September Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

We have an unusual month of two very distinct halves with a Full Moon in Pisces bang in the middle, in the early hours of 14th (so the build-up is on 13th). Full Moon is when the Moon opposes the Sun and this month we have a Pisces/Virgo polarity which echoes the challenges during the first half of the month.

Four personal planets in Virgo are exacting and demand our full attention (in different areas of life for each sign). Doing things to our best ability and with attention to detail will be important, in our health, work and service to others. While the Virgo focus is on how we are different, Neptune in Pisces (opposite these planets) focuses on how we are all in the pool together and not separate at all.

Jupiter in Sag is the outlet for these conflicting energies and requires us to take a broader, wiser more worldly, philosophical position. Be inclusive and engage your higher self.

Saturn goes direct in its own sign Capricorn on 18th. It went retrograde at the end of April, bringing about a review (again in different areas of life for each sign). Saturn is ‘the teacher’ of the zodiac and from 18th you can start to apply whatever you have learnt during this four-month impasse.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    Your work, health and service to others is the focus for the first half of the month. And it may be time to start a new regime… Four planets in Virgo, including your ruling planet Mars are keen to attend to details for once and the details can have a huge impact on your well-being.

This includes your daily routine, how you tend your physical self (including the order that you usually do things in) and of course what you feed yourself, sleep patterns and exercise. Aries are usually too busy to give these things time and attention but now you must and the benefits from fine-tuning your daily routine can be huge!

On the career, social status and ambitions front, Saturn goes direct on 18th after being retrograde for four months in this area of your solar chart. This has been a deep review of looking at your career, relations with authority or father figures or social status. What has so far been achieved? What ambitions have still to be fulfilled? And what changes will that demand of you? If you happen to be an authority yourself, this review may include how you have been using that privilege?

From 14th Mercury and Venus light up relationships and partnerships but run up against Saturn and Pluto from 24th – 30th. The demands of the world may not allow time for love. Could it also be that the partner (or business partners) you have chosen may not be helpful in your rise to the top? New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start in relationships and partnerships in some way. What would you like that to be?


Taurus:    Romance, children and creativity are priorities during the first half of the month, as all the personal planets pass through your 5th House in Virgo. Mars stays there all month, adding energy and determination to the mix. What do you want to see through to completion on a creative level? Mercury in good aspect to Uranus (in Taurus) at the start of the month, provides some original ideas.

‘The money of others’ features large too from 2nd – 14th but whether that is heading towards your inbox or outbox remains to be seen. Sharing and intimacy come into this too. And there can be growth through either channel.

On 14th your ruling planet Venus glides into your work and health zone, along with Mercury, planet of communication. This is good for relations with colleagues and for enjoying physical exercise. Are you getting enough? Gyms may not be a favourite places for many Taureans but any form of movement outdoors (especially in nature) may appeal and of course dance. Give your senses more outings.

New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start here too. Time for a new regime? Keep in mind that for it to work, it needs to be pleasurable too!


Gemini:    Home, security or women in the family fully occupy the first half of the month, although the demands of the world are calling too. Details have to be seen to which may feel neverending at times. Venus and Mars find creative solutions and your ruling planet Mercury helps to speed things along until 14th.

The focus then changes to romance, children and creativity which look more pleasurable. And when the Sun joins Mercury and Venus from 23rd you can probably breathe a sigh of relief! New Moon here on 28th marks a fresh start in some way too.

Saturn has been retrograde in your joint funds zone since the end of April but it goes direct on 18th which enables forward movement on whatever you have been mulling over. This may include taxes, debts and inheritances, sharing and intimacy.

Relationships and partnerships may grow as you contend with the challenges the first half of the month presents you with. Or perhaps you just come to appreciate them more.


Cancer:    What you say and how you say it may take on huge proportions during the first half of the month as planets in critical Virgo cannot help noticing what is wrong… How you address this will determine the outcome. Choose your words carefully. Dealings with neighbours and siblings could be sensitive too.

If this does not seem to apply to you, the planetary line-up could be telling you that you need to move your mind and body moe. Taking a course or physical exercise should be part of your schedule. Likewise, if you are in a position to share your skills and knowledge with others, it may be time to start teaching others. Work, health and service to others is highlighted from 2nd – 14th too and can offer growth for you and for others if you are pro-active.

