December Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

Most of the planets are doing their own thing this month with not as much interaction as usual.  This makes it easier to get on with our own projects.  There are some big opportunities on offer too.

A Venus-Uranus opposition on 1st – 2nd starts the month with a flash of awareness about how things stand right now which is helpful information, if not always comfortable.

Mercury makes a loop, leaving Sag on 1st in its backward movement into Scorpio, to resolve misunderstandings or missed opportunities in late-October.  It goes direct on 6th and moves back into Sag once again on 12th where the Sun and Jupiter are keeping things warm and buoyant.

When Mercury catches up with Jupiter on 21st our minds are at their most positive.  Only then do we see our full range of possibilities.  Make a note of these ideas so that they do not get forgotten.  New Moon in Sag is on 7th in this same area of our collective chart.  This is a good time to explore the world, whether through travel, studies, different cultures or the great outdoors.

Mars meets up with Neptune from 6th – 7th in Pisces.  This is good for daydreaming, imagination, creative work and making compassion active.  Your energy reserves may be lowered by this temporarily so that we can be more reflective for a while.

The Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn is on 21st (at 22.24 GMT).  This used to be considered the start of the year and with a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the same day, perhaps we can dare to hope for a more magnanimous world.  And that of course starts with each one of us.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:     Uranus continues to shake up your sign this month and from 1st – 2nd it opposes Venus, attracting partners who find you intriguing.  They may also of course, find you eccentric and unpredictable (and they may have a point) but this is just a passing aspect.

Venus spends the rest of the month smoothing your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing and you may benefit from the money of others, be that through partners, loans, taxes or inheritances.  Mercury revisits this area too from 1st – 12th as part of its circular journey this month, trying to resolve issues from late-October.

Mercury goes on to broaden your outlook and world view when it meets Jupiter on 21st.  This is wonderful for travel, deep studies, languages and an appreciation of the world and its many cultures.  The great outdoors may be a source of wonder too!

Your ruling planet Mars joins Neptune in your 12th House of compassion, spirituality and the unconscious around 6th – 7th.  Your antennae will be sharp and you will want to address the collective needs that you pick up around then.  Pay attention to your dreams too, as they can be a source of inspiration and important inner information.  This is also excellent for therapy and creativity behind the scenes, as is 27th – 30th.

On 21st the Sun joins Saturn and Pluto in your father, career and social status zone which marks the start of a month when you will want to push ahead with your ambitions.  Full Moon on 22nd will want your attention on the home front too but your worldly focus and self-discipline get stronger and stronger as the year comes to an end.


Taurus:     Your ruling planet Venus starts the month in a quandry as Uranus zaps it from your unconscious.  This can have surprising effects connected to work, health and daily routine but it can also spark off a burst of original creativity.  This is only from 1st – 2nd so allow some time for creative inspiration to excite you.  Unexpected attractions could take you by surprise too…

Venus quickly moves on to your opposite sign and stays there all month, bringing pleasure and ease to relationships and partnerships.  Communications here are not straight forwards from 1st – 6th but misunderstandings can be sorted out from 6th -12th as Mercury completes its visit but in direct motion.  Try not to idealise someone too much though around 21st when Neptune may sweep you away.  We are all mere humans, not perfect…

You have energy for friends, groups and community this month, although your efforts may feel futile around 6th – 7th.  You may also be able to address the old wounds of others or your own from 27th – 30th.  Take great care that you do not accidentally wound others around then too.

Mercury meets Jupiter on 21st in your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone.  This gives a wonderful and generous mindset.  Make a physical note of the possibilities that come to mind so that you do not forget them.  Your understanding of how resources should be used and shared is at its optimum and if you can spare some resources or skills of your own to make the world a better place: do so.

From 21st the Sun joins Saturn and Pluto in the travel, deep study, ethics, philosophy and publishing area of your solar chart.  There are no lucky breaks here but many things are possible if you put in the hard work.


Gemini:     There could be some romantic excitement at the start of the month as Venus opposes Uranus on 1st – 2nd.  New Moon on 7th falls in your relationships and partnerships zone which marks a new phase here too.  Make resolutions that will help towards what you hope to find here in the month and year ahead.

