August 2014

August 2014

Our shared planetary picture

All kinds of peculiar events seem to be on the horizon between 19th and 25th.  Mars meets Saturn (not very cosy and possibly uncomfortable), Mercury opposes Neptune and Chiron (not straight forwards) and Venus squares Saturn and trines Uranus which confuses everyone!

While we are puzzling out what to make of all this, New Moon in Virgo comes to the rescue on 25th bringing purity of purpose and attention to detail and a new beginning.

Virgo understands perhaps better than others ‘how’ things should be done.  While they unfairly get a lot of bad press for this, we actually all feel much better when Virgos are putting things right and making sure things are being done properly.  Even when it is done privately and behind the scenes, we all feel better, without knowing why.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope below for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Your ruling planet Mars is charging through Scorpio and your 8th House this month.  This means action in your ‘shared area’ of joint funds, the money of others and the sharing of yourself through intimacy.  Mars doesn’t hang about and you’ll be fully focused on moving things ahead and broaching previously ‘stuck’ areas.

While this is all welcome (assuming you’re taking other people’s needs into consideration too and not just your own), there is a tricky period when Mars catches up with Saturn and overtakes him.  This isn’t as straight forwards as it sounds…  Saturn represents authority – not your favourite word (unless it means you) and frustration could be the outcome when the god of action meets the god of limitations.  This happens around 19th – 23rd when clusters of other planets are reacting to each other too, right up to 25th.

New Moon in Virgo on 25th saves the day in your 6th House of work, health and service to others.  Self-care or a new regime could be the answer to increased well-being.  This could also benefit your colleagues and daily companions if you stretch to include their needs into your new program too.  You know it makes sense!

Taurus:   Full Moon on 10th raises your professional profile or your feelings about father or matters connected to status in some way but the main focus this month is relationships and home.  Your ruling planet Venus meets Jupiter in your 4th House of mother and home on 16th and 17th.  These two planets are the ‘feel-good’ archetypes and represent pleasure and expansion.  This is good for enjoying your home in whichever way you love most and enjoying the company of others.

The following week might feel less pleasurable however when Venus squares up to Saturn.  For almost two years, Saturn has been keeping partnerships on hold, requiring you to carry out a review in this area of life.  It started to inch forwards last month but Mars planet of drive and assertiveness gives it a big shove forwards this month from 19th -23rd.

There’s also a complex mix of planetary goings on causing tension that week, right up to 24th but New Moon in Virgo on 25th provides a channel for all of this energy to move forwards and offers a fresh start in your romance, children and creativity zone.  This is an opportunity.  Be sure to grasp it.

Gemini:   Venus helps with money matters until 12th when it moves into your 3rd house of communications.  This increases your power of persuasion, especially around 16th and 17th when Venus meets Jupiter and you delight in the company of others.

A week later, communications also present the biggest challenge this month.  Against a back drop of complex planetary combinations, your ruling planet Mercury gets into some sticky situations from 19th to 25th.  First of all it opposes Neptune on 19th which makes ‘the truth’ hard to fathom and find.  Remain straight forwards yourself however tricky others are being.  Mercury then trines Pluto and opposes Chiron.  This brings up the power of words and secrets.  Watch your words and your thoughts and make sure they don’t wound or hurt others.

New Moon on 25th in your 4th House of mother and home, creates an opening for resolving current tensions.  A fresh and healthy approach to mother figures, nurturing and home life brings wellbeing and a resolution to recent confusion.  Be kind and attentive to others and to yourself.

Cancer:  Venus continues to add to your charms for the first 12 days of August, then it glides into your 2nd House of money and possessions where it joins Jupiter around 16th and 17th.  This is a feel good combination but if you’re shopping, bear in mind luxury goods will look more appealing than usual and there’s a possibility of going to excess.  This could apply to food consumption too…

If misunderstandings or different versions of ‘the truth’ crop up around 19th, be as patient as you can.  Tensions could build in your romance, children and creativity zone from 19th too.  This can be helpful in drawing your attention to restrictions that may have become a way of life but which may now be ready to move on.  Finances could be involved in this too, especially around 24th.

