June 2021 Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

On 10th we have a solar eclipse in Gemini (at 11.15 BST). Every eclipse belongs to an eclipse family called a Saros cycle and this particular one carries the themes of intuitive or even psychic understandings and hunches that can be trusted. Mercury is retrograde (also in Gemini) until 22nd) and communications should improve thereafter.

Saturn and Uranus have been vying with each other for most of the year, demanding self-honesty and courage to make dramatic changes in different areas of life for each sign. This dance is in play for most of the year but on 14th these two planets square up exactly for the second time this year. (The final crunch comes in December).

Mars heats up this dynamic from 28th – 30th when it opposes Saturn and squares Uranus. The only way to release the tension of this dynamic is to strike out and make changes in whichever areas of life Uranus is highlighting at present in your solar chart!

Saturn insists you have to be so honest with yourself for this to work out. And Uranus will only accept the pure uncompromised expression of who you now are: so no half-measures!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Home is looking lovely this month as Venus is gliding through your domestic sphere from 2nd – 27th bringing harmony and pleasure. You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home or share its pleasures with others by entertaining. And relations with mother-figures go well (as do your dealings with others if you happen to be a mother-figure yourself).

Your ruling planet Mars is on the case too until 11th which is normally a good time for DIY or hands on projects but it opposes powerful Pluto from 1st – 8th when power issues could occur. This could be between mother and father figures or the opposing demands of your professional life and emotion needs or home.

Venus then helps to smooth things along until the Sun comes to the rescue, bringing warmth and light from 21st. This area of your solar chart also covers self-nurture and personal development. What might that involve? Put plans into action!

Mercury planet of communication goes direct on 22nd which can help to sort out any recent misunderstandings. And Mars leaps into your romance,children and creativity zone from 11th but runs up against Saturn and Uranus from 28th – 30th…

There is ongoing tension or frustration for most of this year between personal creativity or desires and friendships, groups and the bigger picture. This month these burst out in your finance and values zone. Changes here really, really need to take place to ease the tension. Use money creatively, examine your values and see how you as a creative individual can work alongside others. Or is there confusion around your feelings and wondering whether a friend should be something more?


Taurus:    There is a strong focus on finances this month as the Sun illuminates your material world until 21st. Mercury is already retrograde here until 22nd, reviewing the situation. But New Moon on 10th which marks a fresh start is also a solar eclipse which belongs to an unusual family of eclipses that favour flashes of inspiration, so pay attention to yours!

Your powers of persuasion are strong as your ruling planet Venus is adding charm to all of your communications from 2nd – 27th. Dealings with neighbours and siblings go well and exercise, short journeys and trading are a pleasure. You are fully aware of power dynamics in relationships when Venus opposes Pluto around 22nd – 24th and it is up to you whether you call them out or not…

From 11th forceful Mars leaps into your 4th House of mother and home, ready for action. So what is it to be? Could this be time for a blitz, a makeover, DIY projects or a shake-up of dynamics in the home? Or could it be you being more assertive with mother-figures (or being more assertive if you are a mother-figure yourself)? The 4th House also rules self-nurture and personal development, so it could be time to take action here too!

Mars also stirs up another dynamic which has been brewing for most of this year. Saturn which is adding responsibilities (and perhaps extra work or frustrations) to your ambitions squares Uranus in your sign which is insisting on personal change. Saturn squares Uranus for the second of three times this year on 14th But Mars restimulates this theme again from 28th – 30th, adding the extra consideration of how to make home a suitable base for these changes to take place. Make those changes and be radical!


Gemini:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 21st radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression, although you may lose direction for a couple of days around 13th – 14th when Neptune can be bewildering. But New Moon in your sign on 10th, along with a solar eclipse, marks a new phase of life for you. Trust your instincts around what this needs to be.

