March 2018

Our shared planetary picture

The two planets of thought go retrograde this month. Jupiter planet of the higher mind goes retrograde on 9th and Mercury planet of the lower on 23rd. This will result in two reviews – firstly on whether we have taken opportunities for growth since mid-December and secondly how we have been communicating and thinking recently on a daily level.

A third review will also be taking place when Mars moves into Capricorn and approaches Saturn from 28th. Mars the god of force and Saturn the god of resistance are not comfortable companions. Their close proximity can bring up realisations around how we get in our own way. Self-imposed restrictions and limitations may come to your attention. Although challenging, this is helpful information and enables us to work on these obstacles and through them, if we apply self-honesty and determination.

New Moon on 17th is in Pisces and occurs close to Chiron. This could enable a new way forward that can heal old wounds – yet another opportunity for growth and healing on offer this month. We also have two Full Moons this month: one on 2nd in Virgo and a second (a Blue Moon) on 31st in Libra.

The Spring Equinox arrives too on 20th as the Sun moves into Aries (at 16.17 GMT). For those in the Southern Hemisphere this is the first day of autumn. And for those in the North, this is the first day of spring and cause for celebration. We have survived another winter!

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is that both Mercury and Venus move into Aries from 6th adding to your charms and the Sun brings fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 20th!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year. It is also a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st. And the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Your ruling planet Mars also changes sign this month on 17th when it joins Pluto and Saturn in your 10th House of father, career and social status. This adds determined ambition to the weighty dynamics already operating in these arenas. Towards the end of the month Mars catches up with Saturn which could either muffle your push ahead or remove self-imposed obstacles. Whichever it is, you will need your self-awareness to be working at its maximum.

On 23rd Mercury goes retrograde in your sign which is a time to reflect on communications and your current ideas. It goes direct again mid-April but if you can avoid launching projects during this period, it could save you time in the long run.

Full Moon in your opposite sign on 31st involves this retrograde Mercury and the Mars-Saturn square. Notice the emotions brought up for you and take comfort and refuge at home.


Taurus:   Your unconscious is working busily this month as Mercury and your ruling planet Venus look for a compassionate, creative or spiritual outlet from 6th. The Sun joins them from 20th adding warmth and energy but Mercury goes retrograde on 23rd which indicates more thought needs to be applied to how you have been expressing yourself in these areas.

Your style of relating or being creative gets challenged on 13th and 23rd but Venus finds an uncompromised original position from 28th–29th when you will be open to unexpected attractions and will attract others too.

From 9th Jupiter goes retrograde in your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships. Any recent headway you have made in either of these areas needs to be reviewed. There may have been expansion but has there also been growth? Or would true growth mean freedom from such ties? Only you know the answer and an answer will be needed by mid-July.

Mars leaves your intimacy and joint funds zone from 17th and starts applying its energies to your 9th House of travel, studies, legal matters and philosophy. Saturn has been sitting heavily here since late December and Pluto has been transforming things since 2008. The determination of Mars will want to push things forward but resistance from Saturn looms large from 28th. These delays can help you to examine how you have been asserting yourself, setting your goals and moving forward. Or Mars could blast obstacles (possibly self-created ones) out of your path. It may be uncomfortable either way but growth often is!


Gemini:   Friends, community and groups are prominent this month as your ruling planet Mercury moves into your 11th House, along with charming Venus. You will enjoy spending time with your peers and will be able to charm them even more than usual. The Sun lights up this zone too from 20th and you may also lend your support to humanitarian movements.

Mercury goes retrograde however from 23rd and you may have to back-peddle or stop and review your recent movements and communications. Jupiter goes retrograde too on 9th in your work, health and service to others zone.

Your health may demand your attention if you have been over-indulging recently. Dealings with co-workers or daily companions may need a review too. And although you may have added activities to your daily routine, which ones offer real growth? Might you have over-committed yourself in some way? You have until mid-July to give all of this more thought.

Mars changes signs on 17th and moves into your joint funds, intimacy and sharing zone. Weighty Saturn and Pluto are already in residence here bringing difficult issues to your attention. Mars will want to take action and tackle some of the areas you are already aware of, especially from 28th when it steps on Saturn’s toes. New self-awareness could be one of the prizes from this uncomfortable encounter. Welcome it.

New Moon on 17th falls in your father, career and social status zone. This is a good time to make a plan that will help you with ambitions in any of these areas. Chiron is also close by which adds the opportunity of healing old wounds at the same time. Make this possible too!


Cancer:   Your present philosophical mindset starts to shift this month as Mercury and Venus change signs on 6th and move into your 10th House of father, career and social status. If you need favours from anyone in authority, they will most likely feel inclined to help you, if you ask before 23rd. The Sun illuminates your ambitions too from 20th. And you have three days to make headway before Mercury goes retrograde on 23rd.

