April 2020 Horoscopes

Our shared planetary picture

We have another dramatic month ahead. Jupiter (God of the Heavens) and Pluto (God of the Underworld) meet in Capricorn from 1st – 5th. This can generate extremes. Jupiter inflates whatever it touches and Pluto represents annihilation for regenerative purposes… They are both in Capricorn, the sign of structure, government, big business, corporations and hierarchies. Our infrastructure is undergoing a deep transformation.

Jupiter could make this process more benevolent. The best outcome being generosity from people operating at their finest which brings hope and optimism, despite the current challenges. The worst outcome however would be a terrible mis-use of power and authorities going over the top.

Jupiter and Pluto will meet again in June and November this year. And astrologically, the present issues that we are facing will continue in some form or other at least until the winter solstice in December. Even so, Pluto has not yet finished and goes retrograde on 25th to review its recent use of authoritarian power… and current structures. But on December 21st, Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius and we start to move away from hierarchies to a more collective, collaborative vision and way of being. And thank goodness for that!

Saturn’s first full month in Aquarius, requires us to review how we have operated collectively in the past and how we need to proceed in the future. Mars joins Saturn on 1st. This is an uncomfortable concentration of energy. Mars wants to move forwards but Saturn is applying the brakes and demanding discipline. (Although both are intent on collective well-being and bringing people together).

From 11th – 15th a headstrong Aries Sun squares Jupiter, Pluto and then the Moon in Capricorn. The need for independence and personal freedom clashes with authority and restraint… From 19th the Sun gives us a calmer, steadier grounding in Taurus. New Moon is in Taurus too on 23rd but very close to Uranus which shakes things up. This marks a new cycle in how we contain ourselves and meet our sensual needs.

The Sun joins Uranus too on 25th – 26th. We have to look afresh at our values. Aggressive capitalism and materialism are not the way forward. We also need to find new creative outlets and new ways of achieving a sense of security and well-being.

As I write, an economist on the radio is speaking about how our current form of capitalism is based on constant growth and making money, at the expense of others. Perhaps this time is an important opportunity for us to find a better way forwards.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:    The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 19th, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Mercury joins Neptune on 3rd – 4th and then joins Chiron in your sign on 15th, adding insight to your decisive way of thinking, speaking and style.

And pressing matters are at hand, especially from 1st – 5th when Jupiter (God of the Heavens) and Pluto (God of the Underworld) meet in your 10th House of father, career and social status. This can generate extremes and we may need you to demonstrate leadership and largesse.

At best, you can bring about a benign transformation for others in your orbit. At worst, we could see a power-trip by others (or by you) which is of course to be avoided. Whichever form this takes, you may run up against authority figures or structures from 11th – 15th or even lead a revolt!

Another active area in your solar chart this month is finances. You will be taking a good look here and although things may look problematic early in the month and even more so around 20th – 21st, New Moon on 23rd marks a fresh start and is a great time to draw up a budget. An added flash of genius also gets things on a more creative roll when the Sun joins Uranus, around 25th – 26th.

Your ruling planet Mars starts the month uncomfortably, stifled by Saturn in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. Mars of course always wants to take action but Saturn insists on restraint which may not be a bad thing as it allows time to make sure your approach is correct. If you have ever harboured dreams of leading a group, community, campaign or organisation (especially if it is built on humanitarian ideals), this could be your moment!


Taurus:    Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb, as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is, the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 19th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. Many Happy Solar Returns! It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Your ruling planet Venus glides into your money zone on 3rd which usually makes finances look rosier or helps you to feel more secure. Venus also runs along in harmony with Mars from 10th – 30th. This is a longer than usual, helpful aspect. And as Mars starts the month in your 10th House of career and worldly standing, it looks like your income or prospects could improve. Mars also provides the drive and determination to make that happen!

Saturn too is in your 10th House of father, career and social status. Although this sometimes takes the form of hardship, it can also indicate taking on more responsibility and being trusted to carry that responsibility. So it will be interesting to see how this manifests in the next three years, as Saturn slowly makes its way through your public and professional zone. This a time when you will reap what you have sown. It is also a time to review your standing in the world and think about adjustments you would like to make.

