August Horoscopes 2019

Our shared planetary picture

We have a symbolic opening this month with New Moon in Leo on 1st. And Mercury goes direct in Cancer on the same day, after being retrograde for almost one month. With three planets in Leo at the start of the month (and four from 11th) this is a very creative period. Make time for fun too!

From 11th we can move forward once again as Jupiter goes direct in Sag. after four months moving retrograde. This has been a period of review about how well we have been taking up opportunities and seeking growth (in different areas of life for each sign).

Uranus goes retrograde on 12th in Taurus, taking us all back to look at how well we have taken up the challenge to be true to our unique, uncompromised selves. This also is in different areas of life for each sign.

From 18th we want to make ourselves useful as Mars moves into Virgo (closely followed by Venus on 21st and the Sun on 23rd). Things need to be done, especially regarding work and health. Details have to be seen to and others might need our help.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    New Moon on 1st falls in your 5th House of fun and games. This kicks the monh off with a blast of exhuberance – the kind that you love! Your ruling planet Mars is already having fun here, along with Venus up until 18th. This is great for boisterous games and creative self-expression. Time spent with children will be enjoyable, as will chasing your desires… You might even catch them!

Mercury goes direct on 1st too which can help to resolve any recent misunderstandings at home or with mother-figures. And Jupiter follows suit on 11th, ready for growth and expansion in your outlook and world view.

Uranus goes retrograde on 12th to review how closely your financial dealings reflect your true values,… This includes how you make a living, how you invest and spend your money and how much of it you give away to others who might need a hand. Uranus retrograde here suggests you need to make your life more congruous.

From 18th Mars leaps into your work, health and service to others zone. Time for a new regime perhaps? Or even a new job more in line with your principles? With Jupiter pressing ahead from 11th to act more ethically and in line with your beliefs: it may be time to make your world a bigger place!


Taurus:    New Moon on 1st falls in your mother and home zone and with Venus, Mars and the Sun already in residence, there will be many creative thoughts about possible homes or possibilities for your current home. What you need from a home is an important question too. Personal development and self-nurture benefit from this creative new phase too. And Mars enables you to put thoughts into action.

Uranus which has been in your sign full-time since March (and is residing there for another seven years) goes retrograde on 12th. This suggests you may not have fully stretched beyond your comfort zone to discover new ways of being. Have you been clinging to old familiar ways? You have until January to give this some thought. Sooner or later you will have to take courage and make a leap. A bigger picture is immerging over the next seven years and you will have lead role in this personal revolution!

Full Moon on 15th presents you once again with the need to balance the demands of the world with your emotional needs. And from 18th onwards, the focus changes to romance, children and creativity. Mars drives you onwards (possibly to pursue the object of your desires or a creative goal) and your ruling planet Venus provides the charm to win others over from 21st onwards.

Jupiter goes direct in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone from 11th. This completes a four-month review of your principles around sharing and financial dealings with others. (This can include taxes, debts and inheritances). And how much you share of yourself on an intimate level. You will need faith in life, for future growth.


Gemini:    Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 1st after four weeks going retrograde. It quickly starts making up for lost time by spanning three signs this month. And that is the kind of speed and variety that you like! New Moon is also on 1st and marks a fresh start in communications for you too. Are there any courses you would like to take or give? Ideas that have been on hold can be implemented now too.

On 11th Jupiter also goes direct in your opposite sign, completing a four-month review of relationships and partnerships. You can now once again move forwards and this time hopefully with new understanding.

Meanwhile, Uranus goes retrograde on 12th behind the scenes. This is a chance to take a second look at your inner-workings, self-talk, online world and spiritual life. A new era began here in March but compromises may have led you away from the call for an internal spring-clean. You have until January to work out a more authentic relationship with yourself.

From 18th the focus moves on to mother and home as Mars ups the energy for DIY or domestic projects and personal development. Venus glides in soon after on 21st, followed by the Sun on 23rd. You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home and inviting others round to share its pleasures.

Dealings with mother figures take on a fresh energy too. And with Mars around action could be needed or things could get heated. But Venus and the Sun should help you to find creative outcomes from 21st onwards.


Cancer:    Your ruling planet the Moon makes a fresh start on 1st in your finance zone. This has been a lively area recently with Venus and Mars coming up with all sorts of creative ideas. And from 11th you will have a way with words, to hopefully convince others of your great ideas!

Communications get a little more heated when Mars jumps into your 3rd House on 18th. Siblings and neighbours might notice you being rather more ‘assertive’ too… But Venus will be helping to find agreement and acceptable compromises from 21st, followed by the generous Sun on 23rd.

