February 2017

Our shared planetary picture

We have a dynamic start to February. From 3rd Venus joins Mars in Aries. This is a creative mix combining the urge to co-operate with the will to press forward. With charm and guts on our side, much can be achieved (in different areas of life for each sign). Make the most of this early on, as from 20th more complicated dynamics take centre stage.

From 6th Jupiter goes retrograde and remains so until early June. This presses us to review decisions or actions taken mid-November which may not have been the best choice for our true growth. Sometimes we mistake expansion for growth but there is a difference which we now have a second chance to look into. We have until early june to work out what turning we should have taken. And by mid-October we should have caught up and be back on track. Take on this helpful inner home work.

The Sun and Jupiter promote optimism around 10th–11th and Full Moon early on 11th (00.34 GMT) falls in Leo, providing a dramatic outlet for our creative talents. Mercury is also on good terms with Jupiter around 20th–21st which makes for positive thinking too.

A longer-lasting dynamic starts up from 20th–28th when Jupiter opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. This is a tricky volatile energy (called a T-square) which gets inflamed even further when Mars joins Uranus from 23rd

A welcome distraction arrives on 26th with New Moon and a solar eclipse in Pisces (at 14.54 GMT), very close to Neptune. Every eclipse belongs to an eclipse family and this particular one is considered very benevolent. Added to the ideals of Neptune in its own sign, fresh possibilities are open to us. We just have to set sail, navigate and take them.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Who’s that dazzling, dashing figure we can’t help noticing this month? Yes, it’s you! From 3rd both Venus and Mars are in your sign and as Mars is your ruling planet, it gets extra points for dynamism when in Aries. Your charms will be as strong as your will this month, so go for it!

Uranus which is also in your sign gets into interesting waters later in the month from 20th when it opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto. Although this is a tense aspect, in your case it will just spur you on to achieve your ambitions, regardless of what partners think or say!

And when Mars catches up with Uranus from 23rd–27th anyone else’s hopes that you’ll change your mind will disappear. You know exactly what you want and half-measures or compromise will not do! With an inspiring eclipse behind the scenes on 26th, your clarity is so strong it may look scary to some. But for anyone who wants to learn how to get things done – tell them to just watch you this month!


Taurus:   Creativity behind the scenes is a rich and active area for you this month. On 3rd your ruling planet Venus reaches over to join Mars in this spiritual sector of your solar chart and they’re both there all month! This works best of all during the first three weeks of Feb, so make hay while the sun shines!

Jupiter is less straight forwards and in fact goes retrograde on 6th taking you back to look once again at what happened in your work, health, service to others and daily routine zone last November. Changes need to be made and you have until October to make the necessary adjustments for real growth (as opposed to questionable or inadvertent expansion).

Work and career are looking good from 10th–11th but Full Moon early on 11th may distract you by raising emotions to do with mother figures, personal development or home.

Tensions build for us all towards the end of the month (from 20th) and in your case it may be a conflict of interest between your daily life and your creative unconscious or health versus inner-workings; bursting out in your travel, philosophy and ethics zone.

Your friends, groups and community area is very active too this month and friends may need your solid support. The solar eclipse on 26th also falls in your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone. This is part of a lucky eclipse family and Neptune is close by too. Friends may need to escape pressure they’re under and you might be able to help or even escape with them! Campaigning is another avenue that might appeal – for a better world!


Gemini:   Pleasure with friends, groups and community are on offer as Venus and Mars join forces this month lending energy and charm to collective activities. This includes organisations and campaigns. Apply your energies during the first three weeks while it’s plain sailing, as later on progress is still possible but the price is higher.

Your ruling planet Mercury is moving fast (just how you like it) and spans three signs. It spends most of the month though in your travel, studies and ethics zone. This is good for language learning, communication with in-laws and people from different cultures and exploring your beliefs. You should be able to find the words you need easily if involved in legal matters too.

Jupiter goes retrograde on 6th in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity to review decisions taken last November. It then runs into tensions from 20th–28th when it clashes with Uranus and Pluto. Others may try to compromise your need for freedom and it could all burst out in matters to do with joint funds, inheritances and sharing.

Mars leaps into the picture too from 23rd reinforcing Uranus. If compromises have to be made at this time, you’ll feel it shouldn’t be you making them. Stand your ground and let others stretch their flexibility and self-knowledge for once. It’s about time!

Your father, career and social status zone is also super active this month. From 18th the Sun sheds new light on your possibilities and the New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th which lands near Neptune marks a fresh chapter, inspired by ideals.