Reviewing your ideas and particularly recent communications can in these domains can be a helpful focus during this time, until Mercury goes direct again in mid-April

Mars moves into your relationships and partnerships zone from 17th, joining Saturn and Pluto which have been weighing things down here for some time. Mars provides energy and determination to tackle issues that need addressing but it runs into Saturn from 28th. This could result in frustrations as your momentum is slowed down, possibly to a halt (which will require an internal review of some kind). The other possibility is that this could help to blast unhelpful obstacles out of the way. And these could be your own fears or self-imposed limitations. Be open to this possibility!

Your ruling planet the Moon is busy this month with a Full Moon in your communications, siblings and neighbours zone on 2nd and a further Full Moon (a Blue Moon) on 31st . This falls in your mother and home zone, catching the current partnerships dynamics too. Notice what you notice and bear in mind that all things pass.


Leo:   Planets are gradually gathering in your 9th House of travel, deep study, religion and philosophy and legal matters from 6th onwards. Mercury and Venus are the first to arrive, helping communications and relations with people from different cultures or belief systems (apart from spots of tension on 11th and 13th). Then your ruling planet the Sun brings light and energy to these areas from 20th.

The last part of the month is more complicated than its beginning as from 23rd Mercury goes retrograde, calling you to look again at how you have been communicating and your position on ‘the truth’. You have until mid-April to fathom this out. Give it the time it deserves.

From 9th Jupiter goes retrograde in your mother and home zone. The opportunities for growth, expansion and freedom that have been active in these arenas since October may now start to look compromised. The question is, have you incorporated personal growth into your relations with mother figures and home or just gone for expansion? Self-nurture is really important too.

Mars changes signs on 17th and leaps into your work, health and service to others zone. Two heavy-weights – Saturn and Pluto are already operating here and Mars will want to stir things up for sure. From 28th it approaches Saturn and symbolically this is ‘force’ confronting ‘resistance’ which creates tension at the best of times. Look after your health and work on any unhealthy blockages or self-defeating habits or behaviours. Relations with co-workers and daily companions may be challenging but this is only a reflection of your inner conflicts. Work on these and on what needs to feature in your daily life for your own well-being.


Virgo:   Your ruling planet Mercury is busy this month as it moves into your 8th House of joint funds, intimacy and sharing. This enables difficult conversations to take place and the presence of Venus close by also helps to smooth ruffled feathers. You could benefit from ‘the money of others’ during this period too. The Sun adds generosity from 20th but Mercury goes retrograde from 23rd when you may have to reconsider recent decisions.

Jupiter goes retrograde on 9th in your communications, siblings and neighbours zone. This indicates a review in how you have been looking at expansion. Has your approach also included growth? You have until mid-July to give this more thought, before continuing to move forward.

New Moon on 17th falls in your relationships and partnerships zone. This is a good time to make resolutions towards a fulfilling year ahead. Chiron adds the possibility of healing old wounds within this new cycle. Factor in this possibility as you make your plans.

On 17th also, Mars jumps into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity. Saturn and Pluto have been making their heavy presence felt here for some time. The arrival of Mars will stir things up and from 28th any self-imposed restrictions or limitations will come to light and you could overcome them. This is not a comfortable process but it can be a freeing one. Aim for that freedom!


Libra:   The focus gradually moves this month from work, health and service to others to relationships and partnerships. On 6th Mercury and your ruling planet Venus glide into your opposite sign and others cannot fail to notice your charms: and you theirs. The Sun also joins these two from 20th and your energy and appetite for partnerships will be strong.

From 23rd Mercury goes retrograde in your partnerships zone which could bring about temporary misunderstandings. This is a time to reflect on your communications and your thinking behind them. If you have business partners, try to avoid signing anything if possible until after mid-April. Even so, there may be surprises around 28th–29th when unpredictable Uranus gets triggered.

Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in your 4th House of mother and home from 17th. This should give you determination to work on the tricky dynamics already operating there. Towards the end of the month Mars catches up to Saturn which could either grind progress to a halt or blast through self-imposed fears and obstacles. The more honest you can be with yourself, the better the outcome.

The second Full Moon of the month (which makes it a Blue Moon) falls in your sign on 31st (at 12.36 GMT). This will raise emotions and highlight communications and the weighty situation at home or with mother figures. Again self-awareness will help to weather the day. Be open to your inner workings.


Scorpio:   Jupiter planet of growth, expansion and opportunity has been expansively gliding through your sign since October. But from 9th it goes retrograde for four months. This requires a review into whether you have been making the most of the opportunities on offer. And if so, whether or not they have been a source of true growth or just expansion. There is a difference which you are being called upon to think about during this period and of course, we are looking for true growth. Have you been settling for less?

Work, health and service to others becomes increasingly important as the month progresses too. Mercury and Venus involve themselves in your communications and relations with co-workers or daily companions from 6th and the Sun adds extra energy from 20th. On 23rd however Mercury goes retrograde which provides further food for thought about how you represent yourself on a daily level. This includes tone and manner as well as the content of your communications.

