March Horoscopes 2019

Our shared planetary picture

We have a fascinating month ahead this March, with all manner of exciting and possibly bewildering planetary events.

New Moon in Pisces on 6th (at 16.05 GMT) is at almost the same degree as Neptune (the ruling planet of Pisces).  This generates a misty, dreamy, idealistic new cycle for us all, in different areas of life for each sign.  One slight catch is that Mercury (also in Pisces) goes retrograde the day before and stays in reverse until 28th.

In a way, this intensifies the Neptunian mist as resorting to rational thought and discussion, might not come easily.  We need to learn to swim alongside each other empathically, without interrogation or demands.

Creatively this can be wonderful.  Imagination and and inspiration will be strong, as will our sensitivity to the arts, compassion for others and healing.  We will also have chance to collectively remember that what happens to one person, happens to us all.  We are all in the pool together.

From mid-month onwards, Saturn gets closer to Pluto in Capricorn.  These are two heavy-weights (that finally meet next January).  Existing structures and hierarchies are heading for a crunch.

On the concrete front, Mars in Taurus will be taking practical matters in hand.  But even reliable Taurus is in for a jolt, as also on 6th Uranus jumps into this sign, where it will stay for the next seven years.

Uranus is the planet of change, disruption and revolution.  It brings about awakenings (which may come as a shock to the nicely settled).  Represented as a flash of lightening and with a glyph (symbol) that resembles our old TV aerials, Uranus is electrical by nature: and likewise can provide a ‘shock’.  For those more open to change, it can offer excitement and an awakening, inviting us to move away from compromised situations to those of pure expression.  It is freeing, unpredictable and exciting.

Taurus is the fixed Earth sign and almost represents planet Earth itself.  Uranus brings innovation and we might feel its impact in ecological matters, new paradigms in medicine and our understanding of the physical world, financial systems and what we presently assume to be real.  Agriculture and farming could undergo a revolution, as could our values and how we seek security for ourselves.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:     Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change.  The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your Personal New Year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st.  Many Happy Solar Returns!  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

The biggest shift this month is Uranus’s jump from your sign on 6th.  Uranus has been in Aries for over eight years, calling for the true, uncompromised  you to reveal itself.  With that now hopefully in place, the next step is to revolutionize your finances and values to reflect this new you.  You have just over seven years to bring this about, starting from 6th!

Time spent communicating with friends, groups and community goes well until 26th with Venus promising harmony and pleasure, apart from a short hiccough around 21st when your finances or values might clash with theirs.

The daily focus this month though is your 12th House of your inner workings, compassion, the pain and suffering of others, spirituality and creativity behind the scenes.  Amidst an action-packed life, it can be easy to over-look the nascent buds forming here.  Give them your time, nurture and attention.  New Moon on 6th marks the start of a new cycle here and with Neptune on board, ideals will be high.  How can you make them into an active force?


Taurus:     Friends, groups, communities, organisations and humanitarian ideals are a busy area this month, although not all in a straight forwards way.  Mercury goes retrograde here from 5th – 28th which can make for misunderstandings or people having to give back word on earlier agreements (possibly including you).

New Moon on the afternoon of 6th marks your collective Humanitarian New Year.  Neptune close by makes this even more potent.  Your ideals about friendship and community will be strong.  And your vision can help humanitarian causes, organisations, friends, groups and communities.  Perhaps joining others can help you to further your vision of a better world

Your ruling planet Venus is gliding through your professional zone until 26th.  You will be making a good impression but remember to stay flexible around 21st when the urge to dig your heels in may not be helpful.  People in authority are in a position to help you with your ambitions.  Ask them to do so.

You will not be easily thwarted at present, as Mars in your sign is adding to your energy and determination until 30th.  The major shift this month though is Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution, moving into your sign on 6th for a seven-year stay.  Remember just where and who you are today because at the end of this awakening process, you may not recognise yourself.

It is time to reach for the true uncompromising version of yourself.  And for this to happen, you may have to let go of many things (and perhaps unhelpful people) you now cling to.  There is no room for baggage on this adventure.  Let it go!


