August 2015

Your Horoscope for August  2015

Our shared planetary picture

There are two major planetary shifts this month. Saturn which has been retrograde since mid-March goes direct on 2nd. This marks the completion of a four and a half month review of how honest we have been with ourselves and how well we have met our responsibilities for personal growth over the last three years, since Saturn first moved into Scorpio.

The second big shift is Jupiter’s movement into Virgo on 11th after a year in Leo. Although initially this may look like less fun for us all, it sets a collective change of focus from creativity, self-expression and being in the limelight, to health, work and service to others. Self-improvement will be a prominent theme and a turning away from glitzy, mass-produced ‘bling’ to simple, natural beauty and things made by hand.

Ecologically there could be a swell in consciousness over the year ahead too. And work – life balance, health and general well-being are key areas for scrutiny and adjustment. Willingness to devote time to help others could also be one of the many benefits on the crest of this new wave. Be ready to surf and help others to get on their boards too!

So what will this mean for us all?

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Aries:   You’ll be pleased to know your long stretch of lessons and dwelling on shared responsibilities, joint funds and intimacy takes a turn for the better on 2nd as Saturn goes direct and begins its last lap through your 8th House.

Jupiter is on the move too and your year of growth, expansion and opportunity in romance, children, creativity and speculation comes to an end on 11th. This may seem sad in a way but it’s time to devote your attention to work, health and service to others. You know it needs looking at.

Your ruling planet Mars moves into Leo on 8th so even though Jupiter moves out on 11th, there’s still some get up and go for the pursuit of romance, creativity and speculation and it will last until late September (others be warned!)

Venus makes a nice aspect to Uranus in your sign from 16th -19th which should bring harmony and co-operation for your latest original project (which could even be a make-over for you!). Could we be talking about a hair or wardrobe revolution? Yes we could. Keep an open mind!

Taurus:   Saturn goes direct on 2nd in your relationships and partnerships zone after a four and a half month impasse. Your personal development course in these areas is now almost complete and it’s been a long haul since October 2012.

The other good news is that Jupiter moves into your 5th House of romance, children, creativity and speculation on 11th. This marks the beginning of a year of growth, expansion and opportunities in these areas. It’s also good for sports and general enjoyment of life!

Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde all month in your 4th House of mother and home. This could mean a rethink on the home front in some way (whether decor or relating dynamics) or how you’ve been relating to women in the family. It could also be a review of nutrition and how you nurture yourself or your personal development. Mars moves into this area too from 8th giving gumption and determination to any projects you decide upon.

Any confusion or misunderstandings brought about by the Mercury-Neptune opposition on 13th (again regarding mother and home) soon gets cleared up or it may even help to inform the fresh new start offered the next day with New Moon on 14th. The internal and external are reflections of each other in this respect, so any resolutions you make about the physical home or about your personal life, can each have real impact on the other too. Venus is close by helping to smooth things along. So just decide where you want to start!

Gemini:   Saturn changes direction in your 6th House of work, health and service to others on 2nd and any conclusions you may have drawn about these over the last four and a half months when Saturn was retrograde, can now be put into action. This is part of a three-year learning process which is almost complete.

Venus remains retrograde in your 3rd House all month, reviewing communications and perhaps relationships with siblings and neighbours. Mars joins it on 8th and you’ll have lots of mental energy to apply to paperwork, communications, correspondence and creative ideas. Conversations around New Moon on 14th could spark off yet more ideas or even a new project.

Your ruling planet Mercury spans three signs this month, indicating you’ll be covering a lot of ground too, especially in communications with family or regarding ideas and movement at home.

Jupiter also moves into your mother and home zone on 11th and is taking residence for one year. This brings growth, expansion and opportunity which may involve a bigger home, a home overseas, a domestic cultural change or an improvement in emotional conditions at home. Personal development could be a big area for growth too. Be ready!

Cancer:   Hold ups, frustrations and deadlocks with romance, children, creativity and speculation all start to move forwards on 2nd with Saturn’s change of direction. It’s been a long, hard slog but the end is now within sight.

Your finances are still pretty active, even though Jupiter moves out of your income zone on 11th. Mars moves in on 8th making you more assertive or driven to secure income, possessions or security in some way. New Moon alongside Venus on 14th could also bring to light a new source of income or a happier attitude towards values and what at the end of the day is important (which may not be material things).

