November Horoscopes 2019

Our shared planetary picture

Mercury and Neptune have been carrying out reviews recently but both go direct this month. This completes a three-week communications review to an end on 20th and then an almost five-month review of our ideals (and how far away our present reality is from them) on 27th.

Mars is working on collective fairness and co-operation until 19th but runs into power structures almost immediately from 2nd – 5th, in the form of Pluto. Battles of will are unhelpful. Try to be creative in your problem-solving.

Mars opposes Uranus too from 20th – 24th when any repressed rebellious streaks make themselves known. And yes, that includes yours too… And as extra encouragement (as if you needed any) Venus meets Jupiter in Sag on 23rd and 24th which is perfect for rip-roaring fun! Looks like an interesting month!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Your ruling planet Mars is fully occupied in achieving hoped for outcomes in relationships and partnerships until 19th. Getting your own way is always desirable but when Mars squares Pluto from 2nd – 5th you may have to bow to stronger forces, especially in the form of authority figures. Accommodating partners’ needs can give you the edge. Remember to have that in your repertoire too.

The main emphasis this month though is in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone. With Mercury retrograde, things are not entirely clear and there may be misunderstandings here until 20th when Mercury goes direct. Your ruling planet Mars then jumps into action here, ready to push your agenda forwards. Although it may bump into some surprises when it moves opposite Uranus from 20th – 24th…

Travel or dealings with people from different countries, cultures or belief systems is enjoyable this month. And when Venus joins Jupiter around 23rd – 24th, good times roll. New Moon on 26th marks a new cycle of exploration too. This can include covering terrain in the great outdoors, discovering new countries and cultures or exploring the higher mind through deep study, religion or philosophy. Ethics look like they could become very important too.

From 26th Venus is smoothing your path in your interactions with father or authority figures. This can help your career and social status. If you need favours from people in influential positions, be sure to ask.


Taurus:    Your determination to make headway with your health, work and daily routine, continues until 19th. Colleagues and daily companions may find you more boundaried or assertive than usual and this is due to your focus and vision. Being of service to others could be part of your mission right now too.

The big focus this month though is relationships and partnerships. Full Moon on the afternoon of 12th could stir an emotional high tide. Misunderstandings could also crop up with Mercury retrograde here until 20th. But from 19th Mars follows up immediately to make up for any lost time and passions could be high…

Your 8th House of joint funds, sharing and intimacy is highlighted this month too. Venus glides through until 26th which indicates you might benefit from ‘the money of others’, especially around 23rd – 24th when Venus joins generous Jupiter. If your financial situation allows, this is a good time for helping others out too.

Venus and Jupiter also spell out fun. Be sure to seek out others to share it with. Intimacy could be on the cards too. New Moon on 26th marks a fresh start here and this is a good point to sort out joint finances, debts and taxes. And you might even find yourself embarking on a new erotic adventure.

From 26th your ruling planet Venus smoothes your path with travel and dealings with people from different countries and cultures. It also triggers excitement around 26th – 28th. This looks like an enjoyable awakening. The world is a wide and wondrous place!


Gemini:    Mars is turning up the heat in the romance, children and creativity stakes until 19th. But you may run up against obstacles around 2nd – 5th. It may be best to avoid battles of will then and resist trying to railroad others round to your point of view.

Your ruling planet Mercury remains retrograde until 20th in your work, health and service to others zone which is a good point to take stock and look at communications. Be alert to possible misunderstandings during this period too. But when Mars replaces Mercury from 20th you will be ready for action and perhaps a new regime or even a new job.

Relationships and partnerships are high-lighted this month too. Venus is smoothing things along until 26th with the Sun bringing warmth from 22nd. And when Venus joins Jupiter on 23rd – 24th, the feel-good factor and chance of fun is high! New Moon in your opposite sign on 26th marks a fresh cycle in relationships and partnerships too. What are your hopes here? And how can you start to realise them?

Neptune goes direct on 27th in your career and social status sector. This starts to turn around any confusion that may have been bothering you since late-June. Dealings with authority or father-figures may have been tricky. And if you happen to be an authority-figure yourself, the fog that has been hindering your path, should now start to clear.


Cancer:    You are full speed ahead on the home front as the month begins and continue to be so until 19th when Mars changes signs. DIY projects or tackling issues at home keep you busy and you may find yourself being more assertive in your domestic sphere and with mother-figures. And if you happen to be a nurture-figure yourself, those you care for may notice this change of gear. You may run into opposition from partners though around 2nd – 5th. This is an old hot potato. Just do your best to deal with it.

