July Horoscopes 2021

Our shared planetary picture

A tricky T-square of planets (two planets opposite each other and another at 90° in a T shape) will be challenging us all this month, in different areas of life for each sign.  This will be most noticeable around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th.  The lead up to Full Moon on 23rd – 24th could also carry echoes.  Do your best to address whatever needs addressing!

On a sweeter note, Venus and Mars meet up on 12th and join the Moon.  They are all close together in Leo.  This is a lovely, warm, generous, creative wave of planetary energy that we can all enjoy.

And on 29th Jupiter and Mars both change signs but we will be hearing more from them next month!


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign  and  your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Matters connected to home or mother-figures remind you of old wounds as the month begins.  The Sun and Mercury are highlighting home too until 22nd.  And New Moon here on 10th marks a fresh cycle of some kind and is a good time to make plans or start a new project to do with home, self-nurture or personal development.

There could be conflict between individual creativity and group or collective achievements that impact your finances or values around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th.  The demands of friends or groups may clash with your desire to spend time with. lovers or children too in some way.  This also challenges your values (and possibly your finances too).

Romance could be high on the agenda this month.  Both Venus and Mars are moving through your playful zone and actually meet with the Moon on 12th!  Courage favours the bold, so if there is someone who you like, ask them out!  And if romance is not your bag, get creative (and include kids if you have some).

Your ruling planet Mars changes sign on 29th and takes just one step into your work and health zone (more on this next month).  Venus has already paved the way though and from 22nd your daily rituals and relations with colleagues and daily companions are pleasurable.  Now and again we are able to fully enjoy the simple things of life.  This is one of those times.


Taurus:   Your ruling planet Venus is gracing your home zone until 22nd.  Home in every sense should be a source of pleasure, be that the building you live in, its emotional dynamics, your country, Mother Nature or our planet.  You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home and sharing its pleasures with others through entertaining.  Mars is also providing energy and drive to take action on what needs doing.

You may also be looking at personal development and self-nurturing.  Dealings with mother-figures should go well too (including your own interactions, if you happen to be a mother-figure yourself).  The high point is 12th when Venus, Mars and the Moon all meet up in this area of your chart.  This could also mean romance or creativity at home!

There may be conflicts though between career and home (or mother-figures and father-figures), especially around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th and in the lead up to Full Moon in the early hours of 24th.  And it seems everyone sees you changing as the answer to present problems.  They may well be right and if you can take the same view and do your utmost to let go of the status quo and be flexible and open to change: the better the outcome.

On 29th Mars joins Venus in your romance, children and creativity zone which could generate nice outcomes.  On the same day Jupiter returns to the top of your solar chart, renewing opportunities to achieve your worldly ambitions or improve your social status in the weeks ahead.  More on these next month!


Gemini:   Your charms are once again at their sparkling best as Venus and Mars move through your 3rd House of communications.  Buying and selling go well, as do relations with siblings and neighbours.  There are a few trigger dates though when ethical or legal matters obstruct your path and you may have to wrestle with your conscience.  These are 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th and to some degree in the lead up to Full Moon (which is early morning on 24th).

New Moon on 10th falls in your finance zone.  The Sun and Mercury are warming things up here and hatching new ideas both before and after, so this is a good time for drawing up a budget or new financial plan.

From 22nd Venus is highlighting the pleasures of home.  You may find yourself wanting to beautify your home and sharing its pleasures with others through entertaining.  Relations with mother-figures go well too, as do steps towards your personal development.

On 29th expansive Jupiter moves out of your career zone (until December) and back into your higher-mind of studies, ethics and principles.  There is more growing to do here.  Seek out your ideal self..


Cancer:   The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 22nd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression.  Mercury lends you mental energy too until 28th.  And for those of you with July birthdays, your birthday is your personal new year and the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.  New Moon in your sign on 10th marks a fresh emotional cycle.  This is also a good point to explore your birth chart and think about what you hope for emotionally in the year ahead.

