May 2017

Our shared planetary picture

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all running retrograde this month, re-teaching us things that passed us by first time round.  Mercury goes direct though on 3rd after over three weeks in reverse.  This helps communications to move forward and as it is in Aries, we are likely to be more direct than usual and at the very least ‘clear’…

Mercury and Uranus meet up in Aries from 3rd – 10th which ushers in startling new ideas and unexpected developments.  At first sight these ideas may look unlikely but Saturn helps to ground some of them from 9th – 11th and we will be ready to give these deeper thought at the end of the month.

Venus is in Aries all month which also urges us to be more direct.  It runs into opposition from Jupiter and squares up to Pluto from 17th – 27th.  This tends to stop us in our tracks but at the same time raises our awareness of power patterns in our relationships.

Do you give your power away?  Or do you take other people’s?  Or stand passively by as others lose their rights?  We all have much to think about.

Saturn planet of structure, tradition and responsibility teams up with Uranus planet of change, disruption and revolution all month.  This helps the traditional and the modern to inform and help each other.  Change can be brought to existing structures and structure can be given to new ideas.  Young and old should get along well too

Mars in Gemini all month also gives a martial tone to communications.  Neptune clouds the view from 7th – 11th but Jupiter supports and encourages action from 9th – 14th.  When Mars opposes Saturn from 25th and squares Chiron, obstacles require us to reflect on our wounds and how they might be mended.

Full Moon on 10th is in Scorpio and New Moon on the evening of 25th is in Gemini.

31st is perhaps the most interesting day of the month.  Venus meets Uranus which can spark sudden attractions or unusual fun.  And Mercury teams up with Pluto deepening our thoughts.

So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Mercury goes direct in your sign on 3rd after more than three weeks in reverse.  This helps to clear up communication misunderstandings and after 21st should help to clarify money, matters too that have been on hold.  Venus is in your sign too all month which makes you darling of the zodiac but you might prefer to describe it as being irresistible to others!  Power plays could emerge from 17th – 27th.  Spot your pattern and make equal power-sharing a conscious goal.

Your mental powers will look electrifying as Mercury and Uranus meet together in your sign from 3rd – 10th to light up the skies with dashing new ideas!  You may find yourself needing or getting less sleep than usual as your mental energy is so high.  Direct this into projects and get more exercise to avoid it revving round your nervous system.

Your ruling planet Mars is also busy with physical movement and short journeys, trading and communications all month.  Dealings with neighbours and siblings may be succinct and you will make yourself very clear…  Neptune calls for more subtlety from 7th – 11th and Saturn and Chiron have other plans from 25th – 31st.  But Jupiter puts wind in your sails from 9th – 14th!

Uranus – planet of change, disruption and revolution continues in your sign and is helping serious Saturn to integrate new ideas and ways of doing things.  So on a collective as well as an individual level, you are revolutionising the status quo.

May 31st looks interesting as Venus joins Uranus in your sign bringing sudden attractions or the unexpected.  Mercury and Pluto are working together too bringing depth to self-expression.  Professional finances could be involved or your social status.  Be experimental and keep an open mind.  Life can still surprise you!


Taurus:   Mercury goes direct on 3rd and immediately gets into a startling meeting with Uranus from until 10th.  This is in your behind the scenes zone which triggers new ideas and approaches to compassion, spirituality, healing and creativity.  Although some of these ideas may seem a bit way out, from 9th – 11th Saturn points out which hold real content and your ideas around these deepen from 31st.  There may be emotional excitement around then too!

Your ruling planet Venus is working behind the scenes for you all month, helping to integrate unconscious material into consciousness.  This does not always sit comfortably with your present health or work situation, your daily routine and your philosophy.  Travel plans, legal matters or your world view may undergo deep changes which are necessary to make room for your fresh insights.