Gemini:     Your ruling planet Mercury cannot make its mind up this month, as it goes backwards and forwards in your father, career and social status zone.  Communications here need reviewing, as might your way of thinking about one or more of these areas of life.  Although Mercury is retrograde from 5th – 28th, the Sun helps to compensate, bringing warmth and visibility to you.  New Moon on 6th is particularly relevant as it joins Neptune, adding ideals to your worldly ambitions.  Make sure they have achievable content.

Uranus finishes its seven-year stay in your friends, groups and community zone this month.  The circles you move in may have changed during this time and some people, even old friends, may have fallen by the wayside.  This has been a period of being true to yourself.  And being selective about who you choose to have around you, has been an important part of this process.

From 6th, Uranus changes its revolutionary focus to the compassionate, spiritual and creative sides of your inner world.  This can be a good time to delve deeper and bring unconscious emotional or behavioural patterns to light.  Getting help from a therapist can be very helpful.  And spiritual practices (including meditation) and working with the unconscious can offer important new awakenings.

Venus spends most of the month in your travel, legal and philosophy zone which is good for trips and dealings with people from different countries and cultures.  There may be a touch of friction around 21st when your unconscious gets in the way.  But by 26th Venus starts to smooth things out around your worldly achievements and status.  If there are people who can help with this – ask them.


Cancer:     ‘The money of others’ may benefit you this month as Venus eases joint finances.  Tax rebates, returned loans or inheritances may come your way.  The only thing to look out for is any spend-thrift tendencies that crop up but even they could be pleasurable.

Your most active area this month is your 9th House of travel, deep study and ethical matters.  New Moon on 6th falls here, close to Neptune and a new idealistic resolve may carry you to make plans for dream trips, courses of study or cultural explorations.  People who you meet from other countries or cultures could inspire you and Venus’s arrival in this area of your solar chart from 26th brings pleasure and possibly romance too.

The only fly in the ointment is that Mercury, planet of communication is retrograde from 5th – 28th which could foster misunderstandings.  Double check everyone is on the same page re agreements, legal matters and trip itineraries or even wait until after 28th to go ahead if you can.

Mars continues to add heat to your friends, groups and community zone.  This could either take the form of action or conflict (opt of course for the former).  And if you are involved in any humanitarian projects, your energy and determination will be high.

Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution leaps into this area of your solar chart too from 6th, for a seven-year stay.  Having just completed its long revolution in your father, career and social status zone, it is now time for a new awakening through or with friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. If you have been sitting on the fence with regards to one or more of these areas of life, you will soon find yourself leaping off it and making revolutionary changes.  Be open to new collectives!


Leo:     Joint funds, intimacy and sharing are very busy areas in your solar chart this month with an idealistic, New Moon there on 6th.  Neptune sends emotions to a higher octave but beware of putting others on a pedestal.  Mercury goes retrograde in this same area of your chart from 5th – 28th, so keeping things clear in your own head is not the easiest of things, not to mention how others may read your actions or words.  Keep checking that no-one is being misled (even if it seems they want to be…).

Relationships and partnerships should go smoothly for most of the month as Venus promises ease and pleasure up to 26th, although career priorities may clash with togetherness around 21st.  Deep rumblings in your work, health and service to others zone may start to be felt from mid-month.  But  the demands for change may not fully surface until January.

Mars is heating and sharpening your ambitions all month, providing you with the energy, will-power and resolve to push your professional agenda forwards.  And an even huger, monumental shift takes place in this same area of your solar chart when Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution bolts into the picture from 6th.

Although Uranus is symbolised by lightening, this is no flash in the pan.  Uranus is going to be in your 10th House for over a seven-year stay.  What to expect?  A revolution in one or more matters to do with father, career and social status.  Be open to this exciting adventure of awakening!


Virgo:     So much is going on in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships this month.  Four planets are buzzing around there, including your ruling planet Mercury.  The Sun keeps things warm and expressive until 20th, although Mercury going retrograde from 5th – 28th might create some confusion.  Check everyone is on the same page, to avoid misunderstandings.

