April 2018

Our shared planetary picture

We have a dramatic month ahead with major planetary meetings.  The Sun meets Uranus at the same time as New Moon in Aries on 16th, just one day after Mercury going direct on 15th.  This is an awakening for all of us, in different areas of life for each sign.

Mars and Saturn also meet in Capricorn around 1st – 2nd which can be slow and frustrating.  But things get intense from 21st – 28th when Mars meets Pluto (also in Capricorn) which can be an unleashing of hard to control forces…  Power plays and ruthlessness are dangers with these energies which require us all to be self-aware.  Will power will be strong.  Direct it towards your goals and the higher good.

Chiron moves into Aries on 8th where it will stay for nine years.  This offers a collective opportunity for us to heal old wounds around identity.  But on an individual level it opens healing in different areas of life too.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:     The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression.  And mid-month (16th – 18th) it joins Uranus in your sign which frees you up even further.  You will attract the unexpected.  Be experimental.  New Moon in Aries is also on 16th.  This marks the start of your personal New Year and with everything else going on (including Mercury going direct in your sign on 15th), this looks like a pivotal point of the year.

Venus smoothes your finances along until 24th and the Sun warms up prospects there from 20th onwards.  Venus tunes into Saturn around 6th– 7th which adds a practical tone but aspects to both Jupiter and Pluto around 16th – 17th might tempt you to go to extremes…

Your ruling planet Mars is still busily pushing ahead in your father, career and social status zone.  Saturn slows it down around 1st – 2nd but it is full steam ahead after that and dramatically so when Mars reaches Pluto from 21st – 28th.  You will is indomitable at this time which makes it even more important that your goals are high-minded and aimed at improving things for everyone (not just yourself).  If you run into others who have lower principles, lead by example!

Chiron planet of wounding and healing also moves into Aries this month on 18th where it will stay for the next nine years.  This is an opportunity to look at your identity anew and work through any areas in which you feel you have been wounded in some way.  This will take scrupulous self-honesty.  Give it all you have got!


Taurus:     Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change.  The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead, than January 1st.  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Plans to make your world bigger start the month slowly but you may not notice this, as your ruling planet Venus is in your sign until 24th.  This gives a high feel-good factor, increases your magnetism and helps you to effortlessly charm others.

Venus does have some tricky dynamics to deal with though, especially around 6th – 7th and mid-month when it trines Pluto and opposes Jupiter around 16th – 17th.  Mid-month is also very active behind the scenes and you may have surprising experiences connected to compassion, spirituality or creativity.  Your dreams might point to helpful information too.

Chiron moves into this area of your chart for nine years from 18th.  This is an opportunity for healing.  This could be through self-talk, spiritual practices and meditation.  Creativity can be a good route to reach and explore your unconscious.  Therapy is another.

The month ends dramatically as Mars and Pluto join forces in your travel, studies and cultural zone.  Be ready to stand up for your principles.  And on 30th Full Moon falls in your opposite sign, ending the month in a tsunami of emotion…


Gemini:     Joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing all preoccupy your mind at the start of the month.  They then take on mammoth proportions around 21st – 28th when Mars and Pluto push forwards as one irresistible force.  This could also take the form of grand passion with a life and death intensity…

Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 15th in the friends, groups and community area of your solar chart, after three weeks in retrograde.  This has been to review decisions taken or words spoken around March 9th.  By early May this will all be resolved.

New Moon falls in this area of your chart on 16th too, along with a Sun-Uranus conjunction which is a triple chance to bring about change.  Make resolutions for the year ahead if you are not able to put everything into action immediately.

On 24th Venus glides into your sign making you darling of the zodiac for a month.  Your charms will be heightened and difficult for others to resist.  Tempting as it is to flirt (and we know how good you are at that), keep your eye on the opportunity for deep transformation.


Cancer:     The month begins with a go-slow or stand-off in partnerships when Mars runs into Saturn on 1st – 2nd but the pace accelerates as the month progresses, leading to high intensity from 21st – 28th when Mars joins forces with Pluto.  This is dramatic and transformational.  Power plays are not out of the question either.  You will know what you want.  And however badly others may be behaving, make sure you are ethical in your own actions.

Your father, career and social status zone is busy this month too.  The Sun is keeping things warm here until 20th.  Mercury goes direct here on 15th too, helping to clear up misunderstandings or faulty thinking that may have led to bad decisions.  New Moon on 16th also falls here, marking the start of your professional New Year.  The Sun and Uranus add a revolutionary note to this.  Make changes that will help your status and ambitions in the year ahead.

Chiron planet of wounding and healing moves into your 10h House too on 18th and will stay for nine years.  This is an opportunity to work through wounds you may have felt from father and authority figures or disappointments in your career or social status.  If you are a father or authority figure yourself, perhaps this is an area you would like to heal in some way?  Or perhaps you could help others to heal their wounds by being a positive and supportive presence.