And for those of you with a birthday in June, your birthday is your personal new year and the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer. New Moon in your sign on 10th marks a fresh emotional cycle too. This is yet another good reason to explore your birth chart and focus on what you hope for emotionally in the year ahead.

Mercury lends you mental energy, although it is unhelpfully retrograde until 22nd but this can be an opportunity to review how you have been communicating lately. And Mars’s arrival in the communications area of your chart from 11th gives you mental energy too. Try to fit in some exercise!

From 2nd Venus is bringing a rosier glow to your finances but Mars (also interested in financial improvement) runs into opposition from Pluto from 1st – 8th. ‘The money of others’, joint funds, taxes and debts could scupper your plans or your partner’s finances or demands could stop you in your tracks…

Mars runs into further problems from 28th – 30th when it runs up against both Saturn and Uranus. Your ideas, thoughts or words (or dealings with neighbours, siblings or traders) run up against larger legal, cultural or ethical truths which at best could bring about an epiphany or spiritual awakening or wonderful creativity behind the scenes or at worst: self-sabotage. Go for the former!


Cancer:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 21st!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Venus is in your sign too from 2nd – 27th, making you darling of the zodiac for the rest of the month. Your charms will be at their highest and you will attract others to you. And there will extra intensity around 22nd – 24th when Venus opposes Pluto in your opposite sign and the power dynamics in your relationships become very apparent…

Venus also squares Chiron which is at the top of your chart around 12th – 13th. This highlights the theme of wounding and healing in your career or in dealings with father or authority figures. Saturn and Neptune’s involvement from 16th – 24th is not easy to handle, raising questions about commitment and ideals. But even in the middle of this Venus and Jupiter team up from 18th – 19th to create pleasure and fun at the same time.

Mars is on the case moneywise from 11th but triggers ongoing issues between joint funds and friends or groups or brings up intimacy versus friendship and how that might rock the status quo.


Leo:    Your ruling planet the Sun is warming your 11th House of friends, groups and community until 21st. Venus is providing pleasure here too, so make time for socialising (and perhaps humanitarian campaigns after 22nd when Mercury helps communications by going direct).

New Moon and the solar eclipse on 10th also fall in this area of your chart. Every New Moon marks a new cycle but with an eclipse involved, the ‘flavour’ of the eclipse is important. The flavour of this eclipse is listening to your hunches and acting on them. And this applies to friendships, groups, community and political action. So what is it to be?

On 11th Mars leaps into your sign (as it does approximately every two years). This is a change of gear and energy around how you see yourself and how you go into the world. Every planet has a metal which best describes it. And for Mars this is the metal is iron which describes your determination to push your goals forward. Others beware! You will have no trouble being assertive, unless you veer into aggression which of course, we would all like to avoid…

Saturn has been squaring Uranus for most of the year and things get exacting when they are exactly square (which this month is 14th). For Leos this involves conflict between the current hard work or scarcity around relationships and partnerships versus your social status and ambitions for an original, compelling professional future. (Father figures or issues may feature too). Take a good look at all of this mid-month. And you may find yourself having to take another look when Mars triggers Saturn and Uranus from 28th – 30th. The way to relieve this tension is to strike out in a totally uncompromised way in your worldly standing. Grab your daring and courage and go for it!


Virgo:    Your career and social status are prominent this month as the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury move over the top of your solar chart (although Mercury is retrograde until 22nd, so allow for misunderstandings until then).. The solar eclipse on 10th occurs here too and adds a zing to the cycle that starts with this New Moon. Follow up on any innovative ambitions that suddenly come to mind. They have real possibilities.

Friends, groups and community are a source of pleasure for most of the month. Mars makes you pro-active here too until 11th. Joint funds or ‘the money (or monetary demands) of others’ may run against harmony with friends mid-month, as could the pressure or demands of children, lovers or personal creative projects around 22nd – 24th.

