August 2017

Our shared planetary picture

We have quite a dramatic month ahead, starting with Uranus going retrograde on 3rd. Uranus demands that we are true to ourselves and when it goes retrograde, we need to re-‘view’ where we might have been going wrong – i.e. compromising too much or not at all. We have until early January to think this through.

Mercury also goes retrograde this month on 13th and appears to remain in reverse until September 5th. Work, health, service to others, general well-being and what we include in our day, are areas for us all to review.

Meanwhile, Saturn which has been retrograde since early April, goes direct on 25th and begins its last stretch in Sag. where it has been for almost three years. When Saturn is going retrograde, we have to reflect on how we have been dealing with things (in areas of life specific to each sign). Once it goes direct, we can start to apply our conclusions and move forwards. From 25th this applies to us all.

Perhaps the most dramatic event of the month is a total solar eclipse in Leo on 21st. Each eclipse belongs to an eclipse family which reoccurs at a different geographical point every 18 – 19 years. The effects of an eclipse can often be felt a couple of months before it takes place and up to six months afterwards.

This particular eclipse belongs to a ‘family’ which is unpredictable in nature. Mars is also close to the Sun and Moon this time which heats things up and Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution is coming in at an angle which heightens the unpredictable even further.

The path of this eclipse crosses USA and Donald Trump may feel the effects as it occurs very close to Mars in his birth chart (and perhaps his Ascendant too, if the time of birth given is correct).

If an eclipse occurs at the same degree as one of your natal planets or a sensitive point in your chart, you will feel it. If it does not, you will still experience the general effects in whichever House (astrological area) of your chart that it falls into – each House covers different areas of life, as described in your horoscope below.


So what will this mean for us all?

Read the horoscope for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.


Aries:   Venus spends most of the month (from 1st – 26th) in your mother and home zone. Home in every sense should be a source of pleasure, be that the nest you live in, its emotional dynamics, your country, Mother Nature or our planet. Relationships with mother figures go well and your own nurturing instincts may be more active too. The urge to beautify your home will be strong and sharing its pleasures with others perhaps through entertaining, goes well too up to 14th.

From 14th – 17th Venus gets caught up in a T-square (some tension) with Jupiter and Pluto and you may find yourself making an effort to create harmony in partnerships. Venus goes on to square Uranus (which is still in Aries) from 22nd – 24th when you may surprise yourself and others.

Your ruling planet Mars stays in Leo all month, activating romance, children and creativity. You may also be more attracted to speculating and taking risks than usual…

New Moon on the evening of 21st is also in this part of your solar chart which happens to also be a total solar eclipse. The impact of eclipses can be felt for a few months before and after the event. So romance children and creativity are highlighted during this period.

Mercury goes retrograde on 13th in your work and health zone. Avoid signing anything important until after September 5th if possible. Aspects of your daily routine, work and health need rethinking. Rethink them!

Education, travel, legal and ethical matters start to move forward from 25th as Saturn has completed its review of past miscalculations. With head now straight, move forward.


Taurus:   Home in its broadest sense is the focus this month. Your determination to forge ahead with domestic projects will be strong, as will your active concern for mother figures in your life and possibly your urge to nurture others.

The New Moon and total solar eclipse also fall in this area of your chart which marks a big swing (hopefully an upswing) in these areas of your life. Self-nurture and personal development come into this too. You may have felt this starting in the last month or two and its effect will continue into the coming months.

Your ruling planet Venus adds ease and charm to your communications, short journeys and dealings with neighbours and siblings from 1st – 26th, with just a short period from 14th – 17th when pleasing or over-pleasing others may become an issue.

From 22nd – 24th Venus squares Uranus which brings unexpected attractions or interactions. Then on 26th it too moves into your mother and home zone, making you keen to make your home a place of harmony. Saturn goes direct on 25th and ‘the money of others’ may be a little less hard to come by. You may also be more open to intimacy and sharing.

Mercury goes retrograde in your romance, children and creativity zone from 13th. Your communications or movements in these areas need further thought or looking at again. The Sun keeps things warm though from 22nd until Mars pushes things forward next month…


Gemini:   Your ruling planet Mercury is keeping your head busy in your mother and home zone this month. Communications in or about the home or mother figures could be on the cards, as could house moves or changes within the home. On 13th Mercury goes retrograde and any of the matters above may need re-thinking. Be very clear in your communications.

Venus in your 2nd House of money and security gives a rosier glow to your finances up to 26th. But there may be demands on your finances from others around 14th – 17th. Love affairs, children, recreation and speculation are possible drains on your pocket. From 26th however, you could in fact benefit from ‘the money of others’.

The main emphasis this month though is in your 3rd House of communications. Mars is helping you to be more forthright than usual – at least more assertive and perhaps even argumentative at times. Mars also fills you with determination to put your plans into action.

The total solar eclipse on 21st also falls in this area of your chart, bringing the unexpected in some way. Short journeys, trading, dealings with neighbours and siblings and physical movement could take an unexpected turn. Trying new forms of physical movement with friends or groups or following up a friend’s suggestion to try something new, is a good way to direct this energy.

