March 2016

Your Horoscope for March 2016

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Each eclipse belongs to an eclipse family that reoccurs approximately every 18 years, for a period of roughly 1260 years. And on March 9th we have a total solar eclipse from the 130 Saros cycle that started in 1096 when European Christians launched the Cruscades.

Eclipses are connected to world events and the last time we had an eclipse from this cycle was in 1998 when two US embassies were bombed and prior to that was the one in 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran, the USA opposed the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan and there was an assassination attempt on Syrian President Assad’s life.

It should be interesting to see what happens around the present eclipse in this series.  And keep in mind that the effects of an eclipse can be experienced in the months before it and afterwards.

Being in Pisces which is a mutable, water sign, the areas this eclipse influences are likely to include: matters to do with oceans, water, oil, feet, body fluids, waste lands, viruses, rodent outbreaks, religious orders, institutions (prisons, hospitals, psychiatric units etc), spirituality, visions, the pain and suffering of others, refugees, charities, compassion, the internet and the collective unconscious.

We may need more sleep during the week of this eclipse, medications (and alcohol) may have a stronger effect on us than usual as our sensitivity and receptivity is higher. It could also be a good idea beforehand to back up anything of value saved on your computer. This is a good time though for spiritual practices as ‘the veil’ (or the boundaries between different worlds) are thinner than usual.

As well as the eclipse, there is also a gathering of planets in Pisces this month. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all spend part of the month in Pisces whereas Neptune and Chiron continue their long residence all month.

Mars moves into Sag on 6th and Saturn goes retrograde on 25th (also in Sag), taking us back to review choices and events, in certain areas of life, different for each sign. We have until mid-August to carry out this review and may not be able to apply our conclusions until mid-November.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Your ruling planet Mars completes its tour of your intimacy, joint funds and sharing zone until 6th, then it moves into your travel, cultural, deep study, legal and philosophy zone. Explorations in any of these directions look exciting, although Saturn turns back to review a certain issue here from 25th.

Social life with friends, groups and community run pleasantly until 12th when Venus moves into the busiest area of your life this month – your behind the scenes life. A gathering of planets and an eclipse on 9th bring important inner dynamics to your attention.

The areas for you to examine are one, two or a mixture of the following – compassion, charity and the pain and suffering of others, institutions i.e. prisons, hospitals and psychiatric units, escapism (including through drink and drugs), time spent alone, your spiritual life, self-undoing, creativity behind the scenes, your online life and psychological inner workings.

These often unfathomable areas are not favourite dwelling places for straight forwards Aries but avoidance will not be to your advantage, so set aside some time to visit these depths. There is hidden treasure here to guide you on your onward path. Stop to find it.


Career matters and ambitions go well from 1st – 12th as Venus moves through your 10th House of father, career and social status. If you need the assistance of people with influence, go ahead and ask.

The main emphasis this month though falls in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. The eclipse on 9th falls in this area which also has the passing input of Sun, Mercury and Venus and the constant input of Neptune and Chiron.

Your ideals about friends and groups etc. will be string when Venus joins Neptune on the weekend of 18th – 20th and there are opportunities for healing and mending misunderstandings and severed ties from 27th – 29th.

Mars spends the first week of the month in your partnerships zone, activating and heating things up there and then goes to join Saturn in your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Saturn also goes retrograde in this area of your chart on 25th, taking you back (until mid-August) to review something unresolved in one of these areas.

Full Moon which occurs around mid-day on 23rd brings up emotions around work, health, service to others and your daily routine. Are any of these out of balance? Your reactions around this time could offer the answer. Notice what you notice. It could be helpful information.


Things are happening fast but they’re also bewildering and unexpected. A build-up of planets in your father, career and social status zone dominates the month and an eclipse on 9th adds to the drama.

Neptune has created a veil of uncertainty around these areas over the past few years. Ideals have been guiding you towards your desired goal and this month you should be able to see what has been blocking the way (and this could be something internal just as easily as it could be external).

New Moon with a total eclipse marks a new era in your public life on 9th. And from 12th Venus encourages people with influence to look favourably in your direction. If you have favours to ask, just ask.

Partnerships is the other active part of your chart. Mars gives you drive and determination from 6th to push things forward but Saturn goes retrograde on 25th in this same area, calling you back to revisit something that needs a second look. You have until mid-August to look into this and it may not be possible to move ahead with your conclusions until mid-November. Meanwhile do all your homework so that your decisions are clear and well-informed.