Saturn continues demanding your attention around work or health and squares Uranus on 14th, stimulating your world view or belief system. We are all sensitive, physically vulnerable creatures and have to come to some higher view of why we are here and how our beliefs inform our well-being. How we use our minds and states of consciousness are relevant here too. All of this is undergoing an awakening that is taking place all year. It could even be an epiphany. And Mars re-triggers this dynamic again from 28th – 30th.

Jupiter and Neptune are exploring your ideals around relationships and partnerships until 20th and 25th when they go retrograde to review recent developments. They will want to move forwards once again later in the year. And so will you…


Libra:    Your ruling planet Venus is helping your career or social status along from 2nd – 27th. People in positions of power are looking at you favourably. Ask for favours if you need them.

The Sun which is in your 9th House of travel, exploration and philosophy until 21st would love to roam but Mercury is retrograde until 22nd and prior arrangements may need to be re-arranged until after that. The solar eclipse on 10th is also looking for adventure and the nmore unusual: the better!

Venus also has an eventful month, running into the wounds of partners or relationships around 12th – 13th. Look out for opportunities for healing. Venus is in a lovely aspect to Neptune and operating selflessly from 20th – 21st but then power-playing Pluto barges in from 22nd – 24th. Use this time to observe the power balance in your relationships. Is there anything you need to change?

From 11th Mars will be forging its way through your friends, groups and community zone. You have energy to give here but Mars runs up against some opposition towards the end of the month. Your enthusiasm for collective projects runs up against your need for romance, children or individual creativity from 28th – 30th and the tension created by this clash bursts out in your shared zone of joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Only making changes to one or more of these areas of life will bring relief. So what is it to be?


Scorpio:    June is a good month for exploring as Venus glides through your 9th House of new terrains (physical or meta-physical) and the higher mind. This includes studies, ethics, different cultures and beliefs. Meeting people from different cultures is a pleasure and if you can travel to where they are, even better!

Communications in general improve after 22nd when Mercury goes direct. This can also help to clarify joint funds and any misunderstandings around intimacy and sharing. New Moon and the solar eclipse occur in this same area of your chart on 10th marks an unusual fresh start in your intimate life or in shared finances.

On 11th Mars adds extra drive to your ambitions. And from 27th Venus puts some helpful wind behind the sails of your worldly aspirations. People in positions of authority can be helpful then. You just have to ask.

Mars also runs into a big process taking place for Scorpios this year. Saturn is demanding a deep review of your home, early years and how well you meet your emotional needs. And this is squaring Uranus which is insisting on change in relationships and partnerships.

This dynamic is around all year but 14th is the second of three crunches when something has to give… What is it to be? If none of this seems to apply, it could involve issues around mother-figures and emotional patterns in childhood (or your own dealings as a mother-figure if you are one). Mars adds the extra element of desire for worldly ambition and social status from 28th – 30th and father-figures could feature too. Whichever way you look at it, relationships or partnerships HAVE TO change: or your attitude towards them of course


Sagittarius:    Your ruling planet Jupiter and also Neptune are exploring what the ideal home would be for you (physical and emotional). This an exploratory phase as they both go retrograde towards the end of the month but both will be ready to move further forwards later in the year.

Relationships and partnerships are high on the agenda too. New Moon and a solar eclipse on 10th mark a fresh cycle and one in which you should trust your hunches. Mercury is retrograde though until 22nd, so check to make sure everyone has understood the same thing.

Joint funds and intimacy are benefittng from the transit of Venus from 2nd – 27th. ‘The money of others’ may come your way, although the demands of lovers, children or creative projects may work counter to that mid-month. Strong feelings about your own security and survival could show up sharply around 22nd – 24th too.

Saturn and Uranus form a tense aspect (also mid-month), focusing your attention on the connection between your mind and your well-being. The two are linked. This could take the form of work or relations with colleagues or daily companions impacting your mental health. Likewise it could operate in the other direction with your mind and way of thinking impacting your physical health. We are finely-wired creatures and this is a time to take that wiring into account and finding a positive way of working with it. Physical movement and exercise can be key too.