New Moon in Virgo saves the day on 25th, helping communications and fresh ways of looking at things.  Despite the relief this brings, don’t forget the details.  An added benefit this Moon brings is turning over a new leaf with neighbours and siblings.  If things have soured in any way, this is an opportunity to freshen and renew them for everyone’s well-being, including your own.

Leo:   You’re glowing this month as the Sun, your ruling planet lights up your sign until 23rd and Venus adds to your many charms from12th, making you ‘darling of the zodiac’ until 5th September.

Full Moon in your opposite sign on 10th raises emotions about partners and relationships and the placement of Saturn suggests this may be connected to restrictions or responsibilities in the home in some way.

The auspicious meeting of Venus and Jupiter in your sign on 16th and 17th highlight a memorable weekend when you will be in your element.  Spread your optimism around and share it with others.  From 19th blockages around mother or home have to be looked at, when Mars the planet force meets Saturn the planet of resistance.  Something needs to give so don’t try to hold on to the old status quo or anything that is moving out of your life (including people).

Other planetary combinations collide this week, including Mercury, Chiron and Neptune which may generate troubling thoughts about security or difficult financial discussions.  Tensions build up right until New Moon on 25th which shows a new way forward regarding your security needs.  Attend to all the details but keep it simple.

Virgo:  Work or health matters get highlighted by Full Moon in Aquarius on 10th.  This is a quick-passing phase so try to keep any anxieties on short rein.

Many things are happening behind the scenes this month in your institutions, charities, suffering of others, creativity behind the scenes and your online life.  The two benefics Venus and Jupiter are both in this arena from 12th and they actually meet on the third weekend on 16th and 17th.  This raises your compassion and brings growth and pleasure to these areas of your life and you may be able to radiate them to those you care for too, whether nearby or far away.

From 19th it may be hard to work out which feelings are yours and which belong to others.  Clarity is hard to find which is uncomfortable in itself and partnerships seem complex.  Your thoughts may be at odds with your instincts or ‘words’ and dealings with siblings or neighbours could be troubling.  Be sure to direct energy away from your nervous system and towards action.  Mars meets Saturn in thiese areas and is determined to move things forward.  This disturbs the status quo but it’s time to start moving beyond the restrictions of the last two years.

New Moon in your sign on 25th marks the beginning of your personal new year and you realise everything is fine.

Libra:   Mars is zipping through your finance sector this month, sorting things out that have been in limbo for far too long.  This is helpful (unless it takes the form of disagreements about how to handle finances… ).  But even that could be helpful in the long run.  Much as Librans dislike discord, it’s good to air things now and then.  When Mars bumps into Saturn from 19th – 23rd, you’ll have to look carefully at security fears and concerns once again and tread even more carefully to find the right solution.

Meanwhile, your ruling planet Venus continues to smooth your father, career and status path until 12th and then joins Jupiter your 11th House.  Venus and Jupiter meet roughly once a year and this is the month, from 16th -18th (the middle weekend of the mont).  This is a lovely opportunity to enjoy sharing time with friends and community and with groups and teams that share your ideals.

A week later on 24th and 25th, Venus squares up to Saturn (ouch!) which could step on your finances, with a call for restraint and then trines Uranus (way out!) bringing the unexpected in partnerships.  If looking to improve relationships, try an element of surprise…   

Scorpio:   Full Moon on 10th in your 4th House of mother and home brings up many emotions about your roots, foundations and early years and about your needs for nurture in the present.  This is a challenging month for Scorpios, especially during the third week – self-honesty is the best policy.

The fortuitous meeting of Venus and Jupiter in your 10th House of father, career and social status bodes well in your public life.  Your personal life is the main focus though this month.  Saturn which has been sitting heavily on you for almost two years, gets a shove from Mars from 19th to 23rd.  This is more than a nudge for you to make vigorous headway in your personal development.  The past months of dwelling on your identity and how you’ve been dealing with yourself are starting to come to the first stage of completion. Holding on to an impasse is no longer viable and you have to change your position to a more helpful one, based on what you now know about yourself.

