October 2017

Our shared planetary picture

Venus and Mars continue their creative journey through Virgo until 14th and 22nd. You may find yourself wanting to make things with your hands and you may think of ideas to help others too.
A collection of fast-moving planets move through Libra this month too and we will be seeking balance, peace, beauty and justice.
Mercury joins Jupiter from 17th – 18th. This happens just once a year and expands the mind to its most positive state. Only when the mind is at its most positive, do we see the full range of our possibilities. Make a note of all the ideas that occur to you then, so you can keep that vision open to pursue in the future. This will be in different areas of life for each sign.
The big news this month though is Jupiter changing signs, from Libra to Scorpio. Physically, Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and its magnetic field is the largest and most powerful. So BIG opportunities could come along (also known as luck).
Some would say good luck is the degree to which we are ready to grasp new opportunities. Whether you agree with this or not, it is a good stance to take. Jupiter is going to be in Scorpio until November 2018.
As well as being deep and searching, Jupiter in Scorpio embodies the courage to honestly explore matters we prefer to skim over and push under the carpet. We can all apply this resilience to areas of our life over the coming year, again different for each sign. Enjoy Jupiter in Scorpio, use it well and be ready to discover how your world can be deeper, more honest and therefore bigger.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Relationships and partnerships are looking lively this month. The Sun continues to shed a warm glow until 23rd. Mercury helps communications until 17th and Venus smooths your path from 14th onwards, offering pleasure and harmony. Make the most of this tranquil spell as your ruling planet Mars joins in from 22nd and assertiveness, passion or even aggression could feature too. Or perhaps you will be in determined pursuit of a certain someone…

New Moon on the evening of 19th also marks a new phase in relationships and partnerships. Make resolutions that will help you to find and build a good partnership. (This applies to your professional and personal life.)

On 10th Jupiter completes its year of expansion in your partnerships zone and glides into your 8th House of transformational processes which includes birth, sex, death and joint funds. Growth and expansion can be found in or through these areas.

There may also be financial benefits from others, perhaps through partners, inheritances or tax rebates. Regardless of whether this materialises or not, learning to share is the big opportunity on offer in the year ahead – not just your resources (those too) but yourself intimately. This may look scary – but growth lies in this direction!


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus spends the first two weeks of October in your romance, children and creativity zone, bringing harmony and pleasure. Mars is there too until 22nd adding energy, drive and determination to the mix (anger and passion are other possibilities too…).

Venus’s next mission is smoothing your path in work, health and service to others. Relationships with colleagues and daily companions should go well and your general well-being looks good. Mars joins Venus from 22nd which could mean a romance at work or setting your sights on a new health goal. Mercury helps with physical movement from 1st – 17th and New Moon on the evening of 19th falls in this area of your chart too and is a perfect time to start a new regime.

The big deal this month though is Jupiter’s leap of faith on 10th when it moves into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships (personal and business) – your next realm for expansion. This could either be a new partnership, growth in a current one or a breaking of existing bonds for the freedom of new choices. Some of the characters involved, may be philosophically inclined or culturally different too.

On 17th – 18th Mercury joins Jupiter and your thinking and communications around partnerships is at its best. One way or another, your world will feel bigger and better over the coming year. Be open to what is on offer!


Gemini:   You take a creative approach towards home and nurturing during the first half of the month and Mars continues until 22nd to put energy into domestic or nurture projects. Venus and Mars then move into your 5th House of love affairs, children and creativity on 14th and 22nd which should make things interesting. Your ruling planet Mercury will already have planted ideas in your mind about what direction this could take…

Differences of opinion with others or obsessive thinking could crop up around 9th. Avoid downward spirals as this will soon pass. Mercury opposes Uranus too on on 15th which could change your mental voltage briefly. Your mind will be at its most positive though from 17th – 18th when it meets Jupiter and your wide range of creative possibilities in work and health come into view. Remember them for later.

New Moon on the evening of 19th, marks the beginning of your romantic and creative New Year. Make resolutions that will help to bring about a fulfilling month and year ahead.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system is on the move too. From 10th it will be in your 6th House of work, health and service to others. Your daily world is going to feel bigger in the year ahead and you may find a philosophy or spiritual practice that informs your work and daily life. So long as you avoid over-indulgence, your health and daily well-being should improve in the year ahead. You will learn to take pleasure in your new routind and daily companions bring you joy!


Cancer:   Venus and Mars continue to make your communications creative until mid-month and shortly after. Physical movement benefits you and can be a source of pleasure too, along with neighbours and siblings.