On 14th Mercury and Venus move into your 4th House of mother and home. You may have some new ideas to apply here and Venus will encourage you to beautify your home and share its pleasures with others through entertaining. Partners may not be fully behind this though (from 24th – 30th) so a large part of your task is getting them on board…

New Moon on 28th falls in you mother and home zone too, starting a new cycle. This could be to do with domestic matters and dealings with mother-figures (or possibly your own dealings if you happen to be a mother-figure yourself). But personal development and self-nurture come into this too. Nevermind everyone else, what needs to happen for your growth and well-being?


Leo:    Finances are a big feature in September with four planets focusing on income, security and values during the first half of the month. And Mars drives you on all month providing the energy and determination to attend to details, improve your present position and perhaps even create a second income?

However, the financial situation (or demands) of ‘others’ is running counter to this from 2nd – 14th. Whether this is to your advantage or disadvantage, may not be entirely clear. One unexpected outcome of these tensions though is an outburst of energy in creativity, romance or dealings with children. And Leos can make more of this than most.

Your ruling planet the Sun works well with Saturn and Pluto around 6th and 18th which is good for productivity. Saturn also goes direct on 18th, completing a four-month review of your work, health, service to others and daily routine. You can now apply your conclusions and make adjustments to improve your well-being.

New Moon on 28th marks a fresh cycle in communications. Uranus adds to this, coming in on a diagonal so we are looking for unique expressions of who you truly are. Relations with siblings and neighbours enter a new phase too, as does studying, teaching or learning a new language. New forms of physical movement are also recommended. Now what are you going to try?


Virgo:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 23rd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury lends you mental energy too and Venus also in Virgo, makes you darling of the zodiac until 14th. You may not be the pushover people imagine though, as Mars in your sign all month gives you an assertive edge that they may bump into… Mars also gives you the energy and determination to push your agenda forwards.

You may find opposition from others or partners may be pulling in a different direction. Despite this, it is important to see your plans through and there can be personal development or a broader base for you to operate from as a result. Relationships with women in the family can grow too. Full Moon on 13th/14th, in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships raises emotions too.

There is also a planetary change of focus from 14th when your ruling planet Mercury and Venus move into your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. Venus usually eases things so to fingers crossed that it will do the same for your finances. The Sun helps to shed light on security issues too from 23rd and New Moon on 28th is a fresh start here in some way.

Saturn has been retrograde in your romance, children and creativity zone since the end of April which has required a review of one or more of these. On 18th Saturn goes direct once again and whatever insights you have gained during this period, can now be applied. Creative structures can be helpful.


Libra:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 23rd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year. Many Happy Solar Returns! This is a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

The first half of September may find you riddled with anxiety, imagining what may go wrong. This is due to a number of planets in your 12th House where your unconscious workings live. The imagination is a powerful tool that needs to be kept positive. And a large part of your job during this period is doing just that.

Wanting things to be perfect is another driver this month. And this too needs to be kept in hand, bearing in mind that as mere humans, perfection is often beyond our reach. Include yourself in the people you are compassionate towards and communicate (talk, write or sing?) about how you are feeling.

Your ruling planet Venus glides into your sign from 14th making you darling of the zodiac for the rest of the month. Your charms will be at their highest and you will attract others to you. (Although Saturn and Pluto’s involvement on 25th and 30th is less easy to handle). Enjoy your popularity but make sure you do not fall into over-pleasing others.

New Moon in your sign on 28th marks the beginning of your personal New Year. Make resolutions that will help to support your emotional needs in the month and year ahead!


Scorpio:    You may find yourself giving a lot of thought to friends, groups and community this month as a group of planets gather in your 11th House of collectives during the first half of the month. And with Mars in residence all month, this will be followed by action too.

Neptune’s longing for individual creativity, romance and children runs counter to this in some way from 2nd – 14th and any tensions this causes finds an outlet through Jupiter which is currently widening your values and sense of security.

Others may have noticed that you have been deep in thought and less communicative than usual. But what they do not know is that as you have been undergoing an internal review since Saturn went retrograde in your communications zone at the end of April. On 18th Saturn goes direct and you can start to apply your conclusions as you begin to move forwards once again. This may help with physical agility too.