The Sun continues to warm you as it lights up your self-expression until 20th.  And from 16th Mercury steps into Taurus, helping communications and physical movement.  Full Moon is in your opposite sign on 10th.  Relationships and partnerships may feel more emotional and not entirely within your control.  And perhaps not everything should be under your control.  Only that which is freely given is truly yours.

Mars continues to activate your money and finance zone and new income streams may be possible with this thrust of energy.  New Moon falls in this area of your solar chart too, late in the evening on 25th.  Roll up those sleeves and make a new budget!  Planetary co-operation may not be apparent from 28th – 31st but remember your long-term plan and hold steadfast!


Gemini:   The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time.  This year the Sun returns to your sign on 20th bringing energy and a sense of renewal.  Your birthday is your true New Year, not January 1st.  (It’s also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a fantastic astrologer!)

Mars is revving in your sign all month, making for a dynamic, assertive you!  Apart from Neptune misting up the view from 7th – 11th and some planetary challenges around 28th – 31st, little can stop you as you forge ahead.  Jupiter is also blowing wind into your sails from 7th – 11th and optimism will drive you on.

On 3rd your ruling planet Mercury goes direct in your friends, groups and community zone.  This opens up communications and startling new ideas may crop up when it meets Uranus from 3rd – 10th.  Venus is gliding through the same areas of life making relating enjoyable.  The only possible exception to this is 17th – 27th when Jupiter and Pluto get involved and power dynamics could break out around romance, children or joint funds, taxes, debts or inheritances.

New Moon on the evening of 25th is also in Gemini.  This marks your personal New Year and is a good time to make resolutions to enhance your emotional life in the year ahead.  Mercury teams up with Pluto on 31st which is an interesting day for other reasons too.  Be open to the unexpected!


Cancer:   Mercury goes direct in your busy father, career and social status zone on 3rd which helps to clear up earlier misunderstandings.  Venus is in this area of your solar chart too all month and people in positions of power are likely to look favourably on you.  If you know people who could further your ambitions, ask for their help.  The best dates to do this are 4th – 15th or after 29th.

From 17th – 27th your public ambitions seem to run in opposition to your need for domestic growth or personal development.  This shows itself in power dynamics in your partnerships zone.  Spot your pattern and make equal power-sharing a conscious goal and keep communications open.  Everyone has a right to voice their feelings and views.  New ideas could emerge around 3rd – 10th and get solidified on 11th and taken further on 31st.

Full Moon on 10th falls in your romance, children and creativity zone.  And New Moon on 25th is in your behind the scenes arena of compassion, spirituality, healing, inner workings and time spent alone.  Mars is active in this area all month too, stirring up realisations from the past.

From 28th – 31st Mars is halted by Saturn residing in your area of work, health and service to others.  This triggers Chiron in your travel, legal and ethics zone.  There are opportunities for healing here and a softening of unhelpful beliefs.  Be open to what you are shown and integrate new realisations for a wider view of the world.


Leo:   The Sun continues to light up self-expression in your father, career and social status zone until 20th and Mercury takes over here from 16th helping your professional communications and flexibility.  While on a less conscious level, Full Moon on 10th falls in your mother and home zone which raises emotions around this.

Your travel, studies, legal and ethics zone is highlighted this month.  Mercury goes direct here on 3rd which helps to sort out important communications and Venus smooths everything along for much of the month.  This can be good for your philosophy and world view and also relations with people from different countries, cultures and belief systems.

Mercury meets up with Uranus in this same higher mind zone from 3rd -10th which can revolutionise your outlook or how you communicate in the world.  Have you been thinking of trying a new language, exploring a new religion or philosophy or immersing yourself in a new culture?  If so, do it.  If not, consider putting at least one toe in!

Mars is active in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  You will find lots to give and take in these areas.  From 20th your ruling planet the Sun also moves into this zone, offering warm self-expression to the energy pool.  Saturn and the demands of personal creativity or children may get in the way of all this communal fun which leads you to look once again at sharing, intimacy and joint funds.  Help any areas that need healing.


