April 2015

Your Horoscope for April 2015

Our shared planetary picture

There are two planetary changes of direction this month.  Jupiter which has been in reverse since early December goes direct on 8th ready for more growth and expansion.  And Pluto goes retrograde on 17th and stays in reverse until late September.  This takes us back to review an area of necessary transformation that we may have skipped over too lightly, during the last few months (since 26th December).  It is time to give this fuller attention.

Meanwhile a cluster of planets in Taurus enable us to get creative and consolidate things.  And if determination has been hard to find lately, there is plenty on hand now!

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope below for your Sun Sign and your Ascendant Sign if you know it.

Aries:   Full Moon in your sign on 4th brings emotions around partnerships to the surface.  This coincides with the Sun hitting Uranus in your sign and you’ll be in no mood to compromise…  You may run into authority figures around the same time.  Your ideas may be prize-winning originals around 8th but watch your communication style.  As you don’t you don’t want to generate opposition from those in a position to help or block you.

Romance, children and creativity start to improve from 8th.  Pluto goes retrograde on 17th in your father, career and social status zone until late September.  Important matters need to be reviewed.  Finances are active and you’ll be go-getting all month.  New Moon falls in your sign on 18th.  This is your emotional New Year.  Make some resolutions!

Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus continues to heighten your charms until 11th when it moves into your 2nd House to smooth out finances.  The main push though is Mars in your sign all month, giving energy and determination and making you an unstoppable force!  Mars also gathers Pluto as an ally from 19th – 21st.  What couldn’t you achieve this month?  Mercury lends you the power of persuasion too from 14th and you can talk or write others into almost anything on 22nd!

Jupiter goes direct on 8th bringing growth and expansion or more space and freedom to the home.  This could be psychological or philosophical, as well as physicalm.  It could involve other cultures.  Think big!

Gemini:   Your ruling planet Mercury begins the month in good relationship with Saturn which gives your words and thoughts gravitas.

Full Moon on 4th raises emotions around romance, children and creativity.  But the best news is that Venus enters your sign on 11th making you darling of the zodiac for a month.  This isn’t an entirely clear run though as Saturn poses a challenge from 13th – 15th as does Neptune from 18th – 19th and Chiron from 27th – 29th.

Others will be charmed by the quick Gemini sparkle but how you think about yourself is more important.  There may be seismic rumblings in your unconscious this month.  Make a note of your dreams and your online activities, both of which could provide some clues as to what is going on that you may not be aware of.

Cancer:   Full Moon in your mother and home zone on 4th draws your focus to matters close to your heart.  This runs contrary to professional matters which could be unpredictable from 3rd – 8th.

Jupiter goes direct on your finance zone on 8th, ending a long review which has been going on since early December.  This should bring improvements and the possibility of expansion.

Pluto in your partnerships area goes retrograde on 17th.  A transformative process which should’ve taken place since 26th December hasn’t quite got there and you’ll have to cover this ground again to find the renewal promised.

You have until late September for your quest.  Meanwhile lots of action (or friction) in your friends, groups and community zone.  New Moon on 18th in your father career and social status zone offers a new start.  Or could it be a new attitude that will make all the difference?

Leo:   You’ll be happy to know that Jupiter which has been dragging you back to look at yourself (since early December) goes direct on 8th and this means expansion!  It’ll be full steam ahead too in your father, career and social; status zone as Mars and other allies push obstacles out of your way.

There may be a conflict of interest between personal growth and career from 15th – 18th.  Put growth first.  The rest will follow anyway.

Sun and Pluto clash from 3rd – 5th and it may be over who’s in charge.  So who is in charge?  (Leos often have strong opinions on this…).  A Sun Uranus conjunction from 4th – 6th could indicate that you’re unlikely to budge.

New Moon on 18th falls in your travel, studies and philosophy zone.  Turn over a new leaf!

Virgo:   Your ruling planet Mercury begins the month with balance and poise and Venus glides into your 10th House of father, career and social status from 14th.  You’ll find favour with authority figures, although there are a few modifying factors.  Obstacles could occur in your mother and home area from 13th – 15th and confusion in your partnerships zone could get in the way from 18th – 19th and 27th – 29th.