New Moon on 6th is very close to Neptune and marks the start of a new cycle in your relationships and partnerships.  And with Neptune involved, ideals will be strong but avoid rescue scenarios and self-denial.  Venus adds pleasure and harmony to partnerships from 26th.  You will be aware of the attractiveness of others and vice versa…

Mars is keen to explore the wide world and you will be pushing ahead with projects to do with travel, religion, different cultures and philosophies.  If you have a head for deep study, this could be exciting too.  Self-discipline will be strong from 10th – 14th and your willpower will be running on all four cylinders from 17th – 20th.

Mars only ever stays in any sign for a while to push things forwards but from 6th, Uranus moves into this same philosophical area of your chart for seven years!  As the planet of change, disruption and revolution, you will be called to be true to your beliefs, without compromise.  Travel, whether physical or meta-physical can be life-changing, as can exploration of cultures, including your own.


Libra:     Romance, fun and creativity are on the cards for most of the month (from 1st – 26th) as your ruling planet Venus glides smoothly through your pleasure zone, with just a touch of tension around 21st when Venus squares Mars.

The planet of love then goes on to ease matters in the busiest area of your solar chart this month: your 6th House of work, health and service to others.  Things are pretty busy here all month.  Mercury, planet of communication goes retrograde from 5th – 28th (try to avoid signing work contracts then if you can).

There is a spectacular New Moon here on 6th that includes nearby Neptune.  And an idealistic fresh start is on offer.  This could involve exploring your ideal work situation or how you can help others and work better with colleagues and daily companions (including pets).  Your health and well-being are another avenue to explore.  This could include nutrition, your daily routine and how they could nourish you better.

Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution finally leaves your relationships and partnerships zone on 6th, completing its eight-year stay.  You hopefully now have a less-compromised approach towards them and things probably stand very differently to how they did back in 2010 when this learning process began.

Your new area for awakening is joint funds (including taxes, debts and inheritances) intimacy and sharing.  Revolutionising one or more of these is your next seven-year adventure!


Scorpio:     Romance, children and creativity are high on the agenda this month, especially around New Moon on 6th when Neptune adds its dreamy glow to the two ‘lights’ and mystifies the picture too.  Falling in love is not out of the question, nor is wondrous creative inspiration.

Actual communications may not be at their best when Mercury goes retrograde from 5th – 28th but you will probably not be concerned with the nuts and bolts of daily life, with this rare tide sweeping you along.  Not misleading others is quite important though, so make sure they are reading you correctly.  Home is looking good too up to 26th, with Venus urging you to beautify your nest or to share its pleasures with others, perhaps by entertaining.

From mid-month onwards, Saturn joins your ruling planet Pluto.  This is the slow beginning of a long review, looking at your need for transformation.  This is in your 3rd House which rules thought patterns, how you communicate ideas and physically move and your daily dealings with others.

Learning and teaching skills come under this umbrella too.  As do trading, short journeys and dealings with neighbours and siblings.  This first step is taking stock of how you have been dealing with things in the past, until now.

An even larger planetary event this month is Uranus moving into Taurus.  Having just completed an eight-year revolution through work, health and service to others; Uranus now starts a seven-year awakening in relationships and partnerships.  Be open to learning new things.


Sagittarius:     Your mind is in a pleasant place this month, as Venus glides through your 3rd House of communications, short journeys and physical movement.  But the main focus though is mother and home, with an important New Moon here, late afternoon on 6th.  This falls less than one degree away from Neptune, adding idealism to this new cycle.

‘Home’ can be the building you live in, the dynamics within it, your town, geographical area, country, the planet or Mother Nature.  You will feel the need for a fresh start or a more creative, humanitarian or ethical approach in some way.  And your emotional well-being is somehow linked to this.

Explaining this to others (and possibly to yourself) may be beyond you right now, as Mercury is retrograde from 5th – 28th.  But Venus’s arrival on 26th will help you to get others on board.

You should have lots of energy for work and attending to your health this month, as Mars revs up your pursuit of well-being.  Dealings with colleagues and daily companions look energetic too.  Steer these away from conflict by engaging others in joint projects if you can.

