May 2016

Our shared planetary picture

Jupiter is at the centre of things this month as it is involved in the two big planetary  alignments taking place.  There is an ongoing Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle formed by planets in the heavens) which is a positive and lovely dynamic, this time in practical Earth signs, formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo and the Sun, Venus and then Mercury in Taurus.

Jupiter also goes direct on 9th after having been retrograde since early January which offers the possibility of progress for us all.  And if we have done our inner homework… – expansion and opportunities!

At the same time however, Jupiter is involved in a T-square (where three planets are all at 90° from each other, as in the shape of the letter ‘T’) which is a tense and stressful dynamic.  This involves two planets opposite each other bursting out at a third point.

Our present T-square features Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces which means a clash between the desire for growth and protecting ideals.  The conflict here bursts out at a third point – Saturn in Sag – which represents the responsibility of being ethical and principled.  As Mars is already going retrograde in Sag, we all have to review our past and present stances on religion, philosophy, ethics and ‘the truth’ however we see it and our responsibility to uphold the rights of others to see it differently.

Pluto, Saturn and Mars continue in retrograde motion all month.  On 27th Mars moves back into Scorpio to remind us of questionable past actions…  But on 22nd Mercury goes direct.  Try not to sign anything important until after that.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun Sign and your Ascendant Sign if you know it.


Aries:   There’s lots of financial activity this month and some of it looks promising!  The Sun, Venus and Mercury (although it’s retrograde until 22nd – so don’t sign anything important before then if possible) are all moving through your 2nd House of money, security, values and self-esteem.  They’re also in good aspect to Jupiter and Pluto which are operating in your 6th House of work, health and service to others and your 10th House of father, career and social status.  So things are looking good in your professional or public life – and fruitful!

Your travel, philosophy, legal, cultural and ethics zone is not looking so cheerful though and more thought is needed about one or more of these areas.  Emotions that well up in relation to this at Full Moon on 21st might just be the trigger you need to think this through and even to get help.

Your ruling planet Mars appears to be moving backwards and re-enters your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and ‘the money of others’ from 27th.  More work to do here too… and another chance to get it right!


Taurus:   The Grand Trine in Earth signs during the first week of May involves your Sun in a powerful, up-beat dynamic.  Jupiter planet of growth and opportunity and Pluto planet of deep transformation are urging you to expand beyond your present, self-imposed limits and if you’re brave enough to break out, it looks like this could be fun!

Further opportunities present themselves later in the month when Venus (also in your sign) lines up with the same two planetary ‘big boys’, bringing happy social times, attractions and possible obsessions with others…

Venus your ruling planet is in Taurus until 24th, making you darling of the zodiac and as Jupiter and Pluto are aspecting it from 10th – 14th, your charisma will be high!  Enjoy all the attention and try to make time for creativity too.  Mercury (although retrograde until 22nd) enjoys the same dynamic from 13th, so all in all this looks like a memorable month.

New Moon on 6th is also in Taurus.  This is the beginning of your personal new year.  Make resolutions for your emotional life.  If you’re clear about what you want, this month you might just manifest it.  Begin by opening your arms and saying – “I accept the ___________ (say here whatever it is you’d like) that’s coming into my life”.  Then write in to me when it shows up!


Gemini:   Clashes between your public and private personas create heavy responsibilities or dilemmas in your partnerships zone.  Ideals (possibly misled)  about your career or social status (and possibly connected to your experience of your father) clash with the need for real growth in your personal development.  Jupiter goes direct on 9th in your mother, home and personal development zone, demanding expansion – and something will have to give…

Meanwhile more pleasant things are happening in your spiritual and creative life and ‘the money of others’ could benefit you too.  Time spent on creativity behind the scenes, healing and meditation are particularly enriching this month.

The month before our birthday the Sun has been away from us for the longest time and we’re often at lowest ebb but on 20th the Sun enters your sign, bringing renewal and fresh stores of energy.  Venus enters Gemini too from 24th adding to your irresistible charms.  Enjoy!


Cancer:   Your social and community life look full of pleasure this month as Sun, Venus and Mercury form good aspects to Jupiter and Pluto.  Make time to spend with friends and join or form a group that develops ideas you’re interested in.  Partners are supportive too, so make the most of this.

Jupiter goes direct on 9th helping forward movement in positive thinking, physical movement and dealings with siblings and neighbours.  Capture good ideas that crop up  (i.e. write them down) for future use.  Only when our mind is at its most positive, do we become aware of our full potential.  Everything you think of can’t be acted on at once, so be sure not to lose any of these gems and get your good ideas written down!

Work, health, service to others and daily routine continue to be ‘heavy jelly’.  Do your best and work on understanding what inner dynamics of your own may have helped to create this situation.  Don’t avoid looking into this.  The worst thing that could happen is that you could learn something important to help you in the future and even more important – now!


Leo:   A stellium of planets (a big gathering) in your 10th House of father, career and social status, firm up your ambitions this month and incline people in authority to look upon you favourably.  If you need to ask favours, do so.

New Moon on 6th also falls in this area of your chart, marking the beginning of your professional New Year.  Make time to form plans and resolutions for your year ahead.  And to give them even more strength, share them with selected others, as this increases the likelihood of you following through.

The planets mentioned above (the Sun, Venus and Mercury) are also in excellent aspect to Jupiter and Pluto which bring opportunities, growth and transformation, especially after Jupiter goes direct on 9th.  You might also be pleased to know that Jupiter’s in your 2nd House of money, security and values which should improve your income or sense of security (which have been in question since early January).

Get to work on those plans and forge ahead!