Your finances look a bit stressful at the start the month but then things look up.  Mars is chasing up opportunities until 29th and Venus smoothes things along.until 22nd.  These two even meet your ruling planet the Moon on 12th which could find you feeling very creative (about money, cooking or the arts).

Relations with siblings or neighbours improve after 22nd when Venus smooths along your communication style.  Your way with words will charm others which helps negotiations of any kind.  Venus also helps to make short trips enjoyable and exercise too.

Differences with partners become more apparent mid-month but these are power issues you are fully aware of and can (with a bit of luck) skillfully navigate.  And if partners are oblivious to their own behaviour, you could always help them with their self-awareness…


Leo:   Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change.  The month before your birthday you are often at low ebb as the Sun has been away from you for the longest time.  The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead than January 1st.  Many Happy Solar Returns!  It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Conflicts between career and home (or mother-figures and father-figures) demand much of you, especially around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th and 23rd.  And it seems changing your status, career or dealings with father or authority-figures is the answer to present problems.  Do your utmost to let go of the status quo and be open to change.

You will be active on the amorous or creative front though as Venus and Mars spend most of the month in your sign (Venus until 22nd and Mars until 29th).  This makes you dangerously charming!  Venus and Mars even meet on 12th with the Moon that is also in your sign then.  If you have romantic hopes or plans, arrange to meet your loved or hoped-for one on 12th.  And if no one like that is around, immerse yourself in creativity!


Virgo:   The relationship between your inner-workings and outward health may seem noticeably linked this month.  How we think about things, to a large extent, makes them so (in our minds of course).  So you may have to go hunting in your inner-depths to root out any self-sabotage that may have been hiding there.  Your beliefs and philosophy are also undergoing a change and this month’s dilemmas may push them further (which although uncomfortable, can be helpful).

New Moon on 10th falls in your friends, groups and community zone.  This marks a fresh cycle of some kind.  Have you thought of joining or even starting a group?  Give it some thought.

Jupiter planet of growth and expansion leaves your opposite sign of relationships and partnerships on 29th and re-enters your work and health zone.  It will stay here until December, pushing for further growth.  This should help your overall sense of well-being to improve too.

Also on 29th Mars leaps into your sign (as it does approximately every two years) and you will notice an instant energy shift.  But more on that next month.  Despite their massive capacity for hard work, Virgoans and are not seen as the most dynamic of people.  But Mars might just be about to change people’s minds!


Libra:   You may become aware of a partner’s woundedness as the month begins or vulnerabilities in your relationships and partnerships. This can be helpful, as only by knowing about them, can you do something to resolve them.

Meanwhile, friends, groups and community are a wonderful source of pleasure this month as your ruling planet Venus glides through the area of your chart to do with collective well-being.  This is especially true around 12th when Mars and the Moon join Venus and perhaps even romance could blossom in a group setting or with a friend.   Creative projects go well too.  The only possible fly in the ointment is coming from matters connected to children, gambling or your need for individual creativity.

The Sun and Mercury are at the top of your solar chart, highlighting your career and standing in the world until 22nd.  New Moon here on 10th also rmarks a fresh cycle and is a good point to make plans or make a start on realising your ambitions.

Venus starts to look at more compassionate or spiritual matters from 22nd.  And you will feel more aware of the pain and suffering of others and perhaps how you could help to improve the bigger picture.  Your imagination runs more freely which can inspire creative work behind the scenes too.  Apply your understanding!


Scorpio:   You may be more aware of your vulnerabilities around work or health as the month begins.  Your daily routine can have an impact on this, so review your current habits and focus on self-care.  You may also feel moved to be of service to others and perhaps even become a volunteer in a support project.

Conflicts between home and career (or mother-figures and father-figures) demand much of you, especially around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th and 23rd.  And it seems changes to relationships and partnerships are the answer to present problems.  If you can take the same view and do your utmost to let the status quo go and be open to change: the better the outcome.