From 2nd Venus glides into your 6th House of work, health and service to others.  Relations with colleagues and daily companions should go well after 6th.  And you will enjoy your daily rituals and routines.  (Just be sure not to overdo it in the food and drink department…).

Mars continues to give you the energy and detrmination to push head in your father, career and social status zone.  This is good for ambitions but you may hit a lull when it meets Neptune around 6th – 7th.  Take time off for a bit of reflection to check your actions (or manner) are not running contrary to ‘the overall dream’.  (And if they are, take corrective action from 8th).

Your ruling planet Mercury makes a round trip this month.  On 1st it steps back into your work, health and service to others zone, to resolve whatever communications went awry in late-October.  Things start moving forwards again on 6th and by 12th all should be hopefully remedied and you can apply your silver tongue to relationships and partnerships!

Things get even better around 21st when Mercury meets Jupiter, putting your mind at its most positive.  These two planets met up in late-October in your work, health and service to others zone.  Now they meet once again in relationships and partnerships.  This can widen your outlook and deepen your mindset.  And you may find yourself thinking about partnerships as a means of growth.  Partners from different countries or cultures could appear too.

The month ends with the focus on joint funds, intimacy and sharing – and all the hard work and honesty (including self-honesty) that these require…


Cancer:     Home bird that you are, you will enjoy Venus in your mother and home zone at the start of the month but the demands of the world (in the form of revolutionary Uranus) will not let you rest as a new uncompromising version of your social status is still being required.  This seemed to have been completed in May but there is still further to go.  Who you truly are now, needs to find new expression in the world.

Meanwhile, there is pleasure on offer as Venus glides into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity from 3rd.  Mercury helps communications here too but after 6th until 12th.

Your work, health and service to others zone is busy too.  Are your skills finding an outlet in your work or daily life?  Perhaps it is time for a new job or a more expansive daily routine.  Mercury joins Jupiter for the most positive mindset on 21st.  Make a note of all the possibilities that occur to you then.  You can make them a reality.

Relationships and partnerships take on more importance after 21st.  And Full Moon in your sign on 22nd raises emotions around your needs versus the needs of others you are relating with.

You may have the urge to travel or explore cultural or philosophical fields this month.  But as the Sun approaches Saturn towards the very end of the month, the hard work and dutiful side of relationships will require you to ‘do your bit’.  Do it!


Leo:     Leos in the Northern hemisphere sometimes struggle around this time of year as their ruling planet the Sun has its shortest appearance.  But from the Winter Solstice on 21st, that slowly starts to change.  Use these short days to develop creative ideas that you can bring to light, either now or later.  We all need to see or hear them.  For Leos in the Southern hemisphere, though, your battery is on full charge.  Enjoy it!

There may be some coming and going on the home front at the start of the month as Mercury cannot make its mind up whether to stay or go but things get sorted out from 6th – 12th when Mercury goes direct again.  Venus adds pleasure to your home life and to dealings with mother-figures from 2nd onwards.  You may find yourself beautifying your home or entertaining others there.  Personal development is well-starred too.

Mars provides the energy and determination to move forwards with joint funds this month.  This includes sorting out taxes, debts and inheritances.  Intimacy will feel important too and you may get swept off your feet (or get disappointed) around 6th – 7th when Neptune dissolves boundaries or makes things unclear.

Romance, children and creativity are also highlighted this month.  New Moon falls in this area of your solar chart on 7th, marking the start of your Creative New Year.  Make some resolutions for the year ahead. . Also around 21st Mercury and Jupiter meet up for a super-positive mindset.  And your horizons get even bigger.  Only when we are at our most positive do we see what could be possible.  Follow through with your vision!

From 21st the Sun moves into your work, health and service to others zone.  And first of all, it heads towards Saturn, getting closer and closer as the year comes to an end.  Mercury and Jupiter provided the inspiration, now Saturn demands hard work to make it all happen.  Put in that hard work!


Virgo:     From 1st – 2nd there may be a flash of awareness that highlights conflicts between your security and financial well-being and the financial demands of others.  They are opposites.

