August 2016

Our shared planetary picture

Mars leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius on 2nd bringing energy and drive to a new area of life (different for each sign).  This coincides with New Moon in Leo which also marks a new cycle.  Both planets are in fire signs so there is a gear change for us all to take action at the start of the month.

Mars makes headway until it runs into Saturn from 18th which has been slowly reversing through Sag since late March.  This has been to review events from last winter that we did not fully understand at the time.  Saturn helpfully goes direct on 13th but then Mars gets involved from 18th-24th…

When Mars (planet of drive and assertiveness) comes into contact with Saturn (planet of restrictions and resonsibilities) the results are not always enjoyable.  Each operates in such a different manner, it can be difficult to find common ground.  At least this time they are in the same sign and the best option is for disciplined, planned action, playing by the rules.

If you are more of a Saturnian cautious person, the arrival of Mars will feel aggravating and annoying.  And if you are a more action-oriented Martial person, Saturn’s restraint will feel very frustrating.  At best we need to subdue our egos during this period (18th-24th), knuckle down and take full responsibility for our actions.

On a lighter note Mercury meets up with Jupiter on 21st-22nd making our minds at their most positive.  Only then do we become aware of our full possibilities so make a note (i.e. write them down) of all the ideas that come to mind at this time.  We cannot act on them all at once but keep hold of them so they do not get lost or forgotten in the busy-ness of life.

Venus and Jupiter meet up from 26th-28th.  This is a lovely buoyant, happy combination.  Tolerance is high and generosity is wide.  Make time to enjoy the warm company of your fellow human beings (and animals are included too!).


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Your ruling planet Mars moves into Sag on 2nd which will make you active on the exploration front.  Travel, deep study, philosophy or ethical matters leap into action.  It would be good to give those legs a stretch too.

New Moon in Leo is also on 2nd.  This should suit you nicely as this and Mars are in your fellow Fire signs.  Make the most of the first half of the month and enjoy the creative Sun-Uranus line-up on 15th-16th which is a perfect outlet for your eccentricities!

From 18th-24th Mars runs into Saturn which can be frustrating…  The planet of assertiveness meeting the planet of restrictions isn’t one of your favourite scenarios.  We have to work with what we’re given however.  And if you can knuckle down to accepting rules and regulations, manage to pace your energy and find patience when needed, progress can still be made.  Slow motion isn’t your favourite approach but look upon it as a chance to develop your style.


Taurus:   The main emphasis this month is in your romance, children and creativity zone.  Venus is smoothing things along here, bringing ease and pleasure (apart from a hiccup on 13th-14th).  When Venus joins Jupiter on 26th-28th good times are waiting for you.

Mars in your 8th House is urging you all month to sort out joint finances, including taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing.  (The sharing of yourself intimately comes into this too).  Saturn has been creating a block in one or more of these areas of life since March but this too goes direct on 13th enabling progress once again.  The meeting of Mars and Saturn here from 18th-24th may not be comfortable.  Apply your Taurean endurance and determination to get through to the other side.

Creative ideas are at their bubbling best from 21st-22nd.  Make a note of everything that comes to mind so that none of them get lost in the rush.  Only when the mind is at its most positive do we become aware of our full potential.  This is one of those times.


Gemini:   Everything’s happening in your mother and home zone which includes self-nurture and personal development.  When Venus moves through from 5th-30th you maybeautify your home or entertain others in it.  And when Venus meets Jupiter from 26th-28th gather others around you for good times.

On 2nd Mars moves into your relationships and partnerships zone.  This could either send you off in hot pursuit of a desirable someone or make you more assertive (or argumentative) in a current partnership.  Saturn has been weighing things down in this area of your life for some time and even more so since late March when it went retrograde to review the events of last winter.  Saturn goes direct once again on 13th which makes further progress possible but Mars runs into it from 18th-24th making things quite uncomfortable.

Your ruling planet Mercury works decisively on 10th when strong communications are needed and from 21st-22nd when Mercury meets Jupiter putting your mind at its most positive.  Capture all the possibilities that occur to you and make a note of them for future expansion.  These ideas are gold dust to build on, don’t let them escape!


