February 2015

Your Horoscopes for February 2015

Our shared planetary picture

Mercury remains retrograde for the first 11 days of the month, urging us to reconsider knee-jerk reactions of the past, especially from the last two months.  We sometimes lose touch with our humanitarian side and this is a chance to re-connect and get things into a healthy and happier perspective.

New Moon is in Aquarius for a second time so we have a second chance to make the new start that we may have missed last month.  Be ready for this around 18th.  It will not come round again for another year.

The mood of the month changes dramatically on 20th when three planets move out of Pisces and into Aries, taking us from a reflective mood to full-on action!  Spring is not yet here but from 20th on an energetic level, it is in the cosmic air.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   You may feel thwarted during the first couple of days of the month as your ruling planet Mars has to clear Chiron’s sphere – sometimes an unfathomable and bewildering energy field.  The questions Chiron raises are often uncomfortable but helpful too and they are concerned with the themes of wounding and healing.  How you’ve been dealing with assertiveness, sexual expression and your physical energy in general are all possible areas to explore this time…

Uranus in your sign is moving towards a square with Pluto that completes next month.  Much rumbling is going on underground around career, status, father and authority figures.  Added to that are a bunch of planets murmuring in your 12th House of institutions, compassion, self-undoing and the collective unconscious.  Pay attention and examine your ‘self-talk’, charitable giving and your online activities.  Are you working towards your ideal self or have you been undermining yourself in some way?

The Aries fiery approach saves the day on 20th when all that mulling will have to stop to make way for dynamic action!  Moon, Venus and your ruling planet Mars all leap into Aries.  So by the end of that day, we’d better all look out!  Saturn in Sag lends its weight to support you until 26th.  So if you have a project that needs pushing ahead, the planetary wind is right behind you.  The time for self-doubt is over, just do it!!!

Taurus:   Communications around career and status remain uneasy until 11th.  But once Mercury goes direct, a way forward comes into view.  The second New Moon in Aquarius on 18th gives you a second chance for a new start professionally.  Seize the day!

Organisations, groups and friends seem to be in fluctuation during the first three weeks but on 20th your ruling planet Venus, along with the Moon and Mars all rush into your 12th House and draw your attention to marginalised or vulnerable groups in society, the institutions that serve them and work behind the scenes.  Your awareness will be re-kindled of how others are suffering and you may be in a position to do something about it.  This could be creatively, online, through campaigning or all three.  Whichever it is: do it!

If it feels like the vulnerable party is you, be creative, work on affirmations, seek out healing, try meditation and mindfulness and keep your self-talk positive.  We are all in the pool together and whatever happens to one, happens to us all.  Strive to be a healthy molecule in the wondrous human picture!

Gemini:   Professional ideals are high at the start of the month and you may hold a glamorous allure of some kind for others.   Travel, study, legal and ethical matters are still dragging though as ruling planet Mercury continues to reverse through your 9th House.  Check and double-check travel arrangements and documents of all kinds and don’t sign anything until Mercury’s gone direct after 11th.  The second New Moon in Aquarius on 18th provide an opportunity once again to make a fresh start in one or more of these areas.  Take up the challenge!

Sun and Saturn conspire to restrict you from 18th to 23rd.  Well they don’t of course but it may feel that way as partnerships (your new area for Saturnian learning) impacts on your public life.  This could be the lack of a partner just as easily as a partner that feels detrimental or an unwelcome burden in some way.

Lots of nebulous planets in your 10th House of father, career, status and public standing confuse matters until 20th when three of them jump ship into your 11th House of friends, groups, community, organisations and humanitarian ideals.  This livens up things a lot.  It isn’t just a mental exercise though, put your ideas into action!

Cancer:  Full Moon in your money and security zone on 3rd may raise anxieties about the future but rather than worrying about what money is coming in, change your focus to what is happening in your ‘shared area’ – other people’s money and how resources are being used and shared.  We’re looking for good examples here, so be one!  You have until 11th to get this right and the second New Moon in Aquarius on 18th will give you a further prompt to start a new cycle if you didn’t quite ‘get it’ last month.  (The universe is a generous place but you have to play your part too).

Travel and legal matters may be confounding for much of the month but the entry of your ruling planet the Moon and Venus and Mars all leaping into your 10th House of career, status and authority figures on 20th, marks the beginning of a new dynamic surge forwards.  Your ambitions are keen and you have the energy to see them through.  Influential people could be helpful to you so long as you’re not too pushy.  But don’t be shy either!

Leo:   Full Moon in your sign on 3rd pulls you this way and that and the emotional core of the matter is you!  Meanwhile, Mercury remains retrograde until 11th in your 7th House of partnerships.  Take care over communications and keep your outlook broad and wide.

New Moon on 18th, also in your 7th House provides another opportunity for a fresh start in partnerships, whether new or existing ones.  Seize the moment!

Shared resources and joint funds may be a source of confusion.  Intimacy may be beguiling too.  It’s all those planets in your 8th House in a Piscean fog.  On 20th though, three of them leap into your 9th House of travel, study, law and philosophy.  Time for action and the energy needed to be forthright and effective is at hand.  Saturn is with you in this too, lending weight to your arguments.  Other people should listen.  Your ideas are good!

Virgo:   Ideals and dreams about partners real, past, imaginary or future are floating around you but nailing anything down to reality or a commitment, escapes you for the moment. You may be reminded of old wounds as Mars and then Venus cross Chiron on 1st and 9th but the latter could be an opportunity for healing too.