A lot of energy from Mars and other planets brings action (or friction) in your travel, study, legal and ethics zone.

Jupiter moves forward on 8th in your unconscious and behind the scenes area.  This should make your self-talk more positive which could put a new spin on everything…

Libra:   Full Moon in your sign on 4th dominates the emotional climate.  So much is happening in your mother and home and in your partnerships zones.  These happenings aren’t particularly harmonious but friends, groups and community may provide comfort or escape as Jupiter goes direct from 18th.

Pluto goes retrograde on 17th in your mother and home zone.  More blitzing is needed: be that on a physical level or emotional.  Pluto’s relentless pressure for personal development is taking you back to review events since 26th December.  Compromise is not the solution this time.

A collection of planets in your intimacy and joint funds zone make action now possible.  Do what needs to be done.

New Moon on 18th in your relationships and partnerships zone offers a fresh beginning.  This may require you to take a new approach…

Scorpio:   Jupiter brings growth and expansion to your father, career and social status zone when it goes direct on 8th.  This area has been under review since early December and now it’s time for expansion again.

Most of the action though is in your relationships and partnerships zone.  Mars gives energy to push things forward or possibly friction which could achieve the same results.  Venus helps to keep things smooth until 11th.  Mercury keeps communications open and the Sun comes to the rescue on 20th.  All in all it’s a rich mix and a lively ride.

Mars and Mercury support your ruling planet Pluto from 19th – 22nd which put planetary wind in your sails regarding different ways of thinking and expressing yourself.

Sagittarius:   Your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct on 8th after four months in reverse.  This helps with optimism in general and also favours travel, legal, study and ethical matters.

Meanwhile Mars draws your attention to the need to take action on health or work matters or both…

Venus enters your partnerships zone matters on 11th smoothing things along until Saturn puts a spoke in the wheel from 13th – 15th and you may be wondering whether or not you can carry things through.  Neptune and Chiron confuse matters from 18th – 19th and 27th – 29th and the mother and home angle needs to be taken into account but it’s so difficult to get a handle on it or to see what’s going on.  Your ideals about this and old wounds come into play.  Could be a good time to take help in healing them.

Capricorn:   Full Moon in your father, career and social status zone on 4th shakes things up just as home and partnerships are more than enough to occupy you.

Sudden changes seem to be bursting out in all directions until 8th but joint funds, intimacy or ‘the money of others’ improves thereafter as Jupiter goes direct from 8th.  Pluto which has been purging your sign since 2008 goes retrograde on 17th, taking you to task about compromises you may have been making within yourself or necessary challenges which you may have side-stepped or avoided since 26th December.  They’re not going to go away and you have until late September to face up.  This isn’t for the faint-hearted, so summon up that that courage!

New Moon in your mother and home sphere gives opportunity for a new start.  Take a leap!  Action’s called for in your romance, children and creativity zone too, so get going!

Aquarius:   Relationships and partnerships start moving forwards on 8th after being in reverse since early December.  It’s time for growth and expansion and this could mean either within current relationships or freedom from them.

The main area of activity though is your 4th House of mother and home.  Mars moves in for the whole month which could provide you with the energy for DIY, re-organising and you may find yourself being more assertive (I didn’t say bossy but others might…).

Venus sweetens the mix till 11th and gives creative flair to beautifying your home or entertaining and Sun illuminates it all from 20th.  The other area that could benefit from some of that energy is – personal development.  Are you up for it?

Pisces:   Venus enters your mother and home zone on 11th creating a longing for harmony but it may be hard to find at times as Saturn blocks the flow from your public zone from 13th – 15th.  And you may feel you get in your own way from 18th – 19th and 27th – 29th.  There are still some wounds around that need your attention to be healed.

Meanwhile there are also ideals about yourself to reconcile or put to rest.  Getting perspective from counselling or therapy can be helpful with this and the above.

Jupiter helps work and health matters along and lots of action in your communications, trading, siblings and neighbours zone keeps things lively!

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