New Moon with Uranus in your sign on 23rd marks an unexpected new era in your personal life. Your Sun also joins forces with revolutionary Uranus on 25th – 26th. Direct your intentions towards what you hope to find in your personal and emotional life in the month and year ahead. All kind of things could be possible. Do not limit yourself with old ideas!


Gemini:    Your popularity is riding high as Venus glides into your sign on 3rd (for a long 4-month stay). This makes you more irresistible to others and heightens your cheeky charms! Venus is also having a long, positive run with Mars, generating creative harmony and a healthy, philosophical world view. Seeing the bigger picture comes easily to you this month.

Jupiter and Pluto continue to generate intensity in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone, especially from 1st – 5th. Pluto also goes retrograde from 25th, taking you back to review one or more matters linked to these themes. This is a long review that will take a few months for you to work through.

Meanwhile, many things are bubbling away in your unconscious and new insights into your inner workings could take you by surprise around 23rd – 26th. Buried memories and realisations could also surface. This can bring depth to any creative work you do behind the scenes which can strongly impact others. Your antennae are tuned in to the collective unconscious and you find yourself able to movingly respond to the moment.

Your ruling planet Mercury joins Neptune in your father, career and social status zone on 3rd – 4th. This can provide inspiration around what you want to do in the world. Now what might that be?


Cancer:    Relationships and partnerships continue to be intense as Jupiter meets Pluto in your opposite sign This can take the form of power battles or mutual growth and transformation. Steer things if you can, in the direction you would prefer. The Sun in your father, career and social status zone is at odds with this partnership picture from 11th – 15th. And your reputation or ambitions may play a role in this…

Interestingly, all the planets are above the horizon in your solar chart this month, indicating that your interactions with others and the world are the main focus, much more than internal matters. This is unusual for most Cancerians but in a way it makes things clearer and opens up a less insular way of being.

Mercury meets Neptune on 3rd – 4th which also helps you to extend your compassion beyond your personal circle. Mercury then helps you to overcome self-doubt from 11th and fills you with ideas about what you might want to do in the world or how you might want to be.

Your 11th House of friends, groups and community is active this month too. Surprising or uplifting events connected to friends, groups and community could cheer you around 23rd – 26th. Be open to new experiences!


Leo:    Mars and Saturn hit your 7th House of relationships and partnerships together on 1st. Mars represents the accelerator and Saturn the brakes, so who knows how this will pan out? They both stay in this area of your solar chart all month, so whatever issues get triggered on 1st, will continue but with less intensity as Mars moves quickly forwards. Venus is in good aspect to Mars from 10th onwards which indicates partnerships or help from friends, groups and community.

The Sun squares Jupiter and Pluto from 11th – 15th when your beliefs and principles clash with the restraints of daily demands… We are all subject to this tension but in different areas of life. If you can, give us a creative example to follow.

Intensity continues to rule in your work, health and service to others zone. Jupiter and Pluto meet here from 1st – 5th which can be expansive, as well as extreme. Your daily routine will be intense, as worries may be about health but this is an opportunity to transform your daily routine and well-being. It also provides the concentration and sense of purpose to hone your practical skills or develop new ones.

Your ruling planet the Sun meets Uranus on 25th and 26th. And New Moon on 23rd is even more significant as it marks a fresh cycle to do with father, career or social status. And with Uranus nearby, this is a radical fresh start in some way. We look to Leos for creative genius and with original Uranus on board, you will not disappoint in the month and year ahead. Whatever ambitions have been put to one side or which suddenly occur to you, their hour has come!


Virgo:    Practicalities call at the start of the month as Mars and Saturn present you with duty. Saturn is calling for a review of work, health or service to others and Mars will be decisively pushing ahead wanting to be useful. These are areas of life Virgoans understand very well. Your daily routine and your own well-being are areas to attend to too.