Lively energy is moving through your career and ambitions zone as Venus and Mars get creative.  They actually meet and join forces with the Moon on 12th which looks interesting.  This is a good time for creative thinking or taking action on your next career move and for thinking more creatively about your social status.  Matters connected to father-figures should improve too.

From 22nd Venus brings pleasure through friends, groups and community.  Make time for communing with others.  And one week later Mars arrives too, ready to take action on collective projects.  Is there a humanitarian campaign you can add your energy to?  Both you and it would benefit from your input.


Sagittarius:   Your higher mind and lower mind are not good friends at times this month (especially around 1st – 2nd, 7th – 9th and 23rd – 24th).  This may take its toll on your health or at work where changes still need to be made.  Travel (if viable) could be fun though, as Venus and Mars jolly things along.  They also actually meet on 12th, along with the Moon which could add romance to your journey or an attraction to someone from a different country or culture.

New Moon on 10th falls in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone, marking a fresh cycle of some kind.  The Sun spends the first three weeks of July warming things up here too and Mercury is not short of ideas…

From 23rd Venus is smoothing your path in your interactions with father or authority figures, career and social status.  If you need favours from people in influential positions, be sure to ask.  And if you happen to be an influential person or father-figure yourself, use your influence benignly.

On 29th your ruling planet Jupiter moves out of your mother and home zone and back into your 3rd House of trading and daily communications.  How you deal with others is central to your growth right now and will be until December.  Sagittarians are not always the most tactful of signs, so choose your words carefully!


Capricorn:   Worries or constrictions around money matters impact you, partners and your children (or creativity and speculation if you do not have children).  Partners’ finances may be the answer as they are operating more creatively at present and may be more forthcoming than usual, especially around 12th ( a good time to ask if you need their help).  This can also be a good time for intimacy and sharing on a deeper level.

New Moon on 10th is also in your relationship and partnership zone which marks a fresh cycle in some way.  What would you like that to be about?  Go forward with positive hope and intent.

You should be feeling more philosophical after 22nd when Venus softens your outlook.  This could be a good time to travel (if conditions allow) or at least to travel mentally, exploring different cultures and philosophies

Full Moon on 24th brings mixed messages about finances but Jupiter returns to your security zone on 29th which should give a rosier picture next month.  Money is not everything and widening your values is the real opportunity on offer.


Aquarius:   Work and health are one of the focuses this month, especially during the first three weeks.  And New Moon on 10th would be a good time to start a new regime, look for a new job or volunteer your services to help others.

Conflicts between you and partners demand much of you, especially around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th and 23rd – 24th.  Making changes to your home or even a change of  home could be the answer to present problems.  Do your utmost to be open to change, however challenging that looks.  Perhaps your emotional patterns need to change too…

Apart from the trigger dates above, romance could blossom in relationships or a creative partnership could work really well.  You could even benefit from ‘the money of others’ after 22nd when Venus helps sharing and even intimacy along.

Jupiter re-enters your sign on 29th where it will stay until December, offering further opportunities for growth and expansion.  Keep an eye out for these and grab them!


Pisces:   The inner voice and the physical body and well-being clash with each other a few times this month, especially around 1st – 2nd and 7th – 9th and 23rd – 24th.  There is a way of releasing this build-up of tension though.  And that is by voicing how you feel along with plenty of physical exercise.  Relations with siblings and neighbours may come into this too.  It may be time for uncompromising honesty.

Adding creativity to your daily routine also helps your well-being and including others in the fun could help them too.  12th is a particularly lovely day with Venus, Mars and the Moon all ready for fun.

New Moon on 10th marks a new cycle connected to romance, children and creativity.  How would you like this to manifest?  Do you have a plan?  If so, get started on 10th.

Expansive Jupiter moves out of your sign on 29th, although it will return in December.  Jupiter was the traditional ruler for Pisces before Neptune was discovered and its return to your 12th House of compassion, spirituality, healing and creativity behind the scenes (which Pisces rules) is a kind of homecoming.  There is further to grow here and your inner-workings and self-talk could take a turn for the better at the same time.  Be open to healing.


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