The biggest shift this month though is Uranus which ends its eight-year stay in your romance, children and creativity zone.  This may have been a disruptive time for children connected to you.  They are now hopefully living closer to their true drum which should make life easier for you too.  It may have been an exciting time creatively or romantically for you too.

Uranus’s new area for awakening from 6th and for the next seven years, is work, health, service to others, daily routine and daily companions (including colleagues, housemates and pets).  Your life and well-being can be reolutionised through major changes in these areas of life and you can also become an agent of revolution to others.  Be open to new forms of well-being!


Capricorn:     Money matters should run smoothly this month, as Venus glides through your finance zone until 26th.  It then joins Mercury and Neptune in your busiest area of life this month: communications.  New Moon on 6th falls here too, marking a new cycle.

Neptune happens to be close by too which adds idealism to this fresh start.  Ironically Mercury, planet of communication is retrograde from 5th – 28th, so others may not be able to fathom out what exactly you are up to.  But all should become apparent by next month.  Meanwhile, creative writing, music and creative flow should go well.

A deep and possibly invisible-to-others, process is going on too from mid-month onwards.  Your ruling planet Saturn starts its slow approach towards Pluto in your sign.  This is the crunch in some way and crystallises the need for deep inner transformation.  This has been on the cards ever since Pluto entered your sign back in 2008.  Saturn will want to know how you have been dealing with this and at some point (probably next January), it will be expecting to see some results.

Mars continues to reinforce your determination in matters to do with romance, children and creativity.  Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution leaps into this area of your solar chart too from 6th, for a seven-year stay.  This should bring surprises and perhaps excitement.  If you’ve been compromising in some way in any of these areas, you will be challenged to discover and express the true, pure expression of your unique self.  Accept this new adventure!


Aquarius:     Your financial world looks very busy this month but clarity may be hard to find.  New Moon on 6th would normally mark the perfect time to draw up a budget but a Neptunian mist is in the way.  On the plus side, this adds an idealistic urge but whether that is a thirst for mega-bucks, investing ethically or giving all your money to a worthy cause; is hard to tell.

Mercury goes retrograde in your finance zone from 5th – 28th which also indicates comings and goings.  And it might be better to avoid signing any important papers during that period if possible.

Home life is looking active all month as Mars continues to forge ahead here.  Domestic, DIY or self-development projects can be pushed forwards.  And your ruling planet Uranus makes a monumental shift on 6th, also into your mother and home zone.  This is the start of a seven-year awakening which will shake your foundations.  Revolution is required and you may find yourself moving house, having unexpected dealings with mother-figures or taking a different new approach to self-nurture.

A few immediate questions that spring to mind are: Does your present home meet your current needs?  (This could be in terms of space, design, location or the emotional dynamics within).  Do relations with mother-figures need a new approach?  (Including how you think about your own upbringing).  And are you meeting your own needs for nurturing and personal development?

And last but not least, Venus is gliding through your sign all month which adds extra charm and irresistibility to your persona.  Yes, it is your turn to be darling of the zodiac.  Enjoy it!


Pisces:     The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression.  Mercury lends you mental energy too until 5th and once again after 28th.  But in between it goes retrograde, to review communications and your thought processes.  Have they been working for or against you?  Get your mind on your side.  If not sure where to start, positive daily affirmations can be helpful.

New Moon in your sign on 6th marks the beginning of your Personal New Year.  It is also extra-strong as this New Moon is less than half a degree away from your ruling planet Neptune which enhances your vision of a fresh start, in line with your values and dreams.  Make resolutions that will support these in the month and year ahead!

Your mental energy remains high this month, as Mars continues to make headway here.  This can be good for physical movement too and trading projects.  You may be more assertive than usual (and yes, that could mean more argumentative… ).

Uranus leaps into your communications zone too from 6th for a seven-year stay!  Old ways of thinking may need to go and trying new forms of physical movement can open new neural pathways, so give that a go too!  Dealings with neighbours and siblings may undergo big changes; as may the circles you move in.  New ways of thinking will need new people who share them.  Find your tribe!


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