January 2021

Our shared planetary picture

We have an interesting month ahead with two strong lunations.  New Moon in Capricorn on 13th falls on transformational Pluto, marking a powerful new cycle for us all (in different areas of life for each sign).  And Full Moon in Leo on 28th involves Jupiter, Mars and Uranus, giving us a big and boisterous, unpredictable planetary cocktail…

On 6th Mars leaps into Taurus and will be in pursuit of satisfying the senses and building things.  Meanwhile Uranus goes direct on 14th, also in Taurus which means weare ready to express ourselves in a less compromised way.  And when Mars joins Uranus from 16th – 20th, anything could happen!  This is a rebellious combination, unwilling to follow direction or orders from anywhere.  Currencies or financial models may take an unexpected turn.  But on a creative level, it gives energy and deep originality (again in different areas of life for each sign).

Our minds should be operating at their most positive as Mercury joins Jupiter in Aquarius on 11th.  Make a note of any good ideas you have then!  The Sun meets up with Saturn on 24th which is good for focusing on long-term group plans.  And Venus and Pluto join forces on 27th – 28th adding emotional intensity to the already intense Full Moon.  We could see some big changes this month!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Venus is helping your professional life from 8th.  This is good for getting backing and support from people in positions of authority.  Do not be afraid to ask for favours or support if you think it could help you.  New Moon on 13th also falls in this area of your solar chart.  This marks a new cycle and as Pluto is only one degree away, this could be a transformational fresh start with father-figures, career or social status.  This is actually a better day to make New Year’s resolutions than Jan 1st!

Your ruling planet Mars leaves your sign on the 6th and moves into the 2nd House of your solar chart.  This heats up your urge to deal with money, possessions, security and values. Uranus is already sitting here and when Mars moves in, it joins Uranus from the 16th to the 20th.  This is not a time for compromise but a time for striking out in your own original direction.  And others will just have to get used to that…

As the month progresses, the emphasis moves to your 11th house of friend, groups, community, society and humanitarian ideals, especially from the 19th when the Sun illuminates these matters.  This new emphasis is echoed in the year ahead too, as Saturn and Jupiter moved in to this area of your solar chart in mid-December.  Jupiter and Saturn chips it brings growth and expansion an opportunity in one or more of these areas and campaigns come into this and politics.  And Saturn brings responsibilities or lessons in some way.

This is where the Full Moon on 28th that we mentioned earlier comes in.   Mars and Uranus are at 90*to the Moon and Jupiter is close to the Sun.  This gives it an extra emphasis which should help to propel you forward to and this might come in quite unexpected ways but it could be quite exciting as well which is some thing that Aries usually welcomes.

Have a good month!


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus may help ‘the money of others’ to come your way until 8th but Venus then glides for the rest of the month through your 9th House of travel, deep study, philosophy and ‘the truth’, helping to bring pleasure and good relations with people from different countries and cultures.  New Moon on 13th falls in this area of your solar chart too and also lands on Pluto, making it a regenerative fresh start.  If you have been considering adding a spiritual practice or studies to your life, now could be a good time to start.

On 6th Mars leaps into your sign (as it does approximately every two years).  This is a change of gear and energy settings around how you see yourself and how you go into the world.  Every planet has a metal which best describes it.  And for Mars this is the metal is iron which describes your determination to push your goals forward.  Others beware!  You will have no trouble being assertive, unless you veer into aggression which (of course) we would all like to avoid…

As Uranus has already been shaking up your sense of self for almost two years, when Mars joins forces with it (especially from 16th – 20th), you will want to strike out in a way that truly expresses who you now are.

Your worldly status got a boost from Jupiter and Saturns’ arrival at the top of your chart last month.  Mercury is full of ideas but then goes retrograde on 30th but the Sun brings warmth and light here from 19th.  Full Moon on 28th in your mother and home zone involves Jupiter and also triggers Mars and Uranus.  Venus meets Pluto on the same day, so expect emotional intensity and an awakening…

Have a good month!