Jupiter moves into your 3rd House of communications, trading, siblings, neighbours and physical movement on 11th. This augurs a year of growth, expansion and opportunities in one or more or all of these areas. Your mind should also be operating at its most positive and only then do we become fully aware of all our possibilities. Be open to them all!

Leo:   Saturn which has been a weight around your leg in your mother and home zone for three years, moves direct on 2nd after four and a half months in reverse. This will come as a relief but this last review has been necessary to get things quite clear in your mind. You’ve covered a lot of ground in the last three years and your lessons in these areas complete in September. So you’re almost home and dry.

Although Jupiter leaves your sign on 11th after a year of personal growth and expansion, Venus remains all month, making you charmer of the zodiac yet again! Venus is also retrograde offering you chance to look at domestic relating, interior decor and your own personal interior decor – how you’ve been nurturing yourself (or otherwise…) and what would next be helpful in terms of personal development.

While you’re pondering all of this, Mars enters your sign on 8th giving you energy, drive and assertiveness for whatever you set your mind to. So take aim and go for it!

Jupiter (planet of growth, expansion and opportunity) takes its new placement in Virgo from 11th which falls into your 2nd House of money, possessions, security and values. This can have one of two good results (so long as you don’t go to excess). Either it can improve your income over the coming year or bring about a shift in your philosophy. A belief system could provide all the security you need while material things lose their importance. Be open to either possibility!

Virgo:   Your ruling planet Mercury is still rushing around and zips through your sign in just three weeks. This stimulates your urge to communicate but it could also rev up your nervous system somewhat, so get plenty of exercise to use some of it up or channel it into projects and make sure you make time to relax too.

Saturn goes direct on 2nd in your 3rd House of communications, movement, siblings and neighbours after being in reverse for four and a half months. There are six more weeks of lessons in one or more or all of these areas, to complete a long three-year learning process, after which you can apply your hard-earned conclusions.

Jupiter leaves your 12th House this month after a year of growth and expansion in institutions, the pain and suffering of others, healing, work behind the scenes, spiritual development and the collective unconscious. Venus remains in this House all month and Mars jumps in on 8th to provide vim and vigour too. New Moon offers new opportunities in one or more of these areas on 14th, helped along by Venus.

The BIG good news is that Jupiter moves into Virgo, your very own sign on 11th, ushering in a year of growth, expansion and opportunity.  There should be lots of optimism too and a wider and more up-beat sense of identity.  This only happens every 12 years so make the most of this lovely, reassuring upbeat wave!  And keep an eye open for those opportunities…

Libra:   Saturn goes direct on 2nd in your finance zone which should allow some helpful headway at last. And if debts or investments need sorting out, a realistic plan could now be put in place.

Your ruling planet Venus remains in your 11th House of friends, teams, groups and community all month, so make time to enjoy collective pleasures. The weekend of 14th -16th adds a lovely New Moon alongside Venus, so pencil in some group plans for then too. Partnerships go well from16th – 19th when Venus and Uranus co-operate and find new solutions. (Lucky you’re on hand to smooth them along!)

On 11th Jupiter moves into your 12th House, bringing a year of growth, expansion and opportunities in institutions, addressing the pain and suffering of others (especially those marginalised or on the edge of society in some way), healing, creative work behind the scenes and spiritual growth. Wishing others well also brings growth (for both you and them). Explore the power of intention, positive thought, meditation and whatever form of prayer or sending of positive thoughts that you might be comfortable with. Revelations await!

Scorpio:   Saturn which has been on your case for almost three years, starts to move forwards on 2nd after four and a half months in reverse. This may have drawn things to a halt but for the best of reasons. It provided space for that necessary one last look at how you’ve been progressing since October 2012.

This long review of identity and self expression is now almost complete. And any omissions or areas you may have skimmed over first time have hopefully been brought to light and are now in hand and part of the new, more highly-evolved you!

There’s still lots of emphasis in your 10th House of father, career and social status. Although Jupiter moves out on 11th after a year of expansion, Venus remains there all month and Mars moves in on 8th adding energy and determination to your ambitions.