Cancer:   New Moon on 2nd falls in your money zone, marking the beginning of your Financial New Year.  Mars moves into your work and health zone on the same day which is a double prod for you to make some resolutions about money matters, work and health.

Saturn has been weighing down your 6th House of work and health for some time, causing restrictions, responsibilities and delays.  It has also been retrograde since late March in order to carry our a review of events last winter.  On 13th Saturn thankfully goes direct but Mars joins it from 18th-24th.  Mars will want to push ahead with plans but Saturn won’t be rushed so there may be frustrations around this time.

Your mind will be at its most positive around 21st-22nd when Mercury meets Jupiter in your 3rd House of communication.  Make a note of any ideas that come to mind at this time so they don’t get lost of forgotten.

Venus meets Jupiter from 26th-28th which offers pleasure through communications or physical movement.  Seek out others to enjoy it with!


Leo:   New Moon is in your sign on 2nd which marks the beginning of your emotional New Year.  This coincides with Mars moving into your 5th House of romance, children and creativity so there’s a distinct gear change at the start of this month.

Mars could make you more amorous and you may persue a certain someone with more determination than usual.  Creative expression could take off too.  Make the most of this during the first half of the month as from 18th-24th Mars runs into Saturn which may bring progress to a halt.  Saturn has been weighing down these areas of life for some time and even more so since late March when it went retrograde.  This was to carry out a review of events last winter.

Although Saturn goes direct on 13th, it’s still moving very slowly and a meeting of Mars (the planet of assertiveness) and Saturn (planet of restrictions) is rarely a comfortable e perience.  It can provide an opportunity though to review how you’ve been dealing with goal setting, applying your will, assertiveness, sexual expression and use of physical energy in general in relation to romance, children and creativity.  Sports could come into this too and speculation.


Virgo:   The month before our birthday we are often at lowest ebb as the Sun has-been away from us for the longest time.  But Sun re-enters your sign on 22nd bringing warmth, energy and renewal.  When people say Many Happy Returns they often don’t realise this refers to the solar return.  Your birthday is your New Year, not January 1st (unless you happen to be a Capricorn born on that date) and it marks the beginning of your personal New Year.

Other planets are busy in your sign too.  On 5th Venus moves into Virgo until 30th, adding to your charms and making you darling of the zodiac.  The 13th and 14th could be tricky but other than that, enjoy your popularity!

Jupiter is also still with you and there are two lovely meet ups with it this month.  On 21st-22ndyour ruling planet Mercury joins Jupiter making your mind fantastically positive.  Only when this is the case do we become aware of our full potential in life and the wonderful ideas we can bring to fruition.  Make a note of every idea that occurs to you during this period for future development.

Saturn goes direct on 13th making progress once again possible in your mother and home sphere.  Mars leaps into this area too on 2nd bringing energy and wanting to assert itself.  Good headway can be made on the mother and home front during the first half of the month but then Mars meets Saturn causing aggravation….  Self nurturing and personL development come into this sphere too so be open to addressing any underlying issues that you’re presented with during this period.

Venus and Jupiter meet in your sign from 26th-28th and you’ll be feeling upbeat and sociable.  Put aside work and make time for pleasure with others!


Libra:   Communications may heat up during the first half of this month as Mars hits your 3rd House of ideas, movement and information.  You may be more assertive than usual.  And people (especially siblings or neighbours) may get a stronger reaction from you than they expect…

Getting some exercise would be good and as Mars heads towards and meets Saturn from 18th-24th lessons in disciplined movement (such as martial arts, yoga or breathing meditation) could be helpful.  This and Saturn’s forward movement on 13th could also help to lift the heaviness that has been weighing on your mind since last September.

Mid-month on 15th-16th your ruling planet Venus joins the North Node of the Moon.  This puts you in tune with the moment and endows you with the gift to respond in a collectively helpful way.  Your unconscious is working well too on 21st-22nd and again from 26th-28th.  Act on what it’s telling you.


