April 2016

Our shared planetary picture

A startling New Moon in Aries on 7th involves Uranus – planet of change, disruption and revolution which could bring either exciting, alarming or astonishing events and awakenings.  It also squares Pluto in Capricorn which poses a challenge to existing hierarchies and the current status quo.

As individuals we have very little say in world events unless we group together to have a collective voice and there is a chance now of actually being heard.  Also in our own lives, how we think about things makes our ‘reality’ so being open to new ways of thinking can revolutionise our own lives too.

Mars goes retrograde in Sag. on 17th taking us all back to look at how we have been asserting ourselves in certain areas of life (different for each sign).  We have until late June to review this, before moving forwards again.

Saturn also went retrograde in these same areas of life last month, so a doubly deep review is taking place.  If we can face our earlier and present shortcomings, we can find better ways of asserting ourselves and taking responsibility, when taking action becomes fully possible again mid-August.

Meanwhile Neptune in Pisces is squaring both Mars and Saturn so proceeding in our old way of doing things is unlikely to work anyway.  We need to develop subtler strategies that take others into consideration and the bigger picture too.  A wider way of thinking (and acting) can also bring personal growth.

A Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) of planets in Earth signs mid-month (13th – 17th) offers creative, expansive and workable good ideas.  Be open to these too, apply them now and also keep hold of them for future application.

Pluto goes retrograde on 18th challenging old ambitions and their worthiness.  If they hold positive content, they will survive this testing but if they are now inappropriate to who you truly are, these too will need to go.  This is just dead wood moving out of your path.  Resist holding on to anything that seems to be on the way out.  Let it go.

How appropriate our leaders are is another huge area up for review and who we give authority to needs deep thought…

This looks like an interesting and important month both individually and collectively.  Do your personal ‘homework’ and use your local and global voice for a better world (before 28th when Mercury goes retrograde)!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   The Sun illuminates your sign until 19th and New Moon in Aries on 7th marks a dazzling fresh start to your personal new year.  Make new resolutions regarding your emotional life.  Your social status is linked to this in some way too.

Your ruling planet Mars can’t really push ahead at present as Neptune diffuses it all month and it also goes retrograde on 17th.  Saturn is already retrograde in the same area of your chart which means a double review is needed – now!

The areas to re-assess involve exploring – both physically as in travel and the great outdoors and metaphysically as in deep study, religion and philosophy.  Cultural, legal and ethical principles and ‘the truth’ (whatever that means to you) are also up for grabs. Give the matters that resonate with you right now, the time that they need.

On a lighter note, Venus in your sign makes you the zodiac’s favourite from 5th onwards.  You’ll love surprising others around 20th – 22nd when Uranus joins in too.  Enjoy your popularity!


Taurus:   Your inner workings are hyper-active this month as Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and New Moon (on 7th) all shake you up.  Any self-defeating or self-harming habits can be examined and taken in hand.  Pay attention to the content of your dreams and your self-talk too.  There could also be an awakening through your online, charitable, spiritual or creative life.  The 20th – 22nd could bring surprises too.

The month before your birthday is often one of lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  But on 19th the Sun moves into Taurus and restores your energy reserves bringing a very welcome sense of renewal.

The Mars-Saturn review everyone is getting falls in your 8th House of the transformational processes of life (birth, sex and death), joint funds (taxes, debts and inheritances) and sharing.  These are heavy-weight areas and you have to go back and re-examine how you’ve been dealing with one or more of these and work out what would be a better way forward.  You have until mid-August to think this through.

Mercury in Taurus is looking good until 28th (when it goes retrograde) and especially good from 13th – 17th.  Only when our mind is at its most positive do we become aware of our full potential and this is one of those periods!  Be sure to make a note and follow up on creative ideas that come to mind around this time.

A strong Full Moon in Scorpio is in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships.  It’s early morning (06.23 BST) on 22nd and the big build up on 21st finds an emotional you!


Gemini:   All kinds of unfathomable things are going on with relationships and partnerships.  Mars and your urge to push forward is thwarted by Neptune all month (which continues to mystify and confuse your public and your social status zone). On 17th Mars also goes retrograde and the following day Pluto does likewise (in your joint funds zone).

Saturn is already retrograde in your 7th House when Mars joins it in reverse which means a double review needs to take place about relationships and partnerships.  Further thought is needed and you have until mid-August to mull this all over before you can fully take action.

Your ruling planet Mercury is busy behind the scenes bringing some of your inner workings to light.  This is rich material for creative work and for understanding others better.  Mercury goes retrograde on 28th however so deal with any important paperwork before then.

