trading too.

Mars, still energetic in your finance and security zone, challenges the status quo in joint funds, intimacy and sharing, resulting in fireworks in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity!  The more you express yourself in these areas, the better.  (This can be creatively as well as verbally).  Creative movement and sports can have a powerful effect too.

Full Moon on the morning of 25th raises emotions in your friends, groups and community zone.  And joint funds, sharing and intimacy improve from 26th as Uranus goes direct.  Be open to changes!

Libra:  Mars in your sign gives you extra vim and vigour all month but it runs into Pluto and Uranus from 4th -13th.  This may feel a little unfair as just when you’re ready to assert yourself, challenges and opposition come from both partnerships and your mother and home zone!  This is followed by intense discussions at home around 18th – 19th, followed hopefully by new solutions around 20th and 21st.

Your ruling planet Venus moves into your finance and values zone from 5th. This usually indicates an improvement.  Venus also makes a good aspect to Neptune in your work, health and service to others zone from 9th – 11th.  If that involves doing work of an idealistic nature, even better.

Full Moon on the morning of 25th falls in your 10th House of father, career and social status, so allow for high emotions.  The next day (26th) Uranus goes direct after five months in reverse in your 7th House.  This allows forward movement in the changes taking place for partners or in partnerships.  Allow events to show you new ways of being!

Scorpio:  Venus enters your sign on 5th making you darling of the zodiac for the rest of the month.  Your ability to charm others will be at full force (so watch out everyone!).  A Venus – Neptune trine from 9th – 11th could bring romance or additional inspirational, creative flow too.

Your ruling planet Pluto is under challenge from Mars and Uranus from 4th – 13th.  Thoughts will go deep and ditto communications during this period and from 18th – 21st.  Hear people out as best you can.  Dealings with siblings or neighbours or physical movement could be involved too.  Be honest but be aware of the weight your words carry and the impact on those receiving them.  Egos should be put to one side during discussions, if a satisfactory outcome or understanding is to be achieved.

New Moon on 11th falls in your finance zone, so good to turn over a new leaf here.  And Uranus’s direct movement on 26th brings forward movement in your 6th House of work, health, service to other and daily routine.  Keep the changes coming!

Sagittarius:   Expansive Jupiter runs into communication difficulties around 3rd and 4th but New Moon in your sign on 11th puts that quickly behind you.  This is your personal New Year and a clean slate so make your resolutions now, not in January!

Mars is stirring up issues around friendships, groups, organisations and community which clashes with your romance, children and creativity zone.  And the results is intensity in your money, security and values zone.

Heavy discussions could develop concerning all of this around 18th – 21st but things start to look more optimistic around 23 rd – 24th when Mercury teams up with your ruling planet Jupiter.

Full Moon on the morning of 25th raises emotions around joint funds, intimacy and sharing.  But Uranus clears the way for further changes in your travel, studies, legal  and ethics zone from 26th.  Strike out afresh!

Capricorn:  Your ruling planet Saturn makes its presence felt all month, keeping everyone’s feet on the ground.  Meanwhile, Mars in your 10th House of father, career and social status squares up to Pluto in your sign and then opposes Uranus in your 4th House of mother and home.  This runs from 4th – 13th.  Mother is opposite father or your public and personal lives are pulling in opposite directions.  Whichever it is, something’s got to give and that might mean you.

Communications could be intense too around 18th – 19th.  Try not to insist on being right.  The ego energies around need to be put to one side, if objectivity is to have a chance.  New ideas and communications could also be challenging around 21st – 22nd. Keep an open mind.

Full Moon in your partnership zone on the morning of 25th raises the emotional richter scale.  But Uranus’s direct motion from 26th helps to move things forward in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone after a five month struggle.  Be open to new approaches!

Aquarius:  Sun clears Saturn from 3rd and the brakes on groups and friendships are lifted.  Venus is in your 10th House of father, career and social status from 5th and people in high places will be looking upon you favourably.  If you have favours to ask –  ask away.  Finances look more hopeful too around 9th – 11th, especially if ideals or creativity are involved.

Your ruling planet Uranus features alot this month.   From 4th – 13th it’s in conflict with Mars and Pluto which brings up uncomfortable matters around communications, principles and your inner workings.  Unconscious material may surface and it can be a shock (to you as well as others).  Explore any dreams you have during this period for meaning too.  Working with self-talk and seeking out therapy can be helpful during this period and from 18th – 21st.  Your online life may be intense and creative expression runs deep.

Full Moon on the morning of 25th may call for you to be selfless – (just do it).  And on 26th Uranus goes direct bringing new ideas and new forms of communication and movement.  Be open to all possibilities!

Pisces:  This is a good month for exploring, as Venus eases travel, studies, legal and ethical matters from 5th.  Your ruling planet Neptune throws in some ideals which help the flow too from 9th – 11th.  New Moon also on 11th in your father, career and social status zone offers a fresh start in some way which could be welcome now that serious Saturn’s in residence there.

Mars is causing agitation from your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone, causing further challenges to your finances, security and values.  This all bursts out intensely with friends, groups, community or organisations from 4th – 13th.  Communications in these areas could be intense too from 18th – 21st.

Despite all of this, changes in your personal finances start to move forwards from 26th.  Appreciate your freedoms more than possessions!

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