March 2015

Your Horoscope for March 2015

Our shared planetary picture
Saturn in Sagittarius goes retrograde on 14th until early August, taking us back to review events that have taken place since 24th December and our use of ethics and honesty.  It provides an opportunity to take a good look at what we are told politically too…

A Saturn – Neptune square for much of the month raises questions about reality versus the dream.  Ideals are important but for any chance of their success, reality has to be embraced too.The total solar eclipse on the morning of 20th belongs to a lovely group of eclipses that favour groups and love relationships.  It ushers in the Vernal Equinox too when the Sun moves into Aries late that evening.  For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, congratulations all round!  We have survived another winter.  Spring has sprung!So what will this mean for us all?Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and for your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Aries:   Venus graces your sign until 17th and brings a few surprises in relationships, creativity and values as it encounters Uranus and Pluto from 3rd -5th.  Mars encounters Uranus and Pluto too from 8th -11th, unexpected results again   Be sure to use your power ethically and wisely during this period.The Saturn – Neptune square calls you to be realistic over the next few months about travel, legal and study plans.  Before your optimistic smile disappears, bear in mind that it may mean making readjustments – not giving up.Your ruling planet Mars is with you all month making you an unstoppable force and a visible human dynamo.  The total eclipse on the morning of 20th is in your sign.  And the Sun bursts into Aries that evening.  Go for it!

Taurus:   So many things are shifting in your unconscious.  This is a spring clean in the usually unreachable recesses of your inner workings.  Welcome it, be open to change and unexpected events from 3rd -11th.  Your online and spiritual life could be dynamically active too.  You may also hold a glamorous allure for others as your antennae tune in and respond to what the world is now ready for.Saturn and Neptune raise questions about how much you share with friends and groups.  This could involve resources or intimate matters in some way.  Saturn goes retrograde mid-month taking you back to review how sharing, joint funds and intimacy have been progressing since December 24th.Venus moving into your sign on 17th heightens your loving nature which will draw people to you.  The eclipse on 20th softens your mindset and seals the deal.  Feel that love!

Gemini:   Full Moon falls in your mother and home zone on 5th.  While New Moon on the morning of 20th marks a fresh start in your father, career and social status zone.  So both public and private realms are emotional arenas this month.

Saturn reverses in your 7th House of partnerships from 14th requiring a second look at ground covered since 24th December.  Your position on how (in your view) partners impact your social status is implicated too.  Are you getting in your own way?

Your collective zone is getting zapped this month, highlighting creative friends, groups and organisations.  A new group could give a new lease of life.  You might find yourself taking a more political stance too.  Harmony in spiritual matters from 17th.  Get your compassion out there!

Cancer:   Your father, career and social status zone is getting most of the attention this month.  Those in authority favour you until 17th and Mars sharpens your ambitions and determination to move forward all month.  There may be unexpected results around 3rd – 5th and 8th – 11th though, when you should take things in your stride and act ethically.

If it feels as though the demands of your daily life are getting in the way of travel, legal or study plans, you could be bumping into the Saturn – Neptune square.  Your hopes and plans will enhance your well-being, it’s just a question of how you can fit them in or apply them to the present situation.  Keep your feet on the ground and be patient.

On 20th a helpful eclipse followed by the Spring Equinox gives your ambitions a huge push forward.  Aim for the stars!

Leo:   There’s lots of activity in your travel, studies, culture, ethics and legal zone, including a favourable eclipse on 20th.  From 8th – 10th Mars is pushing ahead in those areas and encouragng Jupiter in your sign to expand.  This means the planetary wind is behind you and the soil is fertile for your growth and self-expression.

Saturn goes retrograde on 14th in your romance, children and creativity zone.  This calls for you to take a second look at everything that has taken place since December 24th.  Ideals around intimacy and joint funds may need more scrutiny or may need readjusting to be closer to the reality.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that reality is worse than the dream but you may need to improve your relationship to it.  Reality can be a friend too.

From 17th Venus grants your wishes in matters connected to father, career and social status.  People with influence can help you.  Don’t be afraid to ask them.

Virgo:   Full Moon in your sign on 5th sets the mood for an emotional start to the month and there’s a lot of activity including a few surprises in your shared area of ‘the money of others’, joint funds and intimacy, including a helpful eclipse on 20th…

Saturn goes retrograde on 14th in your mother and home spheres, calling you to look once again at these areas. This is an opportunity for more personal development and it can be helpful to look at events since December 24th through this lens too.