Work and health matters may have been on hold for the past four months when Jupiter was retrograde but progress becomes possible once again when Jupiter goes direct on 11th. Is it time to add some consciousness-raising activities to your daily routine? Or a more principled approach to the work you do or the food you nourish yourself with? Or do you need to spend more time in the great outdoors?

Full Moon on 15th falls in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone and you may be called upon to honestly examine the sometimes contrary demands of ‘your money and income’ and that which is shared with others. This includes joint finances, taxes, debts and inheritances. Now how to talk helpfully about that?


Leo:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 23rd, filling you with exhuberance and creative genius. Mars is in your sign too until 18th and little will get in your way as you confidently take the lead. Venus also makes you darling of the zodiac until 21st which makes for a very helpful, planetary wind behind you. And who would want to resist your plans and your warm charms?

Of course there is a price of sorts to pay for all this adulation. We need you to entertain us as your batteries fill up with sunlight. Some limelight should help to fill them up too!

New Moon is also in Leo on 1st which marks the beginning of your Personal New Year – a time to make resolutions for what you hope to find in your life emotionally in the month and year ahead.

Uranus has been in your father, career and social status zone, full time since March. The challenge for you is to find the pure, uncompromised expression of your talents and their place in the world. On 12th Uranus goes retrograde which suggests that perhaps you did not get the full hint that we are looking for radical change here… You have until mid-January to drop the compromises!

Jupiter goes direct on 11th in your romance, children and creativity zone. Time for expansion here too. Attractions to people from different countries, cultures and outlooks could make your world a bigger place and there is a green light for creativity too.

Finances or security issues capture your attention from 18th onwards and Mars will be looking for ways to push ahead. You also have the energy to create a new income stream, if that is of interest. Venus helps the fiscal picture to look rosier from 21st and your ruling planet the Sun sheds light on security matters from 23rd.

All in all, this is one heck of a month! Enjoy it all!


Virgo:    New Moon on 1st is active behind the scenes and marks the start of a new phase in your inner-life. This includes self-talk (and of course we are looking for positive reinforcement) and you may also have ideas for creative projects and also for healing yourself and others. Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 1st too which helps to resolve mis-communications, especially with friends, groups, organisations and communities.

Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 23rd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your Personal New Year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Your energy levels may rise even sooner as fiery Mars leaps into your sign from 18th. Dynamic action is yours. Venus makes you charmer of the zodiac too from 21st. And the Sun joins in from 23rd to melt any opposition to your projects or plans. Forge ahead!


Libra:    New Moon on 1st marks a new phase with friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. Your ruling planet Venus has been smoothing the path here since late July. And Mars adds a zest of extra energy until 18th. Any campaigns for a better world would benefit from your support.

Mercury goes direct on 1st too, helping to clear up any recent misunderstandings with authority figures. Librans are rarely caustic in their communications so this might involve you forgiving or understanding others better.

Joint finances, sharing and intimacy also take on a new light as Uranus goes retrograde on 12th. Have you been clinging to old ways in any of these areas of life? This applies to loans, taxes, debts and inheritances too. You have until January to reflect on this.

Jupiter also goes direct on 11th giving you a more expansive and positive mindset. And once Venus glides into your 12th House on 21st, your unconscious should be operating in a more helpful way, softening self-sabotage that sometimes holds you back.

From 18th compassion for those who are unable to improve their own circumstances is also strong. Can you help: financially or with your time and skills? Listening to the troubles of others and empathising can also be a huge help. Offer whatever you can.


Scorpio:    New Moon on 1st falls in your career and social status sector which is the perfect time to embark on a new career plan or a strategy to achieve your ambitions. Dealings with fathers and authority figures come into this too (and your own approach if you happen to be one yourself).

Venus is also present in this area of your solar chart.until 21st, helping to smooth your path and inclining others in positions of power to help you (so do ask). Mars is spurring on your ambitions too until 18th. Use this burst of determination to push your plans ahead.

Any compromises you have been making in relationships and partnerships will be under review over the next five months as Uranus goes retrograde (from 12th). A lot is being asked of you during this period of challenging growth. But Scorpios’ inner resources are rarely outfaced. Only this time, you are being called upon to be completely honest: with yourself and others.

Finances start to look more positive from 11th when Jupiter goes direct. This could be an increase in income or a more positive view of how your needs for security are met. This might not at its root, be about money or material possessions. Security can be achieved through a belief system or philosophy and also through creativity, so do explore the wider picture.

Friends, groups and community become more important from 18th when Mars (and later Venus on 21st) take their creative energies to collective pursuits. Make time for friends and perhaps you could add your talents or skills to a campaign that you believe in.