Virgo:   Many things are happening professionally as Mars lends its determined energies to your ambitions and public standing.  This is not entirely straight forwards however as Neptune clouds issues from 7th – 11th.  Despite this Jupiter is pushing for expansion from 9th – 14th and your optimism and energy should be high.  When Saturn puts on the brakes from 25th – 29th, there are opportunities for healing in partnerships.  Be aware of that potential.

The Sun also enters your father, career and social status zone from 20th helping self-expression and heightening your profile.  This is followed by New Moon on the evening of 25th which marks the beginning of your Professional New Year.  Make resolutions or a plan that will further your ambitions – professional or social.

The other active area of your solar chart is your 8th House of joint finances, intimacy and sharing.  Mercury goes direct helping communications from 3rd and startling new ideas may emerge about how to best use or share resources.  Inheritances, loans, taxes and debts could come into this, as well as money in partnerships.

Venus generally helps to improve joint funds this month, either financially or in smoothing negotiations.  This may not apply though from 17th – 27th when power dynamics could get acted out.  Resist the attempts of others to manipulate and of course don’t resort to such tactics yourself!


Libra:   Misunderstandings in partnerships start to clear up from 3rd when Mercury goes direct after three weeks of mix-ups, possibly including intimacy or joint funds.  Your ruling planet Venus is busy smoothing ruffled feathers in partnerships too all month which should create a bit more room for you to manoeuvre than recently.

New dialogues become possible around 3rd – 10th as Mercury and Uranus open up fresh channels of communication and Saturn’s influence around 9th – 11th suggest that concrete solutions are available too.

What partners want or your desires in partnerships seem to be diametrically opposed to your growth around 17th – 27th.  Power dynamics in relationships are visible too.  Spot your pattern and make equal power-sharing a conscious goal.  The fall-out from this clash will be felt in your mother and home zone or in awakenings about your own needs in terms of personal development.  We know how obliging you usually are but right now, compromising may not be in your best interests.

A Venus and Uranus team-up on 31st brings surprises in relationships and partnerships which could be a sudden new attraction, new business partnership opportunities or a fresh spark of interest in existing partners.  Whichever it is, enjoy it!


Scorpio:   Work and health matters improve from 3rd when Mercury goes direct and helps to sort our misunderstandings and issues related to agility either in body or thought.  Mercury meets with Uranus from 3rd – 10th bringing new ideas and approaches towards work, health and service to others.  Saturn helps to ground some of these into real possibilities from 9th – 11th which you can take a step further on 31st.

Venus is smoothing the way in relations with colleagues and daily companions.  Conflicting interests demand your attention from 17th – 27th when how you think and speak colour your outcomes.  Be open, fair and inclusive, regardless of what you want.

Full Moon on 10th is in your sign which will raise emotions.  Matters to do with joint funds or intimacy are active all month too as Mars forges ahead raising energy to negotiate shared finances or passions.  Mars runs into some opposition from 28th – 31st when Saturn reminds you of restrictions in your personal finances or self-esteem.  The tension from this opposition bursts out in your romance, children and creativity zone.  There are opportunities for healing in one or more of these areas.

Keep in mind you always have to acknowledge pain, to grow and move forward beyond it.


Sagittarius:   Work and health should continue to improve this month as the Sun continues to bring warmth, light and energy until 20th and Mercury helps communications and movement from 16th.  But the main areas of activity are romance, children, creativity and partnerships.

Communications improve in these spheres from 3rd when Mercury goes direct.  Not only do they improve but startling new ideas come to mind that help to look at existing challenges afresh!  Saturn which is transiting your sign spots ways to make these unlikely approaches possible and by 31st your understanding of new options will be deeper.

Venus is also easing relations in romantic liaisons and with children.  There may be a hiccough though around 17th – 27th when power dynamics temporarily raise their head.  Speculation and sports could also be sources of pleasure this month but team dynamics could be tricky during the same period.