Mother and home continue to be a big focus this month as the Sun spends most of the month highlighting these areas. Mercury keeps you on your feet until 17th and Venus and Mars add creative talents to domestic projects, dealings with mother figures and personal development from 14th. New Moon on 19th marks a new phase here too. Make resolutions towards a home that will support and nurture you in the month and year ahead.

The main planetary event this month though is from 10th, when Jupiter moves into your 5th House. This indicates romance, children and creativity are your arenas for growth and expansion in the year ahead. People from different cultures or those of a religious or philosophical outlook might feature too.

Gambling and speculation may look more attractive (but be sure to avoid extremes). And sports come into this too. Feeling more athletic? Don’t rein it in. Experiment and explore. Jupiter can expand your world in many different ways! Go with it!


Leo:   Your financial creativity is strong up to 22nd and you will be determined to forge ahead with income-generating plans that add to your sense of security.

The Sun and Mercury add to your physical and mental agility up to 23rd and Venus adds ease and charm to your style and smile from 14th. Short journeys and dealings with neighbours, siblings and trades people go well too. You may get brisker from 22nd though when Mars enters the picture too.

The big shift this month though is from 10th when Jupiter enters your 4th House. This is the start of a new period of growth and expansion that will last until Nov 2018. With Jupiter in your 4th House an expansion on the home front is in store. That could mean a bigger home, or one in a different country or an expansion in emotional conditions in the home which makes your world feel bigger. Personal development, nurturing and self-nurturing is part of your new area to explore too.

On 17th – 18th Mercury joins Jupiter which is one of the points when our mind will be at its most positive. Make a note of all the possibilities that occur to you then. They cannot all be followed up at once, so keep them safe for future development. Your ruling planet the Sun joins Jupiter too from 23rd – 25th. This is a lovely up-beat buoyant wave. And gives you even more confidence to make waves yourself. Make them!


Virgo:   Venus and Mars continue to spark your attractiveness to others and ignite your passions until 14th and 22nd. You may be more assertive than usual but your charms will disarm others to the extent that they may not even notice you pressing ahead.

Your 2nd House is getting a lot of planetary attention this month too as Mercury, the Sun, Venus and then Mars highlight your finances, security, values and self-esteem. Your ruling planet Mercury may come up with money-making schemes from 1st – 17th. And Venus’s arrival from 14th could indicate an improvement in your earnings. New Moon on the evening of 19th is the perfect day to set a new budget. And from 22nd Mars will add to your determination to follow through.

But the big news is – Jupiter takes residence in your 3rd House of communications for a year, starting on 10th. This could expand your mind, widen your channels of communication, help with trading and keep your thinking buoyant. It gives you the ability to inspire anyone you are teaching or training. Your physical agility may improve too, so try new forms of movement alongside the expansion in your mental agility.

Jupiter is here to liberate your mind and remind you that everything is neutral and that all pain and suffering come from how we interpret and think about things. When you think positive, communications improve accordingly, as could relations with neighbours and siblings. Look out for great ideas from 17th – 18th and 23rd – 25th. And in the year ahead your products, ideas and words (spoken or written) could start to reach a much wider audience…


Libra:   Mercury adds lightness to communications from 1st – 17th and the Sun ball remains in your court until 23rd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Your ruling planet Venus is on the move too.

After a couple of choppy aspects from 7th – 8th and 11th – 12th when self-sabotage should be carefully avoided, Venus glides into your sign on 14th. This heightens your charms and parts the waves as you move forwards. Mars follows on 22nd and will add ambition and determination to the mix.

New Moon in your sign on 19th marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will support your emotional needs in the month and year ahead!

On 10th Jupiter ends its one year tour through your sign. This should have been a year of growth and expansion for you. Jupiter’s next area of growth and expansion is your 2nd House of money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem.

This could mean an increase in security but not necessarily through your finances. It can be found in other ways too. Developing a value system that gives a sense of security can meet the mark just as well, if not better. So can creativity. Generating your own income rather than relying on others could be part of this or adjusting your values, both of which could bring about growth in your self-esteem. Explore your possibilities in the year ahead!


Scorpio:   Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 23rd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Mercury reaches your sign on 17th helping you to articulate your deep processes more easily. And even earlier than that on 10th comes the biggest planetary event this month – Jupiter moves into Scorpio!

Jupiter’s entry into your 1st House marks the completion of one 12 year cycle of expansion and the beginning of another. Devote some time to thinking about what you would like this new 12-year period of growth to be about. Then stretch to reach it. This will probably involve letting go of certainty and old ways of doing things.

On 17th – 18th Mercury and Jupiter meet in your sign, making your mind positive and open to all of your possibilities. Make a note of these options – a written note, so the inspiration does not get lost. And 23rd – 25th is also a high when the Sun and Jupiter meet in Scorpio too.