Cancer:   If your ambitions have been in a lull recently, this month is the antidote! Mars is in your 10th House of father, career and social status all month and your energy and determination will be high. Venus arrives here too from 3rd, adding to the creative mix and making people in authority look on you kindly. If you need favours, don’t be afraid to ask!

Jupiter in your joint finance zone goes retrograde on 6th taking you back to review decisions and actions taken last November. You have until early June to work out what adjustments need to be made and by October you should be back on course.

Full Moon early on 11th may raise feelings of insecurity about your own money, income, possessions and security. Notice them but keep calm. They’re just anxieties.

Four planets line up in a T-square from 20th which you may experience as tension between your mother and home zone versus father, career and social status. Something has to give and this is likely to be in relationships and partnerships. Watch out for power plays – your own and others’…

The New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th falls in the other very active area of your solar chart – your 9th House of travel, exploring, philosophy, in-laws, ethics and legal matters. Ideals will be strong in one or more of these areas and should inform your plans for the year ahead. Take aim.


Leo:   Your travel, studies, culture and ethics zone is super-creative this month with Venus and Mars balancing your determination with pleasure and co-operation from others. Different cultures or philosophies may appeal as might new places to suit your pioneering mood.

Daily communications are less easy as Jupiter goes retrograde from 6th calling you back to look at possibly faulty thinking (or words) around last November. Jupter goes direct again early June and you have until October to move forwards with the adjustments you identify during this review period.

From 20th three and later four planets stir up some tricky dynamics which land in your higher mind versus lower mind axis. An overwhelming need to stick to your principles may come up and your work, health and daily routine zone might take the flack…

The eclipse on 26th may serve as a welcome distraction as new possibilities arise in your joint funds and intimacy zone. Neptune is offering ideals and the New Moon – a fresh start. Taxes, debts and inheritances are areas to look at afresh, along with sharing resources and being open yourself!


Virgo:   Venus and Mars are opening up creative paths in your 8th House of transformation this month. Joint funds, inheritances, taxes and debts may look more manageable. And you find helpful resources (inner and outer) to help others in crisis and in dealing with any of your own. Apply your solutions early on as the picture gets more complicated from 20th.

Jupiter goes retrograde on 6th in your security and finance zone, requiring you to carry out a review of decisions taken last November. Jupiter’s real function is growth which shouldn’t be confused with mindless expansion. You have until early June to find the best, truly growthful way forward and until October to finish applying it.

From 20th Jupiter runs into Uranus and Pluto, sparking tensions between your income and the financial demands of others. This may burst out in your romance, children and creativity zone. Any form of creativity will help to ease the tension which is at least some measure of action you can take, regardless of how others are behaving.

The New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th falls in the other active area of your solar chart this month – relationships and partnerships. It falls on Neptune which raises ideals. A fresh start is on offer. Take it.


Libra:   Jupiter which has been bringing growth and opportunity to you since September goes retrograde on 6th to review whether you’ve been really growing or just expanding lately… Your actions around last November need looking at once again and you’ll have until early June to review what adjustments you need to make and until October to make them.

Meanwhile you have a heady month ahead with relationships and partnerships taking your breath away! Your ruling planet Venus glides into this part of your solar chart on 3rd, joining Mars which is there all month. This is a creative combination and if romance is on your agenda, this month shouldn’t disappoint! Business partnerships come into this too, so much can be achieved working closely together with your partners up to 20th.

Towards the end of the month, Jupiter in your sign gets caught up with unpredictable Uranus in your partnerships zone which has repercussions at home or with your roots and foundations in some way. When Mars puts in its point of view from 23rd– 27th things may feel unmanageable. Keep your cool and grow to meet the situation. Opportunities for personal growth are strong, as are the situations that call for it. Keeping everyone happy is no longer the answer.

The New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th falls in your work, health, service to others and daily routine zone. Make new resolutions in these areas for the year ahead!


Scorpio:   Your month begins on a positive flow when Venus moves into your work, health and service to others zone from 3rd. Mars has been here right from the start and together they make a creative environment at work and with colleagues and daily companions. Adding a health regime to your day could feature too. If it does, make sure it’s something you enjoy.

Jupiter goes retrograde from 6th to re-explore an area of your inner-workings which missed the turning for further growth last November In the months ahead there is a second chance to reflect on where growth lies and what your response to it should be. Put this into action by October.

From 20th there’s some tension between your inner world and daily demands which shows up in communications. Your need for freedom at work or in your daily life will be especially strong from 23rd when Mars joins Uranus but make sure anything you have to say is fair. If in doubt, take a walk. Dealings with trade, neighbours and siblings could feature too.