Meanwhile from 14th Mercury and Venus are busy behind the scenes with creative ideas. The Sun joins them from 23rd, shedding light on unconscious thought patterns which can now be turned around to a more helpful setting. We are looking for positive self-talk, affirmations and have you ever considered meditation?


Sagittarius:    The demands of the world may feel heavy during the first half of the month as an exacting group of planets occupy your father, career and social status zone. Details must be attended to which may be your least favourite part of the process. And at times they may feel neverending.

The call of mother, home and women in the family is strong too and even more so around Full Moon on 13th/14th. And if you can measure up and meet all of these conflicting demands, you cannot help but grow.

Finances, values and security have been under review since the end of April when Saturn went retrograde in this area of your solar chart. The good news is that Saturn goes direct on 18th and things that had ground to a halt (possibly assess to cash), start to move forwards once again as you apply your conclusions from this review.

Friends, groups and community offer pleasure from 14th and may feel like a reward for your efforts earlier in the month. The Sun adds warmth and light here too from 23rd. New Moon on 28th also falls here which could be the start of collective projects. Make time to enjoy the people in your community.


Capricorn:    The wider world is demanding your attention during the first half of the month. This could take the form of travel, the higher mind, legal matters or dealings with in-laws. Neptune in your 3rd House of daily communications finds it hard to decipher the truth of things as you may ‘hear’ what people are thinking more loudly than what they are saying (and of course the two may bear no resonance to each other). Your antennae are sharp mid-month though, so go with your intuition.

Many things have been under review recently and the most important one of all is: you. Your ruling planet Saturn went retrograde at the end of April, setting in motion a deep internal review of identity, self-expression and creativity. That review comes to an end on 18th and you can start to move forwards once again, hopefully with a clearer idea of who you now are, how that should be expressed and outlets for that expression.

On 14th Mercury and Venus move into your career zone, providing fresh ideas around how to enhance your social status and ambitions. Venus also attracts the good intentions of authority figures who can help you on your way. Be sure to ask if you need their influence. This may not sit comfortably with you around 24th – 30th. But find the largesse to deal with it.

New Moon on 28th marks a fresh start also in your father, career and social status zone. Make resolutions for what you hope to find here in the month and year ahead.


Aquarius:    Your ruling planet Uranus starts the month on a mental high as it forms a good aspect to Mercury and you will be full of good ideas. You might be thinking about travel, studies or relations with people from different countries or cultures too from mid-month as Mercury and Venus turn their attention to the wider world. New Moon on 28th marks a new cycle here too.

The main focus this month though is joint funds, sharing and intimacy. This includes taxes, debts, inheritances and ‘the money of others’. You have four planets analysing matters here during the first half of the month and Mars remains here into early October, determined to tackle all the details and push things ahead.

This sequence of planets oppose Neptune (and the currently misty view of your own finances) and square Jupiter from 2nd – 14th. This unexpectedly brings about expansion and growth within and through friendship, groups and community. You could also make a helpful contribution (financially or with your skills and support) to a campaign or cause that you believe in.

Saturn goes direct on 18th in your 12th House which rules the unconscious, healing, your online world and creativity behind the scenes. Your compassion for those less fortunate will be strong and your inner-workings are moving forwards. This helps with self-talk too. And as always we are looking for positive!


Pisces:    Relationships and partnerships are at the forefront during the first half of the month as all of the personal planets gather here until 14th. This may not be especially comfortable as one by one they oppose Neptune in your sign which would just prefer to float along without all of these demands. There can also be growth (perhaps from being freed) in relation to father-figures, career and social status.

From 14th the focus changes to joint funds, sharing and intimacy. And with Venus present, you may benefit from ‘the money of others’. This could be in connection to taxes, loans, debts and inheritances. New Moon here on 28th marks a fresh start in some way too.

On 18th Saturn goes direct in your friends, groups and community zone. One or more of these has been under review since the end of April but you can start to move forwards once again as your four-month review is now complete and you can put your conclusions into action.

Full Moon in your sign in the early hours of 14th (so the build-up is on 13th) finds an emotional you. Nurture and protect your sensitivity.


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