Sagittarius:    New Moon on 1st is the start of a new phase in exploration – one of your favourite activities. This can be through travel, cultural encounters or covering terrain physically or metaphysically. Venus makes these pleasurable too until 21st.

Mercury also goes direct on 1st which should help to clarify any recent confusion or misunderstandings around joint funds, sharing and intimacy. (This can also include taxes, debts and inheritances).

Your ruling planet Jupiter changes direction this month too and goes direct, in your sign, on 11th. This completes a four-month review of how you have been approaching personal growth and opportunities for expansion. Any conclusions you have reached, you can start to apply now.

On 12th Uranus goes retrograde in your work and health zone. It moved into this area of your solar chart full-time in March, challenging you to come up with the true uncompromised version of what your true calling is. If work is not relevant, then it may be about the best way to fill your days, how you should handle your health or how you can use your unique talents and skills to be of service to others.

Your father, career and social status zone revs up from 18th when Mars sharpens your ambitions or fills you with determination to tackle issues with father-figures (or with those who look up to you, if you are a father-figure yourself). From 21st Venus inclines authority figures to smile upon you. Ask for favours if you need some!


Capricorn:    Your approach to joint funds, sharing and intimacy takes on a fresh light with New Moon on 1st. And it may be time to be more generous… Mercury goes direct on the same day too, helping to resolve recent misunderstandings in relationships and partnerships (which can also be helped by a more generous attitude). And these themes may reoccur once again around Full Moon on 15th.

Jupiter goes direct in your unconscious zone on 11th. It has been retrograde for four months, reviewing your response to the pain and suffering of others and how you deal with your own painful issues. Opportunities for healing are open to you once again. Seeking them out (especially with the help of a professional) will make your internal world a much bigger and freer place. Perhaps you need to be more generous with yourself too!

Travel, different cultures, studying and ethics get an extra bolt of energy from 18th when Mars provides the energy and determination to push your agenda or plans forward. Legal matters and dealings with in-laws can be active too. Venus steps in to smooth over any discord from 21st onwards and the Sun’s arrival on 23rd helps to shed light on things that were not entirely clear.

Uranus goes retrograde on 12th in your romance sector. This introduces a review of how true you have been to yourself in your dealings with lovers and children. And then there is your creativity. What would be the most free, uncompromised expression of who you now are? Work towards it.


Aquarius:    Relationships and partnerships take on a different light with New Moon in your opposite sign on 1st. This marks a fresh start in some way. Make resolutions that will help you to work towards what (or who) you hope to find in your relationships in the month and year ahead.

Venus and Mars are enhancing the view too and adding to your passions until 18th. And Full Moon in your sign on 15th also brings up the axis of your needs as an individual versus relationships… But this is a familiar old chestnut for freedom-loving Aquarians.

Your ruling planet Uranus makes a change of direction on 12th in your domestic sphere. Uranus (the bringer of change, disruption and revolution) leapt into your mother and home zone full time in March, although there was a lead-up to this last autumn. (And you, more than others may have felt this coming).

Disruptions are likely but rather than focusing on what is causing your discomfort, examine and acknowledge what feelings are brought up for you in the midst of it all. Getting the help of a counsellor or therapist makes this easier and keeps you from going round in circles.

Any compromises you have made may not work out long term as Uranus demands the pure version of what you need a home to be and how you need to nurture and be nurtured. You have until early January to work some of this out. Uranus is going to revolutionise this area of your life over the next seven years. Personal development comes into this too. Welcome it in!


Pisces:    A new cycle begins on 1st with New Moon in Leo, regarding work, health and service to others. Could it be time for a new regime or a new job? Your daily routine also comes into this. Can you make a creative addition to your day or week? With the Sun, Venus and Mars now backing this up, whatever you envision can become a reality.

Mercury goes direct on 1st too, helping to improve communications with children, lovers and playmates. And from 11th Mercury can also make daily physical exercise easier.

Your career, social status and dealings with father-figures have been under review for four months but on 11th Jupiter goes direct, enabling you to apply your conclusions and move forward once again. This could mean you going for career expansion, daring to take a chance or improving your relationship with father figures.

Uranus goes retrograde on 12th, taking you back to look at how you have been thinking and communicating. Physical movement, courses, trading and dealings with siblings and neighbours come into this too. Uranus moved into this area of your solar chart full-time in March, looking for the uncompromising version of how you communicate in the widest sense. New ways of thinking are needed. Also new forms of physical movement can open up extra neural pathways but only if you give them a go!

Relationships and partnerships grab your attention from 18th onwards. Action is needed here too! And only you know what that should be.


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