May 2020 Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

A flash of lightning starts the month as Mercury and Uranus burn a fresh image into our minds. This is a fleeting moment but the Sun, also in Taurus can carry forward the possibility of this vision, for us all. Can we find security in some way other than the material? Mercury and Uranus ask, “What about creativity or a value system that gives a sense of security? Or what about sharing what we have so others do not have to suffer?” The first world and developing world come strongly to mind.

It may feel like we have already done a lot of reflecting recently but three planets go retrograde within three days of each other this month which means we have yet more reflecting to do.

Saturn is first to go retrograde in Aquarius on 11th, Venus in Gemini on 13th and Jupiter in Capricorn on 14th. On a collective level this requires a deep review of the responsibilities of being part of the human race (especially our accountability to others), how we communicate and what true growth would look like (as opposed to meaningless expansion).

Also on 13th Mars leaps into Pisces, intent on active compassion and moving us forward spiritually. Neptune planet of ideals is in residence here already and takes exception to empty words which are being bandied about (square to Venus in Gemini), especially during the first half of the month.

New Moon on 22nd is also in Gemini. This is a fresh cycle in communications. Let us hope for better things.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    The month starts with a brainwave or sudden change in your way of thinking about finances. Ideas which seem way out of the box, might just work! The Sun provides sustained energy for you to follow through too until 20th.

Communications are also looking pretty interesting this month. Things seem to be going well until 13th when Venus’s move retrograde calls for a review of how you have been relating on an everyday level. This could also involve a review of how you make information available to others. Dealings with neighbours or siblings may require more thought too and whether or not you have been showing compassion to those in difficulty (which might even include yourself).

Saturn also goes retrograde from 11th, calling for a review of your responsibilities regarding friends, groups, communities or organisations you belong to and humanitarian ideals or campaigns. Have you been showing up?

Jupiter also goes retrograde in your 10th House of father, career and social status on 14th and heads back towards Pluto (which is also mid-review). More transformational change is on the way in your professional or social standing… The power of authority and father-figures is still very dominant, as is the need to look at your own use of power if you happen to be an authority yourself. This too impacts how you think about finances, security and values.

From 13th your ruling planet Mars wants to take action on a compassionate, spiritual or creative front. Exploring your inner-workings could energise you. And your online life could be ready for lift-off. Could it be you have spotted a potential rocket? Fasten your seat belt!


Taurus:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. You are full of creative ideas too as the month begins. In fact your ideas are so startling, they may even keep you awake. If so, get up and use that time to work on carrying your vision through. This could involve new ways of thinking about yourself which is exactly the purpose of Mercury meeting Uranus in your sign!

Finances seem mixed in May. Everything starts off looking ok but your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde on 13th which requires a review of how good (or how bad) things really are. Neptune is also asking how you can personally be ok when humanity is suffering and whether you have a social conscience? Community action, political campaigns or making donations could be a good outlet for these tensions. This Venus-Neptune square could also be an opportunity to revisit a creative idea you could revive to fulfill a future vision in some way.

Your career zone has a clear run with Mars and Saturn on board until 11th, then Saturn goes retrograde to review what needs to happen here. Mars moves on too on 13th when your energies lean towards friends, groups and community matters. Collective projects grab your imagination and you may find yourself feeling more political than usual. This can also be a source of energy for you. If you have been thinking of joining or starting a group, now would be a great time! Go with it!

Jupiter goes retrograde too on 14th and heads back towards Pluto in your 9th House of exploration, travel and study. Your worldview is still undergoing deep change and you may want to take action in some way in line with how things look to you now. As travel is out for most of us, if an area of study beckons, your immersion in it could be life-changing, as could making your voice heard more widely (perhaps online?)


Gemini:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

You will also be pleased to know that Venus continues in your sign all month, making you darling of the zodiac. But on 13th it goes retrograde, calling you to review how you have been relating and whether this fits with your ‘ideal self’ and desired standing in the world. What changes need to be put in place?

Saturn goes retrograde too on 11th in your travel and philosophy zone – another review needed here and Jupiter goes retrograde on 14th in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. Have you been overdoing things? Or have decisions about joint finances and intimacy been in line with your principles?

From 13th your father and career zone is high energy as Mars forges ahead there. Ambitions and the energy to achieve them are at hand. You just have to focus and assert yourself.

New Moon on 22nd marks the start of your emotional New Year. Aim your energy in a direction that will help you to find all you hope for in your emotional life in the year ahead. Apart from the deep reviews we are all going through, the world is looking fresh and new. Many Happy Solar and Lunar Returns!


Cancer:    There are many things to review and reflect on this month, so it is lucky that Cancerians by nature, are prone to doing just that. The month starts with a lively burst of mental energy in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. A sudden brainwave could be a winner and you could be just the person to excite others to join you in your vision!

