Birth Charts

Why have a map?

Travelling without a map is fine.  It sometimes takes longer which can be fine too.

However with a map, you can find your way more easily and confirm your hunches about where you are and which direction would be best.

A birth chart is a map of the position of the planets in relation to you when you were born.

Your birth chart shows

– Where your talents and potential lie

– Emotional conditions in childhood and what that leaves you to work through as an adult

– Where you feel most fearful and vulnerable (which can also become one of your greatest  strengths if you look into it, rather than avoid the difficulty of it)

– Relationship needs and requirements and how they can best be met

– Your life’s work or mission (which might not be about a job)

– The learning processes that you’re going through and the timings of each learning process (this goes back two years and forwards two years)

Exploring your Birth Chart

Exploring your birth chart (by phone, Zoom, Skype or in person) is a deeply affirmative experience.

It takes about one and a half hours for us to go through all the information and it can be a very moving and therapeutic experience.

As a qualified counsellor as well as an experienced astrologer, I am sensitive, respectful and very much with you on this part of your journey.

I also make a recording of our session so you can listen to all the information again.

(I send the recording to you via Dropbox).

The fee for my service (which takes me three and a half hours in all) is £120.

10% of my fee goes to Water Aid (providing more people with clean water on this planet).

If you have any other questions or think you might like to explore your birth chart, please get in touch.