September 2016

Our shared planetary picture

There are three significant planetary changes this month.  Two planets which have been retrograde go direct and Jupiter moves into Libra which only happens every 12 years. 

The first planetary event though is New Moon in Virgo on 1st (10.05 BST) which also happens to be a solar eclipse.  Traditionally solar eclipses are considered beneficial to women as the Moon supercedes the Sun.  Eclipses also belong to eclipse families and this one is part of a re-occuring cycle (that started in the year 1331 and runs until 2575).  Each eclipse family also has a theme and this one is to do with seeing things as they truly are (perhaps for the first time) and being realistic in our approach.

On 22nd Mercury goes direct after just over three weeks in retrograde.  This helps communications in general and helps to clear up misunderstandings.  Pluto also goes direct on 26th after five months in reverse.  Collectively this has been a deep review of power and authority structures for us all and in more personally it has been a period of review in certain areas of life, different for each sign.

When a retrograde planet goes direct we can start to apply the information we have learnt during this review and Pluto’s turnaround on 26th makes this possible.  All of this is taking place in Capricorn and just by chance the following day Mars moves freshly into Capricorn where it is exalted (works at its best).  So the conclusions gathered during the Plutonian review have a double chance of moving forwards!

Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity changes signs on 9th.  It leaves Virgo and moves into Libra where it will stay for the next 14 months.  Collectively this brings about growth through justice, awareness and sharing resources more fairly and a willingness to look for solutions to current conflicts. 

For us as individuals, personal disarmament and researching and adopting the principles of ‘Non-Violent Communication’ is something we can all do to help the bigger picture. 

Jupiter in Libra brings growth on a more personal level too which you can discover below.  Be open to the opportunities which come your way!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.   

Aries:  If your love life has been flagging recently, help is at hand as Venus smoothes your relationships and partnerships zone until 23rd and is then immediately replaced by the Sun.  Even better, on 9th Jupiter glides in too for a 14-month stay!  This could bring new partners into your fold or opportunities for growth and expansion in existing partnerships (business as well as personal). 

People from different countries or cultures or someone of a religious or philosophical outlook could turn up.  Whether already in a partnership or looking, the need for growth is strong and if an existing relationship isn’t moving, you might extract yourself from it, in search of one that is.

Your ruling planet Mars is galloping through Sag for most of the month.  You will love the sense of adventure this brings and especially the weekend of 16th-18th when it teams up with Uranus for surprising boisterous fun.  Venus is involved too so who knows?..

Mercury goes direct on 22nd improving communications (and possibly physical agility) in your work and health zone.  Pluto which has been retrograde since mid-April, also goes direct a few days later on 26th which helps your ambitions which have been under review, to move forward too.  This is followed by Mars jumping in on 27th which means double acceleration!  Enjoy the ride!


Taurus:   New Moon on 1st marks the beginning of your romance, children and creativity New Year.  This also involves a solar eclipse which belongs to an eclipse family gearing us towards being realistic.  As Taurean are some of the most realistic people in the zodiac, this should resonate well with you.  Make some resolutions for the year ahead in your New Moon areas.

Jupiter changes signs on 9th and moves into your 6th House of work, health and service to others for over a year.  Jupiter brings growth, expansion and opportunities so be on the lookout for all of these in the year ahead.  Work in other countries or dealings with people from different countries or cultures could feature strongly or a promotion or rise in status could occur too or growth in your relationships with colleagues and daily companions (including pets).

Healthwise, attending to your needs could be an area for growth or a new regime or programme of exercise could bring a happy change.  The only area to watch out for is excess of any kind as Jupiter can at worst lead to overindulgent extremes (not to mention extra weight)…  Your daily routine is up for expansion too so be open to exploring what that could include.

On 22nd Mercury goes direct, helping your romance, children and creativity zone to move forwards.  And on 23rd Venus moves into your relationships and partnerships zone which might find you being more open to the charms of others.  Existing partnerships should run more smoothly too.  Whether new or old, enjoy the attentions of your suitors!

Gemini:   New Moon on 1st is in your mother, home, roots and foundations zone and is the beginning of your domestic New Year.  The solar eclipse will help to focus your attention on your needs in these areas.  Make some resolutions for the year ahead that will help these to be met. 

Romance, children and creativity also take off this month as Venus glides through until 23rd followed by the Sun.  Even more significant is Jupiter’s arrival in this area of your solar chart on 9th.  Opportunities for growth and expansion are all on the agenda for the next 14 months so be aware of all of the possibilities which arise during this period.