In contrast to all of this, the eclipse on 26th falls in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. Neptune is involved too so ideals will be high. The new events or new resolve on your part will colour the coming months. Be creative in the best possible way!


Sagittarius:   Your 5th House of romance, children and creativity looks very promising up to 20th as Venus and Mars provide just the right amount of give and take. Take pleasure in these domains, you deserve it.

From 6th your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde in your friends, groups, community and organisations zone, taking you back to review decisions taken last November. This is a second chance to get things right for future growth and you have until early June to work out how that could be and until October to get that up and running.

From 20th Jupiter runs into Uranus and Pluto which shakes up the system. Mars joins in too from 23rd and tensions between your personal creativity and group well-being are not compatible. This mis-match makes itself known in your finance and security zone… The group picture looks like it has the upper-hand this time and you may have to forego personal projects.

Mother and home is the other active area this month, with the Sun bringing warmth and light from 18th. Mercury helps communications here from 25th and the New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th triggers ideals which inspire you to make a fresh start.


Capricorn:   It’s all go on the mother and home front this month as Venus and Mars add sparkle, creativity and pleasure to your surroundings or the emotional dynamics within them. This is a great time to decorate or entertain, especially during the first three weeks of the month.

Things will be less clear in your father, career and social status zone though when Jupiter goes retrograde from 6th. This will take you back to review decisions or moves made last November. And you have until early June to work out what went wrong and until October to get things back on track.

From 20th things kick off due to tensions between your private and public life or career versus home or even between mother and father figures. Mars adds to the agro or action on the home front from 23rd when it joins Uranus and compromises won’t look like an option! You may emerge super-strong from this situation which is fine but don’t gloat.

The New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th is in your communications zone offering a new approach or new forms of communication (which includes physical movement) and a fresh page can be turned in your approach or dealings with siblings and neighbours. Your antennae will also be super-strong and you may pick up the unspoken message louder than what was actually said. Double-check what has been agreed to make sure you don’t confuse the two. Keep hold of the ideals that come to mind at this time. Keep them with you and alive.


Aquarius:   Your tongue or pen will be working like a charm this month as just the right words help you to navigate your chosen terrain. You’ll be clear about what you want to achieve and the co-operation of others will part the waves to allow you safe passage. Make the most of this early in the month as by 20th ‘other’ dynamics will be in play…

Jupiter’s retrograde movement from 6th will call you to look again at your approach towards travel, studies, different cultures and ethics. If you have legal situations going on, they too might back-peddle for some time to correct a misunderstanding back in November.

Jupiter’s in good aspect with the Sun though around 10th–11th but Full Moon on 11th is in your opposite sign, bringing up strong feelings about relationships and partnerships.

Later in the month, your ruling planet Uranus gets caught up in an unrelenting dynamic from 20th and stands its ground regardless of the opposition when Mars joins it from 23rd–27th. New ideas could seem compulsive or your nervous system may be operating on over-drive and sleep may be harder to find. It’s important to put your mental energy into projects and to get LOTS of exercise to use up some of this high voltage energy!

The New Moon and solar eclipse on 26th falls in your income and finance zone, an area which has been mystifying you for months. Neptune’s central position in the picture doesn’t help to bring clarity but it is an idealistic fresh start of some kind and perhaps a new value system or a new source of income. Put your best foot forward.


Pisces:   The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. This year the Sun returns to your sign on 18th bringing energy and a sense of renewal. Your birthday is your true New Year, not January 1st. (It’s also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer!).

Your finances are undergoing a creative process this month as Venus and Mars lend good luck and energy to your efforts at securing an income or a sense of security in some way, perhaps on a non-material level, through creativity or philosophical beliefs. Apply your good ideas early on, as from 20th things get more complicated.

Jupiter goes retrograde in your joint funds zone on 6th taking you back to review decisions taken last November. Steps taken then may not have led to your best chance of true growth and you have until early June to explore better alternatives and until October to apply them.

From 20th–28th Jupiter runs into Uranus and Pluto which for Pisceans involves a clash between your income or value system and unpredictable changes in the finances of others that you’re involved with in some way. This could also involve taxes, debts and inheritances. The demands of others becomes more pressing as Mars joins Uranus from 23rd. Something has to give and it looks like the repercussions will be felt in your friends, groups, community and collectives zone. Campaigning in some way could also be a useful outlet for these energies.

Mercury enters your sign on 25th adding strings to your communications bow and helping physical movement. And then the highlight of the month is New Moon and a solar eclipse in your sign on 26th. Your ruling planet Neptune also happens to be very close which means not only is this your personal New Year, it is also completely in tune with your own process. Make resolutions for your interesting year ahead!


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