Your confidence will blossom this year. Let optimism give you courage and make your world a bigger and better place. It has been a long time since things looked this good. Position yourself for growth!


Sagittarius:   Your ruling planet Jupiter makes its annual move this month which means growth and opportunities completing for now in one area of your life and a fresh burst of growth in another.

Jupiter has just spent a year of expansion in your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone. A collection of lower impact planets will keep these arenas active this month and next, especially from 14th when Venus brings pleasure and ease. Mercury whizzes through too from 1st – 17th bringing ideas and fun and New Moon on the evening of 19th offers a fresh start in one or more of these areas of life.

From 10th Jupiter’s new area of growth is your 12th House which can bring about a spiritual flowering, informative dreams, a heightening of empathy and a better understanding of the collective unconscious. This includes healing, self-talk, internet activity and compassion for those less fortunate. What should firey Sag do with all of this? Make your compassion active, consider therapy, be creative and share your fears and dreams. The latter may not come easily but practice makes perfect and the outcomes can be rewarding and healing, both for you and those around you.

On 17th – 18th Mercury joins Jupiter and your mind will be at its most positive. Capture the possibilities that come to mind at that time. From 23rd – 25th the Sun joins Jupiter which is a positive, boisterous wave. Enjoy it. Jupiter is going to be in your 12th House for a year. Growth, expansion and opportunities are going to be just waiting for you to say ‘Yes’. Say it!


Capricorn:   Full Moon on 5th raises dilemmas between domestic and status needs. Your ruling planet Saturn gets shaken up by Mars from 7th – 11th too but this all falls into insignificance from 10th when Jupiter changes sign.
For the past year Jupiter has been expanding your father, career and social status zone but its focus now changes, as it moves into your 11th House.

Meanwhile Venus helps your professional standing or status from 14th when people in positions of authority view you in a positive light. If you need favours from them, just ask. From 22nd Mars jumps in too, sharpening your ambitions and desire to make headway in the world.

New Moon on the evening of 19th falls in your father, career and social status zone too. This marks a new cycle in your public life. Make plans that will help your worldly ambitions in the month and year ahead.

Jupiter’s new position in your 11th House offers expansion through friends, groups and community. People who are philosophical, possibly religious or from other countries or cultures could also come into your life. And they will enrich your world and make it wider. Joining or starting a group or community project or campaign could bring you growth. Be open to collective nourishment. Sitting and waiting for opportunities would be a waste. Carve some out yourself and include others. That Jupiter wind is behind you all year!


Aquarius:   Venus and Mars continue to inflame your passions and urge for transformation until 22nd. You will want to try and be fair in situations where resources are shared too. On 14th Venus leaves Mars behind though and moves into your 9th House, heightening your attraction to different philosophies, countries and cultures and the people from them.

New Moon on 19th breathes fresh wind into your sails on the travel, study, ethics and legal front this month and Mars follows up on 22nd providing the energy to sustain whatever you started.

But the big new focus is in your 10th House of father, career and social status. From 10th Jupiter is taking residence. A growth in worldly status could be yours, as could career expansion or freedom from all that. What would you like to achieve in the world? You can charm the birds from the trees in the year ahead, including big influential ones! And if you happen to be influential yourself, extend your benevolence as far as you can.

Mercury joins Jupiter from 17th – 18th and your awareness of all your possibilities in terms of status is heightened. Keep a note of all the ideas that come up at this time. The Sun joins Jupiter from 23rd – 25th and your optimism and courage will be high. Let the world see it! And prepare for a year of growth and opportunities ahead!


Pisces:   Relationships and partnerships (business and pleasure) continue to be creative and even passionate up to 22nd as Venus and Mars smoothe and fire your interactions. On 14th Venus glides into your 8th House of transformation and helps you to relate to yourself and others dealing with birth, sex and death. You may also benefit from ‘the money of others’ in some way and from sharing.

The 8th House is being activated by Mercury and the Sun and later Mars too which generate ideas, creative acts and determination to make sure resources are used and distributed as best they can be. You may also find yourself dealing with taxes, debts and inheritances too. Also, have you made a will or thought about that? How you share your resources now, matter too. New Moon on 19th marks a fresh start here and would be a good time to take action.

The big shift this month though is Jupiter changing signs and solar Houses. On 10th, Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity flows into your 9th House where it will stay until November 2018.

Your 9th House rules travel (physical and metaphysical), religion and philosophy, deep study, different cultures, ethics, principles, in-laws, publishing, the internet, legal matters and ‘the truth’ whatever that means to you. Your outlook, world view and understanding are about to expand. Jupiter in your 9th House can widen your horizons, free you and fill you with optimism. The world can be a welcoming place. Throw away those slippers and let it show you!


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