Your ruling planet Mercury meets Jupiter on 1st – 2nd producing new ideas to follow up.  Mercury also goes direct on 22nd which helps with communications and changes on the home front.  Pluto also goes direct on 26th in your joint finance zone after five months in reverse.  Mars leaps in too the next day on 27th, firing your determination to now push things forward.

Venus brings pleasure to your work, health, service to others and daily routine from 23rd.  Relationships with colleagues and daily companions also run smoothly.  Enjoy the simple pleasures of your everyday life!        


Cancer:   Jupiter the biggest planet is special to Cancer as it is exalted (or works at its best) in your sign.  On 9th it doesn’t move into your sign but it does move into your favourite area of mother and home and it’s going to stay there for over a year!

Jupiter is planet of growth expansion and opportunity and during this period your home or family could become ‘bigger’ in some way.  This could mean an extension or a home in another country or a more philosophical or more nurturing home in some way.  Your relationship with mother figures could also expand or you may find personal growth through a nurturing role you find yourself in.  

Personal development is another possible area for growth and expansion so be open to that too.  Therapy or any form of exploration to understand yourself, your roots, foundations, early life and your inner workings better could also bring about great positive change.

Towards the end of the month communications improve when Mercury goes direct on 22nd.  Relationships and partnerships also start to make progress as Pluto goes direct on 26th and Mars leaps in on 27th giving you added energy and determination to push things forward once again. 


Leo:   Finances are still lively this month.  The Sun is shedding light here until 22nd and Mercury starts to move forward on the same day which is also a help in making things clearer.  A good aspect between the Sun and Pluto on 7th helps on the work, health and income front too. 

The new area of interest though is your 3rd House of communications.  Venus is here until 23rd helping you to charm others through the way you speak or express yourself and the Sun arrives for a month-long stay on 22nd

The big news though is Jupiter, the biggest planet of all moves in on 9th and is staying for over a year.  Jupiter is planet of growth, expansion and opportunity which can open things up in the way you think, the different ways you express yourself, the passing on or gathering of information, new languages, trading and movement.  There can also be growth in your dealings with neighbours and siblings.  New forms of physical movement can open up new ways of thinking too.

There’s also a gear change towards the end of the month in your work, health, service to others and daily routine zone when Pluto goes direct on 26th after five months in reverse and Mars jumps in to push things forward in these areas from 27th – full speed ahead!

Virgo:   New Moon in Virgo on 1st marks the beginning of your personal new year so make some resolutions to enhance your emotional well-being.  This New Moon also involves a solar eclipse belonging to a grounded, realistic eclipse family but as most Virgos already have these qualities in abundance, this should be comfortable too.

Venus and then the Sun are helping to improve your finances this month and even better, Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity should be a significant help when it moves into this area of your solar chart on 9th and stays for 14 months! 

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and brings growth, expansion and opportunities.  This could represent financial growth, more prestigious employment or work overseas or with different cultures or a change of values which gives you a stronger sense of security, perhaps through a new philosophy or through creativity.  This is all positive and the only danger is financially extending yourself too far, so keep this in mind.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on 22nd which should help communications along and Venus moving into your communications zone on 23rd will give your words extra charm.  Pluto goes direct on 26th in your romance, children and creativity zone and Mars moves into this same area the following day, heating up passions and determination!  Looks interesting…


Libra:  The month before our birthday the Sun has been away from us for the longest time and we are often at low ebb.  This month however the Sun returns to your sign on 22nd re-energising you and bringing a sense of renewal.

It’s a good month for other reasons too as your ruling planet Venus is in your sign until 23rd, adding to your charms and making you darling of the zodiac!  Not to mention Jupiter – planet of growth, expansion and opportunity which moves into Libra for over a year on 9th!  This is good for overall buoyancy and optimism and introduces a more adventurous approach to life.  Jupiter only visits every 12 years so be ready to make the most of the opportunities which present themselves in the year ahead. 

On 23rd Venus helpfully enters your finance zone and on 26th Pluto goes direct in your mother and home zone opening the way for progress here too.  This could indicate domestic repairs or transformation of some kind, a moving forward of dynamics in the home or progress in your personal development.  Mars moves in the following day to make sure there’s no going back!

Scorpio:   Scorpios are usually fearless in looking at themselves and their inner workings honestly.  This month, this should start to get a whole lot easier as Venus is helping things along here until 23rd but of much more significance, Jupiter moves in on 9th and is going to stay in your 12th House for over a year!

This will bring many opportunities for growth and expansion in consciousness raising, spirituality, acts of compassion to those less fortunate, creativity behind the scenes, self-talk and attention to your inner workings.  Any training in meditation or consciousness-raising techniques should go well and embarking on the adventure of therapy would also bring very rich and helpful fruits.