This all gets stirred up again by Mars around 28th – 30th. Remember you are a mere human being and allow yourself some slack.


Capricorn:    Your mind is very much on work, health and daily matters this month. And the re-thinking that started late-May should have drawn its conclusions by 22nd when Mercury goes direct once again. How to help others could now be clearer. Do what you can.

Relationships and partnerships are flowing sweetly, as Venus glides through your opposite sign from 2nd – 27th and things look particularly good on 3rd and 20th – 21st. Mars is urging you to be pro-active in relationships until 11th and the Sun picks up the baton, providing warmth and self-expression from 21st.

The need for financial restrictions or monetary responsibilities clash with unpredictable matters connected to lovers, children or creative projects. This has been looming for a few months. But the first crunch comes on the lead up to 14th. There may be heated feelings around joint funds, partner’s finances and ‘the money of others’ which intensifies matters too…

The solar eclipse on 10th marks a fresh cycle around work, health, well-being and the well-being of others. Trust your hunches. And Full Moon in your sign on 24th presents you with a tricky hot potato… What is the true cost of your relationships and to what extent do they run against your individual needs? Only you know the answer.


Aquarius:    Your ruling planet Uranus which has been insisting on revolution in your career and worldly ambitions, forms an exact square to Saturn in your sign on 14th. This is the second of three such meetings this year. And the message for you is to carry out a deep review of how you have been dealing with self expression and your sense of identity.

In addition to this is the need to strike out doing your own thing, in your own way, out there in the world. Mars stirs this all up again from 28th – 30th when action on the home front forces you to look at what it is that needs to be looked at. None of this is comfortable: but growth rarely is.

New Moon on 10th is also a solar eclipse in your travel, studies, philosophy and world view zone. Publishing (in all its forms) comes into this too and you should follow your instincts. Mercury also goes direct here on 22nd, helping to resolve any recent misunderstandings.

Venus is adding a sense of well-being to daily life and your self-care rituals from 2nd – 27th. Relations with colleagues and daily companions should go well too, apart from possible power surges (not sure whose…) around 22nd – 24th. Venus then glides into your opposite sign but Mars got there first on 11th. This usually raises the temperature in relationships and partnerships. Now could that be due to anger or passion? Venus is onboard from 28th, so maybe the former then the latter?


Pisces:    Your ruling planet Neptune and Jupiter are both calling for the highest octave of what you can offer. This will most likely involve spiritual growth and largesse which is needed in the present situation. This is an exploratory call as Jupiter and then Neptune go retrograde on 20th and 25th to carry out a review of how you have done so far. But they will both be back later in the year, asking for yet more. Restore yourself, appreciate your own progress so far and prepare for more that will be demanded of you later.

Your 4th House which is at the base of your solar chart is being activated. And although this may be confusing until after 22nd when Mercury goes direct: a new cycle is starting here. The 4th House rules matters relating to mother, home, roots, foundations, self-nurture, personal development and dealings with mother-figures. It can also involve how your are dealing with things if you are a mother-figure yourself.

The solar eclipse on 10th falls in this area of your chart too and belongs to an eclipse family that is intuitive, even psychic and gives flashes of hunches that you can trust. Act on your new understanding,even though you may not know where it comes from.

Saturn and Uranus are squaring each other for most of the year but come to an exact square on 14th. For Pisceans this involves the interplay of communications and your conscious mind versus the collective unconscious. Can you voice your inner-voice? Dealings with neighbours and siblings are startling and Mars stirs up these again at the end the month. Meditation, prayer and whatever spiritual practices your are comfortable with are helpful and can allow healing to take place.

Mars leaps into your work, health and service to others zone from 11th. This is raw energy. Attend to your own health and well-being. So much is being demanded of you. And as we are always told: put on your own oxygen mask before you help others. You are a central, important resource for others right now. Look after that resource!


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