The welcome relief of the month comes from friends, groups, and community who wake you up, enthuse you and keep you going.  New Moon on 7thalso falls in this area of your chart and brings fresh possibilities and surprises could follow around 20th – 22nd.  Enjoy their company and input!


Cancer:   There’s lots happening in your professional sphere of father, career and social status.  And New Moon on 7th brings an unexpected fresh start and could propel you into the public eye in some way.  Partners however may have a strong opinion about this which could be tricky…

Making headway in your 6th House of work, health and service to others may not be possible right now.  This could include dealings with colleagues, daily companions, employees, daily routine and pets!  Mid-month Mars goes retrograde, joining Saturn which is also in reverse here.

You need to stop and carry out a review in how you’ve been dealing with one or more of these areas and how you want to deal with them in the future.  You have until mid-August to complete this review.  Then, better-informed, you can take action.

Neptune squares both Mars and Neptune all month.  Ideals, unrealistic thinking or mis-information around travel, studies, cultural differences, in-laws, legal or ethical matters, cause you to stop in your tracks.  Do stop and explore the issues involved.

Expect the unexpected around 20th – 22nd when out of the blue opportunities arise or a benefactor brings surprises.  Of course, without question, you’re worth it!


Leo:   ‘Exploring’ either physically (through travel and the great outdoors) or metaphysically (through deep study, religion, philosophy, different cultures, ethics or legal matters) present you with new perspectives.  This is an awakening.  How we think about things makes our reality and here is a chance to break out of the restraints of your usual mindset.  Be open to this vast new view!

Mars and Saturn have put the brakes on in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity and you have to carry out a review in one or more of these areas.  How have you been handling things in the past?  And what might better strategies be?  You have until mid-August before you can apply your conclusions.  Do your inner homework meanwhile.

Sun moves into your 10th House of father, career and social status on 19th, illuminating and giving energy to your ambitions.  Mercury’s there too from 5th but goes retrograde on 28th.  See to important professional communications during the middle three weeks of the month.

Money-making ideas that abound around 13th – 17th could bear real fruit in the future.  Get to work to make them possible!


Virgo:   Joint funds, sharing, intimacy and ‘the money of others’ dominate the month which could take the form of donations, taxes, debts and inheritances.  And a radical new regime, budget or agreement is possible with New Moon on 7th.  Events around 20th – 22nd could also shake things up and take you by surprise!

Your mother, home, self-care and personal development zone is very demanding at present.  Saturn went retrograde here last month and on 17th Mars too goes retrograde, so pushing ahead may not be possible until you’ve carried out a deep internal review.  You have until mid-August to carry this out.

Mars and Saturn are also blocked all month by Neptune’s idealism or self-deception in your relationships and partnerships zone.  Ideals, unhelpful dreams or unscrupulous partners may be getting in the way of your growth.  Drastic action to solve this may not be possible.  Deeper thought, self-honesty and developing subtler strategies are your best immediate responses until you’re fully able to take action mid-August.

On the plus side, your ruling planet Mercury is busy exploring your travel, different cultures, deep study, religion, philosophy and legal zone.  It is also in good aspect with Jupiter and Pluto from 13th – 17th.  Make a note of creative ideas that come to mind then.  They have real content.

Make hay while the sun shines as Mercury goes retrograde on 28th, so deal with any important paperwork well before then.


Libra:   There’s lots happening in your relationships and partnerships zone and an intense New Moon on 7th offers a fresh start here in some way which may be startling and there may be repercussions on the home front.  Surprises turn up too around 20th – 22nd.

Communications and dealings with siblings and neighbours may feel skewered this month, on the one hand by Neptune creating fog in your work, health and service to others zone and then mid-month Mars goes retrograde, joining Saturn which is already retrograde in this area of your chart.

This means a review is needed in relation to thought, communications, trading, physical movement and dealings with siblings and neighbours.  Look at how you’ve been dealing with these areas in the past and how you want to deal with them in the future.

Give thought to joint funds, loans and debts this month.  Good ideas could occur mid-month but keep a clear head about finances around Full Moon on 21st – 22nd


Scorpio:   Work, health and service to others is a lively area this month and new offers may turn up around New Moon on 7th.  Venus is one of the planets involved which brings harmony to relationships with colleagues or daily companions.  There could be pleasant surprises around 20th – 22nd too.

Finances may resist improvement, despite every effort on your part, as Mars and Saturn are both heading backwards by mid-month.  This brings up the subject of what is enough and where or how a feeling of security is found and it may not be through material things.  The changes needed may be inner not outer and creativity or a value system that gives a sense of security could hold the key.