Mars continues to forge its way through your relationships and partnerships zone.  You may find yourself or partners being more assertive than usual but Neptune clouds the picture from 7th – 11th.  Your ruling planet Jupiter is on board during this period though and offers the added gift of optimism to your energy and efforts from 9th – 14th.

New Moon on the evening of 25th marks the beginning of your Partnerships New Year.  Make resolutions for a happy year ahead.  28th – 31st is a tricky period but the planetary line ups on 31st bring excitement or surprise which leaves a delightful taste in your mouth as the month ends!


Capricorn:   Misunderstanding and mix-ups with mother-figures and home start to melt and mend from 3rd when Mercury goes direct.  Venus is in this area of your solar chart all month too, bringing pleasure through beautifying your home or entertaining and sharing it with others.  This might not apply to the period between 17th – 27th when conflicting demands (internal or external) come from your father, career and social status zone.  Power plays abound.  Spot your pattern and make equal power-sharing a conscious goal.  The tension created by all of this is an added boost to your personal transformation which is impacting your identity over these years.

New ideas about domestic situations or personal development crop up between 3rd – 10th when Mercury and Uranus bringing startling possibilities to light.  Your ruling planet Saturn is weighing up the options in a helpful way from 9th – 11th and by 31st the next step is clear.

Mars is busy in your 6th House of work, health and service to others all month.  New Moon falls here too on the evening of 25th which would be a great time to put a new health regime in place.  Now what should that include?


Aquarius:   Communications get better after 3rd as Mercury planet of communication goes direct in your House of communication until 16th, so much better!  This can apply to physical and mental agility too.  Venus is also gliding through your communications zone all month so you will come across as extra charming and persuasive.

Mercury joins your ruling planet Uranus from 3rd – 10th which brings flashes of insight and new ideas.  Thought of learning a new language or trying a new form of exercise?  The planets are behind you.  Keep in mind too that new forms of movement can open up new neural pathways – new avenues of thought in your brain.

Your mental energy will be high during this period and it is helpful to channel this into projects and you may need less sleep and more exercise than usual so that all of this electrical charge does not rev round your nervous system.  Direct it outwards.

The Sun continues to warm your mother and home arenas until 20th.  Self-expression at home goes well apart from a brief pause on 10th when Full Moon in your father and career zone draws your attention in the opposite direction.  Mercury moves in too from 16th which is good for rearranging furniture and having discussions or meetings at home.

Mars is activating your romance, children, speculation, sports and creativity zone all month.  You will have energy to give and receive to these areas of life.  New Moon falls here too on the evening of 25th which marks the beginning of your Creative New Year.  Make resolutions for the year ahead!  Mars runs into some opposition from the demands of friends, groups or community from 28th – 31st which results in pointing a finger at your finances – whether they will be better or worse remains to be seen.

Fun, excitement and possible sudden attractions draw you on 31st.  Enjoy them!


Pisces:   It’s all happening in your mother and home zone this month.  Mars has got its boots on wanting to push ahead with DIY, nurturing, personal development or projects which are based at home.  Your ruling planet Neptune isn’t fully on board from 7th – 11th but Jupiter is fanning the flames of activity from 9th – 14th and optimism carries things forward.

From 25th – 31st Saturn causes an obstruction to this progress which presses you to acknowledge wounded areas of your own.  With this realisation come opportunities for healing.  Take them.

Your finances are active this month too.  Mercury goes direct here on 3rd, clearing up misunderstandings.  Uranus is still having an erratic impact though but it could throw up new ideas for generating income from 3rd – 10th.

Venus generally helps to improve your income up to 16th and after 27th but from 17th – 27th the financial demands of others (e.g. joint funds, taxes, debts and inheritances) run opposite to your interests.  A solution needs to be found and going to a mediating body could be the answer.  Avoid power plays and make sure you’re not the one to start them!

The Sun lights up your mother and home zone from 20th and New Moon falls here on the evening of 25th which marks the beginning of your Domestic New Year.  Make resolutions to make your home a happy place in the year ahead.



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