On 25th Saturn goes direct on your relationships and partnerships zone, completing a four-month review. Apply your conclusions!


Cancer:   Venus spends the first 26 days of the month in your sign, making you darling of the zodiac! Your charms will be even stronger than usual and others will find it hard to resist your requests, especially from 1st – 14th.

14th – 17th is trickier as partners and your domestic sphere clash but Venus moves on to more exciting things from 22nd – 24th when ambitions, father, career or status matters take you by surprise. Steer a creative path over unexpected events.

Full Moon on 7th falls in your joint funds, sharing and intimacy zone. Mars is close by which raises the temperature and determination to get what you want…

The biggest focus this month though is in your finance and security zone. Your energy and determination to make headway are strong and New Moon which is also a total solar eclipse on 21st falls in this arena, bringing the unexpected.

Security need not be a financial thing. Creativity or values which give a sense of security can be just as important and being internal, they are less vulnerable to changes of situation. It can be helpful to reflect on this in the coming months. You may have already begun…

Saturn goes direct on 25th in your work, health, service to others and well-being zone. The responsibilities and possible restrictions are still there but now at least they are moving forwards and so can you.


Leo:   The Sun ball remains in your court this month until 22nd, radiating warmth, optimism and freer self-expression. Venus enters your sign too on 26th heightening your charms. But the main event of the month is the New Moon and the total solar eclipse in Leo on 21st.

New Moon in your sign marks the beginning of your personal new year. So when this also happens to be an eclipse with Mars nearby and Uranus having a say too, events could get interesting! You may have felt this coming and its effects may be felt for up to six months.

On 3rd Uranus goes retrograde in your 9th House, taking you back to review how true you have been to yourself in your studies, in travel and in legal and ethical matters. You have until early January to think this through.

Meanwhile Mercury is busying your head with thoughts about finance and security. On 13th it goes retrograde to review recent ideas and communications about these. If anything needs signing, do it before 13th or after September 5th!

And last but not least Saturn goes direct on 25th in your romance, children and creativity zone. You have had since early April to have a good look at one or more of these areas of life. Now you can apply your conclusions!


Virgo:   Uranus planet of change, disruption and revolution goes retrograde in your joint finance zone on 3rd and it is time to re-examine how you have been conducting your finances with regard to others – too much compromise or not enough? You have until early January to work this through so that you can then proceed from a fully authentic position.

Your ruling planet Mercury changes direction too on 13th when it goes retrograde until early September. Be very clear in all your communications and make sure you have fully understood others. Revising how much time and attention you give to physical movement can be helpful too.

Energy levels may have been low recently but that is about to change. The month before our birthday we are often at low ebb, as the Sun has been away from us for the longest time. The good news is the Sun is bringing fresh energy and a sense of renewal to you from 22nd!

Your birthday whether this month or next is your personal new year and a more meaningful time to make resolutions for the year ahead, rather than January 1st. It is also the perfect time to explore your planets for the year ahead with a good astrologer.

Venus makes dealings to do with friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals pleasurable up to 26th, with a brief exception from 14th – 17th when individual creativity clashes with group objectives.

The solar eclipse on 21st falls in your spiritual, compassion and creativity behind the scenes zone. Big changes may occur but you may have already felt them coming for a month or two.

On 25th Saturn starts to move forward on the mother and home front. You have just four more months to deal with the current challenges. Then things will feel much lighter. The end is in sight!


Libra:   Your ruling planet Venus spends most of the month (from 1st – 26th) in your father, career and social status zone. Ambitions go well, especially from 1st – 14th and if you need support from people in authority, just ask. They are likely to look on you favourably during this period.

From 14th – 17th Venus gets caught up with Jupiter and Pluto and you may be tempted to over-please others… While this may seem to work short-term, balance is not achieved in this way, so pursue fairness instead!

Venus triggers Uranus from 22nd – 24th which may make partners seem uncomfortable or unpredictable. Learn what you can from this. Meanwhile things improve with communications, siblings and neighbours from 25th when Saturn goes direct. The brakes are starting to come off.

New Moon and the solar eclipse on 21st fall in your 11th House of friends, groups, community and humanitarian ideals. These areas may be highlighted for some time which may have already started. On 26th Venus glides the into this zone too, helping to smooth things along, with more to come next month!


Scorpio:   Uranus, planet of change, disruption and revolution goes retrograde on 3rd in your work, health and service to others zone, to check whether you have been compromising too much or too little in these areas of life.

On 7th Full Moon falls in your mother and home zone raising emotions. But your ambitions career and social status are centre stage this month as Mars gives you determination to push ahead and New Moon and the solar eclipse on 21st give a memorable swing. Father figures could feature too. All of this aligns with the changes that have been taking place in your work, health and daily routine zone over the past six years.

Venus smooths your travel, studies, ethics and legal zone from 1st – 26th. The first two weeks of the month are especially good for trips, publishing and dealings with people from different countries and cultures. Make time to explore the physical and meta-physical world. From 14th – 17th Venus runs up against your ruling planet Pluto and Jupiter which may be frustrating. Whatever the annoyance: be fair.