Venus in 10th House usually offers the assistance of people in authority. This month it’s retrograde which offers the opportunity to take a look at how you relate to them and how you present yourself in public. New Moon on 14th is offering a fresh start here in some way and Venus is smoothing the whole process along too, so set forth on this new wave.

Another big shift this month is Jupiter which moves into your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals on 11th August. This marks the beginning of a year of growth, expansion and opportunity in these areas, so be open to exploring them. People from different cultures or countries may feature and your whole world view or philosophy could open up to new horizons. Looks enjoyable!

Sagittarius:   Saturn which has been rumbling uncomfortably in your unconscious and your life behind the scenes, starts to move forwards on 2nd. Just six more weeks and you’ll be free at last from this three-year lesson in ‘facing up’. Be open during this last stretch to any remaining ‘information’ that still needs to be brought to light.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is also on the move this month, after a year of expansion in your 9th House of travel, study, culture, publishing, legal and ethical matters. These areas don’t draw to a halt though as Venus is hovering there all month. Mars leaps in too from 8th and adds energy and determination to the coqtail (but don’t use it being vexatious). New Moon provides a new start in these areas too on 14th, helped along by Venus. This could enhance your whole outlook and world view if you let it. Let it!

So where is Jupiter heading for on 11th? Into your 10th House of father, career and social status. A year of growth, expansion and opportunities is about to begin. Your understanding and appreciation of diversity in the world may take a leap forward too. You’ll be visible to others which raises your reputation. Make sure it’s for good reasons!

Capricorn:   Your ruling planet Saturn has been prolonging your ongoing need to look at friends, teams, groups, community and collective ventures. On 2nd it goes direct and things start to move forwards again after a four and a half month impasse (which probably felt longer).

Your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone is the new area for a lighter review as Venus remains retrograde there all month. New Moon with co-operative Venus offer a fresh start on the weekend on 14th -16th. Be sure to make the most of it!

The other good news is that Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity moves into your 9th House of travel, study, publishing, law and ethics on 11th and stays there for a year. Mercury quickly sweeps the path beforehand, so you’ll probably already be thinking about some or all of these areas. Get set and be ready for this new cycle of growth!

Aquarius:   Saturn which has been hanging over your 10th House of father, career and social status for almost three years, goes direct on 2nd after four and a half months in reverse. This is the beginning of the last stretch of this long learning process. It has also been a time of reaping what you have sown in the past, in terms of your status, authority and reputation.

Venus is retrograde in your relationships and partnerships zone all month. So there might be a review or a turnaround in past or present partnerships or in how you view people in your ‘pending file’. New Moon on 14th also falls in this area and ushers in a fresh new start here, helped along by Venus which is hovering close by, smoothing things along.

Jupiter moves out of this area on 11th but Mars moves in on 8th so you may find yourself, partners (including business) or suitors being more assertive than usual. You can also make good headway in these areas if there are things to be done.

Jupiter’s new placement brings growth to your 8th House of joint funds, transformational processes (birth, sex and death), ‘the money of others’, sharing and intimacy for the next 12 months. Looks interesting!

Pisces:   Full Moon in Pisces on 29th finds an emotional you but there’s so much ground to be covered before then! Saturn goes direct on 2nd in your 9th House of travel, different cultures, study, publishing, legal and ethical matters. This brings a turnaround in yet another review of these areas that have been cause for ongoing thought and concern. You’ve now almost completed this three-year ‘course’ of learning (you’ll probably be pleased to know!)

New Moon on 14th falls in your work, health and service to others zone offering a new start. This is a lively area all month with Venus and Mars bringing creativity and vigour to your well-being or to daily relationships (including colleagues). Jupiter moves out though on 11th completing a year of expansion. This isn’t cause for sadness, as it immediately moves into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships for a year.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion so the existing form of partnership you may already be in won’t feel satisfying if it remains static. There has to be a sense of growth or you may find yourself looking elsewhere… or being free of relationships all together may look like the best option.

And if presently single, someone may turn up who makes your world a bigger place. They could be from a different country or culture or introduce you to new places, philosophies or activities. Or the ‘partner’ in question, could be a business partner, not an emotional one. If so, here too there must be expansion. Prepare for a wider world!

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