Venus then moves into your everyday mind zone, giving you smooth delivery in all of your communications, whether spoken or written and the offer of pleasure through physical movement and short journeys after 6th.  Dealings with siblings and neighbours should go well for the rest of the month too.

Your ruling planet Mercury completes a full circle between 1st and 12th.  It heads back to your communications zone to clear up a misunderstanding or missed opportunity from late-October.  And it starts moving forwards again from 6th and by 12th everything should be once again in order.

Mars continues to push forwards in relationships and partnerships all month but also around 6th – 7th it runs into Neptune which clouds the view.  Have you been over-idealising someone?  Or running roughshod over other people’s feelings?  Give yourself some time reflect during this period so that you can continue to make headway, in the right way.  You may also be ready to address old wounds of your own from 27th – 30th!

Your mother and home zone have big bouncy Jupiter all month (and in fact for the coming year) and also the Sun until 21st.  This is good for warmth and optimism.  From 12th Mercury joins them too and on 21st Mercury meets Jupiter bringing grand visions of what may be possible in terms of a home for yourself, emotional conditions in that home, dealings with mother-figures and personal development.  Make a careful note of all the ideas that come up, so that you do not lose them to the busy-ness of life.

The Sun moves into your romance, children and creativity zone from 21st and heads towards Saturn.  This can be a very productive period but you must put in the hard work to get a good result.  As you know more about hard work than many other signs, you should be able to put your head down and just do it.


Libra:     Your ruling planet Venus spends the first two days of the month in your sign which is an extra-strong charm offensive but truculent partners may miss this altogether as they head ever further along their individual agenda.

Meanwhile, Venus graces your money, possessions, income and values zone for the rest of the month and by the end of the month, your finances may look rosier than they have done for a while, despite comings and goings from 1st – 12th.

Communications and dealings with traders, siblings and neighbours are looking good from 12th – 21st as Mercury joins the Sun and Jupiter in the communications area of your chart.  Short journeys and physical movement can be an expansive area to explore too.  And have you thought of learning a new language, starting a course of some other kind or teaching others a skill that you have?

From 21st the planetary emphasis moves to your mother and home zone.  Hard work may be awaiting you here and your duties pile up as you head towards the end of the year.  Mars in your 6th House of work, health and service to others gives you the energy and determination to see things through.


Scorpio:     Venus glides into your sign early in the month and from 3rd you will feel like the seductive centre of the universe.  And at least one other person will probably agree….  Any recent misunderstandings may continue until 6th but then as Mercury goes direct in your sign from 6th – 12th, you should be able to sort them out.

Mercury then turns its mind to money-making ideas and a new strand of income could come into view with New Moon on 7th.  This is also a good day for drawing up a new budget and making financial plans.  On 21st the plans may get even bigger as Mercury joins Jupiter giving the best mindset possible around security and values.  Material things, however much or many we acquire do not always deliver a sense of security but creativity and values can and are more reliable.

Late October Mercury met Jupiter in your sign which was a high-point for self-belief and optimism.  These two planets, meeting again, now in your 2nd House, offer the opportunity for you to make that self-belief your guide for the values you now choose to live by.  Choose generously.

Mars is urging you to be creative too this month, as it forges through your 5th House of romance, children and creativity.  You may be called upon to be selfless or you may lose yourself around 6th – 7th when Mars meets up with Neptune.  Try to schedule in some time for day-dreaming and dipping into the pool for inspiration during this period.

The focus moves on to communications from 21st.  As you get closer to the end of the year, this may feel like hard work.  But your concentration is strong.  And nothing is achieved by being half-hearted.  Keep communications open and give them your best!


Sagittarius:     Your ruling planet Jupiter and the Sun (until 21st) put two big, positive balls in your court this month and Mercury joins the party of warmth, optimism and freer self-expression from 12th.  Even better, when Mercury catches up with Jupiter around 21st, your mind will be at its most positive.  This will make you aware of possibilities that had never occurred to you.  Or possibilities you had never considered before.  Consider them!  This super-buoyant wave in your sign only hits every 12 years.  Literally make a note of all the thoughts and ideas that come to you, for future development.