Mars continues in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity until 6th when it moves into your work, health and service to others zone. This provides a boost of energy for your work and for health routines.

Meanwhile Venus helps with intimacy, sharing and the money of others until 12th, when it moves into your 9th House, where there’s a build-up of planets all month.

This section of your chart covers travel, deep study, religion and philosophy, legal matters, in-laws and different cultures. Neptune and Chiron have been obscuring matters in one or more of these areas for quite a time but the Sun and Mercury help to bring some clarity and the eclipse on 9th falls in this area of your chart. This could be to do with separation, leading to better things.

Venus’s arrival on 12th makes things easier and brings harmony to relations in these areas. And when Venus meets Neptune on the weekend of 18th – 20th ideals are strong.

Full Moon (at mid-day GMT) on 23rd falls in your 4th House of mother and home. Explore the emotions raised to see if anything in these areas of life are out of balance.

There are opportunities for healing 29th – 31st as Venus meets Chiron. Be open to building bridges.


Six more days of action on the home front, then on 6th Mars moves into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. And you’ll have energy for creative projects in any of these arenas. Your competitive instincts will be strong and you can push plans forward. You may be stopped in your tracks however when Saturn turns back on 25th to review certain matters connected to one or more of these areas, so make hay while the sun shines mid-month.

Partnerships run smoothly until 12th as Venus continues to bring harmony and co-operation. The main planetary emphasis though falls in your 8th House of birth, sex, death, joint funds, taxes, debts, inheritance, the money of others and sharing.

Neptune and Chiron have been clouding the view regarding one or more of these matters, so hopefully this build-up of other planets – the Sun, Mercury and Venus will help to illuminate these unclear areas. The total eclipse on 9th also falls here so expect many events around these transformational areas of life, this month.

Venus and Neptune join forces on the weekend of 18th – 20th. This could bring a wave of emotional idealism, reckless credit card use or selflessness with shared finances. Be sure the object of your attention is worth it…


You start the month with lots of mental energy (and possibly heated discussions) as Mars completes its stay in your communications zone. Your determination then moves on 6th to taking action on the mother and home front. Obstacles halt you in your tracks though when Saturn goes retrograde, also in this area from 25th. An internal review is needed to look once again at something that you thought did not matter. But it does. This review lasts until mid-August but it may not be possible to apply your conclusions until mid-November.

Venus smooths your work, health and service to others zone until 12th when it moves into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships. This area is perhaps the main emphasis this month as five planets gather there, in addition to the solar eclipse on 9th.

Neptune has been clouding and perhaps idealising your view of partnerships for a few years but the present planetary line up may bring some welcome clarity. While Virgos are renowned for their selflessness, this shouldn’t be taken to the point of submissiveness and self-harm. Factor your needs into whatever solutions you come up with, not just other people’s, especially around the weekend of 18th – 20th.

Full Moon on 23rd raises emotions around money and security. And a meeting of Venus and Chiron from 28th – 31st offers an opportunity for healing in partnerships. Take it.


Your ruling planet Venus brings pleasure to romance, children and creativity until 12th when it moves into your 6th House of work, health, daily routine and service to others. A gathering of planets in these areas of your life demand you devote your full attention this month to whatever needs looking at.

This focus runs for the whole month as Sun starts the month in this area of your chart, followed a week later by Mercury and the total solar eclipse on 9th. The general theme of this eclipse family is separation leading to better things, so this should be interesting.

Neptune and Chiron have been in this area of your chart for some time which has been creating a mist of uncertainty. And although clarity can’t be forced, time spent focusing on these areas of life this month will be helpful.

The Venus – Neptune conjunction on the weekend of 18th – 20th brings ideals to the fore. Relationships with colleagues and daily companions are highlighted, as are what you include in your daily routine and how it impacts your well-being.

This is followed by Full Moon in your sign on 23rd (at 12.02 GMT so the big build up is the night of 22nd), raising emotions about yourself. Be open to what it tells you.


Mars spends the first six days of March in your sign, urging you to be pro-active, assertive and dynamic. If you have any projects that need pushing forward, devote these days to doing just that. Your determined efforts then move on to money, security and values. If you’ve been thinking about creating a new form of income, this could be your year, starting from 6th. Saturn’s retrograde movement on 25th may halt things though, as an internal review of these areas needs to take place before progressing further.

You might also find you wander off task as another area of life bursts into life. Five planets are active in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity and two of them keep residence for the whole month. The eclipse on 9th also falls in this House so you won’t be complaining of boredom! The general theme of this eclipse is separation leading to better things.