The big review period starts on 11th when Saturn goes retrograde in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. Some matters here need to be looked at again. This is just part one, as Saturn will be returning full-time, in December for a much longer stay.

The second planet to go retrograde is Venus on 13th in your 12th House of compassion, the unconscious and creativity behind the scenes. How have you been relating to those less-fortunate and to your inner-creativity? Neptune is looking at how closely you have been following spiritual principles too…

Jupiter is the third planet that about-turns from 14th in your relationships and partnerships zone. Have you been overdoing something here? Or not acknowledging your need for growth?

While all of these planets move backwards, Mars at least forges onwards, leaping into your travel, philosophy and worldview sector on 13th. Your urge to explore will be strong and while it may not be possible to do this in person geographically, the higher mind and deep study are areas still open to us all. Exploring different cultures and belief systems could also fill you with energy and interest and your online world could enrich your mind!


Leo:    Creative Leos are fuelled by appreciation from their audience and with social-distancing currently in place (as I write in late-April), the remoteness of your fans makes it harder to feel that energy. You may come up with some great ideas however when Mercury and Uranus meet in your career zone at the very start of the month. This could involve sparkling ideas around teaching, finding new ways to share your talents or an idea for a new creative project. Your ruling planet the Sun is ready to follow through too!

Partnerships (including creative ones) also progress well until 11th when Saturn goes retrograde to review matters here. Venus goes retrograde too on 13th in your friends, groups and community zone and Jupiter likewise on 14th in your 6th House of work, health, daily routine and service to others. Have you been over-doing things here in some way? Or could you inspire yourself better on a daily level or explore spiritual routes to well-being and developing your skills?

So much to review and think about during the second half of the month. But this too can be fuel for future creative projects. And meanwhile Mars is urging you forwards from 13th, re joint funds, intimacy and sharing. If action is needed in any of these areas, you have the energy and determination to push things forwards.

New Moon on 22nd falls in your solar 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. This is a good time to join (or start) a group, community or campaign. Now what might that be?


Virgo:    Your ruling planet Mercury starts the month in dazzling form as it joins revolutionary Uranus on 1st in your philosophy and worldview zone. Your online life could be exciting too. In fact Mercury is fast-moving all month, covering many ideas and giving much food for thought.

Saturn goes retrograde on 11th requiring a review of work, health, daily routine and service to others. This is just an introduction to a longer review that starts late-December. So notice what you notice and keep you observations somewhere safe until later in the year.

Jupiter also goes retrograde on 14th in your romance, children, creativity and speculation zone. Have you been over-doing things here in some way or alternatively, have you not been expansive enough? You have until September to mull this over before moving forwards once again.

Venus continues to smooth your career path this month but from 13th it goes retrograde, requiring you to review some aspect of how you have been relating professionally or with father figures (or with your children or subordinates if you happen to be an authority figure yourself).

Neptune in your partnerships zone could also cloud the view and sits uncomfortably in some way with your worldly standing. New Moon on 22nd also falls in your career zone. If you have ambitions in mind, start making plans!

Mars keeps the work and health front active until 13th, then it leaps into your relationships and partnerships zone. Mars is heat and energy which can generate passion (or conflict). Either way, it will not be boring!


Libra:    Your finances could be impacted by partners as the month begins when Mercury meets Uranus in your joint funds zone. This could be a fleeting shake up. Intimacy and sharing could be startling too. The Sun helps you to look on this creatively though which is a blessing. We make our own reality by how we think about things.

On 11th Saturn goes retrograde in your romance, children, creativity and speculation zone. This is just the first part of a long review that starts full-time later in the year. Mars is still pushing ahead here until 13th but then turns its attentions to work, health, service to others and daily routine. Yes, an excellent time to put a new regime in place or to take steps towards a job change.

Jupiter goes retrograde too from 14th in your mother and home zone. Have you been overdoing things here? Or have you not been paying attention to your emotional and domestic needs or your need for personal development?

Your ruling planet Venus starts the month off happily enough in your travel and philosophy zone but goes retrograde on 13th to take a second look at beliefs and principles. And New Moon on 22nd marks a fresh start here too. Your online-life may offer fresh perspectives too. Be open to different cultures.


Scorpio:    Exhilarating thoughts about relationships and partnerships could take you by surprise on 1st when Mercury and Uranus join forces, close to the Sun which is creatively moving through this area of your solar chart until 20th.

Intimacy, joint funds and sharing run smoothly until 13th when Venus goes retrograde. Your pattern of relating is up for review, as is to what extent you are helped or hampered by your ideals around romance, children or creativity as Neptune challenges from an uncomfortable angle.

