November 2014

November 2014

Our shared planetary picture

Mars triggers off Uranus and Pluto from 7th – 16th yet again.  These are explosive energies that have been re-occuring over the past two years.  Unpredictable events can suddenly occur and power plays can get out of hand.  Hierarchies and authoritarian structures could be under massive pressure too.  Some will think that is good: others may not.

Flexibility is the best response to all of this and self-awareness, so that we don’t unconsciously act out any floating ruthlessness ourselves.  Be aware of power dynamics.  Use yours in an ethical and measured way and deflect attempts for control by others.  This may sound grim but on the positive side, transformation on a collective level is possible and a raising of mass awareness.  Be positive, be boundaried and help to ‘raise the vibration’.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   On a personal level, money matters or security concerns come to a head on 6th and ‘the money of others’ could be a serious item on the agenda from 10th – 18th.  How you share yourself intimately could be up for discussion too.  Certain aspects of yourself may take you by surprise this month.  You’re getting closer to your true, uncompromised core and this could be startling for everyone…

Your ruling planet Mars is stirring things up in your father, career and public status zone from 7th – 15th.  This hones your ambitions into razor-sharp action that will be compelling and hard to resist.  Do your utmost to achieve your goals but don’t hit below the belt.  Unethical situations or people in positions of authority may attract your attention: and they may wish they hadn’t.  Others will stand and gasp at your daring challenges to authority and hierarchies, possibly to expose the unworthy.

Your sense of justice is strong.  Old structures may no longer be appropriate and complacency needs to be challenged.  Something better is clearly needed.  Could it be you?


Taurus:   Full Moon in your sign raises emotions on 6th and there seem to be a lot of comings and goings in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  Saturn has been putting the brakes on here for two years but Sun, Mercury and Venus could start to change all that.  Your ruling planet Venus makes you more susceptible to the charms of others in general and when it moves over Saturn from 10th – 14th old or new bonds take form.  Responsibilities may be part of the picture too.  Walk in with your eyes open if you choose this path.

Mars is bombarding its way through Capricorn, triggering off Uranus on its way and then joining Pluto.  Uranus presently in your 12th House of the unconscious, behind the scenes projects and your online life could release forgotten memories, startling realisations and changes to your outlook.  The Mars-Uranus contact may also encourage uncompromised action and striking out, doing your own thing in your own way.

Travel, education, cultural or legal matters offer strong medicine from 8th – 13th as Mars moves over Pluto.  Compulsions may become apparent and men from other cultures or of a philosophical nature could play an important role.  Old stances may no longer seem valid and other points of view are challenging you.  Avoid a defensive stance by listening.  This can help to raise your self-awareness.  Be open to change!


Gemini:   After sluggishly being retrograde for most of last month, your ruling planet Mercury is no longer being dragged through the mud and you will feel on top form this month (in this respect at least) as Mercury lightly skips through three different signs.  Mobility after standstill is always exhilarating for Geminis and a huge relief.

Mars triggers off Uranus from 7th electrifying your friends, groups and organisations zone.  You’ll be looking for individual and possibly unorthodox solutions to presenting situations.  Constraints won’t be tolerated and you will try very hard to talk your way out of situations you don’t much care for, or may find yourself trying to talk others in or out of situations that impact you in some way.

Your 8th House of joint funds, sharing and intimacy are on intense alert too as Mars passes over Pluto here from 8th – 13th.  Compulsive attractions or reactions could feel overwhelming.  Think out the different threads involved so that your actions are conscious and not reactive.  This is testing and important!

Venus enters your 7th House of relationships and partnerships from 16th.  This will make you keenly aware of the charms of others and perhaps susceptible to them.  New Moon on 22nd marks a new start in relationships and partnerships too, so who knows?


Cancer:   Mars in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships stirs things up from 7th – 15th and brings change to your social status and to partnerships.  Your public status has been undergoing changes since 2010 and 2011and Mars will push things even further.

Pluto also gets a shove in the back from 8th – 13th.  Transformation of, or in partnerships is deep and inevitable.  Beware of power battles (control your own and deflect others) and choose a healthy model of relating where the power transforms both of you through equal relating: not the power of one over the other.

Sun, Mercury and Venus are also passing through your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  This helps to soften Saturn’s grip which has been taking you to task for the past two years with extra responsibilities, difficulties or delays.