Meanwhile, on 17th Mars moves into your 3rd House of communications, trading, short journeys, neighbours and siblings. These areas are already challenged by Saturn and your ruling planet Pluto, bringing about a serious review and a possible change in world view. What you hold as true and what you become ready to communicate may need fresh circles to move in.

While you may be aware of this already, you may not have yet taken steps to do anything about it. Mars will want to. From 28th you may have to face self-defeating beliefs that have been blocking your way. Uncomfortable as this is, it is an opportunity to look at your path objectively. Do your inner homework – with scrupulous self-honesty of course.


Sagittarius:   Mars stays in your sign firing you up with energy until 17th when it changes its focus to your finances. You may look at new ways of generating some extra income or adding to your security in some way. This could even involve creativity as your 5th House of romance, children and creativity is active this month too.

Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde from 9th in your 12th House of compassion, spirituality, unconscious and creativity behind the scenes. This will require you to carry out a review in whether or not you have been pursuing growth in one or more of these areas.

New Moon on 17th falls in your mother and home and personal development zone. This is a good time to make resolutions for the year ahead around these matters. Chiron is close by too which adds the opportunity of healing old wounds in some way. Be open to that possibility as your make your plans.

Towards the end of the month Mars catches up with Saturn from 28th. This is the planet of force confronting the planet of resistance and the arena they are battling in is your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. The discomfort this generates could raise awareness of any outstanding issues you have going on here. Mars could blast through any blockages you have here or alternatively could grind to a halt. Either way give it your full attention. This is an opportunity to break through self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. Take it!


Capricorn:   This month your focus gradually changes to mother, home and personal development. As Mercury and Venus lead the way from 6th, you will want to beautify and brings changes to your home and the Sun’s arrival from 20th will bring the energy to make a start. It may be a short start however as Mercury goes retrograde from 23rd and a rethink may be required in some way.

Meanwhile Mars leaps into your sign on 17th bringing energy and determination to you personally. Mars is exalted in Capricorn (it really loves to be in your sign and works super-well there) so if you want to push ahead with projects, you have the energy store to do so. But do so quickly before Mercury goes retrograde on 23rd and before Mars catches up with Saturn from 28th.

Pluto and Saturn have been testing you and bringing about deep inner change for some time. The arrival of Mars to the mix could force anything you have been avoiding or brushing under the carpet, into full view. This could include aspects of self-sabotage. When Mars catches up with Saturn from 28th you will probably not be able to proceed as wanted. So stop and take stock and make time for an internal review. Only then will you realize how best to proceed, once the brakes are off around mid-April.

Full Moon on 31st is a Blue Moon and also brings up current conflicting demands between your home life, mothering needs and personal development versus the demands of father, career and social status. Give these plenty of thought too.


Aquarius:   As your focus on finances quietens down, communications become your new area of activity this month, beginning on 6th when Mercury and Venus move into your 3rd House.

When Mercury, planet of communication moves into your 3rd House of communications, you should be on a roll. Your mind and tongue will be bright and quick and Venus close by adds charm to what you have to say (or express in other ways). Physical agility should be easier too (apart from around 11th), as should trading, short journeys and dealings with neighbours and siblings..

The Sun adds its warmth and energy from 20th but Mercury goes retrograde soon afterwards on 23rd bringing about a review in your thought processes. Your unconscious receives a jolt too from 17th when Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in your already busy 12th House. This is your compassionate spiritual arena which fires creativity behind the scenes.

Mars will want to get active here but it approaches Saturn from 28th which may cause discomfort. Progress may become difficult or may draw to a halt or an unconscious obstacle may come to your awareness which gives the chance of overcoming it. We will all be experiencing this (in different areas of life for each sign). You have a better chance than most though as Venus joins your ruling planet Uranus at the same time. This adds originality, creative flair and charm to your repertoire which can only help to make a leap over these difficulties (and also get other people on your side).


Pisces:   The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 20th radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Its glow then moves to your finance zone which has been previously warmed by Mercury and Venus from 6th. Venus usually helps to smooth finances along so all should proceed positively until 23rd when Mercury goes retrograde. This will require a review in your thinking around security and values. You have until mid-April to think this through.

New Moon on 17th falls in your sign and marks the beginning of your personal New Year. This is a good time to make resolutions towards what you hope to find in your emotional life in the year ahead. Chiron adds its energies to this too, offering the possibility of healing old wounds. Leave room in your plans for this too.

Mars changes signs also on 17th and moves into your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. The two heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto have been weighing things down here for some time. The arrival of Mars will make everything more volatile. Old self-limiting beliefs or behaviours may become apparent and changes in friendships and groups you belong to could bring up many feelings and spur you on to find new circles to move in..

Jupiter also goes retrograde this month from 9th. This is in your travel, studies, philosophy and legal zone. There may have been expansion in these areas but which contain real growth? And what is your current position on ‘the truth’?

Your Solar Return (or birthday) whether last month or this also marks a new cycle for you. This is also an ideal time to explore your planets for the year ahead, with a good astrologer.There are many opportunities for growth this month. Embrace them all!


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