The main emphasis this month though is romance, children and creativity. A retrograde Mercury until 20th may skew communications here but from 19th assertive Mars turns up just as Mercury goes direct, to sort out any mis-communications and push things forward.

Work, health and service to others is your other strong focus this month, with Venus helping to make relations with colleagues and daily companions good. You will also enjoy tending to yourself on a physical level and your daily rituals and routines will be a source of pleasure. New Moon here on 26th is also a good time to start a new regime or a new job. And have you thought about getting a pet?

Venus moves into your relationships and partnerships zone from 26th. This usually smooths things along but it teams up with unpredictable Uranus from 26th -28th and anything could happen!


Leo:    You are still buzzing with ideas and ready to put them into action as Mars continues to forge through your communications zone until 19th. Some daily obstacles (health matters or having to go to work?) may get annoyingly in the way of your flow around 2nd – 5th. But the coast is clear again from 6th onwards.

This all runs alongside the main focus of your month – mother and home. Your ruling planet the Sun is generating warmth and energy here until 22nd. Communications may be tricky though until after 20th when Mercury goes direct. And when Mars jumps in from 19th, it is all cylinders go for any projects that you have in mind for your physical home, emotional conditions within it and dealings with mother-figures.

Mars is hot, so this may not be entirely harmonious and you may be expressing yourself with fiery displays. (At least no one can accuse you of being half-hearted). Personal development is governed by this area of your solar chart and you will not be complacent when dealing with yourself either. Self-nurture can be another area for action too.

Venus spends most of the month gliding through your romance, children and creativity zone. The Sun joins in too from 22nd and when Venus meets up with big, bountiful Jupiter on 23rd and 24th, let the good times roll. Make sure you have some good company to hand then. New Moon on 26th marks a new cycle in this area of your chart too. Start out as you mean to go on.


Virgo:    Your ruling planet Mercury stays retrograde until 20th in your communications zone which highlights the need to be alert to misunderstandings and to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what has been agreed. If something important needs to be negotiated, try to leave it until after 20th if you possibly can. Mars will be providing you with lots of mental energy and resolve then too which will help you to make up for any lost time.

Finances continue to fire you up until 19th. Your determination is strong and securing your income will be a high priority. You may even add a new strand to it. Home is a strong focus this month too and should be pleasurable as Venus glides through from 2nd – 26th. You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home or entertaining others to share its pleasures. The best dates for doing this are 23rd and 24th when Venus and Jupiter (the two benefics) join forces. New Moon on 26th marks a fresh cycle connected to mother and home too.

Relationships and partnerships may have been unclear or hard to fathom since late-June when Neptune went retrograde in your opposite sign. But from 27th Neptune goes direct once again and the mist that has been surrounding everything should start to clear. What you hope to find in partnerships or who you would ideally like to have as your partner, may become clearer too.


Libra:    Your ruling planet Venus is busy this month, making aspects to Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus. This creates confusion from 13th – 14th, fun from 23rd – 24th and excitement from 26th – 28th. The fun part is in your communications zone. And New Moon here on 26th could be a good point to embark on a class that interests you or to take more interest in siblings and neighbours.

You will be in decisive mode until 19th and even assertive, as Mars forges ahead in your sign. But be ready for obstacles in the form of mother figures or the demands of home around 2nd – 5th. This comes from a long-standing issue that by now you must be aware of. Even so, it is frustrating to run into it once again while you were in full flow.

Finances are a hot topic too this month with lots of planetary activity here, including Mercury retrograde until 20th. This does not help to clarify matters and it is better to wait until after that if you can, to carry out any important financial transactions. From 20th Mars adds determination to sort out financial matters and you may even initiate a new source of income.

Home looks sweeter from 26th as Venus glides in, highlighting its pleasues. You may want to beautify it further but ‘the money of others’ may be needed to do this and that looks unpredictable as the month comes to a close…


Scorpio:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 22nd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too, even more so after 20th when it goes direct. Be attentive to your communications until then and double-check that you have understood and been understood by others.

Full Moon on 12th falls in your relationships and partnerships zone, early afternoon on 12th, creating an emotional high tide. Your ruling planet Pluto is tuning in to this emotional event too, adding intensity to the mix.

