Workshops for Young People

In Your Element Workshops

The In Your Element Workshops are a vehicle for young people to explore the world, themselves and others within a positive, non-judgemental framework.

Distant as we are from a recognisable daily relationship with the elements in modern city-life; they remain a rich, fundamental but largely overlooked reference point. Reconnecting with them can be very beneficial to young people.

The In Your Element Workshops are an affirmative springboard to positive thinking, independence and raised self-esteem, particularly at a time (KS 3 – 6) when the identity is vulnerable to commercial ideals and peer pressures.

The workshops which are experiential, provide an opportunity for young people to:

  • Look at themselves appreciatively from a new perspective
  • Recognise their natural strengths
  • Consider how their qualities can help others
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Value others’ strengths and differences
  • Develop a better understanding of others
  • Improve their relationships through all of the above
  • Understand the importance of diversity
  • reflect upon what they have to offer the world

To explore how this could help you or the people you work with, please get in touch.