The meeting of Venus and Neptune from 18th – 20th could also sweep you off your feet or if creativity is more your bag, a flow of inspiration could carry you far away. Dealings with children could also be the focus of selflessness on your part.

Later in the month from 28th – 31st Venus joins Chiron bringing opportunities for healing in these same areas too. Be sure to seize these days!


You’ll be raring to go this month when Mars leaps into your sign on 6th. Your will and determination will be strong and some headway can be made until an old chestnut blocks the works as Saturn goes retrograde in your sign on 25th.

An internal review needs to take place before you can fully move ahead and this concerns you, your identity and how you’ve been expressing yourself. This review will throw you in on yourself which is necessary. You have until mid-August to explore your inner workings and then by mid-November the way forward should be clear.

Your 4th House of mother, home, roots and foundations is the other big area of activity this month. Five planets and a solar eclipse show up which is not an easy agenda but it’s rich in terms of opportunities for personal growth.

Outer or inner confusion has been a feature as Neptune has been moving through this area of your chart over the past few years. And this month’s focus on them, may offer some glimpses of clarity as to what is actually happening. Be open to new information.

The weekend of 18th – 20th may call for selflessness on your part and 28th – 31st offers chances for healing, also on the mother and home front.

Sun moves into your romance, children and creativity zone from 21st – fun for all!


Your ruling planet Saturn goes retrograde this month on 25th in your behind the scenes life. This is taking you back to review an area of your inner workings that need a second look. This could be in the area of compassion and charity, institutions (prisons, hospitals and psychiatric units), time spent alone, self-undoing, your spiritual life, creativity behind the scenes or your online life. Mars is also stimulating these same areas from 6th, giving you energy to explore whatever needs looking at.

A build-up of planets all month and an eclipse on 9th in your 3rd House of communications, physical movement, trading, neighbours and siblings dominate the month however. Things may not have been clear in one or more of these areas over the last few years as Neptune is clouding the view. Change is taking place on a subtle level but it isn’t possible to see what exactly is happening. You just have to trust this process but events this month will help to bring some matters to light.

Venus helps your finances along until 12th and Full Moon on 23rd in your father, career and social status zone brings emotions to the surface. Be open to compassion for siblings or neighbours from 18th – 20th and the opportunity to mend relations with them from 28th – 31st.


Venus in your sign continues to heighten your charms until 12th. It also forms a nice aspect to your ruling planet Uranus from 1st – 3rd which provides fun with friends, groups and communities. Then on 12th Venus moves into your 2nd House of money, possessions, security, self-esteem and values. Venus usually brings ease to wherever it lands, so finances may be helped.

Prior to this the Sun is highlighting your finance zone and Mercury, not to mention the total solar eclipse here on 9th. This could be a mixed bag, so Venus coming to the rescue will probably be a relief.

Neptune has been clouding a clear view of your finances for some time. Deep changes in your value system could be at the root of this or perhaps blind wishful thinking or both. Whichever has been the case, this planetary line-up marks time to give this area of life some deep thought and more attention.

The meeting of Venus and Neptune from 18th – 20th, may heighten your ideals and you may feel moved to put your money where your mouth is. Venus then moves on to meet with Chiron at the end of the month, adding the theme of wounding or healing in some way.

Mars makes headway in your career and ambitions zone until 6th, then you’ll be feeling energetic about friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. Saturn starts a review here on 25th so push plans ahead before then.


This is a memorable month with many internal and external events taking place. On a worldly level, Mars moving into your father, career and social status zone from 6th, heightens your ambitions and your competitive instincts.

On 25th though Saturn goes retrograde in this same area, taking you on an internal review to look at what has been achieved and perhaps more importantly how it has been achieved. Something needs looking at again. This review will last until mid-August and it may not be possible to apply all of your conclusions until mid-November.

The other major focus this month is yourself. Massive planetary events are taking place in Pisces. Your ruling planet Neptune has been moving through your sign for a few years. This can cloud your sense of self as a seemingly unfathomable, internal process has been taking place. But this month glimpses of clarity can be gained as to what this on-going process is about.

The New Moon and solar eclipse fall in your sign on 9th, marking the beginning of your personal new year. This eclipse cycle is linked to separation and new beginnings. Venus then moves into your sign on 12th, heightening your charms and making you darling of the zodiac!

The meeting of Venus and Neptune could sweep you off your feet romantically or provide a wave of inspired creativity around the weekend of 18th – 20th. Then there are opportunities for healing around 28th – 31st. Be open to everything that the planets can teach you!

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