From 3rd Venus is smoothing your path in your interactions with father or authority figures, career and social status. If you need favours from influential people, be sure to ask. And if you happen to be a father or authority figure yourself, extend your influence generously. From 10th Venus is helping Mars along too, in its decisive action around work, health or service to others. So your career and worldly standing are looking good.

Strong intensity is coming from Jupiter and Pluto in your romance, children and creativity zone. They meet exactly for the first time from 1st – 5th. This is a BIG energy and needs to be expressed in an expansive way. The greatest danger is being over-powering towards children. We all need the freedom to form our own views and belief systems and that includes young minds. Why not get creative instead? Virgos have clever hands for crafts – give your creativity free reign!

Your ruling planet Mercury joins Neptune on 3rd – 4th, when your antennae will be working well and your urge to soothe others will be strong. This also generates idealistic thoughts and ideas around relationships and partnerships and perhaps even romantic conversations…

On 25th Mercury in Aries squares up to Pluto in Capricorn (just as Pluto is going retrograde to review its use of authoritarian power). Mercury is usually no match for Pluto but today your views might just win!


Libra:    The focus of the month, particularly during the 1st – 5th is in your mother and home zone. Jupiter and Pluto are still insisting on growth and transformation. Freedom could be an issue too and then there is the issue of power and how it is balanced, shared and used. Self-nurture is also important at present and this is an opportunity for personal development. Pluto goes retrograde on 25th, so one or more of these areas will need looking at again.

Mars the planet of action and Saturn the planet of restraint are uncomfortable companions but they start the month side by side in your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. This is Saturn’s first full month here which necessitates a review of how you have dealt in the past with romance, children, speculation or creativity and how you want to deal with them in the future. Mars quickly leaves Saturn dwelling on this and starts to take action.

Your ruling planet Venus glides into your 9th House of the higher mind, principles and beliefs on 3rd and helps you to maintain a balanced mind and equanimity. This also helps Mars along from 10th, providing a calm overview for the tasks ahead.

Partners or relationships could get frustrating or frustrated around 11th – 15th when an impulsive Sun in Aries squares Jupiter, Pluto and then the Moon in your mother and home zone. And New Moon on 23rd close to Uranus marks a new cycle concerning joint funds, intimacy and sharing. Find a new way forward!


Scorpio:    Your ruling planet Pluto is operating at full force right now as Jupiter expands its influence for deep transformation. This is happening for us all collectively, in different areas of life. For Scorpions the impact is in your 3rd House of communications. This covers your mind, your way of thinking and your way of communicating.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion which can make for a wise and hopeful state of mind. But it can also push the mind to overload and to extremes, so consciously steer your thoughts along calm routes. Physical movement and exercise greatly help. This can also be a very good time to expand the mind through courses and mental training techniques such as positive-thinking courses, meditation and mind-body exercise such as yoga and tai-chi.

Mars and Saturn start the month close together in your 4th House of mother and home. This is not particularly comfortable but Mars quickly forges ahead, ready to attend to things on the home front. DIY or cooking projects could fit the bill and all forms of personal development. We all spring into the world from the home and Saturn’s arrival here indicates it is time to look at self-nurture, your early roots and foundations and how well your current home supports you.

Uranus is close to the New Moon on 23rd in your opposite sign. This marks an exciting and unconventional fresh start in relationships and partnerships. Be open to new experiences.


Sagittarius:    Your ruling planet Jupiter is a major player in the current situation. Jupiter (God of the Heavens) has been approaching Pluto (God of the Underworld) and they fully meet from 1st – 5th. This signifies extremes but also hopefully adds a benevolent energy to Pluto’s power-wielding ways. This is the first of three meetings of these two planets this year.

For Sagittarians, the Jupiter-Pluto impact is in your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. Your previous standpoint is being shaken but it could also be widened. And security is as much a state of mind as anything material. Creativity is a good outlet for this energy. Get writing, singing, painting or whatever your preferred outlet is.