Make time for friends, groups and community this month as both Venus and the Sun are offering nice times.  A bit of pleasure and enjoyment would not go amiss with all this intensity going on!


Leo:     Venus is helping you professionally this month as it glides through your 10th House of father, career and social status.  Relations improve with all of the above and people in authority smile down on you.  If you need favours, do not be afraid to ask, preferably after 15th (when Mercury goes direct again) and before 24th when Venus moves on to bring pleasure with friends, groups and your community.

Work, health and service to others is a dramatic area this month.  Mars and Saturn meet around 1st – 2nd which focuses you on what needs to be done to enhance your well-being.  You may not be able to act on these realisations though until later in the month when Mars and Pluto join forces around 21st – 28th.  Massive, life-changing surges of energy are available to you then, to bring transformation to your daily life in some way.

The other active area of the month is your 9th House of travel, deep studies, religion, philosophy and the truth.  (Publishing and legal matters can come into this too).  Things you held as true, may be up for question after Mercury goes direct on 15th and your ruling planet the Sun meets Uranus, planet of change and revolution around 16th – 18th.  Your opinion on serious matters may change, allowing you to take on a more positive outlook.

On 18th Chiron planet of wounding and healing moves into this area of your solar chart too, for a 9-year stay.  This provides an opportunity to heal areas that have had an unhelpful impact on your world view.  Be open to this healing process.


Virgo:     Romance, children and creativity start the month on a serious note.  Your hands may be tied as you review matters in one or more of these areas.  Later in the month though, decisive, almost surgical action can take place when Mars and Pluto apply with double force around 21st – 28th.  This is an intense burst of energy that can have transformational effects.  Passions may be heightened and creative acts leap from deep within.

Travel, philosophy, deep studies and principles go well as Venus eases your path until 24th.  This is also helpful for legal and publishing matters and anything to do with different cultures and ‘the truth’ however you view it.

Joint funds, taxes, debts and inheritances start to improve after Mercury goes direct on 15th.  New Moon is on 16th along with a Sun-Uranus conjunction on the same day, which all offer a new beginning in some way.  Intimacy and sharing in the broadest sense are also subject to a new phase.  Start as you mean to go on.

Chiron (which some consider to be the true ruling planet of Virgo), carries the themes of wounding and healing.  It too moves into your 8th House on 18th.  And it is going to stay here for nine years.  This opens a period of opportunity to heal any outstanding wounds in joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritances, intimacy and sharing.  Face whatever needs to be faced, so you can take full benefit of this chance to grow.


Libra:     Communications with partners may have been tricky recently but this should improve when Mercury goes direct in your opposite sign on 15th .  (And by early May, this should all be water under the bridge).  There are still some surprises in store however when the Sun joins Uranus in your relationships and partnerships zone around 16th – 18th.  Sudden attractions (new, current or old) could take you by surprise and you may feel more experimental than usual.  Breathe in this fresh air.

New Moon on 16th falls in your partnership zone too which is a good point to make resolutions that will help to create whatever you hope to find in partnerships in the month and year ahead.

Your personal finances are still under review but joint funds and intimacy are looking more promising as your ruling planet Venus smoothes the way, apart from a spot of intensity around 16th – 17th, when being reasonable may not be uppermost in your mind…  This could involve grand passions (and hiding the credit card might not be a bad idea).

Intense situations may crop up connected to mother and home around 21st – 28th.  And power plays may be apparent.  Keep your side of things clear and fair and do not fall in with anyone trying to manipulate.

From 18th Chiron, planet of wounding and healing, falls in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships and it will stay here for nine years.  This is an opportunity to work through whatever wounds you, your partner or your partnerships have endured.   Welcome this with both hands!


Scorpio:     Communications slow down at the start of the month when Mars meets Saturn in your 3rd House.  Your mind will be serious.  Dealings with neighbours and siblings take a lot of energy and short journeys may get delayed.  These frustrations are pointing at the need to sort your thinking out.  Observe your thought patterns and see if they serve you well.

This theme continues in different ways all month.  From 16th – 17th Venus helps your ruling planet Pluto to relate to others better.  And from 21st – 28th Mars and Pluto join forces and deep insights and power issues could come up.  Your main job will be thinking calmly and fairly about them.  It can be helpful getting professional support to explore whatever arises with a counsellor or therapist.  Welcome this new perspective.

Lots of things are happening this month too around work, health and service to others.  On 15th Mercury goes direct here, helping to resolve misunderstandings or faulty thinking.  New Moon occurs on the same day which is an opportunity to make resolutions that will enhance your well-being and that of others in the month and year ahead.  The likelihood of a shake-up or awakening is made even stronger by the Sun-Uranus conjunction from 16th – 18th.  Be open to new ideas and changes to your daily routine.

Venus smoothes and eases the way in relationships and partnerships until 24th.  And Full Moon on 30th raises emotions as it falls in your sign.  This could be a dramatic month.  Welcome the insights on offer.