New Moon in your sign on 7th also marks the beginning of your personal New Year.  Be attentive to yourself and make resolutions that will help to meet your emotional needs in the month and year ahead.

You are still active on the mother and home front this month as Mars continues to drive you forwards with projects here and also with personal development.  You may have to slow down or take stock though around 6th – 7th when Mars runs into Neptune, planet of ideals and spirituality.  These two are not the most comfortable of companions but Mars can help to keep one foot in reality during a Neptunian mist.  Or Neptune can add ideals to the current project or check you are not running counter to your own values.

From 21st onwards your focus turns to finances and security as the Sun enters your 2nd House and heads towards demanding Saturn.  Here is a big reality check that will require honesty and possibly a lot of hard work too.  Be ready to get to grips with whatever is required.


Capricorn:     The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 21st.  Your birthday, whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead, rather than January 1st.  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

You may start the month with hopeful worldly ambitions but Uranus shaking up your mother and home zone demands attention.  There are inner changes needed too, so you can spring into the world from a base that is right for who you now are.  This inner repositioning seemed to be complete last May but there is still further to go, to find the true uncompromising version of your inner-self and ways to better meet your needs.

From 3rd Venus lines up nice times with friends, groups and community.  Make time for pleasurable pursuits.  Mercury is trying to sort out misunderstandings here from 1st – 6th and manages to move things forward from 6th – 12th.

On 21st Mercury joins Jupiter in the unconscious part of your solar chart and any self-defeating mindsets can be shifted.  The Sun moves into your sign on the same day, starting a fresh year for you.  Full Moon in your relationships and partnerships zone the next day (22nd) reminds you that there are others to consider as well as yourself.  Give them the attention that they deserve!


Aquarius:     Your ruling planet Uranus starts the month off challenging Venus to step outside her comfort zone and walk on the wild side…  New ways of thinking and people from different countries, cultures or with different values attract you and you them.  And you give each other much to think about!

Venus then moves into your father, career and social status zone, attracting support from people in high places.  If you have any favours to ask, do so after 7th.  Likewise, if you are in a position to help others, do not hold back.

Mars is urging you to push ahead with financial plans, perhaps another stream of income.  It may be hard to see the wood from the trees around 6th – 7th when a Neptunian mist descends for a while.  Do not force anything then, just take a step back until things are clearer.  You may also be able to address money matters in a more forthright way around 27th – 30th, as a salve for past wounds.

Friends, groups and community (some of your favourite areas of life) are also high focus this month.  The Sun keeps things warm until 21st and the meeting of Mercury and Jupiter on the same day, put you on a super-sonic high.  When your mind is as positive as this, the impossible becomes possible.  Make a map of how to reach your vision!

Spend some time for the rest of the month working on your unconscious.  Any self-defeating patterns need turning around and affirmations and self-talk should be positive, so that you do not inadvertently get in your own way, on this new quest.


Pisces:     A financial hiccough at the start of the month may be helped by ‘the money of others’.  But you soon forget about this as from 3rd Venus reminds you of the pleasures of exploring the face of the earth and the higher mind, either through travel, deep study, different cultures or the great outdoors.  Stretch your physical or philosophical legs!

Mars in your sign adds to your determination and resolve to push your own agenda forwards this month.  It runs into Neptune though around 6th – 7th which slows it down.  This is difficult for most signs but as Neptune is your ruling planet, this should not be a problem for you.  In fact it can help you to blend the ‘present you’ and the ‘ideal you’ into a closer fit.  You may also be able to move old wounds on from 27th – 30th when Mars joins Chiron in your sign.

New Moon on 7th falls in your 10th House of father, career and social status.  This marks the beginning of a new year in one or more of these areas.  Make some resolutions that will help you to keep on track in the month and year ahead.  The Sun and Jupiter provide warmth and optimism here too.  And when Mercury joins Jupiter on 21st, your mind and vision will be at their most positive.  Capture all the possibilities that occur to you at this time.  They only come along in this area of your solar chart, every 12 years!

From 21st the Sun joins Saturn and Pluto in your 11th House of friends, groups and community.  Some hard work is needed here.  Put it in!


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