New Moon on 22nd falls in your work, health and daily routine zone.  This is the perfect time for you to start a new regime.  Service to others is implicated too so if you can help someone or others along at the same time, all the better.  Team workouts perhaps?


Leo:   Full Moon on 6th raises emotions in your public zone and may put you in the limelight (and Leos are supremely good at rising to such occasions).  Your urge for expansion and long-term restrictions continue to get in each other’s way until 10th but after 15th the coast is clear and Jupiter can widen your world.

Venus brings harmony to the home from 1st – 15th – great for beautifying your space and entertaining.  Venus then moves into your children, creativity and romance zone for the rest of the month and beyond.

Mars in Capricorn is sparking things off with Uranus and Pluto from 7th  – 15th.  The first area of impact will be your travel, legal, study, philosophical and cultural zone.  Sudden changes and rebellious feelings of wanting to do your own thing, in your own way could emerge and fly in the face of widely-accepted values.  Be true to yourself, your beliefs and your flair regardless.

The second area of impact is your 6th House of work, health, service to others and daily routine.  Massive transformation here as Mars moves over Pluto and it’s looking intense.  Creative fervour could be part of it.  Be sure to give your vision free rein.


Virgo:   Your ruling planet Mercury is on the move once again after a difficult immobile period last month.  It also spends most of the month in your 3rd House of communications and helps to break through the difficulty that’s been sitting there for two years (Saturn) which may have sometimes taken the form of physical movement, siblings or neighbours.  The Sun and Venus are accomplices in this too which is all to the good and next month it shifts for good.

Intense experiences impact two areas of your life this month – both triggered by Mars.    First of all Mars squares Uranus from 7th – 15th, causing it to kick off erratically in your birth, death, joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone.  Expect the unexpected and sudden or startling events.

Secondly, your romance, children and creativity zone gets zapped as Mars moves over Pluto from 8th – 13th.  Compulsive feelings and reactions could occur.  Self awareness is your best friend when these two strike.  But be open to the opportunities for transformation on offer.

Venus brings harmony to your mother and home sphere from 16th.  This is a great time to beautify your home and for entertaining.  New Moon on 22nd marks a new era in this area of life too.  Make self-nurture a priority!


Libra:   Work or health concerns could get emotional around Full Moon on 6th and finances demand your attention from 10th – 18th.  This may all fade into insignificance though, compared to the main meal of the month…  From 7th – 15th Mars squares Uranus and then meets Pluto.  Your mother, home and roots zone is being transformed by powerful forces.  This is almost a compulsive combination and could take many forms:

The mother or women in the family could be implicated or the physical home, be that a building, its plumbing, your town, country or the planet.  Realisations about your childhood and early home could break through the prettier view you often prefer to hold too.  But this could give you a very helpful handle on the present, as well as the past..

Your ruling planet Venus spends 10th – 14th caught up with Saturn which could feel restrictive and at the very least serious.  From 17th – 21st it’s square Neptune –i.e. not co-operating with the idealised view of things.  These are perfect conditions for more honesty in your relationships, including the relationship to yourself.

Uranus has been shaking things up for a few years now in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships.  And Mars-Pluto squaring it during the first half of the month, gives things yet another challenging jolt.

Be sure to keep in mind that these dramatic processes are for you, not against you.  Welcome them and the fresh and liberating insights they bring.


Scorpio:   Your hypnotic charms are at their height from 1st – 16th as Venus continues to glide through your sign.  Others notice and relationships will demand your full attention with Full Moon on 6thAs Venus moves over Saturn from 10th – 14th you can even feel a softening of the restrictions you’ve felt over the past two years.  The Sun too warms and lightens Saturn’s grip from 15th – 20th and is in your sign all month until 22nd.  This adds enthusiasm and energy to your personal New Year.

Meanwhile, Mars squares Uranus which is in your 6th House of work, health, daily routine and service to others.  Unexpected or sudden changes in these areas could be startling but liberating.

Mars is also pushing your ruling planet Pluto (from 8th – 13th) to bring about the much-needed transformation you’ve been considering or working towards.  This is happening in your 3rd House of communications, thinking, siblings, neighbours, short journeys, physical movement and trading.

Obsessive thoughts and the use of force of any kind are to be avoided but breakthroughs are possible and should be welcomed.  New forms of physical movement could have transformational effects too – experiment!


Sagittarius:   Your ruling planet Jupiter is struggling to express itself in the face of restrictive Saturn up to 10th.  This is frustrating but it can help you to focus on how you want to go about things, once the coast is clear.  After 15th, Jupiter is free again and able to bring you an expansive, wider horizon.