Gemini:    Relationships run smoothly for the first eight days of the month and then Venus joins Pluto and the Sun in your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing.  You could benefit from ‘the money of others’ or become more aware of the power of money (or sex) when Venus joins Pluto on 27th – 28th.  But before that there is a New Moon on 13th, also involving Pluto which marks a deep new cycle in one or more of these areas of life.

Meanwhile your ruling planet Mercury is thinking hard about travel, deep studies, different cultures, philosophy and ‘the truth’.  Ethics and legal matters may come into this too.  Jupiter and Saturn activated this part of your solar chart last month and the Sun’s arrival on 19th sheds light on some of the things you have been wondering about.  Mercury goes retrograde on 30th though which will require a period of further thought.

Mars is busy with friends, groups and community until 6th.  It then leaps into your 12th House of the unconscious.  Uranus has been stirring things up here over the pasttwo years and the arrival of Mars will make it impossible to ignore the messages your unconscious is presenting you with.  Dreams can be informative, pay attention to their content.

Full Moon on 28th falls in your communications zone and triggers your beliefs and your unconscious.  You could also get involved in charities connected to the law, different countries or belief systems.  Creativity behind the scenes and your online world could take off too!

Have a good month!


Cancer:    Just when you thought relationship or partnership issues had calmed down and things were getting sweeter (helped along by Venus).  The New Moon on 13th shakes everything up again.  This is a fresh start though and a transformational one too as Pluto is very close by.  Start as you hope to go on.

Mars leaves your ambitions, father, career and social status zone from 6th and moves into your 11th House of friends, groups and community.  This adds extra energy and determination to group projects or campaigns.  As Uranus is already shaking things up here, you can expect further dynamic surprises, especially around Full Moon on 28th.  Friends, groups and communities you belong to can help to bring an awakening to you.

Mixed messages are coming from your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone.  The new arrivals of Jupiter and Saturn bring expansion and contraction while the Sun brings hope from 19th but Mercury goes retrograde from 30th, as further thought is needed on one or more of these matters.

The Full Moon on 28th has Jupiter (planet of growth, expansion and opportunity) alongside the Sun and the Mars – Uranus conjunction at 90° to it.  This will be a ‘big’ Full Moon in terms of repercussions!

Have a good month!


Leo:    Romance, creativity and dealings with children go well until 8th, then Venus moves on into your work, health and service to others zone.  This helps you to find pleasure in your daily rituals and in your dealings with colleagues and daily companions (including pets).  New Moon on 13th also falls in this area of your solar chart marking a fresh cycle.  It also lands on Pluto, planet of transformation which could indicate a transformational new way forward.  This could take be a new regime, job, daily routine, voluntary position or pet.

Your ambitions will get activated by hot, energetic Mars from 6th when it leaps into your 10th House of father, career and social status.  The time for action is here!  Uranus has also been shaking things up here since 2019 and when Mars joins in, who knows where this could go?  This is no time for compromise.  Make your mark!  It will be full of originality.  Mars and Uranus actually meet from 16th – 20th and get triggered by the Full Moon on 28th too.

Relationships and partnerships are big news this month too.  Jupiter and Saturn made their dramatic entry into your opposite sign last month and will stay for many months bringing both opportunities and restrictions or responsibilities.  Your ruling planet the Sun warms things up and gives light from 19th.  But Mercury goes retrograde on 30th to review recent thoughts or communications.

Have a good month!


Virgo:    Home is enjoyable as the month begins, then from 8th Venus brings pleasure through romance, children and creativity.  New Moon on 13th marks a fresh cycle here too and with Pluto nearby, this could be a transformational new cycle in your love life, dealings with children or creativity

Mars leaps into your 9th House on 6th, spuring you into action on the travel, studies, cultural, ethical and spiritual front.  Uranus which has been carrying out a 15-month review here goes direct on 14th, ready to sweep in changes and when Mars joins forces with it from 16th – 20th, there will be no going back!

Another big emphasis this month (and this year) is your work, health and service to others zone.  Jupiter and Saturn both moved into this area of your solar chart last month, in search of growth and structure and perhaps bringing opportunity for you to become an authority in some way.