Ideals about partnerships are at variance with the reality but that could be a call for a new approach to new or existing relationships.  New Moon falls in your partnerships zone on 20th – good for making new resolutions in line with your new way forward…

Libra:   Your ruling planet Venus is moving through your 7th House of relationships and partnerships until 17th, bringing the unexpected from 3rd – 5th.  Mars is zooming through the same area too and bumps into Uranus and Pluto from 8th – 11th.  This isn’t peaceful and if there are major changes you’d like to make in partnerships, this could be your chance!  It’s also an opportunity to look at power balances.  Librans are so good at keeping everyone happy but has that been at personal cost to you?  Have you been claiming your full power or giving it away in the interests of keeping the peace?  Bear in mind that imbalance is not the path to harmony.

Saturn’s reversal on 14th requires you to look once again at communications in general (and possibly more particularly with siblings or neighbours).  Your ideas and way of thinking is up for review too, especially regarding points of view adopted since 24th December.

Ideals about work, health and daily life can only come to fruition if communications are ‘correct’ and if ‘movement’ (including physical) is possible.  Start new regimes on 20th and make it possible!

Scorpio:   Venus and then Mars trigger off your ruling planet Pluto from 3rd – 5th and 8th – 11th.  This makes the mind creative and communications will be interesting.  Make sure you avoid obsessive thoughts though and direct the strong mental energies available towards personal development.  They can be directed, so be firm with yourself in this.

Communications in your mother and home zone also look lively until 13th and could bring about changes, including in your way of thinking about them.

A cluster of planets all month and a benign eclipse on 20th in your work, health and service to others zone shake up your daily routine for the better.  Initiate new regimes.  This is dynamic energy and if you want to bring about change in your daily life, this gang of planets are conspiring to help you.

Saturn draws your attention back to security and values from 14th, especially in relation to ideals around romance, children and creativity.  Then just as you’re pondering all of this, Venus glides into your 7th House of relationships and partnerships from 17th bringing pleasure and harmony.  Enjoy!

Sagittarius:  Saturn hasn’t finished with you yet, in fact it’s just beginning to iron you out.  A second pressing of ‘Lessons One’ takes place from 14th when Saturn reverses in your sign, compelling even more introspection than you gave first time (i.e. since December 24th).  There’s no escaping, just comply by giving the presenting issues your full attention!  If this seems to be about yourself versus an ideal home, you’re on the right track…

Meanwhile there’s lots of action in your 5th House of love affairs, speculation, children and creativity.  There’s good fun to be had here too, especially from 8th – 10th when Mars encourages your ruling planet Jupiter to go for it!  A helpful eclipse on 20th brings good things too.

Full Moon on 5th and New Moon on 20th emphasise emotional matters in your domestic and public zones respectively. Give them some of your attention too!

Capricorn:   Venus and then Mars challenge Pluto in your sign from 3rd – 5th and 8th – 11th.  Personal change is necessary and these two planets could provide the creative approach and energy needed to help bring it about.  The subject area is you yourself and how you use your personal power.

Meanwhile a cluster of planets in your 4th House require you to examine your approach towards mother and home.  Your determination to move things forward in these areas will be strong.  Take advantage of the planetary wind behind you, especially on 20th and 21st and make headway.

Your ruling planet Saturn goes retrograde on 14th and squares Neptune for most of the month, insisting you’re realistic and precise in your communications.  Relationships with siblings and neighbours could be up for perusal too.

While Saturn’s going backwards, make time to look at self-talk, your online life, spirituality and compassion.  Something here’s been out of kilter since December 24th.  It needs better positioning.

Aquarius:   Mercury in your sign until 13th aids communications and ideas and you’ll have lots to say or write.  Venus and then Mars pass over your ruling planet Uranus this month too from 3rd – 5th and 8th – 11th.  This sparks off new ideas too and new forms of physical movement which can bring great benefits.  Be experimental!  Different ways of moving can open new neural pathways and who knows what that could trigger off?A gentle eclipse on 20th brings a loving quality to your mind.  This could help you to see siblings and neighbours in a softer light too.Friends, groups and organisations may not fall in line with hopes and dreams about finances.  Or they may be the ones to point out the realities that you’ve been avoiding…Venus enhances your domestic sphere from 17th.  Beautify your home and entertain.  You’ll be host or hostess with the mostest!


Pisces:   Finances are almost over-active this month and unpredictable. This may nudge (or even shove) you to get creative and more enterprising in how to feather your nest.  Reviewing your values and ways in which they may be connected to self-esteem could be helpful too. Saturn in your 10th House of father, career and social status is demanding you become more realistic about yourself.  Reality isn’t something to be shunned.  It’s an area to be creative in, right now, just as it is, not in some ideal future when conditions are perfect.  Get dug in now!Full Moon on 5th highlights partnerships.  And New Moon in Pisces on 20th is the beginning of your personal new year.  Resolutions would be timely.

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