The planetary cocktail from 19th to 25th may be confusing but avoid distractions and focus on your self.  New Moon in Virgo on 25th brings fresh opportunities with friends, groups or community.  Help out and take comfort where you can.

Sagittarius:   Explorations (physical and non-physical) are a source of pleasure on 16th and 17th when lovely Venus meets jolly Jupiter, your ruling planet.  This is a feel-good transit and it would be a waste to let it pass in isolation.  Surround yourself with people and enjoy.

Your home and career axis could be a source of confusion from 19th.  We spring into the world from the home and changes to either end of this axis, impact on the other.  Your idealism about mother, home and nurture may pull you in one direction, while clear thinking and attention to detail are still needed in your father, public and status zone.  At best there could be healing as Chiron gets involved from 24th but make sure your words are productive rather destructive, even if they are needed to challenge the status quo.

Mars is buffeting Saturn in your 12th House from 19th to 23rd and your internal workings will be on the move again.  New Moon in your 10th House of father, career and social status leads you out of this confusion on 25th bringing a fresh start in your public life.

Conscientiousness will be called for.  Rustle some up.

Capricorn:   Partnerships continue to run smoothly till 12th as Venus finishes its transit through your relationship zone.  Full Moon on 10th may raise emotions about your own finances and security but two days later, Venus moves into your 8th House of joint funds and intimacy bringing harmony and possibly financial benefits from others.  The chances of this are even higher when Venus catches up with Jupiter around 16th and 17th.  These two planets bring pleasure (and possibly excess) so make sure this doesn’t take the form of debts running up in the other direction.

If misunderstandings occur from 19th, be as philosophical as you can.  Further tensions to do with friends, groups or collectives of any kind could begin to build around the same time.  This isn’t comfortable but it draws attention to where exactly things need to change.  The situation builds up to 24th but New Moon on 25th brings creative solutions and new ways of moving forward.  This could involve the way you look at things just as much as concrete external changes,

How we think about things makes them so, to us at least.  And so we can become the authors of our own unhappiness or fulfilment.


Aquarius:   Full Moon in your sign on 10th brings up emotions about your present situation and yourself.  Make a note of these passing feelings as this is helpful information for self-understanding.

Partnerships benefit from the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, the weekend of the 16th and 17th.  This could be the blossoming of a new relationship, growth within an existing one or an exhilarating bid for freedom to escape from existing bonds.

On 19th Mars meets Saturn in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  Things have been under review here for almost two years and Mars is now urging you to take steps forward.

Communications around finance, security and sharing could be tricky this week.  Things are not entirely clear and you can’t force them into clarity.  Information provided may be unreliable or open to interpretation and you may be left to try and fathom things out yourself.

New Moon on 25th in your shared area of joint funds and intimacy provides a way forward.  Details need to be gone into and a new strategy is needed that takes the needs of others into account, as well as your own.  Acts of generosity can only be a good thing but they should be given freely, not under coercion.

Pisces:   Communications in your partnership zone may be challenging from mid-month onwards.  Mercury opposes Neptune in your sign on 19th and then Chiron on 24th with a brief interlude with Pluto in between.  Take on board what partners have to say and try to welcome insights they are offering.  This may not be comfortable but growth sometimes takes challenging forms.

There is a lovely meeting of Venus and Jupiter in your 6th House of work, health and service to others on 16th and 17th.  This is a pleasurable and social weekend, so long as you don’t take things to excess…

Mars buffets Saturn in your travel, deep study, legal and publishing zone from 19th.  Compromises you may have reached in these arenas now require further action.  Sticking your head in the sand is no longer an option with Mars around so take action gladly.

New Moon on 25th in your relationships and partnerships zone brings an end to the general confusion and offers a fresh start and a new path forwards.  Take it.

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