On April 1st there is a tense meeting of Mars and Saturn in your communications zone. Mars of course always wants to take action but Saturn insists on restraint. This may not be a bad thing as it allows time for you to adjust the aim of your arrow (and words) before you forge ahead for the rest of the month. Venus in your partners and relationships zone helps Mars along too from 10th, softening what you have to say and making it more digestible to others and therefore better heard.

Relationships and partnerships benefit from Venus gliding through your opposite sign from 3rd. There is at least harmony here. And New Moon on 23rd with Uranus marks an unexpected new cycle in work, health, service to others and daily routine. This is the perfect time to start a new regime. And could a pet be part of it?


Capricorn:    It is all happening in your sign at present. The biggest planet Jupiter and the smallest planet Pluto are setting off a massive reaction as they meet in Capricorn from 1st – 5th. This is calling for growth, expansion and transformation on a personal level. These two meet twice more this year, so this process will be ongoing. Help it along as best you can.

Your ruling planet Saturn has an uncomfortable start to the month as Mars tries to goad it into action in your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. But Saturn will not be pushed! Saturn in this position can bring up fears around not having ‘enough’ which leads to the interesting question of where does the feeling of ‘enough’ come from? The answer may lie in a value system or through creativity, rather than the material world.

From 11th -15th the Sun in Aries in your father, career and social status zone clashes with your planets of personal transformation. And your urge for a high reputation may run contrary to your inner need for true growth. Appearances may have to be put to one side.

New Moon on 23rd is close to revolutionary Uranus. This marks a new cycle in your outlook, belief system and world view. Your online life or a course of study could also present new opportunities. Take a fresh look at what you always assumed to be true. And be open to change.


Aquarius:    Your unconscious continues to rumble along this month; and LOUDLY from 1st – 5th when Jupiter and Pluto fully meet up. This can raise awareness of your own psychological patterns. It can also be rich food for creative work behind the scenes and give impact to your online presence.

The meeting of Mars and Saturn in your sign on 1st make an uncomfortable start to the month too but Mars moves swiftly on, giving you the energy and determination to achieve your objectives, while Saturn ponders over identity and who you may now be. You have three years to figure this out. Just let the process take its course.

Mercury joins Neptune in your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values on 3rd – 4th. Your finances seem to be no clearer and may continue to mystify you. You will be feeling compassionate though, to those in financial need and understand that we are all in the pool together and that whatever happens to one person, happens to us all.

Your ruling planet Uranus has the final word this month as it highlights the New Moon in Taurus on 23rd and conjuncts the Sun two days later. This marks an exciting (albeit uncertain) new cycle in your mother and home zone. This may involve making changes to your home physically or emotionally. Realisations about your early life may come to the surface. And dealings with mother figures could be enlightening. You may start to nurture yourself in new ways. (Personal development comes into this too). Think in the widest terms and be open to what comes in the month and year ahead!


Pisces:    The call of your true tribe is so strong as the month begins. Jupiter and Pluto are calling loudly in your 11th House of friends, groups and community and it will feel almost impossible to ignore their call. Humanitarian campaigns and ideals will pull you too. You have a lot to contribute. Throw your energy into the mix.

Saturn and Mars are busy behind the scenes. While Saturn is taking stock, Mars may burst out in unconscious anger… Channel it into creativity instead and if all else fails, put on some music and dance!

Mercury meets your ruling planet Neptune, in your sign on 3rd – 4th. This is a kind of mental and spiritual homecoming. Capture all the ideas that occur to you over these days. Inspiration could be ready to emerge!

Venus is gliding through your mother and home zone from 3rd. This heightens your love of home and inspires you to beautify it. Dealings with mother-figures goes well too (and with those you care for, if you happen to be a mother-figure yourself).

New Moon on 23rd is in your communications zone. And Uranus is close by which can bring flashes of information to you (seemingly from out of the blue). Your antennae will be sharp and you may be able to communicate what the collective is ready to hear. Get lots of exercise to expel nervous energy and try new forms of physical movement!


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