Mars sparks off rebelliousness as it squares Uranus from 7th  – 16th.  You will feel this in your romance, children and creativity zone.  Compromise and submitting to other people’s view of things may not feel possible and they may have to adjust to yours.  Your creative juices are flowing and originality will be your moto.

Mars also moves over Pluto from 8th – 13th.  You may find yourself having compulsive feelings about money, security, self-esteem (linked to your income) and values and you will be pushing hard to achieve your goals.  It may be tempting but don’t resort to ruthlessness.  You have to live with yourself after this planetary transit is over.  Direct the raw energy into effort and willpower instead.

Venus moves into your sign on 16th making you darling of the zodiac for three and a half weeks.  If you need to charm others round to your way of thinking, the wind is behind you till Dec 10th.

Sun returns to your sign on 22nd which is a relief and brings fresh energy and a sense of self-renewal.  New Moon in your sign on 22nd marks the beginning of your personal and emotional New Year too.  Forget the generic January 1st.  Your New Year is now!  Make some resolutions!


Capricorn:   Each planet has a sign in which it operates at its best.  This is not the sign it rules but a different one where it’s considered to be ‘exalted’ and Mars is exalted in Capricorn.  This month that’s exactly where it is.  And Mars in your sign gives you thrust, drive and energy and all four of your cylinders are roaring and raring to go.

This isn’t just a smooth run though, as from 7th Mars squares Uranus (currently in your 4th House of mother and home) which is quite disruptive.  On a physical level, this can spur on house-moves, renovations and makeovers.  On an emotional level, there can be disquiet connected to these changes or the actual emotional dynamics in the home could be the change.  There could be sudden events connected to the mother or women in the family.  Personal development and levels of awareness could be revolutionised too as realisations of emotional patterns during your early years come to light.

As well as aspecting Uranus, Mars meets Pluto (also in Capricorn) which is a powerful combination.  Your will is unstoppable (as others will see).  Your direction is forward and everyone else would be well-advised to get out of the way.  Your vision, determination and certainty all rise up.  The goals are clear and the raw energy needed to achieve them are at hand.  Be ethical, be honest and do it!


Aquarius:   Full Moon on 6th draws your emotions to nurturing and home.  Direct your love into home and those within it.  (Being Aquarius your home could of course mean your community, your planet or beyond).  Meanwhile, Venus continues in your 10th House of father, career and social status until 16th softening authority figures’ attitudes towards you -make the most of it!

Mars is also pummelling Pluto and Uranus your ruling planet.  This may feel like unseen forces challenging your individuality, your thoughts and communications.  Equally it could release buried information from your unconscious for your conscious mind to process.  However strong or overwhelming this may seem, these releases usually only occur when you’re ready and able to handle them.

Another possible expression of these energies is deeply tuning into other wavebands, our collective ether and into the mindsets of others, perhaps those unable to represent themselves.  You can be their voice and your voice will be original, uncompromised and un-ignorable: be that written or spoken.

Your online world could also become very intense and while you’re at it, you might as well check your internet security.  Aquarians are tuned in to the collective and your antennae are on full alert.  This isn’t particularly relaxing, so make sure you get plenty of exercise to release the pressure.  Your voice is important and physical movement helps you to keep a clear head.


Pisces:   Mars is shaking things up from 7th – 16th.  This effects you first of all when Uranus gets involved in your 2nd House of money, security, self-esteem (perhaps linked to income) and values.  Uranus is unpredictable and these areas are likely to follow suit.  Sudden or erratic changes may shake you up.  Enjoy the stimulus towards a freer way of being.

Pluto gets involved from 8th – 13th and compulsive power plays could occur in your friends, groups or organisations zone.  Make sure they aren’t coming from you…  Everyone is getting shaken up in some area or the other so keep self-awareness by your side and don’t take unsavoury moves by others too personally.

Your ruling planet Neptune gets challenged by Venus and then Sun in the second half of the month.  They’re not the harshest of challenges but others may want you to articulate things that haven’t quite taken the form of words for you yet.

Venus smoothes your father, career and status zone from 16th which encourages authority figures to respond favourably to your requests and there’s a New Moon here too on 22nd.  This is the beginning of a new wave in your public persona and you could become more visible.  Now what could that be about?  Keep some ideas up your sleeve and ready!


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