Virgo:   Contradictory things are going on this month as Jupiter in your sign makes lovely aspects to the Sun, then Venus and then Mercury and also to Pluto all month.  This brings good cheer, optimism and a sense of your own potency and strength.  Jupiter also goes direct on 9th after four months retrograde which means in one way, the brakes are off – hurray!

The areas of life benefitting from this lovely line-up are your 9th House of exploring which includes travel, religion, philosophy, deep study and legal matters.  They can all be sources of pleasure this month) and your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  Mixing with people from different cultures and mindsets will be enjoyable and can also widen your awareness of the rich, human diversity in our wonderful world.

At the same time though, Jupiter’s in a challenging T square with Neptune and Saturn.  All three planets are in mutable signs which means lots of tensions…  Relationships and partnerships may seem unfathomable and responsibilities in your 4th House of mother, home and personal development weigh heavily.  Do your duty and make room for the freedom of travel or exploring and creativity.  And keep a note of good ideas that crop up from 13th!


Libra:   The lovely Grand Trine of planets in the heavens at present are working favourably in the water Houses of your chart and many things can be achieved subtly and sensitively.  Creativity behind the scenes starts to generate progress once again when Jupiter goes direct on 9th after being in limbo since early January.  There’s activity in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone too as Sun, Venus and Mercury travel through.  ‘The money of others’ could benefit you.  And your roots, foundations and personal development are being helped along too.

Less comfortable is a T- square (three planets all at 90° from each other) which may be generating unsettling thoughts.  Your work or health may be at odds with ideals and the present dilemma is what to think and just as importantly, what to say and perhaps even more importantly, how to say it.

Dealings with siblings or neighbours could be demanding too and even physical movement could be more difficult in some way.  When the way is blocked or heavy-going, a review is needed to look at how we’ve been dealing with things in the past and how we want to deal with them in the future.  In this instance, it’s one or more of the following – your communications, how you think, how you move, trading and dealings with siblings and neighbours.  Get stuck in and see what you come up with!


Scorpio:   A dazzling series of planetary happenings are enhancing your relationships and partnerships zone this month which should feel good – very good!  Jupiter is adding to the growth and expansion that’s taking place and your ruling planet Pluto gives the satisfying depth that you need to feel fully alive!

As well as giving a massive boost to your partnerships, the triangular formation of planets (this Grand Trine) is also helping your 3rd House of communications, physical movement, ideas, trading, siblings and neighbours.  The other area benefitting from this line-up is your 11th House of friends, groups, community, society and humanitarian ideals.  Jupiter goes direct in these areas on 9th and expansion and pleasure follow.

Mars re-enters your sign on 27th going retrograde (backwards) to remind you of past actions you might prefer to forget but need to look at again.  Meanwhile, finances and security continue to groan along.  Do your best…


Sagittarius:   Your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct on 9th after four months in retrograde and it’s in lovely aspect to Sun and then Venus and then Mercury, along with a good aspect to Pluto all month.  This will be enjoyable and instill you with confidence about your abilities and how to use them to their best advantage in the future.  It’s just now that weighs more heavily.

Conflicting demands from your father and career zone and your mother and home sphere are clashing and the impact from this falls on you.  Whether this is fair or not is another question but your shoulders will need to be broad for the time being…

Mars continues to bring frustrations as it travels backwards in your sign until 27th (when it revisits Scorpio for a couple of months).  And Full Moon in your sign on 21st will bring up emotions.  Share them.


Capricorn:   It’s a contradictory month for Goats.  While Pluto in your sign is making positive aspects all month with an array of co-operative planets, your ruling planet Saturn is taking some flack!

Your love affairs, children and creativity zone is full of fun and pleasure and travel, exploring or legal matters look fine too!  The difficulties that are around quite separate to this, seem to be coming from your movement and communications zone (including siblings and neighbours) which is clashing with the bigger picture.  The result is disquiet in your internal workings.

Whereas a vivid imagination has much creative potential, it’s important right now that it isn’t used to feed anxieties.  Speak to others about worries or fears, seek respite through creative channels or meditation and keep your self-talk positive!


Aquarius:   Planets are pleasurably activating your mother and home zone all month, including Venus which may inspire you to beautify your home or entertain others there.  They’re also in a Grand Trine (amazing triangular dynamic in the heavens) with Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunities and Pluto, planet of transformation.

Jupiter is in your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing and it goes direct on 9th after four months in retrograde which means forward movement and growth are once again possible and probable.  You could also benefit from ‘the money of others’ in some way!

New Moon on 6th falls in your 4th House of mother and home, roots and foundations.  This marks the beginning of your domestic New Year.  Make some resolutions for a happy home in the year ahead.  Your friends, groups and humanitarian ideals area looks a bit tricky.  Keep it simple if you can!


Pisces:   After four months of being retrograde and going back over old ground, Jupiter goes direct on 9th, bringing growth and forward movement to relationships and partnerships.  This alone would be good news but even better are the positive aspects it forms to other planets.  Friends, groups and community add to the happy picture, as do communications, neighbours and siblings.

Meanwhile, confusion, over-idealism or under-estimation about yourself finds growth in partnerships hard to accept and the whole area of father, career or social status needs reviewing.  At best this could result in gaining well-earnt authority, there’s also a chance you could be taking too much responsibility for things outside your control or at worst you might encounter crippling self-doubt.

If the latter, do your inner homework to work out what events or thoughts are holding you back.  Full Moon on 21st may bring all of this to a head.  Find a good listener to hear you through and if that means a professional, even better.  An opportunity for growth is on your doorstep!


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