Partners or a lack of them could impact the home or your personal development in some way.  Concentrating on your daily routine and how you can rethink things to enhance your well-being, is important right now.  It is also something within your control… yes we’re talking food and exercise and how you order your day to make it work best for you.  You have until 11th to put a helpful regime in place and it should be as pleasurable as possible (we know what a hard time you give yourself!).  The second New Moon in Aquarius on 18th is a second nudge.  If there is other helpful content you need to add or stressful content you need to exclude from your routine, do it.

Libra:   Mix-ups, misunderstandings, romance, children and creativity start to improve once Mercury goes direct on 11th. Being objective and taking a wider view helps until then, even when others are erratic.  The zodiac needs people to bring differing sides together and find common ground which so often falls to you, and all that practice has made you good at it!

There are many concerns around work, health and service to others which may feel confusing and unclear.  The best you may be able to do in the present circumstances is to attend to your own well-being in the middle of it all.  You’re a valuable resource and a resource that needs to be looked after.  Others might not have yet grasped this.  If not, you may have to point it out…  Attend to your daily routine.  Allocate yourself reasonable work hours and then give full attention to the basics: yes, food, rest, exercise and recreation.  This is non-negotiable!  You’ll be no use to anyone if you burn out or get ill.  Whatever work culture or daily environment you find yourself in, lead on this by example.

On 20th three planets burst into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  You will certainly notice this…

Scorpio:   Your home, roots or foundations are still under review as Mercury continues to go retrograde until 11th.  Communications could be liable to mix-ups and misinterpretations too so double check whatever is agreed during this period.  Objectivity is also a good exercise, so as to take other points of view into account as well as your own.  Full Moon on 3rd raises emotions around your public standing and the second New Moon in Aquarius this year on 18th is last chance (for a while) for a new start regarding mother, home or personal development.  If an opportunity escaped you last month, be sure not to miss it this time!

Many things are happening in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity and they may not all be entirely clear.  Feel your way as best you can and don’t push for certainty.  Not knowing is a big and creative space.  Enjoy the present, just as it is.

There’s a change of gear on 20th though when three planets bound into your 6th House of work, health and service to others.  Your daily routine and well-being come into this too and you might find yourself being pro-active in making your daily life more pleasurable.  Sounds good!

Sagittarius:  Communications continue to bug you or trip you up as Mercury continues retrograde in your 3rd House.  Relationships with siblings, neighbours and trades-people may be prone to misunderstandings too.  Be clear.  Be very clear. This eases up after 11th when Mercury goes direct but New Moon on 18th (the second one in two months in Aquarius) gives you yet another chance to get things right and off to a better start.

Sun opposes Saturn in your sign from 18th to 23rd.  This is coming from your home area which appears to be a source of confusion for much of the month!  Your roots, foundations, early home and present home and the relationship with your mother (past or present) could all show up in the present situation…  Personal development is key.  There are three years of this ahead. It can’t be avoided, so get stuck in!

Capricorn:   Finances may still seem to be moving backwards until 11th then Mercury goes direct once again.  You’ve had time to review security concerns and values and to take a wider view and you’ll hopefully now be taking a more humanitarian stand.  If the penny hasn’t quite dropped, New Moon in Aquarius on 18th (the second in two months) gives you a third and possibly last chance (for a long time) to get this right.

Relationships with siblings, neighbours and trades-people may feel complicated for much of the month but your focus zooms in to mother and home on 20th when three planets rush into your 4th House.  This is a great opportunity to get jobs done around the home and to beautify it and entertain.  If DIY isn’t usually your thing, look on it as a form of creativity and give it a go!

Someone might be getting rather bossy around the home.  Could it possibly be you?…

Aquarius:   Mercury’s still travelling backwards in your sign until 11th requiring you to be aware of what you’re saying and making sure you mean it.  Your thought processes are up for grabs too.  Have you managed to keep your humanitarian stance in the middle of everything?  We rely on you for this so be aware of this responsibility, you’re doing it for us all.  Full Moon occurs in the middle of all of this on 3rd in your partnerships zone.  Emotions will be high but keep your view broad.

Finances or security may seem unfathomable and you won’t be able to force them into clarity.  Just go along with the not knowing and appreciate living in the present.

The second New Moon of the year falls once again in Aquarius on 18th which is almost as if you’ve been given a second chance to make a new start and provides yet another opportunity to make any resolutions you need to make for the year ahead.  This is now with the benefit of understanding provided by personal events which have taken place over the past six weeks.

Three planets burst into your 3rd House of siblings, neighbours, thought and communications on 20th.  Act on new ideas.  Your powers of persuasion will be strong!

Pisces:  You continue to be darling of the zodiac until 20th when Venus leaves your sign and Mars close by makes you quite assertive too.  With so many planets in Pisces, no one seems to know exactly what’s going on for much of this month, apart from you!  Enlighten those who deserve it.

Mercury retrograde is still rumbling through your unconscious and behind the scenes.  Be careful of what you say in your online life and don’t necessarily believe everything people say about themselves.  Of course you may not entirely believe everything you say about yourself this month but that’s poetic licence (granted only to Pisceans at present).

Mars keeps bumping into thwarting planets like Neptune and Chiron which doesn’t help to get things done but it can make for a creative process so go with that rather than insisting on concrete results.

18th to 23rd may be uncomfortable as Saturn applies its weight to your public life.  Authority figures from your past or present may loom large.  This can be helpful though in reviewing how you’re getting along with your identity and self expression and in finding outlets for both.

Regardless of Saturn, Sun moves into Pisces on 18th bringing new reserves of energy.  The month before your birthday is often one of lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  Having weathered that, it’s now time for renewal.

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