On 19th Mars leaps into your sign, making you dynamic, assertive and even more passionate than usual. Things get interesting almost immediately as unpredictable Uranus stands opposite Mars from 20th – 24th. Any efforts to press your agenda onto partners is unlikely to succeed but this will just attract and fascinate you more. You may be feeling sexually experimental too.

The other area of interest this month is finance. Venus spends most of the month (until 26th), making for a rosy picture. And when Venus joins expansive Jupiter from 23rd – 24th, things look particularly good. A sense of well-being usually accompanies this pairing which may come from being creative, having fun with others or just counting your many blessings.


Sagittarius:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Venus is gliding through your sign from 2nd – 26th making you No.1 in the popularity polls this month. Your charms will be at their height and you will be especially irresistible around 23rd – 24th when Venus joins your ruling planet Jupiter in your sign. This is a wonderful feel-good wave that only occurs every 12 years. It can be great fun too. Enjoy it with others!

Domestic issues and dealings with females in the family begin to get clearer from 27th when Neptune starts to go direct (after almost five months moving retrograde). Your vision of what an ideal home means to you, becomes clearer too. This means ‘home’ in the widest sense and includes your neighbourhood, town, country and the planet).

New Moon in your sign on 26th marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will help you to meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead!


Capricorn:   Ambitions are at the forefront as the month begins, with dynamic Mars forging ahead in your career and social status zone until 19th. The only person who might get in your way is yourself, around 2nd – 5th when Mars runs up against a deep inner process that you are going through at present. You may run into difficulty in your dealings with father or authority figures around then too.

Your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals is busy this month too. Mercury is retrograde though until 20th which could cause misunderstandings. But Mars leaps in from 19th to salvage any temporary damage and pushes things forwards, in line with your goals.

Neptune goes direct on 27th which helps to resolve any misunderstandings that may have taken place over the past five months. And relations with neighbours and siblings should also improve.

Your unconscious is busy too this month and you may enjoy tranquil time alone to help process some of the inner events taking place. Creative work behind the scenes is well-starred, especially at New Moon on 26th and the days following it when Venus and Uranus could trigger creative flashes or even romance… And with Venus in your sign from 26th onwards, your charms will be certainly be noticed!


Aquarius:   You may find yourself fighting the ethical fight this month, as Mars continues through your travel, legal and philosophy zone. Even so, you may get in your own way around 2nd – 5th when Mars might bump into a compulsive streak or your self-sabotage zone…

Ambitions are high on the agenda as the month begins but things may not be straight forwards here either, until Mercury goes direct on 20th. The arrival of Mars here from 19th, puts you in the driving seat and you will be determined to push ahead with your career and social status. Your dealings with father and authority-figures may be ‘brisk’ too!

Friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals are always close to Aquarians hearts. The good news is, Venus is making any or all of these a source of pleasure until 26th. The Sun warms things beautifully here too from 22nd. And when Venus teams up with optimistic Jupiter on 23rd and 24th, the feel-good factor is high! New Moon on 26th falls here too. Is there a group, movement or campaign that you would like to join or perhaps even start?

The financial fog that has been surrounding you for the past five months starts to clear from 27th when amorphous Neptune goes direct. Who knows, you may even be able to see what is going on with your finances and make a decision about what to do about it at last!


Pisces:    Travel or educational plans may go awry during the first two and a half weeks of November, as Mercury continues its retrograde journey until 19th. If you have to travel, double-check bookings and leave plenty of time to get to your destination. Misunderstandings could occur too, especially with people from different cultures. Be as clear as you can and double-check that you both understand and have been understood.

It is full speed ahead though once Mercury goes direct as Mars leaps in from 19th and pushes your agenda forwards. Until then Mars is busy in your shared area, i.e. sorting out joint funds, taxes, debts and inheritances. Sharing is a big subject. You may be more forthright in seeking out someone to share yourself with intimately too.

Career and social status are looking rosy as Venus glides through your 10th House from 2nd – 26th. People in power are willing to ease your path if you ask them. It may be best to do so after 20th when Mercury is direct and before 26th when Venus moves on. Dealings with father figures go well too. And all of these matters benefit from a positive approach and could be lucky when Venus and Jupiter join forces on 23rd and 24th.

Your ruling planet Neptune has been retrograde in your sign since late-June, working on your sense of identity. With some inner-homework now hopefully completed, your ideal self and true self should now be closer and ready to express themselves in the world. New Moon on 27th marks a fresh outlook on life too. Take this with you on your new adventure!


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