Meanwhile Venus moves into your sign on 23rd adding to your charisma and making you darling of the zodiac for a month.  Your ruling planet Pluto also goes direct on 26th after being retrograde since mid-March.  This completes a deep review in how you think, communicate and move (and possibly how you relate to siblings and neighbours).  Having hopefully examined these areas during the last five months, you can now apply your new understanding and move forwards.

Mars also leaps into your thought and communications zone on 27th adding to your new resolve.  With this determination, energy and strength of mind, you can think and talk your way to wherever you’d like to be!


Sagittarius:   Your ruling planet Jupiter is on the move this month, having completed a year in your father, career and social status zone it’s now moving into your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. 

Jupiter is planet of growth expansion and opportunity so its new arrival on 9th can lead to a year of new friends from other countries or cultures or of a philosophical outlook, groups which expand your consciousness, happy experiences within a new or existing community and a growing awareness about the misfortunes and needs of your fellow humans.  Be open to all that you will learn.

Mars makes its final gallop through your sign this month and makes a riotous aspect to Uranus on the weekend of 16th-18th.  Mars then leaves your sign on 27th after spending a total of four months in your sign this year!  Its new area of action is your finance and security zone and Pluto’s forward movement on 26th in this same area (after five months in reverse) makes this a doubly welcome change!  You’ll be at your enterprising best as these two planets rev things up and your determination to increase your income or achieve security in other ways will move anyone blocking your path.

Spending time with friends is pleasurable this month while Venus and then the Sun linger in your collective zone.  This is important too as well as your go-getting quest.


Capricorn:   There’s lots of planetary activity that catches you personally towards the end of the month but before then Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system glides into your father, career and status zone on 9th bringing growth, expansion and opportunities in one or more of these areas.  These are Capricorn’s favourite areas and Jupiter is going to be here for a year so be ready to grasp the opportunities which arise.  Your ambitions have the planetary wind behind them and your world view could expand too.

Venus is also moving through this area until 23rd which attracts the help of people in positions of authority.  If you need favours, don’t be afraid to ask.  Venus then enters your friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals zone.  Make time to enjoy these too.

Mercury goes direct in your travel, legal and ethical zone on 22nd which helps to improve communications and movement.  Pluto also goes direct in your sign on 26th completing a deep review of who you now are and how that should be expressed.  This began mid-March and hopefully having grown in self-understanding you can now apply your conclusions about the best way to move forward.

Last but not least Mars enters your sign on 27th bringing energy, determination and dynamism.  This follows Pluto going direct the day before so the gear change is double strength for pushing forward and applying your will.  Make sure your goals are ethical, then forge ahead, little can stop you!


Aquarius:   Pleasure through travel, study and interactions with different cultures is high this month as Venus and then the Sun light up these areas of life.  On 9th though Jupiter jumps in bringing growth and expansion for a year!  Opportunities will come along and it’s important to be on the lookout for them and to be ready to respond.

Travel opportunities could increase, as could your worldly awareness through exploring different cultures and religions and the higher mind.  Deep study of any kind will be fruitful.  It’s also good for publishing and legal cases and a growth or strengthening of your principles.

On a lighter front, Mars aspects your ruling planet Uranus on the weekend of 16th-18th which offers excitement and/or good fun!  Then Venus moves into your father, career and social status zone on 23rd smoothing your career path and softening the view of authority figures towards you.  Ask for favours if you need them.

On 26th Pluto which has been going backwards since mid-March in your inner-workings zone, goes direct and Mars leaps in to add it’s forthrightness on 27th.  Self-realization and any ways in which you undermine yourself are becoming more conscious. Self-awareness is more than half the battle and the determination to turn this in a more positive direction is available as these two planets move forward together.

Creative work behind the scenes is also an open avenue to explore and take action in, along with active compassion towards those less fortunate, healing and spiritual development. 


Pisces:   Saturn continues to square your ruling planet Neptune all month and in particular during the first ten days.  You will probably be used to this by now as the ongoing misty process of change within your identity collides with earlier professional ideals and requirements.  

After a year of bringing expansion to relationships and partnerships, on 9th Jupiter moves into your 8th House of joint funds (including taxes, debts and inheritances) and the transformational processes of life (birth, sex and death).  Jupiter is planet of growth expansion and opportunity so one or more of these arenas could become areas that make your life ‘bigger’ in some way.  Be open to these opportunities.

Mercury goes direct in your partnerships zone on 22nd helping communications along.  Pluto also goes direct on 26th in your 11th House of friends groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  A deep review has been taking place in this area of your solar chart since mid-March and now that the process is complete, you can put your conclusions into action.  Just one day later on 27th Mars leaps into this area of your chart too, bringing a whoosh of fresh energy.  Go with it!

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