Scorpio:   On 2nd Mars moves into your 2nd House of money, possessions, security, values and self-esteem zone which spurs you into action.  Saturn which has been retrograde since late March has been carrying out a review of events last winter in one or more of these areas but it too goes direct on 13th.  Progress is once again possible but the meeting of Mars and Saturn from 18th-24th may be testing…

Also on 2nd is New Moon that evenin, marking the beginning of your professional New Year.  This is a good time to make resolutions for the year ahead regarding your dealings with or as a father, your ambitions and your social status.

Mercury and Jupiter meet up from 21st-22nd making for positive thoughts and communications regarding friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals.  Only when our mind is at its most positive do we become aware of all the possibilities.  Be open to them all.

Plan social or community events for 26th-28th when the meeting of Venus and Jupiter promise good times!


Sagittarius:   Mars leaps into your sign on 2nd bringing extra energy and assertiveness and New Moon occurs that evening too marking a new cycle in your travel, deep studies and ethics zone.  Other cultures and philosophies could come into this too.  It’s time to explore.

Mars forges ahead during the first half of the month but then runs up against Saturn which has been weighing heavily on you for some time.  This has been even more intense since late March when it went retrograde to revisit how you dealt with things last winter.  The good news is that Saturn goes direct on 13th so onward movement once again.  Mars however catches up with it from 18th-24th which results in something like internal warfare…  Be steadfast and honest with yourself about issues that come up then.

Pleasures await later in the month.  On 21st -22nd your mind is on a positive high and new possibilities are visible from this lofty perspective – follow them up!  Also from 26th-28th Venus joins your ruling planet Jupiter which helps massively in your father, career and social status zone.  Good times are on offer too and professional expansion.  If your ambitions need a kick start, here it is!


Capricorn:  New Moon on the evening of 2nd marks a new phase in your joint finance zone.  This includes taxes, debts, inheritances and sharing.  Sharing yourself on a physical level comes into this too.  Make some resolutions for the year ahead.

Big decisions or tricky communications go well on 10th.  Your ruling planet Saturn goes direct on 13th after four months in retrograde.  This means you can stop going over events last winter and move on.  Mars however is stirring things up behind the scenes this month and anything you’ve been sweeping under the carpet may make itself apparent.

Mercury and Jupiter bring in a positive mindset around 21st-22nd.  Your mind will be working at its widest and it’s best.  From 26th-28th put generous thoughts into words and into action!


Aquarius:   New Moon on 2nd in your relationships and partnerships zone marks the beginning of a new cycle.  Make some resolutions that will help to create the conditions you would like to find here in the year ahead.

Another event on the same day is Mars’s move into your collective zone.  This will make you keen to assert yourself with friends, groups, community and about humanitarian ideals.  The coast is clear here for the first half of the month but from 18th-24th Mars runs into Saturn which has been holding things up for some months.  Mars and Saturn operate completely differently from each other, so this may not be a comfortable period and you may have to follow the rules to make progress.

Full Moon in your sign on the morning of 18th finds an emotional you.  And around the 21st-22nd be on the lookout for brainwaves about joint funds (which includes taxes, debts and inheritances) and the best way to share resources.

Make time for others and extend your generosity around 26th-28th when Venus and Jupiter meet.  You could also benefit from ‘the money of others’ but rather than sitting around hoping for this, share what you have.  You will benefit in well-being (and karma) if you do.


Pisces:   There’s lots of action in your relationships and partnerships zone this month.  Venus smooths things pleasurably along from 5th-30th (apart from a hiccup on 13th-14th) and planetary meet-ups with Jupiter bring a sense of optimism and expansion later in the month.

New Moon on 2nd falls in your work, health and service to others zone.  This marks the beginning of a new cycle which includes your daily routine.  Make some resolutions to improve your daily well-being in the year ahead.

Mars enters your father, career and social status zone from 2nd heating up your ambitions but it runs into Saturn from 18th-24th.  Headway slows right down then as underlying issues need to be examined.  Saturn has been doing this for some time and has been particularly exacting since late March when it went retrograde.  It helpfully goes direct on 13th indicating that issues from last winter are now better understood.  This Mars-Saturn meeting may be uncomfortable but welcome the realisations it offers.

Communications with partners are at their most positive around 21st-22nd and good times are on offer from 26th-28th.  Allow yourself some light relief.  You’ve earned it!


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