Mercury goes retrograde in your friends, groups and community zone on 13th, taking you back to review communications in these areas. The Sun adds energy here from 22nd which should keep up your motivation to think this through.

And finally, Saturn goes direct in your finance zone on 25th. At last you can start to put financial plans in place!


Sagittarius:   On 3rd Uranus goes retrograde in your romance, children and creativity zone. This leads you to review your earlier stance on any one or more of these matters. Have you been compromising too much or too little? Have you yet given your authentic response? You have until early January to mull this over.

Exacting Saturn has been in your sign since December 2014 bringing responsibilities and burdens that test your spirit and resilience. After being retrograde since early April (reviewing your position on identity, self-expression and creativity), on 25th Saturn goes direct. At last you can start applying the conclusions you have come up with during this time. You will be pleased to know that this is Saturn’s last stretch in your sign. Hang on in there!

Meanwhile, Venus softens your joint finance zone until 26th and you may benefit from ‘the money of others’. This is good for intimacy and sharing too. The only exception to these positives may be from 14th – 17th when your ruling planet Jupiter squares up to Venus and Pluto. The pull of your own security needs and those of others may clash.

Communications in your father, career and social status zone are busy all month as Mercury hovers back and forth. Make sure all your communications are clear and if anything important needs signing, do it before Mercury goes retrograde on 13th, if you can. Otherwise, hold out until after September 5th.


Capricorn:   Career expansion or matters connected to father figures may not sit comfortably with you from 1st – 3rd and later on from 14th – 17th when partnerships may get involved too. Discomfort can be productive though, in encouraging us to stretch beyond our previous limits. This helps personal development and your range of response.

Full Moon on 7th falls in your finance and security zone, when your income versus ‘the money of others’ could raise emotions… Meanwhile, Venus is smoothing relationships and partnerships until 26th, bringing pleasure (apart from a brief period from 14th – 17th).

Your travel, study and legal zone is gathering in importance. Mercury goes retrograde here from 13th which could mean a change of plan or things having to be re-arranged. Try not to sign any legal documents between 13th and Sep 5th.

The solar eclipse on 21st falls in your 8th House of transformational processes (i.e. birth, sex and death) and joint funds, sharing and ‘the money of others’ including taxes, debts and inheritances. The impact of an eclipse can sometimes be felt in the months leading up to it and the months following, so this should be an interesting period.

Sharing on every level comes into this too. It is a helpful area to explore.


Aquarius:   Your ruling planet Uranus goes retrograde on 3rd in your communications zone. This starts a five month review to look at how true to yourself you have been recently in your communications, including dealings with neighbours and siblings and physical movement. What needs to be changed?

Emotions are high on 7th when Full Moon falls in your sign. Mars is close to the Sun which raises the temperature even higher and your famous Aquarian, cool detachment may be hard to find…

The main emphasis though this month is relationships and partnerships. The Sun and Mars are pushing things ahead which culminate in the New Moon and total solar eclipse on 21st. This can bring about the unexpected which you may have felt coming since late June. Its impact may be felt for at least six months afterwards too. You should be able to ride this better than most as your ruling planet Uranus is in good aspect to the eclipse.

Venus spends the month (until 26th) in your work, health and service to others zone. This makes relations with colleagues and daily companions pleasant and your health should be good, so long as you do not over-indulge. Just 14th – 17th may be tricky. Stick to your path.

Joint finances (including taxes, debts, inheritances) and sharing (including the sharing of yourself on an intimate level) are food for thought. Avoid making commitments between Aug 13th – Sep 5th if you can, when Mercury goes retrograde.

Saturn goes direct on 25th and things start to ease in your friendships, groups and community zone. Dealings with organisations should improve too and barriers to your hopes and dreams may not look quite so insurmountable…


Pisces:   Romance, children and creativity look sweet this month as Venus bestows pleasure and ease up to 26th. Make time for enjoyment. This may not totally apply from 14th – 17th however when Pluto and Jupiter may make things feel a bit over the top. Make sure you are not pleasing others to excess.

Your finances continue to look changeable as Uranus goes retrograde from 3rd. Have your fiscal dealings been truly reflecting your values? You have until early January to fathom this out. The aim being to find your true authentic position on money, possessions and security in line with your values and self-esteem.

Mercury is busy in your relationships and partnerships zone all month and goes retrograde on 13th. A review is needed here too in looking at how you have been communicating with partners.

The big eclipse this month on 21st falls in your work, health and service to others zone. Mars has been adding energy and resolve to this area of your chart since early June. Expect a swing of some kind which may be helped along in some way by ‘the money of others’, sharing or intimacy. Venus gives a rosier glow to work and health from 26th, just as long as you do not overindulge…

Saturn goes direct in your father, career and social status zone on 25th. Hold ups and restrictions should start to relax. Now is the time to start applying your hard-earned lessons. More authority may come your way too, having shown you have the gravitas to handle it.



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