Your daily routine, self-care and well-being need to be high on your list of priorities.  You can also help others to prioritise theirs likewise, especially once the Sun warms this area of your chart from 19th.  Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde here on 30th, so a review is dues but you will proceed with surety once Mercury goes direct (on 21st Feb).

Full Moon on 28th falls in your spiritual House and forms a dramatic aspect to Jupiter in your work and health zone and also to Mars and Uranus in your 9th House of exploration.  This will trigger you to make your beliefs active: be that a symbolic journey, reaching out to people from different countries or cultures, publishing something with impactful content, having a strong presence online or carrying out in depth research of your own.  We know that as a helpful Virgo, you will also be helping us all along too.

Have a good month!


Libra:    Communications go well until 8th as your ruling planet Venus smooths things along.  Its focus then moves on to your 4th House of mother and home.  Things are starting to calm down a little here compared to the past two years.  And New Moon here on 13th with Pluto is a powerful new cycle of regeneration in one or more of these areas of life.  Are you planning to move home or make major changes in your existing home or major changes in your personal development?  Now would be a good time.  Dealings with mother figures or bring a mother may undergo a transformation too!

On 6th Mars leaves your opposite sign and leaps into your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone.  It also joins Uranus here from 16th – 20th which can bring sudden changes to your finances involving others (e.g. partners, tax departments, loan companies or inheritances.  Your intimate life could take an unexpected turn or you could be struck by revolutionary zeal to recycle or redistribute earth’s resources.

The other lively area of your solar chart this month is your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  Jupiter and Saturn recently moved in here looking for expansion and results.  The Sun illuminates and energises these matters from 19th but then Mercury goes retrograde here from 30th, calling for a review of some kind.

Full Moon on 28th falls in your friends, groups and community zone but this too sparks off the urge for expansion regarding romance, children or creativity and also has repercussions in your shared zone.  This could be hot romance, a creative triumph or having to pay off a partner’s or child’s debts (or vice versa).  It looks pretty interesting whichever!

Have a good month!


Scorpio:    Finances start the month looking rosy but from 8th the focus changes to communications.  New Moon on 13th marks a fresh start here in some way and as your ruling planet Pluto is nearby, this could be a transformational new start.  Old ways of thinking are up for grabs.  And if you have been thinking about taking (or giving) a course, this would be a great time to start.  Relations with neighbours, traders or siblings could also start afresh.  Self-talk can be transformed too.

Mars leaps into your relationships and partnerships zone on 8th, joining Uranus which has been shaking things up there for almost two years.  These two planets dislike compromise and want to express themselves without restraint.  And when they fully meet from 16th – 20th, anything could happen…  The Full Moon on 28th triggers off relationships too and Jupiter’s involvement makes the reaction even bigger.

Jupiter and Saturn freshly in your 4th House of mother and home are calling for expansion and concrete outcomes on the home front, be that the physical home, emotional conditions within it or dealings with mother-figures.  Self-nurture and personal development come into this too.  The Sun helps to illuminate everything from 19th which is helpful.  Mercury goes retrograde on 30th to review recent ideas or communications but all of these matters will be a big focus in the year ahead.

Venus joins your ruling planet Pluto from 27th and you may find yourself having an almost obsessive attraction to someone.  Your patterns of power in relationships may come up too.  Transformation should come about through equal relating, not the power of one over the other.  What is your usual pattern?  Can you talk about it?

Have a good month!


Sagittarius:    You remain darling of the zodiac for the first week of January, as Venus continues to glide through your sign.  It then moves into your finance zone which could help things to look rosier.  The New Moon on 13th falls into this area of your solar chart too, marking a new cycle.  And with Pluto close by, this could be a radical new cycle.  Is it time to make an audit or a budget?   Or can you slim down your possessions and get investments more closely in line with your value system?  Or could you create a new form of income?  On 28th when Venus joins Pluto, the power of money could become apparent too…

On 6th Mars moves out of your romance, children and creativity zone and into your 6th House.  This zaps up work and health issues and you will be more pro-active in attending to matters that need seeing to.  Relations with colleagues or daily companions may be more heated but you will be willing to walk the extra mile to be of service to others.  Uranus has already been shaking up matters here for some time and when Mars joins forces from 16th – 20th, you may want to change your daily routine (or work) completely!