Sagittarius:     Security and finances start the month on a sober note and you may need to reconnect with your deeper values to manage your own responses and those of others.  Things ease from 3rd onwards but intensify later in the month when Mars reaches Pluto around 21st – 28th, which could throw up power surges and survival instincts in some way.  This is a learning process.  Avoid ruthlessness and observe and learn more about yourself and others.

Meanwhile, romance, children and creativity demand your attention.  Mercury goes direct here on 15th, helping to clear up recent misunderstandings.  New Moon occurs the following day, as does a meeting of the Sun and Uranus.  These are three opportunities to embark on a new path or approach.

Chiron, planet of wounding and healing also joins the cocktail from 18th.  And it is going to stay in this part of your solar chart for nine years.  This is a long-term opportunity on offer to heal old wounds connected to love affairs, children, speculation and creativity.  If you are not sure where to begin, start with creativity.  This should open the door.


Capricorn:     Anyone crossing your path may regret it this month as Mars revs you up to full strength.  The start of the month may be more subdued but by 21st you will be running at full force as Mars, and Pluto in your sign mow all opposition down.  Avoid any temptation to get ruthless though as that would defeat the higher purpose of the transformative energies available to you now.

Mid-month the emphasis is on your mother and home zone.  Mercury goes direct on 15th, clearing up misunderstandings.  New Moon on 16th marks a fresh start too, with a few extra surprises thrown in.  Redesigning your home looks exciting.  Be open to trying something new.  This need not involve going out on a limb financially.  Moving furniture around can create a new space to move in and space is what you will want with Uranus around.

Personal development is another area to be experimental with.  Trying something you have always wanted to do or suddenly want to do will be enlivening and take you closer to your true needs.

On 18th Chiron planet of wounding and healing, moves into your mother and home zone for a 9-year stay.  This is an opportunity to look at and work with emotional patters that were set into motion in childhood and how that has impacted your life and your own style of nurturing others, including yourself!

This may involve exploring painful areas and it would be helpful to get a counsellor or therapist on board to work alongside and support you during this process.  Pluto moving through your sign supports such a transformation.  And this is what is on offer – transformation.  Take courage and dive in!


Aquarius:     Your unconscious is working over-time this month, starting with a serious review around 1st – 2nd.  This covers work behind the scenes, compassion for others, spirituality and creativity.  Realisations about your psychological patterns (and possibly self-defeating behaviours) could become apparent.  And when Mars meets Pluto in this area of your solar chart around 21st – 28th, deep emotions may surface that can lead to transformation.

Jupiter remains retrograde in your father, career and social status all month but Venus is gracing your 4th House of mother and home until 24th.  Relations with mother-figures go well and you may want to beautify the home or extend its pleasures to others.  Personal development is well-starred too.

Communications are key this month too.  Mercury planet of communication goes direct on 15th in your 3rd House of communication which is followed the next day by New Moon and the Sun meeting Uranus.  This is a triple best foot forward time.  Make the most of it.  Chiron planet of wounding and healing moves into this area of your solar chart too from 18th and will remain there for the next nine years.  This is a long healing process available to you, should you choose to take it.  The areas up for healing are: communications, mindset, physical movement, trading and relationships with neighbours and siblings.

Uranus has almost completed its 7-year journey through these areas of your life and next month takes its revolutionary effect to a new area of your solar chart.  You are more attuned to change, disruption and revolution than most, as Uranus is your ruling planet.  Take some time to reflect and celebrate your progress and successes over the last seven years, in having developed new and uncompromised forms of communication.


Pisces:     Dealings with friends, groups, community and organisations start the month gravely as Mars runs into Saturn.  You may feel weighed down in some way until things lighten up from 3rd onwards.  Later in the month however, issues re-appear on a grand scale as Mars meets Pluto (the two most forceful planets) in these areas of life.  Power plays may get triggered and it is imperative that you act in a high-minded way, regardless of the conduct of those around you…

Venus moving through your communications zone helps to soften the effects of Mercury retrograde.  Dealings with siblings and neighbours should get easier too.  Physical movement and short journeys can be a source of pleasure and trading could go well from 18th – 24th.

Finances and security are also key themes this month.  Mercury goes direct here on 15th, helping to resolve misunderstandings or losses.  New Moon occurs on 16th which is a good point to draw up a new budget or financial plans for the month and year ahead.  Sun and Uranus also blow the winds of change around 16th – 18th so this should be an interesting few days.

Chiron completes its long residence in your sign this month.  For the past eight years it has been offering opportunities for healing wounds around your identity and perhaps how it was not backed up when young.  Hopefully it now leaves you with heightened self-awareness and a stronger sense of self.  From 18th it begins its 9-year stay in your 2nd House of money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem.  Be open to all the opportunities that come along to heal old wounds in these areas too!


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