Progress can be made on the home-front until 11th when Saturn also goes retrograde. And two days later Mars leaps into your romance, children and creativity zone, looking for action…

Jupiter goes retrograde too from 14th back in your 3rd House of ideas and communications which continues in its deep and profound transformational process in your way of thinking.

Emotion may be high with Full Moon in your sign on the morning of 7th (so the big build-up is on 6th). And New Moon on 22nd falls in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. Could you share more of yourself?


Sagittarius:    Sudden realisations about work, health or well-being may take you by surprise as the month begins and your nervous system may need a project or some long walks to even itself out.

Reviews are taking place in many areas of your life as three planets go retrograde from 11th – 14th, including communications, partnerships and finances.

Communications is the first area to look at as Saturn goes retrograde from 11th. Your everyday dealings are up for scrutiny as are dealings connected to trading, neighbours or siblings, any of which may feel like heavy jelly… Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde on 14th in your finance zone. Have you over-extended yourself? Time to take a second look.

Partnerships are seemingly fine until 13th, when Venus goes retrograde. But even before then, ideals around mother and home bring partnerships into . question. Reality and the dream may seem far apart and what to do about that? And when Mars leaps into your mother and home zone on 13th and onwards, you may find yourself very much wanting to do something about it…
Self-nurture and your need for personal development should be part of your focus too.

New Moon on 22nd falls in your relationships and partnerships zone. In view of all the above, could it be time to turn over a new leaf?


Capricorn:    A mental jolt as the month begins, enlightens your worldview. And the Sun ponders on this before getting busy from 20th. (Changing your beliefs is allowed!)

Although Mars is trying to make headway with your finances at first, your ruling planet Saturn goes retrograde on 11th and starts heading back towards your sign. Fiscal arrangements need looking at again, as does your position on security and values.

Work and health seem to be running smoothly until 13th when Venus goes retrograde, leaving more room for disquieting thoughts to take hold. Venus can sometimes represent over-indulgence. Could that have been the case recently? A healthier regime may be needed or a more structured daily routine. Relations with colleagues and daily companions may need reviewing too (including pets).

Jupiter is the last planet to go retrograde, this time and in your own sign. Being the planet of growth, expansion and opportunity, the question is have you been over-extending yourself or alternatively not taken risks that would have made your world wider? Your have until September to give this some thought.

From 13th Mars generates the urge for physical exercise and ups your mental energy and you will want to act on your ideas which is fine but try not to antagonise others by your tone…

New Moon on 22nd falls in your 6th House of work, health, daily routine and service to others. Your suspicions were right. You do need to start a new regime.


Aquarius:    The Sun is highlighting your home for the first three weeks of May. Mercury and your ruling planet Uranus give a flash of insight as the month begins and the Sun boosts your energy and enthusiasm to see projects through that need to happen in line with this new vision.

We spring into the world from the home and this is a time to build a good base for yourself, so you can take the world by storm without domestic disruptions later on. Personal development comes into this too. Mother figures take on a fresh importance and your urge to nurture them and others will be strong. Express these feelings.

Your unconscious is undergoing a review too as Jupiter goes retrograde from 14th, looking at how expansive you have been on the humane or creative front. Your spirituality might be calling more loudly.

Romance, creativity and dealings connected to children seem to be running smoothly too until Venus goes retrograde on 13th. Misgivings about income and security were already running counter to this and the whole thing needs to be reviewed and thought out once again.

Saturn goes retrograde in your sign on 11th, taking you back to look at your identity, self-expression and outlets for your creativity. This theme is then picked up by the New Moon on 22nd which will call for a new, creative way forwards.

Mars applies itself to your finances from 13th but with Neptune emitting fog nearby, its attempts may be scuppered until things are clearer. Meanwhile seek a sense of security through creativity and value systems.


Pisces:    A flash of brilliance could lift your thoughts as the month begins and you may try to make it into a concrete reality as the Sun illuminates your mind until 20th.

Unconscious processing about friends or groups or a campaign or your tribe continue to preoccupy you from 11th. An opportunity for growth may have been missed here (along with the responsibilities involved). You have until September to reconsider your position.

But meanwhile on 13th Mars leaps into your sign (as it does approximately every two years), adding dynamism and determination to your creative self-expression. This is a change of gear and energy settings around how you see yourself and how you go into the world.

You will have no trouble being assertive, unless of course you veer into aggression which we would all like to avoid… But if there is something you have been wanting to achieve, now could be your moment.

Your 4th House of mother and home are demanding your attention too. Things seem on the surface to be going well until 13th when Venus goes retrograde. But however well things looked from the outside, they have not been sitting comfortably with you. Happiness at home is one of our fundamental foundations of life. Give this all the attention it needs, especially at New Moon on 22nd when a fresh start is possible.


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