Communications are a big focus now, since Jupiter and Saturn moved last month into this area of your solar chart.  The Sun brings things to light from 19th regarding how you think, speak or express yourself.  Dealings with neighbours, siblings and traders come into this too and have you thought of taking or giving a course of some kind?  Mercury goes retrograde on 30th requiring further thought about all of this but it will be a strong focus for the year ahead!

Full Moon on 28th is a dramatic one and challenges some of your ideas.  Your beliefs may be called into question.  And in terms of being of service, what would a pure, uncompromised expression of your goodwill look like?

Have a good month!


Capricorn:    Jupiter and Saturn may have left your sign last month but there is still plenty going on!  The Sun ball remains in your court until 19th radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression.  Mercury lends you mental energy too until 8th and Venus glides into your sign the same day, making you darling of the zodiac until early Feb.

New Moon on 13th is in your sign and falls on Pluto, making it especially potent.  This marks a deep new cycle and is your personal New Year and a better time to make resolutions for the year ahead than Jan 1st.  So what would you like to achieve in terms of personal transformation this year?

Mars has been generating ‘energy’ in your mother and home zone for the past six months but moves on from 6th.  This adds heat, conflict or passion to dealings with romance, children and creativity.  Uranus has been shaking things up here for a long while and when Mars joins forces with it from 16th – 20th you will want to do your own thing and others will have to get used to that!

Finances are looking lively but complicated and Full Moon on 28th in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone looks interesting too as Jupiter is close to the Sun and Mars and Uranus are at 90° to both the Sun and Moon.  This may impact your or a partner’s finances (hard to say whether for better or worse).  A lover, child or creative project could be involved too.

Have a good month!


Aquarius:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change.  The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 19th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st.  Many Happy Solar Returns!  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Your ruling planet Uranus goes direct on 14th in your father, career and social status zone.  This completes a four-month review of whether you have been compromising too much in any of these areas.  Mars is hot on the case too from 6th and when it joins Uranus from 16th – 20th, there will be no stopping you!  If you have been kindling any ambitions, now is the time to send them into visible orbit!  And with the Sun joining Jupiter and Saturn (freshly in your sign) from 19th, little can stop you!

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius from 30th indicating some things will need re-tweaking but once direct (from Feb 21st), it will be full speed ahead once again.

New Moon on 13th involves Pluto and falls in your 12th House.  This marks a deep new cycle looking at healing (yourself and others), the collective unconscious, your online life, charities and creativity behind the scenes.  Whereas Full Moon on 28th falls in your relationships and partnerships (professional or personal) zone and stimulates growth and changes to your social status…

Have a good month!


Pisces:    People in authority continue to look kindly on you during the first week of the month, then the focus changes to friends, groups, community, society and humanitarian ideals.  New Moon falls here on 13th, incorporating Pluto which marks an intense new cycle.  Friends, groups, communities campaigns or organisations can help to bring about transformation for you and vice versa.

Meanwhile Mars leaps into your communications zone on 6th making you active (and perhaps feistier) on the verbal front.  This gives energy for writing, physical movement, trading and being more pro-active with neighbours and siblings.  Uranus which has been bringing changes here since 2019 also goes direct on 14th, completing a four-month review.  Having examined whether or not you have been compromising too much in these matters, you are ready to be a revolutionary force once again.  And when Mars catches up with Uranus (from 16th – 20th) you will express yourself freely and completely in the way you want to!

Another big focus this month is your 12th House of the unconscious.  Jupiter and Saturn both moved into this area of your solar chart last month.  Healing yourself (and others) is now high on the agenda.  Creative work behind the scenes and your online life can be helpful too.

Full Moon on 28th falls in your work, health and service to others zone.  It also involves Jupiter which is looking for growth in your compassionate, creative or spiritual life.  The Sun is also shedding light on your inner workings which can help with healing.  The Mars – Uranus meet-up is looking for new ways of thinking too.  Old ways of thinking have had their day.  Take any negative self-talk out of the equation and express yourself!

Have a good month!


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