Your ruling planet Pluto is well-aspected mid-month (13th – 17th).  Follow through with creative ideas, especially ones that include friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  Pluto goes retrograde on 18th however to take you back to review how you think about things and perhaps how you’ve been dealing with neighbours or siblings.  This review lasts until late September.

Full Moon in your sign on 21st / 22nd finds an emotional you.  Gather up the insight it provides and keep things rational…


Sagittarius:   It’s hard to tell if you’re coming or going with Saturn going backwards in your sign.  Mars, also in Sag is clouded by Neptune and you can’t just keep doing things in your usual way.  It won’t work.  More subtle strategies are needed and you need to stop and take stock to find out what they may be.  (Taking others into consideration could be a clue… ).

Mars also goes retrograde on 17th.  This means a double review is needed to look at how you’ve dealt in the past with goal setting, applying your will, assertiveness, sexual expression and the use of physical energy in general and your whole identity and how you want to deal with these things in the future.  Meanwhile, don’t despair and remember – confusion is a creative state!

Pluto also goes retrograde on 18th in your finance, security and values zone.  A transformation is taking place here.  The question of what is enough presents itself and exploring where the feeling of enough comes from.  Your stand on what is important in life is undergoing deep changes.  You may have to let go of past values for the inner growth that is needed.

Romance, children and creativity thankfully offer excitement and fun this month with New Moon on 7th bringing fresh beginnings and then surprises on 20th – 22nd.  Take comfort here.


Capricorn:   A Grand Trine in Earth signs mid-month (from 13th – 17th) fills you with creative ideas.  Strike while the iron is hot and put them into action.  On 18th Pluto goes retrograde in your sign, taking you back to review how you’ve been handling your personal power.  You have until late September to look into this.

Otherwise everything’s happening on your mother and home front.  There’s a startling fresh start with New Moon here on 7th.  Venus is in residence too from 5th encouraging you to beautify your home, entertain and share its pleasures with others.

Your inner workings are busy too.  Mars goes retrograde mid-month and your ruling planet Saturn is already retrograde here.  A review is needed of one or more of the following: how you deal with your psychological patterns, self-talk, self-harming habits, compassion, your online life, your spiritual life and creativity behind the scenes.  Your conscious mind may not be helpful in achieving this but help from an experienced counsellor or spiritual guide may be.

Confusion around communications, depleted physical energy or dealings with siblings or neighbours could also get in the way of doing your inner homework.  Seek professional help and guidance to keep you on track.


Aquarius:   So much is happening in your 3rd House of communications.  Ideas are bursting out, your mind is buzzing and it may be hard to sleep with so much going on in your head.  Direct some of this energy into projects (New Moon on 7th would be a good time to start) and direct some into exercise, so that it doesn’t just run around your nervous system.  Get your ideas out there.

New forms of physical movement can bring exciting changes too.  Our neural pathways are linked to physical movement and new moves can open up new ways of thinking – be experimental!   Neighbours and siblings could be startling too…

Mars and Saturn are reversing through your 11th House of friends, groups, community, organisations, collectives and humanitarian ideals.  Making headway isn’t possible as a review needs to take place in how you’ve been dealing with one or more of these areas.  You have until mid-August to give this some thought and only then can all of your conclusions be applied.

Your ruling planet Uranus meets up with Venus around 20th – 22nd bringing mental delights.  This also coincides with Full Moon in your professional or public sphere.  The world needs your original ideas!


Pisces:   Your financial situation seems to be changing by the minute or your attitude towards it is – perhaps both…  A startling New Moon on 7th brings unexpected changes or realisations and marks the perfect time to put a new budget or money plan in place.  New money-making ventures could also be exciting and bring surprises, especially around 20th – 22nd.

Alternatively, an awakening could take place in your value system.  And freedom from possessions or a minimalist, eco-friendly-low-impact lifestyle could be the exciting challenge you’ve been looking for.

Meanwhile your 10th House of father, career and social status is under strain.  Saturn moved retrograde here last month and on 17th Mars does likewise.  Your ruling planet Neptune is also squaring these two all month so making headway is unlikely as a deep review needs to take place in looking deeply into one or more of these areas of life and also how fittingly (or otherwise) you’ve been asserting yourself…

You have until mid-August to work out what changes you need to make, then you can take action to apply your conclusions.  It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to proceed as normal until then, so take this time to also develop more subtle strategies that take others into more consideration.

Pluto also goes retrograde on 18th in your communications zone.  New ways of thinking about things can bring transformation to you.  Look into different ways to train your mind (e.g. meditation, hypnosis, positive-thinking, affirmations etc.).  Different forms of physical movement can have massive impact too.  Dealings with neighbours and siblings may also need reviewing.  Apply positive principles to the use of your mind and how you express it!


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